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One Man, one desire... “i can go the distance”, it takes a crazy effort, commitment, sacrifices, however, I’m willing to sacrifice anything in order to become a champion!!! From zero to hero!!! Be your own Numero Uno!! Good morning world🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Make this the last ever Monday which you say to yourself... - “Diet starts today” - “It’s back to the gym” - “This time I’m really going to do it” - Over 50% of the year has gone already. How many of you who said 2018 was going to be the year you lost weight have actually done it? - How many of you who ‘started’ last Monday, have actually kept it going? - How many of have said the same thing every single Monday, every single month, every single year? But are still the same (if not worse) - It’s time to be honest with yourself. - Do you really want to lose weight? - Do you really want to feel healthy? - Do you really want to look good? - Do you really want to be confident? - Do you really want to stop missing out on nights out? - Do you really want to no longer be self conscious? - Do you really want clothes shopping to no longer be a fucking nightmare? - At the end of the day it all comes down to YOU. - YOU’RE ACTIONS - YOU’RE CHOICES - YOU’RE DECISIONS - No one can help you unless you’re willing to help yourself first. - Make today the last ever Monday you decide to ‘start’ all over again. You’ve been saying it far too often. It’s time to you’re money, where you’re mouth is. - Be consistent. Be patient. And the results will come. - You didn’t gain all that weight overnight, so why are you expecting to lose it all overnight? - The End. - Z
Work in peace🏋🏻‍♀️ #needsun #oklm #vie
C'ÉTAIT COMPLETEMENT D.I.N.G.U.E ‼️‼️‼️ Deux Spartan Race en moins de 24h. Sprint samedi après midi, Super le dimanche matin ‼️🔥👍 De nouvelles superbes rencontres, à commencer par mon frère de course Joe Blmt avec qui nous nous sommes tirés (la bourre) en finissant main dans la main sur le FINISH ✊ Des émotions totalement folles tout au long de la course, une REMONTADA de OUF que nous avons fait ensemble en se relayant l'un l'autre pour se pousser. Je n'oublierai jamais à la fin ce passage BÂTARD à la montée corde enchaîné avec un saut à la palissade qui m'a mis dans le rouge TOTAL. 😬🤐 Les résultats sont un peu changeant, hier nous étions 9e ex æquo, aujourd'hui nous sommes 11e ex æquo au classement général donc nous dirons un TOP 15 sûr et certain. ✅ Nous bouclons la #SpartanSprintAndorra en 1h17 👍 Je finis également 4 (ou 5, je ne sais pas vu le classement changeant ?) de ma catégorie d'âge. C'est d'autant plus significatif pour moi vis à vis de l'endroit où je réalise ce classement, Andorre étant l'une des destinations les plus dures d'Europe. 🤩✅ Et la SPARTAN super arrive ce matin à 9:15. 😯 Les brûlures de la veille à vif, les tensions et la fatigue cumulée se font ressentir. Mais je donne TOUT. Le dénivelé est absolument OUF aujourd'hui, la crampe prend ma cuisse à mi parcours mais je ne lâche RIEN... 💥✊ Et surtout je reste calme merci la méditation 😂😂😂 Au moment où je vous parle je ne connais pas mon classement, seulement mon temps de 3:16. Il faut cependant rester lucide, Les courses à + de 10kms me font perdre mon rythme surtout en montagne. Cela dit, heureux d'observer ma progression depuis Mars où j'ai repris la course à pied et mes entraînements qui finissent par payer ✅. Tout cela va dans la continuité de la marge de progression qu'il est prévu encore de diminuer 😄 PROCHAINE Destination SPARTAN RACE BEAST MORZINES 😨😱😨 ON LÂCHE RIEN ‼️‼️‼️ AROOOOOO #BackToTheCoach #SpartanRace
Invited to watch the World Cup but nothing to wear⁉️ @vannabelt leggings are perfect for any event day or night. They’re stylish, have tummy control, and butt lifting technology! Love them 😍
Back to reality after a great weekend at Rossö in Gothenburgs archipelago. Some barbecue, sunny weather and nice evenings with this view🙌 Hope you had a nice weekend as well😀
Honestly can't wait to get my legs shredded lots of more leg workouts added to my routine 💪💪
