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I felt like I was dying. But guess what? I didn't die 😂 it's amazing what you can accomplish when you just don't stop. I have no secret sauce, just hard work. Getting healthy is hard work. Making good food choices is hard work. But if you are able to have a good attitude about the whole process and allow yourself some grace in the daily process, you will succeed with happiness ♥️
No filters. Tuesday. Time for the Gym. Doing my upper body routine today! 💪🏼 . . . . . #gymtime #fitnessconsultant #fitness #fitmomoftwo #wellness #makemeyourcoach #health #fitmoms #momlife #calvinklein #tuesday #upperbody
This isn't about a quick fix. #thereisnosuchthing This isn't about following the dreaded "diet". 😩 This isn't about sticking to something 100% for 4 weeks and then going back to your hold habits. #thisdoesnotwork This is about a LIFESTYLE change. #thereisaidit Alright - so who just went AHHHH...😨😨 Who immediately assumed that this means you have to exercise for 2 hours each day and give up ALL of your favorites food and drinks? 🙋#donttakemybeerandnachos #sonotthecase THIS is about learning to make healthier choices on a regular basis...🥝🍆🥕🍠 So when you have a day where you have the foods you love - you ENJOY it - and it's OK. 🍕🌮🍺 What you learn to do is live your life - a more BALANCED way. No starvation. No deprivation. No diets. 2 1/2 years ago I decided WHY THE HELL NOT - and it changed my life... So I want to do this RIGHT beside you.👯♂ Because let's face it - we ALL struggle sometimes. But what matters is that we have one another to pick each other back up. #fallingoffishowyoulearn Looking to start? Need help? Have no idea where to even begin?👇 DM me or drop a comment and we can chat. . . . #accountabilityatitsfinest #inittowinit #ihaveyourback #motivateandinspire #mommaofboys #fitmomoftwo #30isthenew20 #30something #fullsteamahead #whatstheworstthatcanhappen #mommaof2boys #last90days #happierhealthier #togetheralltheway
Hair flip kinda day... #day2hair
So because I took a nap and I had ☕️ to keep me up before I did Lyft last night so that I wouldn’t have to postpone my #shakeology for a 2nd month in a row or incur an NSF because all the money wasn’t in there. I was wired so why not press play at 2 in the morning 🤷🏾‍♀️ . . I also didn’t feel light as a feather but felt more like an 🐘 so I chose to modify plus I’m still not where I want to be physically. Trying to be considerate to my neighbors and actually finish this 25 min workout .I’m mean it’s like 2 in the morning. I might have technically missed Monday but I made damn sure I didn’t miss Tuesday. Happy Tuesday!! . . . . . . . . . . #YOUPossibleLife #FindAWayNotAnExcuse #TeamYOUPossible #darkskinbeauty #blackwomenarepoppin #melaninmagic #fitmomoftwo #doitfortheculture #livelaughlove #shortandsweet #tattedbabe #thickchick #strongnotskinny #chapter40 #thisis40 #workoutchornicles #lyftlife #lyftdriver #coffee #grinding
Tabata Tuesday!! If you’re not familiar with #tabataworkouts , they are a 4 minute sequence where you go all out for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs and repeat 8 times. They spike your heart rate to rev your metabolism and burn lots of calories in a short amount of time! #yesplease • Try this quick workout...X jumps + Burpees. The first video is the full out, the second is the lower intensity version. • Will you try it?
