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Making good habits is easy, right? Just plug it in to the habit loop and soon enough you've got yourself a shiny new amazing habit, right?!?! Wrong. It can be so hard. Thats because what makes a habit last is that Craving for the Reward, but you don't typically get that immediately. You have to stick with it until the cravings and rewards become more powerful and bigger. That's why the Cue and Response elements are soooo important. Make it obvious and make it easy! . For example, if you want to eat more vegetables and you currently only eat them at holidays when someone else makes them. Start easy. Buy a veggie platter, put it on the counter. Its obvious and its easy because it's already prepped. . Do you want to start working out and your current lifting regime involves lifting those ceramic soup bowls to the top cupboard? Put your clothes so you see them first thing in the morning set an alarm and then plan to workout for just 10 minutes. See clothes, hear alarm, short workout. Easy, you don't have to start by running a marathon or doing crossfit games workouts. Once you start your feedback loop will become more powerful until one day it's just... habit. Then if you want, you can expand and extend. #habits #feedback #worthit #workout #fitmom #fitlife #fitinfitness #fitness #motivation #maketime #makeithappen #strongnotskinny #habitloop #changeishard #changeyourlife #change #healthyfamily #healthy #healthylifestyle #liftheavy #littlebylittle
Coaching has been such a huge blessing in my life!! . BUT I was sooo apprehensive about doing it!! 🙈 . ✔I hesitated starting it bc I didn’t feel “ready” ✔I didn’t have a Beachbody ✔I didn’t have a background in fitness and nutrition ✔I didn’t believe I could stick with it and actually be successful . But ya know what?! I took the LEAP of FAITH anyway, leaned in and built my wings on the way down!! 🙏 . Not only am I in the best shape of my life but I am surrounded by a team of uplifting and supportive people who keep me accountable & encourage me daily to better myself..body, mind & spirit! 💞 My MINDSET is completely changing and is positively impacting every area of my life! 🙌 . I was totally SCARED going in to this new journey but I’m so glad I did! Nothing better than working on being my best self, sharing it with others & helping them to do the same!! We’re just one big HAPPY tribe over here!! The ENERGY is SO CONTAGIOUS!! 😃 🤗 . Wanna find out if this opportunity might be right for you too?! Our team is hosting a Private Sneak Peek into Coaching TONIGHT AND YOU DON’T WANNA MISS IT!! Join me!! Just PM me and I’ll send you the link!! . #dedicateddivas
Finals week and holidays got you short on time for your workout? Click the link in our bio for some workouts that take less than 20 minutes and give you the best bang for your buck (well time, but you know...its a saying). #wellbeingwednesday #georgiatech #finalsweek #shortworkouts #fitinfitness
Challenge accepted! . . . We all have excuses, the kids, work, extracurriculars, I’m tired, it’s the holidays, I travel a lot, fill in the blank__________...20 minutes you guys! I challenge you to not scroll through your feed until you’ve moved 20 minutes! Or just do it, I don’t care what you’re doing, just move! You can do anything for 20 minutes, I promise! ✨✨✨ #getmovingnowchallenge #challengeaccepted #letsgo
A Equipe mais linda do mundo, todo meu agradecimento e carinho, amo vocês 😍🤩 #fitinfitness
To the girl 3 years ago in the pic on the left who didn't believe you could get through the holidays enjoying all of the things but not gaining all of the unwanted weight --> guess what!? That girl in the middle did it last year. That girl on the right is gonna do it this year. Because that girl on the left decided to take back control, found a program that works and learned the concept of balance. She also quit drowning her sorrows in alcohol 🍺 and let her closest people know her struggles. Everyone thinks it's the holidays, I'll just start in January. And hey girl if that's you.....that's ok....you can totally start then.....you could also start now 🤷. "But I don't want to diet during the holidays...." - good - neither do I ....diets don't work. Lifestyles do. Learning how to balance grandma's Christmas cookies 🍪 with maybe healthy versions of your favorite side dish works. Accountability and having a community of people all doing this holiday hustle with you works. I can teach you that balance. I can give you that accountability. And I can give you an incentive (aka free stuff) for getting a head start on that traditional I'll start Jan 1st resolution. But you gotta message me. Or comment below with your favorite Christmas 🎄 gif!!And if ya do ...get ready for awesomeness!!🙌 #transformationtuesday #transformyourbody #resultsbeforeresolutions #beforeandafterweightloss #beforeandafter
