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ДИНАМИЧЕСКАЯ ПЛАНКА. . 🤘Усложнений вариант планки при котором происходит динамическая стабилизация. а)станьте в планку б)возьмите рукоятку нейтральным хватом в)для устойчивости поставьте ноги на ширине плеч г)от пяток до затылка тело должно образовывать прямую линию в)выпрямляйте рукоятку амортизационной резины до разгибания в локтевом суставе г)вернитесь в исходное положение. . . . #планка #упражнения #разминка #реабилитация #стабилизация #фитнес #фитнестренер #функциональныетренировки #kachantraining #health #coretraining #core #coreexercises #functionaltraining #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnesstrener #fitnesscoach #personalcoach #progress #kiev
🚨How the 80/20 rule can help you get the body you want🚨 ⠀ Have you ever seen The Office? Welcome to Michael Scott’s Instagram for Pictures. ⠀ Now on to the 80/20 rule. This rule that you see around often, but is usually not explained in detail. ⠀ So here it goes! The 80/20 rule means 80% of the time you should eat healthy, and 20% of the time you can eat like an asshole 😉 ⠀ I want to break it down to give you an idea of what this looks like. ⠀ 2️⃣0️⃣Say you eat 3 meals per day. Over 7 days. That’s 21 meals. 20% is only 4-5 meals per week of eating like an asshole. This is the time where you can have some drinks, ice cream, and enjoy yourself at the cookout. This is the time where you don’t deprive yourself if you want a social treat. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be that person in your friend group that can’t enjoy the crab dip. Scatter these throughout the week so you don’t have a binge day and feel like shit the next morning. If you have a craving, take care of it right away and it won’t get that big. (That’s what she said) 😉 ⠀ 8️⃣0️⃣This leaves you with 16-17 healthy meals each week. This is the part you need to focus on. Your fruits, veggies, and healthy eating. Drinking lots of water and doing your exercise. You can sprinkle some 20% in this too. Like a dessert after dinner or going to happy hour on Thursday. ⠀ So there you have it. Most of your meals are the healthy ones. Fruits, veggies and shit. The other times are your fun meals. As long as you stick to this ratio you’ll do great! ⠀ Post below if you follow the 80/20 rule and what it looks like for you!
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Just do you. Go with the flow and with your life because that's you experiencing life. You being yourself is you doing your purpose, so the more we get out of the mindset of thinking there's a certain way to go about things, the more free we become. - Keke Palmer #lifecoach #fitnesscoach #africanamericanwomen #blackwomen #antibullying
I am looking for 3 AMBITIOUS ladies who would love to build an empire simply by living a healthy, fit, & positive life, while inspiring others to do the same! 💖 • • You do not need to be super fit or have a ton of followers! It is all a part of the journey :) All you need is the drive to do better and the passion to help others! Must be 18+ from Canada, USA, or the UK. • • I have put together a Sneak Peek into the coaching business, which will show you all of the ins and outs. This Sneak Peek is completely free, and will help you to decide if this is something for YOU! • • If you would like to learn about this AMAZING opportunity, message me, comment below, or email me: erinfitnessgeek@gmail.com , and we will chat! :) @erin.fitness.geek @erin.fitness.geek . . . . . #fitnesshelp #fitnessmotivation #positivevibes #exercise #fitnesscoach #workfromhome #enjoylife
We help others. In exchange, we get to live our best lives. And are on our way to living even BETTER, everyday. ...and so are they. What would you do if you owned your ALL of your time? #TrainDirty #WeightLoss #Diet #Gains #BeforeAndAfter #Exercise #flattummy #fitnesscoach #WorkOut #Exercise #transformation #Fit #Gym #fitcouple #Fitness #CleanEating #BlessedAndHighlyFit #Motivation #Herbalife #BlackCouple #FitnessAddict #Muscle #TagsForLikes #BodyBuilding #FitMoms #Postpartum #Family #Foodie #fitnessgoals