On this week’s episode of Leggings: Work Edition 😜
Monday morning sweat sesh wasn't for me today.... but for a friend who is fighting 👊. Fighting for the opportunity to push play again. Fighting for the chance to challenge her body again. Fighting for what some of us take for granted daily - her HEALTH 💪 . My #teamriseup crew all rallied today in support of our friend to encourage her and strengthen her in her journey 💗. This is what a #sisterhood 👭💜👭 does. We SHOW UP for one another. We are sweatin it out today for her. . Let me ask you - are you ABLE to MOVE? Able to sweat? Able to push play? If you answered yes, won't you please make today MATTER! Move today in honor of those who can't. Show them that they are not alone in their fight 👊💕 . . . #womenunite #fightforit #maketodaymatter
Instead of using them as an excuse, inspire them.. . I used to think other mommas who worked out at home were insane. “There’s no way that would work for me” was my response. My workouts would double with my kids crawling all over me when trying to plank or do push ups. I’d for sure be called into the kitchen or play room asking for that 10th snack or toy of the hour 🙄 . Over time I learned that through all of that, they were watching, learning, and becoming inspired to join along. How could I not want to show them that working your booty off and bettering yourself daily is important!? . Stop the excuses. Those babes love you, and love being apart of your journey. . Today, myself and many other ladies started our “4 weeks of AUTUMN” challenge group full of love, encouragement and support, something I know I need daily! 💕 . Drop me a 🖤 if you need that same support and accountability! I’m so ready to show you how easy it is to integrate simple, yet effective workouts and eating habits that you can manage in this crazy thing called life!!
Where are my pasta lovers!? Anyone want a HEALTHY spaghetti and meatballs?! All you have to do is order my Fitness&Wellness Guide for my recipe!! . . . . . #health #fitness #wellness #joinmyteam #pasta #pastalovers #followme #mealplans #homeworkouts #fiftypercentoff #thrivewithbrii #fitmomoftwo #goals #momlife #healthymeals
I am going 100mph this Monday trying to get my life, house and workout routine back in order. So besides, laundry, grocery shopping, yoga, school and cooking, I squeezed in some quick exercises during bath time too. I am nothing, if not a great multi-tasker 😂💁🏼‍♀️ Now if I could just kick this sudden cold to the curb fast, I'd be set! 🤧 #MotivationMonday #multitaskingworkout
#MotivationMonday Let me introduce you one of my personal favorite results🔥 My #Herbadaughter Skarlett and her amazing overall transformation, cause trust me it has not only been physical.. She has lost 42 pounds, improved her health and definitely changed her mindset. She started as a client and felt in love with the products, the energy and the idea of helping more women feel as great as she does💁🏻‍♀️💕 She is now a very successful Herbalife distributor in our team and making a huge impact in the community 💚 If you have been thinking long enough about making a change... im here to help🙌 Do not hesitate in contacting me if you’re ready to get started ☺️🙌💥 DM or text me (786)4706052 . . . . . . . . . . . #fitmom #fitmomoftwo #healthylifestyle #bodytransformation #weightlossjourney #youcandoit #fitness #fitgirl #over40andfabulous #goals #momboss #mompreneur #makingtheworldhealthierandhappier
During the week, do you set your clothes out and your kids clothes out the night before or even set them out for the entire week? 👗👔 I do! I at least set them out for the next day. It’s the OCD in me to be organized and not frazzled anymore in the morning! 💯 It’s so much easier and then I don’t feel pressured in the morning to pick out an outfit and then have to match accessories and shoes to that outfit. 👠 I don’t have time in the morning to think about it. Plus, I overthink everything so it takes me longer than it should to make a decision on my outfit. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I also set out my boys clothes in advance too for my sanity. So tell me, do you set out your clothes and/or your kids clothes in advance? 👕👚 I’m curious to see if I’m not the only one! If so, where do u set the clothes out? Right now I set the clothes out on our dressers but I’m looking for a more organized way so it’s not cluttered. 🤔 Let me know if you have any ideas or tips! 👌🏻 #boymomoftwo #chaoscoordinator #momstrong #teachersofig #progressnotperfection #teacherlife #momstrong #confidenceispower #workingmomoftwo #gymnasticscoach #csectionmama #gracenotperfection #bossbabe #gymnastforlife #thatmomlife #hotmessmama #fitfoodlover #selflove #gobills #eatclean #fitmomoftwo #breastfeedingmama #momswholift #fashionfinds #shoppingaddict #billsmafia #terribletwos #toddlermom