This has been my main focus for the last year, and the rewards have been amazing! In addition to focusing on these important things and changes, I have surrounded myself with people who are doing the same. People who: work hard, love even harder, are willing to break the mold and change, and are focused on bettering their lives and the lives of their families! These people come from all walks of life, and bring all different kinds of experience and wisdom! I’m very grateful for them 👍🙌😎
Join us for the Next 12 Days to FIGHT those Holiday Pounds! #holidaypounds #fightholidaypounds #12daysoffitmas #martialarts #befit #fitinfitness #12daysoffitmas2018
* Slept in 🛏(It’s my rest day!) ✔️ * Got some extra snuggle time in ✔️ * Reflected in my Start Today Journal ✔️ * Read my PD ✔️ * Prepped for Fitness Rebels class ✔️ * Superfoods in hand 🤚 * Ready to take on the day and be a warrior✔️✔️✔️ #manicmonday #mondaymotivation #goodmorning #riseandgrind #last90dayschallenge
Yessss!!! THIS!!!❤️ I woke up super early this Monday morning.... ......1000 things running through my mind....not all positive either. 🙄 Yep ....it even happens to me! I'm human!!😂 I sometimes let my mind take charge... rather than following my heart.... .....never really a good thing 🤷‍♀️ But we all have those things running through our heads that make us feel like we aren't good enough.... everyone is better than us...... we can't achieve something.... but guess what.... WE TOTALLY CAN! Let's STOP letting our demons cloud our judgement.... and push forward!!! You can TOTALLY do anything that you want to do.... YOU are worth it and YOU are amazing!!!!❤️❤️ ✨Have a beautiful Monday!!!✨
Not a bad week of training. Some tight time constraints. With modifications to the original plans I got the work in that was needed.⠀ -Regeneration 5km⠀ -Long Run 90min 15km⠀ -Regeneration 5km⠀ -Easy 7km⠀ -Easy 10km⠀ -VO2 3x800m⠀ -Easy 10km⠀ Total: 59km⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🏃🏼⠀ ____________________⠀ #trainingdiary #totalkilometres #trainingplan #runprogram #mileage #regeneration #longrun #easyrun #vo2 #intervals #Monday #whatittakes #melbourneinstarunners #buildthehouse #marathontraining #runlife #fitinfitness
I’m so proud of this guy and everything that he has accomplished. I’m so happy that I get to celebrate your college graduation with you plus many more milestones in life 💕
Feeling strong 💪 What I love about health & fitness is that so much transformation is possible, our bodies are machines and can handle more than we can even imagine and our minds can handle more than we think…It is not about a look or a size, it is about the journey, the belief, the possibilities! The confidence that is built when you feel strong mentally and physically is a force to be reckon with✨❤️🔥 Keep slaying my friends! #slaytheday #inallthingsslay #ownyourjourney
When you love what you do, you DANCE 😜💪 I am one lucky girl who enjoys showing up to help push and break through barriers, I love the grind, I delight in the grueling ‘can’t do it anymore’ I want to help push you through to your next level...to help show you what you already have inside! My light burns brightest when you show up! 🔥✨
This one may have pushed my limits at the store...but he also hung out with me as I crushed that oh em gee intense workout 🏋️‍♀️ ! Now we are ready to go visit Santa 🎅 with some friends! 🥰
Excuse the hairdo and lack of makeup...hahaha! On the way to karate 🥋, tried to snap a pic 📸 and of course, he CAUGHT ME! Haha 😂
Some take away from today’s total body circuit! This is a GREAT core + total body workout to do! Do each move x 30 seconds or 1 minute for 3 rounds! This program is 25 minutes a day 5 days a week! THIS WAS MADE FOR BUSY PEOPLE. If you give 25 minutes of your day to work on yourself, I PROMISE you will feel better the other 23 hours and 35 minutes of your day.