If you aren't loading up a lot of weight on the leg press, you're wasting your time. Seriously, the leg press is probably the exercise where you can load up the most weight apart from maybe rack pulls. There is so much support from the machine and the range of motion is much limited compared to a squat. Just to give you an example, I currently can press above 200kg. For the same amount of reps, I can only do around half the weight on a squat. #fitness #fitnesjourney #fitnesscoach #fitnessthailand #personaltrainerthailand #legpress #legday #workout #legress #strengthtraining #liftheavy #virginactivethailand #onlinecoach #onlinefitnesscoaching
Eat less from a box and more from the earth. 🍎 🍆 🍅 🍓 🌽 🍐
Took our ZUMBA class outside today 💃🏼 It was sooo much fun dancing and sweating with my lovely fellow instructors & amazing participants ☀️ Ohhh how I wish summer could last forever (one day soon I will live where it does 😉) . #dancingqueen #zumbafitness #summerfun
New idea with my friends and colleagues @cristianblancoopt and @andrestovarelflacofitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitnessjourney #gym #gymjunkies #gymmotivation #colombian #fitnessaddict #fitnesscoach
out enjoying sunday & exploring the great outdoors 🍂🍁 little smoky tho 💨 hopefully it clears up soon! - #outdoors #explorebc #sundaze
Something a little different @elle.livelifelove 📸@nelsonazevedophoto Team @nutritionwarehouse @slimtum Mua @xsentuate_makeup Please follow me: -@gym_00008
🔨BACK DAY HIGHLIGHTS🔨 . 👨‍🏫When training back two basic principles apply . ✔️Row for thickness . ✔️Pull for wideness . 👨‍🏫One thing I like to keep in mind when training my back is that my hands are essentially like “hooks” I pull with my elbows rather than my wrists so that I can avoid unnecessary tension to the biceps and focus on moving the weight with my lats, traps, or rhomboids depending on the movement . 🎥It’s always a pleasure working with my man @gabe.salvesen over at “Elevated Content” if you’re in San Diego and need photos or videos be sure to hit him up! . 👇JOIN THE MOVEMENT TOWARDS SELF LOVE AND BODY POSITIVITY👇 . 📲Follow @mendesmuscle for the best workout tips, daily motivation, and a FREE program! . . . . #fitnesscoach #fitnessmodels #hypertrophy
⭐️5 Tips for a Better Back Squat⭐️ • 👟Footwear: Go for a hard sole over a sneaker, as this helps to keep you more stable & apply more force into the ground (which helps you to lift more weight!). Depending on your mobility, lifting your heels may help you to get deeper into the squat (which is a feature of the pink weightlifting shoes I’m wearing in the first vid). Try it with small plates like I'm doing it video #2 and see if you notice a difference! • 🌬Breathing: Before each rep, take a deep breath in and push your abs out like you’re bracing yourself to get punched in the stomach. Hold it in until you’re at the bottom, & exhale as you push yourself up. This helps to create intra-abdominal pressure and activates your deep core muscles, both of which protect your low-back and help you to lift more weight. • 🥋Belt: Wearing a lifting belt gives your abs something to push out against, which helps to further increase intra-abdominal pressure & core engagement. • 🏋️‍♀️Form: Think about arching your low-back to keep it as straight as possible and not letting your butt tuck underneath you (this will disengage your glutes & put your spine at risk!) See video #3 for an example of what NOT to do. Go as deep as you can before you start to feel yourself losing that straight & upright spinal posture. • 🙈 Try it without the mirror! Studies have shown that people perform better on compound movements like the squat when they're focused on external (outside the body) rather than internal (body-focused) cues. • I personally love back squatting because I think it’s both fun and satisfying to work on a skill and watch the numbers go up as you get better at it. 🤓👌 • Questions about the back squat? Ask them below & I’ll answer in the comments! ⬇️