The picture on the left was last year not using thrive. The picture on the right, I am using thrive. That is the ONLY difference. Both of the pictures I was working out in the gym & on a healthy diet. See how much of a difference? Ive lost inches. When you put in what your body needs, it'll show. Here's a few things what Thrive can do for you! 💁AntiAging, 🌱immune support, 💆stress management, 🙆mental clarity, 💪 lean muscle support, 🍕 craving control, 🔋increased energy, 🏋pre/post workout recovery, 🙌weight management. Does your product do this in just 3 steps? Capsules, shake, patch? I didn't think so! DM me for a free offer! . . . . . . . . . . . #thrivewithbrii #joinmyteam #goals #fitness #fitmomoftwo #followme #motivation #momsthatlift #freeoffer #free #health #energy #weightloss #progress #fitnessmotivation #myfitnessjourney #hittingmygoals #fueledbythrive
Back at it with my babies. . Kids run 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 club back in session. . So proud of them for sticking to it! . . . #kidsrunclub #kidswhorun #fitkids #fitmomoftwo #blessedlife #mykiddos
Let my little Livy pick out my outfit today. What do you think? 🤔
Así como cuando usas highlight por primera vez 😅😍 . . . Like when you use highlight for the first time😅😍 . . . @wetandwildbeauty #naturalmakeup #TEAMNATURAL #GYMVIBES #fitmomoftwo #fitmom #gorgeous #beyourself #setu
You mean to tell me you aren’t in our fitness accountability group that started today? Why the heck not? . 🎙DM me! Let’s get you started today! . . 📸Photo by Dan Brand Photography . . #dropthemic #fitmomoftwo #dothingsthatscareyou #speakingonstage #moreofastandupcomic #mindovermatter #athleisure #dryshampooislife
Another restock!!!!!! Go get your Uplift Sweatshirt!
It’s not going to easy, but I promise you it’ll be worth every minute. I’ve broken down before, I’ve even given up. It’s okay, we are human. Fitness is not easy. There will be a new challenge every day. It’s up to you to make that life change. To become healthy. Time and dedication. But trust me sweetheart, it’ll be so worth it. I’m going to give 5 special ladies a great deal to help you reach your fitness goals. I’m running a special offer on my fitness/wellness guide! 50% off for the first 5 ladies!! ONLY $10!! That includes, Healthy dinners, Healthy side dishes, Smoothies, Healthy Snacks, Foods to avoid with alternatives, Diet moderation, Upper body workout Core workout & Lower body workouts ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $10!! Let me be your coach and help you reach your fitness goals! I’m here for you 🖤 . . . . #fitness #wellnessguide #fitnessguide #thrivewithbrii #joinmyteam #fitmomoftwo #followme #inspiration #goals #lovinglife #health #healthydiet #helpingothers #weresmyladies #inspire #inspiration #motivate #homeworkouts #gymworkouts #inhomefitness #momlife
The following items came back in stock today! It’s like Christmas! Plum Cozy Joggers Black Zipper Unwind Joggers Black, White, and Turquoise Grid Bras Shop using the link in my bio.
Ok, true confession over here ✋ I'm not always the kindest. Not necessarily to others, but I have an issue with being KIND to myself! Giving myself grace, taking things slower, etc etc. I struggle daily. Anyone else relate?! . . . Next month my ladies and I will be focusing on GRATITUDE. Workouts are optional, and we will focus on getting the proper nutrition our bodies need daily. If you need a reset or are new to this whole fitness thing, this would be the perfect starting place! Let's be more kind to ourselves and focus on the things going right in our lives! There's always room for more positivity, grace, acceptance, joy, and peace! Not through our strength, but His! 💗 We start November 1st. DM me to jump in!
