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Being healthy doesn't happen overnight so don't be too hard on yourself. Start by making a few changes and before you know it, it'll be second nature. A few tips on how to make better food choices: ▪️Eat more whole foods ▪️Drink lots of water ▪️Eat your greens ▪️Be aware of portion sizes #health #wellness #fitgirlsinspire #healthylifestyle #healthyhabbits #healthychoices #inspirehealth #fitnesslifestyle #fitgirlsworldwide #eatgoodfeelgood #fuelyourbodyright #eatcleanstayfit #wholefoods #nourish
Last full day in Paradise 💙 Did a full hour workout this am, 30min @laura_bodyzone then hubs wanted to run! Almost freaking died 😅 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Maldives #Travel #Instatraveller #InstaTravel #TravelGram #TravelDreams #Blogger #VitaminSea #Oceanchild #BeachBum
Leg day 🍑 I did a heavy mix of compound and isolated exercises today but started my workout with a mile to warm up my legs 💪🏼 I have been so focused on myself and body lately... it feels amazing. 🗣 • • • @gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymsharkleggings #womenempowerment #litpreworkout #lafitness #fitness #lifting #murves 🍑💪 #strong #workoutmotivation #gymshark #fitgirlsworldwide #fitgirls #inspiration #healthylifestyle #strengthtraining #legsfordays #legworkout #glutes #gluteworkout #ladylifters
Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.💙💯 . . . 📷 Karina Elle #healthyskin #healthylife #Motivation #fitnesspageforall #gymfreak #physiquesuits #physiquemotivation #workoutfit #squatsnoshots #physiquecompetition #fitchick #gymflow #fitgirlsworldwide #fitgirlsrule #fitgirlsstyle
Go out of your comfort because it will help you grow ✨ . . Team beauty photo shoot 💞 . . @skyy_fitness_ . . #fitgirlsworldwide #confidenceissexy #happymindhappybody #workharddreambig
Try the best app that will help you lose weight and you will see the results fast. Also, this app has its own meal plan which you can follow. Click here to get the most effective app for losing weight http://sharepop.me/f0aa68 If this link does not work click the link in the bio.
Try the best app to lose weight, which also has its own meal plan. Click here to get the app http://sharepop.me/f0aa68 If this link does not work go to the link in the bio. Comment down below to tell me how the app was.
12 days till I’m in my home land (the prairies)🇨🇦☺️so excited to see my family I literally can’t even express how much I’ve missed them❤️. I will be working out every day that I’m home (because the grind doesn’t take days off) so who wants to workout together & collab☺️.
Here’s to a new week!!🌈🗓 A time to get back on track, reestablish your goals and intentions, and remember why you started!!🤘🏽 - If you may have fallen off track this weekend or gotten out of routine ITS OKAY! ITS NORMAL! The worst thing you can do is let it hinder the brand new, fresh week ahead girl! Look forward. 👉🏼 - The one thing I ask of all of you is to remember why you started. Remember why you started to hit the gym - whether that being you wanted to better yourself as a whole, shape your body, or just increase your endurance! Whatever your reason is for starting it’s valid and you should be proud of it! I find when I remember my reason for starting to lift it sparks my motivation more than ever and makes me itching to hit the gym again🏋🏽‍♀️ let’s conquer this week TOGETHER!! A full 5 days of hard work and dedication - one week at a time. We got this!!🙌🏼💪🏽 - What’s your why??🤔👇🏼📝
When you’re so in love with your best friend😍 Growing up I had many friends but never a best friend - someone who I did everything and anything with. Until.... 3 years ago I found this gem who I’m so happy to call my best friend, boyfriend, business partner and love of my life❤️ Fun fact - we met online. I was NEVER one to do online dating but I decided to give it a shot since I’m a home body and never go out. I thought I would never meet anyone LOL. I was single for 20 years. I enjoyed my alone time and spent these years getting ahead of life before getting into a relationship. I was online for 4 days and had no idea how the online dating website worked so I pressed a button and it said message sent. I’m like wtf!?!? The ...next thing you know all a bunch of my photos get sent over and it showed I sent a automatic message saying “hey there” due to the button I clicked...like WHAT🙈 Thankfully he responded back and after a few days we met in person. We talked for 6 hours in a car in a parking lot. Something so simple yet I felt like I knew him for years. From that day on I knew this was my person. I couldn’t be more thankful for someone who knows all of my struggles, knows what I’ve delt with in the past, knows I can be a pain in the butt sometimes yet is still so patient with me and shows me so much love every single day. The man who brings me flowers just because. The man who loves and connects so well with my family. I love you so much my mr bean❤️ (we call each other misses and mr bean LOL🤣)
Yup. Much better than the first one we took 😂😂😂😂😂. . . My tummy aches @mind.body.mo @fitgirlto !. . . #margaritaflight #likeafitgirl #lagrange #fitgirlfriends #fitgirlsguide
💛✨Sundays are for handstands ✨💛
Check out @nadjajunger and her amazing transformation! Then go follow this athlete. . . . ___________________________________________________________ - - Follow -> @fit.andsexy <- Follow ___________________________________________________________ . Credits to respective owners . . 📸 @nadjajunger - go give her a follow and stay fitspired!! . . . . . . . . . #getmotivated #absworkout #fitnessphotos #girlswhoworkout #fitgirlsworldwide #fitgirlsunite #fitgirlsworldwide #fitselfie #lookingood #transform #getfitordietrying #getfitnow
Took a quick weekend trip to Dallas to see some friends. Of course I had to try some fun new places. . This morning I went to @ilovejuicebar and had their matcha green smoothie. I didn’t have coffee yet so I thought the matcha would give me a little pick me up. There was so many options to choose from! I will definitely go back here when I visit again. . Now waiting to board my flight and head back to WA!