I’ve finally got to the point when I am aware of my body and how fitness positivity affects me. Even a walk/run around the neighbourhood, sledding down the hill with my son, or doing abs between chores is exercise. It’s almost impossible to get to the gym everyday, but if I can’t make it to the gym, doesn’t mean I can’t exercise! I need to be active everyday. Because it feels good. It releases the feel good hormones that last all day!!! #goaldigger #fitandfab #girlswithmuscle #musclegains #liftheavy #healthyliving #liveyourbestlife #fitinfitness #workoutroutine #fitinspiration #momlife #gymmom #fitmom #fitnessmatters #youmatter #quotes
Do you love the holidays or are you overwhelmed just thinking about the hustle and bustle, excessive sugary treats, or the struggle to find the perfect ugly Christmas sweater? Me, I❤️ this time of year (the lights! the glitter! the cookies!). But I’ve learned a few tricks for keeping healthy and happy through December and into the New Year. I’ve shared them, plus the recipe for a healthy treat, over on my blog (link is on my profile). #holidaysurvival #holidaysurvivalguide #hohoho #happyhealthyholidays #holidayhealth #selfcare #progressnotperfection #culinarynutrition #cne2015 #iin #iinhealthcoach #fitinfitness #holidayseason
Wow!!!! Que resultado top né????? Nosso #desafiofitin é um sucesso. Chama no Direct ou adiciona a gente no zap 19 989690134 e chegue em 2019 Arrasando😘😉😘😘 #foco #vidasaudavel #perderpeso #de #alimentar #desafiofitin #fitinfitness #emagrecer #emagrecercomsaude #dietasemsofrer #alimentacaosaudavel #gym #queimadordegordura #amigaarrasa #migasualoka .
Excellence is NOT being the best; It is doing YOUR best. ❤️👊 YOU are your ONLY competition! Don’t compare your intensity to anyone else’s. We are all in different seasons in life, different levels, different starting points. Your journey begins right where YOU are at! The day you say I’M READY and GO FOR IT is the day change begins to happen. I’m on a MISSION to inspire YOU this holiday season. This CAN BE your season to RISE UP and take action and put all the excuses aside. I’m ready when you are and I have EVERY INTENTION of not only finishing this year strong but BEGINNING 2019 like a freakin’ WARRIOR! ARE YOU WITH ME?! Comment below if you are ready to make some changes and you want to RISE UP!❤️👊
💕Surround yourself with those who lift you up and make you stronger!💕 When I was younger, I never really had a ton of girlfriends. I was bullied at a very young age and primarily hung out with the boys. I’ve had my "Core Four" for as long as I can remember, but other than that, I never really liked females. 😂😂 When I decided to become a coach 3 years ago, I never imagined expanding my circle and opening up to so many AMAZING WOMEN! NOW, I am going to be in Indianapolis 🏎 in less than 2 week with THOUSANDS!!!!😍😍 I never knew that women supporting women to create success could be so amazing. Somehow I have found myself in the midst of strong women supporting one another. We have brainstormed how to build our businesses. We have laughed and shared challenges together and in the end we are all stronger than we started and still continuing forward to create amazing and successful businesses while raising babies!! 💕 Surrounding myself with amazing ladies and creating a Tribe of women empowering each other has truly changed my entire life! 😍 You will be amazed at the business you can build with the support and guidance of other amazing women! 🤷♀️Some might assume you have to be a sales person to run a business like I do. 🤷♀️Some might assume that they don’t have the time to build a business from home and some also might assume that they can’t do what I do because they are not a fitness professional. 💁♀️But let me tell you this....in my line of work when you work harder on yourself mentally, physically and nutritionally and you just live your life without the “perfect”, others see what is possible in your story! Crazy right?! 👭But funny enough most of the women I mentor are positive, motivated women like myself that just want to get into better health, shape and earn some extra income and well....they are doing just that AND helping so many others on the journey!! So don’t let your assumptions stop you from changing your life because of my job was about “selling” others and trying to convince people then I would not still be here 3 years later! 👩🏻 🌾 Plant the seed, 💦 water it, 😊 nurture it and watch it grow and duplicate!!!