🌟GIVEAWAY 🌟I teamed up with @jordwatches to give a lucky winner a $100 discount code for a Jord watch of your choice 🖤 All you have to do . 1. Follow @jordwatches and @cathrinstone 2. Tag a friend in the comments 3. Go to the link in my bio and enter your details . . Contest closes, Sunday Nov 4th, 2018 at 11.59pm. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by instagram. . . Everybody who enters will receive a 10% off discount code, while one lucky winner will receive a discount code for $100.
(Sorry about the image quality) As promised a small peek into my home workouts from my Fitness&Wellness guide. Upper, Core, Legs & Warmup. (Some workouts require weights) All these workouts & more are included. What your watching now is, Jumping sumo/ regular squats, tricep dips, leg lift crunches, and burpees. These workouts will trigger your whole body, along with the others I have in my guide. Drop a comment below if your ready to get started! . . . . . . . . . . #fitness #wellness #makemeyourcoach #fitmomoftwo #followme #homeworkouts #nutrition #health #momlife #thrivewithbrii #fitfam #joinmyteam
De quoi as-tu peur dans le fond? Tu sais très bien que les excuses que tu as sont en fait des peurs non assumées. Regarde en toi et trouve ces peurs. Confronte-les, sois honnête et tu pourras ensuite trouver un moyen de les affronter. Après, tu pourras passer à l'action. 💃🏻 . . . . . . . . . . . . #fightyourfears #setyourgoals #loveyourlife #happylife #fitmom #fitness #fitmomoftwo #momoftwo #workhardplayhard #happylifestyle #healthylifestyle #nutritiongoals
I love non-scale victories as much as anyone and I have my fair share of those to focus on. But today I am celebrating a SCALE victory. For any of you mamas out there you know what it's like to be inching yourself back towards your pre-baby weight. While I know that the number is not the most important thing, it is nice to see it go down as you are also feeling better about yourself 😊 Today I am happy to report that I am only FIVE pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight 🎉 do you have any victories, scale or non-scale that you're celebrating today? ♥️
This couldn’t be more true! 🤣❤️
A mai csodálatos délutáni időt nem lehetett kihagyni még így torokfájósan sem! Laza kis (beteges) lassú, de legalább kijutottam! A kép csalóka, nem volt ilyen kihalt Szeged ma délután, sőt! Szerintem kb a wizzair-en futottam ennyi ember közt.. 😂 #futnijo #runner #runnermom #running #momoftwo #fitmom #fitmomoftwo #memyselfandi #sunshine #sunshinecityszeged #run4life #run4fun #runnunggirl #instarunner #mik #saucony #morfitrun #runformydreams #nevergiveup #keepfighting #runnersworld_hu #runforlifeandsmile
COMFORT ZONES... ▪️ It’s EASY to want to stick to our comfort zone. A place where things are easy, we feel in control, and fear and anxiety are minimal. ▪️ It’s SCARY to leave that “warm and fuzzy” zone... scary to put ourselves out there, change up what we are used to, and the idea of failure can be paralyzing. ▪️ But when we limit ourselves to our comfort zone, are we GROWING as a person? Are we becoming BETTER versions of ourselves? Are we becoming stronger physically, mentally, or emotionally? NO ▪️ That’s what starting this business is for me. It’s forcing me outside of my comfort zone. It’s facing my fears of putting myself out there for all to see, leaving myself open for criticism and judgment, and the potentially of falling flat on my face. But if I don’t do this for myself and my family, I’m selling myself short, not exploring my true worth, and letting fear win. ▪️ Are you sticking to your comfort zone when it comes to your health? Have you been thinking about sending that message to get started, to change your normal routine but hesitate because it’s SCARY to try something different and possibly fail. ▪️ Ask yourself this question... what’s the WORST that could happen? Sign up, try something new, and realize it’s not for you. What is the BEST thing that could happen? You challenge yourself, become stronger physically and mentally, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! ▪️ What do you have to LOSE? #byebyecomfortzone #dowhatscaresyou #lookfearintheface #pushyourboundaries #entrepreneurmom #whatdoyouhavetolose #comfortzone #facingmyfears #fitmomoftwo #entrepreneurmindset #changeyourroutine #changeyourmindset #knowyourworth #testyourcapabilities
Okay, so even I love a good coffee drink sometimes #starbucks . LeVel has a new alternative! Cafe! It is a coffee like drink, except it's good for you! Don't believe me? Read for yourself! DM me on how you can order yours! . . . . . . . . . #cafe #thrivewithbrii #fitness #fitmoms #health #dedication #momsthatworkout #coffee #followme #joinmyteam #fitmomoftwo #workfromhome #fdaapproved