Almost Monday which means new goals for a new week 🙌🏻 ❤️
“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” It's so important that you take time for things that make you happy even when you're really busy. Take care of your soul, body and spirit. #enjoylife #austria #lake #naturelovers #raiseyourvibration #positivevibesonly 💯 #fitgirlsworldwide #twitchtvstreamer #twitchgirlgamer #lootlake 😎🌊⛱
ᔕOᑎᕼᗩᖇ, ᐯIᐯEᖇ E TOᗪO ᗪIᗩ ᗩGᖇᗩᗪEᑕEᖇ!!! . #maisqpilates
I’m loving these yellow reflective leggings 💛 They match my @niketraining sneakers perfectly 🙌🏽 #sneakers #weekend #sundayfunday
QUICK DUMBBELL LEG/BOOTY WORKOUT‼️ _ Save and Bookmark 📚 this post to give you some ideas for your next killer workout! I challenge you to do it at home or outdoors. No weights needed, just repeat the method 6x _ Method: 1️⃣ Closed Leg Squat into Sumo Squat 2️⃣ Squat into Curtsy Lunges 3️⃣ Weighted Lunges Repeat 3x for 10 reps each _ Wearing @kora.fitness 😁🛍 Link in Bio. Use code “KARLAC15” at checkout #fitness #gym #girlswholift #kora #workout #workoutvideo #legday #fitgirl #motivation #consistency #inspire #fitnessgirls #squats #gains #bodypower #fitgirlsworldwide #fitnessmodel #fitspo #aesthetic #physique #hamstrings #bodybuilding
That fresh hair and lashes feeling💆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️ @midoriorganicsalon always makes me feel like a queen, and with all natural @natulique products (even dyes!) there’s nothing to worry about👑 @liyanicolehair & @stephne731 are truly the best. Only place I’ll trust with my hair and lashes💓 #iammidori #natulique #organicbeauty
DROP YOUR FAVORITE EMOJI🙌🌿🌸🥑 BELOW 💌 . ✋🏼WANTED: FITNESS INFLUENCERS👇 . . If you've always wanted to be an influencer, but didn't know where to start, here's your sign , keep on reading ❤️ Drop your favorite emoji below 🍪🏝for consideration🌴💪🏼🍩 😍💕👇 I know I shared my income progression with y’all a couple days ago (scary 🙈), but I wanted to show you what’s POSSIBLE and this is how I did it ❤️ . My team of fitness coaches just turned 3 so we are expanding ❤️ 3 years ago, I was a student in grad school struggling less than paycheck to paycheck... 3 years later I'm a 25 year old virtual business owner building the life of her dreams from where ever has Wi-Fi. What started as a way for me to get MYSELF back in shape and channel my love for helping others to help pay for groceries, quickly brought me my strongest body yet, my very best friends, a life of my dreams for my family, and not just paying the groceries but bringing in a 5 figure MONTHLY income as a “side hustle” 😭🙌 Blessed doesn’t even begin to cover it. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it was a dream for so long, I never thought it could be this average girl's reality. I want to pay this blessing forward to some incredible women ! I’m currently looking for a SMALL exclusive group of SELF MOTIVATED ladies who want to find their best self both physically and financially through their fitness journeys! Full training is included, and you do NOT need to be a professional trainer or nutritionist! You simply need to have a heart to help others and a girl-boss mentality❤️💎. You can expect to earn a full or part time income from home, earn fully paid tropical vacations for 2, and to become a part of one of the closest most motivating groups of woman that fuel my soul❤️❤️ Drop your fav emoji below for consideration ❤️🍪 . *US, UK and Canada Only 18+ . ----------------------------------------- .