O que não pode é desistir da meta né???? Kkkkkkk Nós da @fitinoficial temos o tratamento certo para organismo, Quer conhecer mais sobre nossos produtos e serviços??? Chama agora no zap 19 989690134 ou deixe seu telefone com DDD aqui no Direct. #dietas #emagrecercomsaude #dietasemsofrer #tratamentos #ervasmedivinais #dicasdeemagrecimento #desafiofitin #queimargodura #resultados #fitinfitness #re #reeduca #vemverao #tachegandooverao
You can rise up from anything. You can completly recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You're not stuck. You have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can learn something new. You can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide today and never look back. ✨ ———————————— Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, who cheer you on & who challenge you to do things differently. Because after all, we can't have a new outcome doing the same old things, am I right? Do you have anything that you feel you should change up and do differently to better yourself? Are you thinking about it or doing it? What's holding you back? #riseandgrind #morningmotivation
Started the celebratory graduation week by seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra 🎻
Way to go ladies! 🙌🙌 Missed a few faces but we definitely pushed our limits and got our sweat 😓 on! 💪💪
I had a few additions to my normal workout gear today. I'm rarely down with anything other than scoliosis related pain, so this seems bizarre to me. Medicine tastes gross y'all! But, I needed something stronger than my usual on hand natural remedies and my hubby had this available. That's what I get for having a clogged ear for a week and not taking time to take care of me. Moral of the story, don't use Q-tips in your ears no matter how badly you want the water out. Also, take time to take care of yourself and don't put off your health. Also, also, a hot soak bath with ear irrigation works wonders; yes, that's how I got my ear unclogged in under an hour when nothing else worked! Now I get to deal with all this drainage & mucus 🙄👃💧🤧🚰🚱 💪Here's my workout: https://youtu.be/w-5VTmZYDko #gotitdone #workoutcomplete #breathingisgood #stilllearninglessons #earhealthmatters #fitinfitness #faithfulness #commitment #selfcare #healingscoliosis #takeBACK
Muito boa tarde!!!! Estamos muito felizes com mais um resultado lindo. Nosso #desafiofitin é um sucesso, quer saber mais????? Estamos passando nossas informações pelo zap 19 989690134 se preferir deixa o telefone com DDD pelo Direct. #resultados #fitinfitness #queimadordegordura #vemverao #entrandoemforma #perdendounsquilinhos #desafiofitin #fitinfitness #emagrecer #emagrecercomsaude #dietasemsofrer #alimentacaosaudavel #dicas #foco
Get up early to get the kids to their respective bus stops, so might as well earn some $ while staying fit! Loving this app, check it out at https://swcapp.uk/i/mike506464 - It pays to walk! #sweatcoin #healthyliving #healthyrewards #goodfortheheart #fitinfitness
Today I completed my three week ramp up style workout program!! 👏 In that three weeks there were two Thanksgiving meals, countless sweets 🍭🍫 , and too many cookies 🍪. In that three weeks, I had to take a little break and do my 3 Day Refresh, so I did miss a few of the workouts. 😳 I failed, right? 🤦‍♀️ Not even a little!💁‍♀️ In that three weeks I chose to rest, slow down, and sleep longer periods at night. 😴 In that three weeks I focused on myself , did my personal development, and dodged negativity like it was my job. 😊 In that three weeks I never once beat myself up for poor food choices, I felt zero guilt and shame, and I gave myself grace when needed. Do I want to level up in December? I sure do! I will always strive to compare my current self to yesterday and nothing more. 💪 I showed up when I needed to...and some days that looked like crushing a workout and some days that looked like ignoring my to do list and resting my mind. The mindset shift that any little hiccup means you failed is poisonous. It will be hard, but that doesn’t mean it will be impossible. When your goals include WHOLE health and not just a fit body? That’s when change occurs.👌🙌🙌 @thechrisdowning #provinggrounds #programcomplete
Okay so I prefer to call them superYOU duos 😁 Much like how these pairs consumed together have a synergistic health benefit, we as people working together have a greater benefit😉🥦🍎🌎 What are some of your favorite healthy eating combinations? Want more? Let's #teamWORK the effort to get you to your #goals #food #nutrition #holistichealth #fitinfitness #igfit #healthyfood #tips #sustainableliving #fatloss #diet #reallife #solutions #macro #microbiome #nutrients #portioncontrol #goodvibes #habits #smallchanges #MPOWERment
When you’re down to the last bit of your #liquidgold ...A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! 😂 😂 I need this workout after that shopping 🛍 excitement, more like shopping chaos 😜!!