Here’s to lookin at you, Monday.😏 New week, New day, New goals!🔥👊🏾 . . The other day I read that motivation comes from looking at the things you want and realizing what it takes to get it. So I’ve got my eyes on these year end (and new year) goals and am takin action to reach em! Listen, you ain’t gotta wait til the new year to work on your goals. Go on and get a head start so you can ditch the “shoulda coulda wouldas” come January! You wanting some accountability on yours? Lemme know and we can go innnn together! It’s so much easier to do within a community. You just gotta start. And you’re not gonna regret doing what you know you will be good for you. So just do it! Do somethin your future self will thank you for. Happy Monday!👊🏾♥︎✨ . . . . #toddlermama #highlymelanated #fitmommas #dredlocks #boymomma #fitmomoftwo #wayupifeelblessed #fitmomsquad #mondaymotivation #youcandohardthings
Quads today 😲 . Box squats . 3x10 leg extensions neutral then pointed out then in . Sissy squats . Goblet squats . Weighted step ups with slowest negative possible . Leg press neutral toes then pointed out . Single leg press toes pointed in .. . . #dead
People ask me HOW I do it. 🤔 People ask me WHY I do it. 🧐 And you know what I say?? I am able to do it because people will MAKE time for what they want to MAKE TIME FOR. 🙋🏻‍♀️#sorrybutitsthetruth I share my experiences every day because there is SOMEONE out there who needs to see it and to hear it - and if I am able to help JUST that ONE person - why not? Every day might not be perfect. And some days are just plain HARD. 😞 But on this day - I choose to wake up - take 30 minutes for ME - and tell YOU that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! #makeithappen What’s different this time is that we do it TOGETHER. 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️#ihaveyourback Your opportunity starts TODAY - don’t miss it. . . . #accountabilityatitsfinest #inittowinit #motivateandinspire #fitmomoftwo #30isthenew20 #30something #fullsteamahead #whatstheworstthatcanhappen #mommaof2boys #last90days #happierhealthier #togetheralltheway
Are you Awake? I don't mean eyes open, out of bed awake. I mean, are you Awake enough to realize that what you want is already available, you just need to work to figure out a way to get it? What a powerful statement that is: it's already available, it already EXISTS. You just have to go get it. This morning wasn't the best for me, I definitely wasn't Awake. I got up early to workout and be able to have a pace less rushed this morning, but my babies decided to get up at the same time! So obviously my morning didn't go as expected 🤦 but I still did my scheduled workout and I'm so glad. I feel better, less stressed and ready to move on today. Have a great Monday! 😊
💥 YAASSS 💥 . . Back at it! As hard as it was for my brain 🧠 (which is totally wired to thrive off of exercise... not a bad thing I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️) to not workout for 3 days while trying to knock out this cold... it WORKED‼️ . . I’m still not 💯% but I feel SO much better and think I’m going to escape this one with it being much more mild than it could have been 👊🏼 . . It felt amazing to sweat this morning and get my WEEK off to a positive start... even if I had to blow my nose like 12 times 😂🤧 #nevermissamonday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #toddlermom #healthymom #momlife #workingmomlife #workingmama #workingoutwithkids #momoftwo #momfitness #fitmomoftwo #fitnesswithkids #workingout #noexcuses #flexfriday #nevermissamonday #sweat #physicaltheraptfitness #fitPT #allthesweat #beobsessed #loveyourbody #fitbody #getupandmove #5amclub #momlife #cutetoddlergirl
Control the controllable.....❤️ . . So much going on in life right now that is causing me major stress and anxiety! 🤪 . . But, there are FOUR things I do every. single. day. These things are my constant. They are the things I can control and I can make happen to make my day better. . . 👍🏽 I push play at 6 am every day with my workout club. Because I need to get those endorphins in and to start my day moving. . 👍🏽 I drink my shake that taste like a treat but is basically a salad. Because it’s important to fuel my body with the right things. . 👍🏽 I read personal development. Because, it’s important to fill your mind with the good stuff. . 👍🏽 I surround myself and lean into my tribe. Because they are my anchor. . . So, no matter what’s going on... I control these things! And right now, I’m about to kick butt on this workout!!! . . Happy Monday y’all! ❤️💪🏽 Make it an amazing one!!! Are you controlling life or are you letting it control you?!?