Beautyy 😍 • 👉 Follow me for more pictures like this 📸😍 • •
I’m not sure how I’m smiling. ☠️ Day 4 of the PRE-program workout DONE ✔️ and in TWENTY minutes!! 🤯 So excited to start Week One tomorrow! 🙌🏻 Really hoping to keep this momentum going. Not always easy, but no more excuses! #fitmom
Adriene told us to show appreciation to our stomach and how much it does for us and what we put it through on a daily basis.🙏🏻 So here I am giving it some loving patting and giving it my thanks for all the hard work. 🌼 Today's #sweatyselfie after doing day 7 of the Yoga with Adriene TRUE 30 days. 💪 This one's for you my beautiful girls @steffisfittestlife and @ammygetsfit ❤ Tagged ladies show me your sweat!
Well ladies and gents, this is it.✌🏻 • I’m done listening to the lies I continuously tell myself. • I’m done half 🍑🍑ing everything I set out to do - every plan I make for myself, every goal I set - for the fear of failure and judgment. 🌱Here, on this little slice of the gram, I will share my journey to the best version of myself. 🌱Transparency is my middle name and getting FIT and HEALTHY is my game. 🙌🏻 Stumbling along the way is guaranteed. 😉 🌱 I would love for you to come along with me! 💛 Say hello!!
Happiness is having colourful pillows on your balcony. Especially if they're your favorite colour. 🌺
CALLING ALL HARD WORKING BUSY MAMAS! 💁‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ . Are you looking for a way to make an income doing something with purpose and healthy while working around your kids schedule? . I am taking into my team some amazing, hardworking, driven and determined women 🙅‍♀️who would like to earn an income from home while getting in the best shape of their life! . Must have a heart to help others to start a healthier lifestyle and be serious about it. . All you need is a internet connected device /phone/pc/laptop and you'll get access to an amazing support team and training system/community so you will never feel alone or lost when running your own wellness business. . If you are like me and have been asking for a sign then we need to chat NOW! 🤩 If after 15 years working only in law offices and having zero experience in the network marketing field I could sycessfully turn into an online wellness coach and loving every second of it, you definitelly can do this too 🙌#lawyerturnedwellnesscoach . If helping others reach their health & fitness goals while you are working on your own growth #bodymindsoul is something that you might be interested in doing, then I invite you to fill out the coaching application from my bio @thefitmom.ca to see if this online working from home opportunity is for you too! It may be not, but if it is, I don’t want you to miss out on this life changing experience! . *Canada, US and UK applicants at this time*
Nach längerer Abstinenz nun endlich wieder dabei 🤗💪 #fit #fitgirlsworldwide #shape #train #sexy #nike #mcfit #trainandtransform #motivation #freiburg
Get out and do something active today! Whether it be going to the gym to workout or just being outside doing something fun! • • • • • • • #bigsliceapples #frenchtoast #gym #workout #sunday #fitgirlsworldwide #nikkibnation #fitfam #absworkout #nikkiblackketter #paigehathaway #paigevanzant #healthysnacks #preworkout #energy #fitchick #fit #fitnessjourney #fitspo #instafit #squats #booty #bootygoals #goals #fitandhappy #fitchick
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Keep your squats low and your standards high. Fitness motivation brought to you by AB Butter Apparel! Visit us at abbutterapparel.com! Click link in bio to shop.
What’s crazy about this latest transformation is that I DIDNT even structure her workouts each week. This is the results from me calculating my clients macro nutrients for her this past 8 weeks. 11 lbs of fat gone on my personalized meal plan🥗🥙 I truly believe I have the best program on the market.
Good Morning and Happy Sunday 🌞 I had a very vivid dream that I bought pancakes 🥞 last night and I was sadly mistaken when I woke up this morning. I guess I’ll stick to the meal plan and eat my eggs 🍳 veggies and turkey bacon 🥓
Why do you want to measure yourself against other people???? Set your own limits and SMASH them!💪👊🎯
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