Goal: 500 squats today. 494-500 right here. Jello legs tomorrow? Probably... 🔥🔥🔥 . . . . . . . . #dropitlikeasquat #fitlife #fitinfitness #strongwomen #strongwoman #flexymom #flexy #momlife #doms maketime #womenwholift #mombeyondbaby #bingo
Smiling, but honestly I feel washed out. I refuse to quit exercising, but am limiting how long and hard. I am also sleeping in a little later and going to bed earlier, drinking lots of water, and not pushing myself. I should feel like a boss doing this workout, but get 30 seconds into the move and burn out, so I would modify and do moves without weights or pause the workout and restart. My husband got a deer this last weekend. I used the bones to make a huge batch of broth. I shared a quart with a friend and froze 6 more quarts after making an absolutely fabulous venison soup last night. Rich. Very rich. With lots of extra venison and fresh vegetables. The bone broth should help me heal and the meat and veggies will also help. For those who don’t like venison, I truly believe you wouldn’t know it is venison. He is hoping to get one more deer before Friday, and if he does I will definitely do one more batch of broth. Until then, I am pacing myself so I can get better. #fitinfitness #sickbutnotstopping #fitnessandnutritionisalifestyle
No 2 transformations are the same. What you don’t see here is the transformation on the inside. Before I was such a negative, irrational and mean person. The person that I was mean to was myself. 🙁 . Negative thoughts and self-image flooded my every thought. They poured into my family’s lives, my friend’s lives, and literally prevented me from doing so many things. My shoulders always felt so heavy, like I was carrying around this giant cloud of unhappiness 🌧 . I was always putting everyone else’s needs before myself and at the end of the day, I had nothing left to give. My cup was empty. The thought of adding anything else to my day just felt impossible but they were just excuses…Sure I was tired. Sure I wanted a Mountain Dew. Sure I wanted ice cream. Sure I wanted to just sit on the couch and watch my favorite show with no interruptions.... But those were all just excuses and they went on for way too long and got me absolutely NOWHERE. I ended up sad, depressed, anxious, frustrated, negative and angry ALL THE TIME… So I want you all to know that I’ve been there. I’ve had all the excuses. But what’s most important is that I got over them! I knew it was going to be hard but I also knew it was going to get me to a happier place than the “hard” I was once in… Everything is hard. Nothing worth having comes easy. You have to CHOOSE YOUR HARD. I CHOOSE the hard that eventually made me a better & happier version of myself ♥ If you need help or some accountability, reach out! I’m always just a click away and here for you. 💕
Missing the warmer weather this morning so I decided to go with a tropical shake after my workout today ☀️🍌🍓 Check out my story for the ingredients 😋
Whether it's a part of a finisher or a part of a quick efficient workout, I love movements to challenge the mind and body 😉😁 #FitnessISlife #mindfulness #fitness #cardio #core #balance #MPOWERment #holistichealth #mentalhealth #fitinfitness #hiit #homeworkout #virtualfitness #igfitness #wellness #personaltrainer #group #teamWORK #workout #youCANdoit
Sometimes you just gotta #takeitoff and what better place than my home 😜 loved the chest and back grind I had this morning! Had a great energetic spin class and then strong circuit sesh to get me going for my Tuesday! Love being able to just push play and not think, just DO! Happy grinding!!!😜💪🔥
There are three things I absolutely love about being able to get a good workout in at home: 1. I don’t have to go outside when it’s cold and snowing ❄️ 2. It takes much less time than traveling to the gym and I can schedule it on my own time ⏱ 3. I don’t have to wear shoes 🤣
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations! 💕 #morningmotivation #goodmorning #morning
Monday’s are alway long but today was extra long running on no sleep thanks to me not feeling good and then my dog getting sick in my bed in the middle of the night! 🤢 ☠️ . . My five mile run was exactly what I needed though! Then I came home to my new planner that arrived today, so excited 😆So much organizing to come!! . . . . Now Storm is mad at me because I won’t go play in the snow with her lol but hey it’s late and dark! Dog mom fail. . . #parttimeathlete #organization #happyandhealthy #dogmom #runnersofinstagram #fitchick #organizationnerd #athletemotivation #running #timemanagement #runlife #runningmotivation #rungirl #fitdogmom #planneraddict #nerd #organizationiskey #fitness #bigthingscoming #fitnessgirl #fitnessplanning #healthylifestyle #fitfamily #organizedathlete #fitinfitness #fitinstagram