Feeling ⚡️FIERCE⚡️to start the week!! Had a great weekend & slept through the night (that’s right Austin didn’t wake up 👊🏼)!!! Happy Monday‼️
If I had a dollar for every person who ever said "I wish I had your motivation," then I would be one #richchic The truth is, motivation is created. I don't wake up every day saying "I can't wait to work out" or "I can't wait to meal prep." There a lot of days that I just don't want to do any of that. There are times when my motivation comes from my #gogojuice or my son asking me when I'm going to do "my exercises," or my coach calling to see how I am doing. Some times my motivation simply comes from creating some really awesome, healthy habits. It has taken some time to do that but it can happen. 75% of EVERYTHING we do is done out of habit. So go out there and consciously start ONE good habit today. What's it gonna be? #motivation #manicmonday #trainingforlife #livingfearlesslyfit #truthbomb #fitand42 #fitmama #fitmomoftwo #rolemodel
So many people ask me, "how do you have the time to do all that you do?" My answer is that I have the same 24 hrs in a day that you do, but the key is to prioritize! . What is most important to you? 🔅Is it that 20 minutes of sitting and scrolling on your phone or the 20 minutes spent on planning out your meals for the week? 🔅Is it the the half an hour you can sit and play a game of memory with your child or running to the store for the 3rd time of the week because you didn't go over the weekend and you have to idea what is for dinner again? 🔅Is it taking 2 hrs to drive to the gym, wait for the weights and equipment that you need and then drive home or is it the 30 minutes you need to walk down the stairs press play, power through and DONE? 🔅Is it spending 1+ hrs on the weekend vacuuming your house or programming #roomba to do it while you are at work?? . When you sit down and prioritize what is most important to you, you will learn how to fit it into your day! So many people put themselves at the bottom of their priority list. Why?? Becuaee they dip from their cup soo much for other people that it is bone dry once it comes time for themselves. If you do this over and over again you WILL eventually burn out and are spread so thin you forget what any of your priorities once were. . ❤Reach out to me if you need help restructuring your day. If you feel so overwhelmed that you cant possibly fathom the idea of taking 30 minutes to yourself. Reach out to me if this sounds like you in the tinyiset extent. . . #metime #drycup #positivevibes #priorities #nonegativityhere
Attention COUPLES! Who wants to get healthier from the inside-out? And who would like to do with a built-in accountability partner? 🙋‍♀️ . . One of the things that James and I noticed when we started our health journey TOGETHER was how GREAT it was for our marriage. Working out and getting healthy together added another level to our relationship. And… this was coming from someone who did NOT like working out with her spouse 😆🤷🏼‍♀️ Now, I’m ALL for it! . . My next VIP group will be a COUPLES challenge group. James will be joining me and we’ll be leading this group together. We’ll ALL be doing the same workouts, nutrition, supporting each other and having FUN along the way. There will be prizes, too! 👊 . . If this sounds like something you’d want to join, drop your favorite EMOJII 🍫💃🙌 down below and let’s chat!! . #CouplesChallenge #GetHealthyTogether #CheerEachotherOn #GetSexyTogether #significantother #Nutrition #FitnessFun #WorkOut #HusbandsAndWives #StartNow #FitMomofTwo #FitDad
Lets be for real!! Who all watches my post and a part of you wants to try this product? I was skeptical when I first signed up too. I also didn't have the extra money to be spending but.. I'm so very glad I did. Plus the money ive made back from becoming a promoter is awesome!! Take a chance and try thrive today! . . . . . . #fitness #fitfam #thrivewithbrii #thrivemoms #health #followme #motivation #joinmyteam #free #fitmomoftwo