When you finally see the guy who’s been commenting “you skip leg day” at the gym 💀... . . Massthetics 😈...even with cheat meals I’ve still been progressing towards my goal in a slower/mentally healthier way. I’d say after i drop about 5-8 more lbs it’s time to full send and bulk up to 240lbs. I’m ready for bulking season 😂 . . #eosfitness #eossandiego #goldsgymvenice #aesthetics #armenian #muscles #ryderwear #1upnutrition #onlinecoaching #fitnesscoach #healthcoach #fitnesstip #abs #beachbody #beforeandafterweightloss #beforeafter #hollywoodtrainer #studiocity #carlsbad
Sometimes, when you open your eyes, LOVE shows up in the most unexpected places ❤️ . #heartbeet #loveiseverywhere #foodislife
Hard work always gives results! @trivedizalak has become leaner and fitter ever since she adopted the functional lifestyle. Loose fat the right way - don’t starve, eat right and go functional! #fitlife #fitlifestyle #fitness #fitnessfoods #functionaltraining #fitnesscoach #azhar #traininsaneorremainthesame #fitgirls #stronggirls @kazifitforce @edgefitness93 @muscle_talk7 @workingwomen_nyc @miamifitwear @fitstrongirls @niketraining @nikelondon @pumawomen
This week ahead, focus on being a great person to those around you. Even on days when you don’t feel like smiling at that person walking next to you, just do it. It can change the whole day around for both of you. Trust me. It’s a choice to be happy, and to be positive. It’s also very contagious! Have a great Monday tomorrow! Smile. Sweat. Eat good food. Nap. Do things you love to do. Be around those who love you the most. Laugh! ✌🏽👊🏽🙌🏽
Allison ( @lluvallie ) made the barbell hip thrust look easy. I was very impressed with her movement pattern! The hip thrust is one of the best exercises around to grow your Glutes! It targets mainly the butt while recruiting the core, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Try it out on your next peach pump! . ✅Rest the back (underneath the shoulder blades) on a bench. The barbell should be racked on the hips. . ✅Place your feet in front of you, hip width apart, with knees bent at a 90 degree. Add a posterior tilt before you drive through the heels to flex your glutes at the top . ✅Control the eccentric part of the movement by lowering the hips into the ground while contracting the core and glutes.
Hace tiempo que no usaba mis tenis esos los que compré cuando empecé a ser instructor y dicen LADY B!! Hoy era un buen día para hacerlo... lleve conmigo mis viejos tenis, mis viejos sueños... pero salí con pasos renovados y resultados que me sorprendieron! Más cerca de mi! Con mejor energía para dar! Gracias José Luis Barrón por los consejos! César Ismael Gómez ni que decir... el camino ha sido lento, largo, pesado, no tengo prisa estaré ahí mucho tiempo!! Hoy ya no soy la misma! Diferente pero sigo siendo yo!! #aim2 #lesmills #fitnesscoach #ladyb #ladybfitnesscoach #elite #ladybfulloflove #happy #lesmills #lesmillstribe #onetribe
Progress doesn’t come easy! You have to put in the time and work to get your results! . . Check out my blog for the best fitness, weight loss tips, and product reviews Link in my BIO‼️
So, it's finally happening! I'm changing my life for the better. I have been trying to do whats best for me since summer started and I feel like it's working. I moved closer to family, and now, my amazing sister @fitnessintheforest has inspired me to become a fitness coach! I'm so excited to start this under her wing, and can't wait to keep bettering myself and helping others stay motivated to better themselves! Here's to the next chapter in my life, and this one I get to write. 👊 . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitnesscoach #oregon #ramonafalls #waterfall #fitness #forestfitness #hiking #teambetterforit #teambethechange
Truth. It’s always like this 👌🏽
You should never forgot to do nice things for yourself :)
Confidence 👌🏽
Never Quit. There's always light at the end of the tunnel. If you dont do nothing else walk to the end of the corner and back. #💪😜 . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslove #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney #fitnesstrainer #fitnessgoal #fitnessfirst #fitnesscoach #fitnesslover #fitnessaddict #fitnesslife #fitnessphysique #fitnessgear #fitnessjunkie #fitness #fitnessfood #fitnessforlife #fitnessmodel
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