Who doesn't want to feel a great glute burn? The trick is finding the right exercises to create that feeling of wanting to throw your jeans on and strut your stuff! ☀️ Now there are loads of strength training exercises that we can do to grow the glutes (squats, hip thrusts, lunges, feet elevated leg press, etc.), but I am talking about quick & efficient exercises that you can do anywhere with the only piece of equipment being a resistance band. ☀️ I am usually all about efficiency with my workouts and I also enjoy being flexible with my workouts. This might mean that after a particular strength training day I want to do a quick 'finisher' type of movement or exercise, or a quick and intense series of exercises that I can do as a stand-alone workout. Putting these 3 exercises together did exactly what I wanted to accomplish - a great booty burn! ☀️ The best thing about these 3 exercises is that you don't need a gym, any weights, and you can do it anywhere. All you need is a mini-loop resistance band. My favourite is the Bret Contreras Hip Thruster Loop, but there are some great options on Amazon as well. Throw the band in your suitcase and do this series in your hotel room or air bnb. Throw the band in your purse/briefcase and get a quick session in on your coffee or lunch break. ☀️ The 3 movements are: ☀️ 1. Prisoner get up - perform for 1-3 minutes ☀️ 2. Banded Glute Bridge - 60 seconds immediately followed by... ☀️ 3. Banded Hip Abduction - 30-60 seconds ☀️ Beginners do 1 round and complete the lower end of the time limits. ☀️ Moderate to Advanced - repeat exercises for 2-4 rounds, or set your timer for 5-10 minutes and GO! . . . . . . #exerciseoftheday #gluteworkouts #resistanceband #resistancebandtraining #fittipoftheday #workoutoftheweek #feeltheburn #strutyourstuff #buythosejeans #fitnessisfun #efficientworkouts #consistencymatters #fittips #poptips #fitinfitness #whatareyoutrainingtoday
Thankful for IU football & you. ❤️🏈
Beautiful #sunrise over #austin this morning. It was another perfect morning for a #longrun . I #ran 3 miles by myself, then 10 miles with @al3x8 , then 5 miles with my #husband . BOOM. 💥18 miles done💥 #fitinfitness #marathontraining #womenrunners #runners #atxrunners #atx #womensrunning #womensrunningcommunity #lifelongrunner
Happy Saturday ☕️ everyone! Remember it’s Small Business Saturday so don’t forget to show us some love and support our growing businesses! 💕 I honestly still don’t consider myself a business owner; helping and changing lives can’t be categorized. It’s a way of life. My passion. My calling. My journey. ♥️
Change is contagious! 💪 Be the change you want to see in the world! Believe in yourself!!!! 😊I definitely proved myself this week and went up in all exercises!! 🙌🙌🙌
That was chilly but feel better for it🏃🏻‍♀️🌬 I've not run in over a week so happy with the time as took a real steady pace. Not great but better than nothing! Running = getting outside, exercise, burning calories and keeping up my activity habits👊 . . . #morningrun #habits #beactive #bemoreactive #irunbecauseican #feelbetterforit #myefforts #5krunner #toughbutdoable #flexibleliving #workhardplayhard #fitinfitness #beoutside #freshair #foreverultralite #forevergrateful #goodhabits #postschoolrunrun
Night hike with my girl Willow #hikergirl #pug #fitinfitness #walkthewalk #sunset
Random things you see on your walk....if you pay attention! #fitinfitness #morningwalks #eyesopen #loveisallaround
We’re here!!! Up before the sun ☀️ ready to get our sweat 😓 on with some amazing ladies!! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁💕
The mama on the left was worried that she would NEVER feel like herself again. That she would always feel EXHAUSTED, stressed out and unable to keep up with the demands of a new life with as a married mom. 😩 ⠀ ⠀ The mama on the right knows she is so much STRONGER by being a mom than EVER before! 😃 She knows she can most definitely KEEP UP with her family and all their daily activities. (No more craving that 2pm nap or afternoon cup of coffee to make it through the day) 🙌 She knows she is an example to her son of what it is to be STRONG, HAPPY, and HEALTHY! ⠀ ⠀ The changes didn’t happen with crazy diets, deprivation, or hours at the gym. It happened with...⠀ ⠀ - 30 minute workouts at home 💪⠀ - Eating real nutritious foods (ok..and maybe some wine and chocolate too) 🍷 🍫 😉 ⠀ - Drinking my quick superfoods shake to keep up with the kids and their busy schedules 🥤⠀ - With the support of other women on this same journey 👯‍♀ 💖⠀ ⠀ I stopped dieting, made it a true lifestyle change that was sustainable, and am now the STRONGEST I have ever been - physically, mentally & spiritually! 💪⠀ ⠀ If you’re ready to feel STRONG, ENERGETIC & your HAPPIEST this holiday season then join me and a supportive group of women as we kickoff our Holiday Hustle Challenge Group on Nov 26th! (Oh and there’s gonna be a REALLY awesome PRIZE for the winner of this challenge 😬 🙊 - Merry Christmas to YOU!! 🎁 😉) Just comment below for details!
I'm visiting my mom for a day or two, so of course I joined her walking group this morning for a 75 minute tromp in the rain. These ladies meet every M, W, & F and range in age from early 60's to 85 (my mom)... and they don't dawdle. What's your excuse again? #walkitoff #fitinfitness #movementmatters #getoutside #noexcuses #fountainofyouth #YeahYouCan #CarpeFreakinDiem #morningwalk #agelesswomen #successenergy #itshowwework #itshowyourbodyworks
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