This weekend was a big quarterly event for our company. Only a few times a year do all the coaches gather together. Since I started I have not missed one. . These events pump me up, give me inspiration and let me connect with my tribe. Unfortunately I could not attend because of timing….this time I was with my other little tribe. The tribe of young ladies that I get to teach….Our Girl Scout troop. Funny thing is, I felt a lot of the same feelings leading these girls this weekend that I do when I am with my team. Working together, sharing, bonding and building relationships while learning skills. . I thought I would have some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) when all my peeps posted their amazing pics from today…but I wasn’t. My heart is full from these girls and amazing leaders all weekend. . I’ve been leading these girls since they were 5 years old. It truly is a blessing to see them grow up and be able to witness them maturing into beautiful and responsible young leaders. Watching them turn this troop into their own and taking the training from the last 5 years to lead their own troop and take true ownership of cleaning, cooking, entertainment and games is an awesome experience. We had so many giggles together and heart felt talks. Some overcame fears while others pursued and persisted in learning new skills that were difficult. . Having a tribe of ladies that you get to work with to accomplish great things is amazing and this is the essence of Girl Scouts (and coaching!)! . Honestly I was hoping a little that these girls would be done after this year going into middle school. After this weekend I’ve had a change of heart…I truly hope that they all continue on this scouting journey and that I (and my co leaders) are able to support them as they navigate middle school and continue building this strong bond while developing as leaders with confidence and poise. . Creating communities of support through service is where it’s at! So blessed to have the role of leading girls and women on how to do this! So crazy the correlation between the two but I love it! Here are some pics from our beautiful weekend!
Mi primogénita, mi niña juiciosa, mi princesa y mi motor de arranqué! . . . La jaba estaba durmiendo y se quedó fuera de las foto 😅 . . . #fitmomoftwo #momanddaughter #love
Empowered women empower women✊🏾👯‍♀️🙌🏾 . . We out hereeee!!!! I can’t even imagine not knowing these girls right here. Most of them, I would’ve never even met if it weren’t for coaching. Some of them, I met and connected with online, some, I reconnected with online. That’s the beauty of coaching. Virtually bringing strangers together who then build one another up and essentially turn into family🙌🏾♥︎ I love this community. Every time we get together, I’m reminded why I love this job. Y’all my people! Until the next one! And if you want in on this community, holla at ya girrrl!🙋🏾‍♀️ the more, the merrier👯‍♀️✊🏾✨ . . . . #toddlermama #highlymelanated #fitmommas #dredlocks #boymomma #fitmomoftwo #wayupifeelblessed #fitmomsquad #sundaymotivation #youcandohardthings
Beautiful fall afternoons call for walks and audiobooks! 🧡🍁 #redenbaughtwins #ldsmom #Hisday
Shift Prep Week Almost done! Burpee Jump Challenge 15 in 30 seconds...push up Challenge 26 full pushups in 30 seconds... loving the Shift Shop Workout and loving being settled and having the gym almost completely set up🙌🏻 bring on big goals and lots of hard work! #fitmomsofinstagram #fitmoms #newfitnessjourney #betheexample #shiftshop #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #beachbodylife #loveyourlife #leadbyexample #healthylife #fitmomoftwo #fitmominspire #fitmomjourney #fitstrongmom #braveryoverperfection #jumpinwithbothfeet #followyourheart #takethefirststep #allyouneedislove
I know a lot of you who follow my page will know this guy 💙 Many of you suffered through 80 days of crazy hard workouts with him 😉 I got to meet him today and hear his inspiring story and he has lit a fire in me!! Say yes. Even when you don’t know what will happen. Say yes and take a chance on yourself. Even when things might go wrong. Be brave. And say YES 🙌🏼 Because the alternative is staying stuck. . . #fitmomoftwo #athomefitness #athomeworkouts #fitafter40 #pushyourselftothelimit #sayyestochange @donaldstamper
*Let’s see a couple grow up. It doesn’t matter if it’s been 20 days or 20 years, let’s see it. Post your first picture and your most recent.* First picture: Summer 2014 working the vegetable farm 😊 Most recent picture: yesterday after our lunch date, married almost three years and two babies ♥️ @thatguy_jake
🔥ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT FOR 50% OFF!!🔥It’s not going to easy, but I promise you it’ll be worth every minute. I’ve broken down before, I’ve even given up. It’s okay, we are human. Fitness is not easy. There will be a new challenge every day. It’s up to you to make that life change. To become healthy. Time and dedication. But trust me sweetheart, it’ll be so worth it. I’m going to give 5 special ladies a great deal to help you reach your fitness goals. I’m running a special offer on my fitness/wellness guide! 50% off for the first 5 ladies!! ONLY $10!! That includes, Healthy dinners, Healthy side dishes, Smoothies, Healthy Snacks, Foods to avoid with alternatives, Diet moderation, Upper body workout Core workout & Lower body workouts ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $10!! Let me be your coach and help you reach your fitness goals! I’m here for you 🖤 . . . . #fitness #wellnessguide #fitnessguide #thrivewithbrii #joinmyteam #fitmomoftwo #followme #inspiration #goals #lovinglife #health #healthydiet #helpingothers #weresmyladies #inspire #inspiration #motivate #homeworkouts #gymworkouts #inhomefitness #momlife
Pumpkin patch fun with my little ones 🧡
Sweet little Liam ♥️ #redenbaughtwins
Instead of “Never Miss a Monday” it’s “Never Miss a Sunday”, for me! 💪 My schedule and availability has changed a lot recently, so any space I have to physically get into the gym- I jump on it! Even if it’s only for 20 minutes. Mondays I cannot get into the gym. There’s no wiggle room. But Sunday’s I can, so I do! This is not to say I can’t workout. I can always fit in a circuit at home but my preference is definitely in the gym! #sundays #workout #contourfitness #reclaimfitness #fitmom #fitmomoftwo #fitmomof2 #personaltraining #personaltrainer
Feeling all the feels this morning 💕... so thankful for all the blessings Gods given us!From our beautiful home, to the amazing women I’ve met & relationships that are growing, to pushing myself outside my box & really focusing on doing what makes me happy! There will always be people who don’t understand me or my family... but as long as I keep pursuing & following the doors God is opening, I know I’m moving in the right direction! Happy Sunday!!!
I knew I would wake up sore but I didn’t know the magnitude of my soreness. Between lifting, squatting and walking to prepare for our city championship game yesterday my booty,back , and shoulder muscles are hurting this morning. . Throw in the rain and hail at yesterday’s game and you have one puffy eyed , migraine mom this morning 🤷🏾‍♀️ . The things you do for the kids. I wouldn’t trade it . . Now let me get in these Lyft streets. Had to take most of last week off because I’ve been exhausted 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♀️Happy Sunday!! . . . . . . . . . . . . #YOUPossibleLife #FindAWayNotAnExcuse #TeamYOUPossible #darkskinbeauty #blackwomenarepoppin #melaninmagic #fitmomoftwo #fitbitcharge2 #stepstepstep #doitfortheculture #livelaughlove #tattedbabe #thickchick #strongnotskinny #chapter40 #thisis40
Life is tough, but so are you. 💪 #mondaymotivation #middayyoga #ladyboss
Eat clean. Get fit. Be happy.
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