To all you yo yo dieters out. Don’t blame the fact that you have done extreme diets in the past or your hormones play a part in not achieving fat loss. Yes some people have a thyroid issue which doesn’t help when trying to achieve fat loss BUT that’s some people!!! 😊 you don’t need a fancy diet all you need to do is decrease your current portion size and increase your protein intake JOB DONE 😊✅ #dailyfitness #fitnesscoach #fitnessphysique #fitnesswomen #fitnessfirst #fitnessguy #fitnesslover #fitnessaddicted #fitnessmodels #fitnesspro #fitnessstyle #fitnesstime #fitnessgram #fitnessclass #fitnessjunkie #fitnessmodeling #fitnessmotivationdaily #fitnessmotivation #FitnessGoals #fitspiration #fatlossjourney #strongbody #hiit
И аз ги мога тези диетичните 🤔😏😏😏
They said I could be anything I want so I became Aesthetic Of The GODS. #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #muscle #aesthetic #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessguy #gym #gymmotivation #gymaddict #gymaholic #shredded
Eat less from a box and more from the earth. 🍎 🍆 🍅 🍓 🌽 🍐
Dress the way you want to be addressed
Not eating these 5 foods? Then you're missing out on massive gainz.. 💪 . Tap on my bio link for a FREE report on what to eat for maximum gainz. ☝️ . Follow @_curls.for.the.gurls Follow @_curls.for.the.gurls Follow @_curls.for.the.gurls
喜歡剛曬完太陽後的膚色,不過感覺好像可以再黑一點點💪🏿 #bodybuilding , #workout , #muscle , #gym , #training , #fitness , #taiwan , #taipei , #健身 , #肌肉 , #muscleman , #muscleguy , #fitnessguy , #gym 💪 , #gymshark , #sunbath , #sunbathe , #sun 🌞 , #sunny , #asia , #sunbating , #sunbating ☀️🌴🌊 . #sunbating ☀, #summer , #🌈 ,
Tag a friend you would like to try this with👯 Want a flatter tummy? Claim your free guide on getting flatter abs. Get the breakthrough workout that's actually sane! Just head on up to my bio & tap that link ☝️ Credit to @leanmachine21
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Did you know that Creatine has been proven to be one of the most effective supplements for strength and muscle gains for decades 💪 - ✔Find yourself training and pushing yourself for longer. ✔Replenish your ATP energy and get extra reps and sets. ✔Maximise your explosive energy output during peak performance. - www.vpa.com.au/creatine-monohydrate . . . #creatine #fitness #fitnessgoal #fitspo #instagramfitness #fitinspriation #fitnessgram #fitnesslife #fitnessgoals #fitnessbody #fitstagram #fitnessjunkie #fitguys #fitguyphotos #fitnessguy #strength #strengthandconditioning
Eat less from a box and more from the earth. 🍎 🍆 🍅 🍓 🌽 🍐
Some people are asking what am I using for my skin? Enough sleep, water, and of course to @bskin_asia for my daily regimen. Visit their I.G. and check their products. P.S. I love their V-Line Collection 😘👌 #bloggerph #blogging #microblogging #beautybloggerph #makeupartist #pinoy #filipino #asian #asianmen #asianboy #asianboi #asianguy #pinoy 🇵🇭 #asiancuteguys #hotasian #makeupartist #makeupartistphilippines #menfashion #menwithstreetstyle #menwithstyle #fitness #fitnessguy #fitnessguyphotos #facesofbataan #Skincare #skinregimen
Want bigger arms? 💪 ➖ Eat THESE 5 foods for maximum gains! ✔️ Link in bio: @ripped.people ☝️ ➖ Follow @ripped.people Follow @ripped.people Follow @ripped.people
Thigh exercises for thigh gap! Follow @female_physique_tutorials for the best daily workout tips 💪 ⠀ 📸 All credits to respective owner(s) Tag some friends who'd like these tips 👇
Are guys with bigger arms than you getting all the girls? 😂 Let's change that.. 💪 . Tap up on my bio link for a FREE guide on what to eat for maximum gainz. ☝️ . Follow @_curls.for.the.gurls Follow @_curls.for.the.gurls Follow @_curls.for.the.gurls
“Ti porto con me dove finisce l’ arcobaleno” -
Mikaelism 101 from #NYC #motivation .Love ,Follow and share if you agreE.
Mikaelism 101 from #NYC #motivation .Love ,Follow and share if you agreE.
Mikaelism 101 from #NYC #motivation .Love ,Follow and share if you agreE.
Mikaelism 101 from #NYC #motivation .Love ,Follow and share if you agreE.
Mikaelism 101 from #NYC #motivation .Love ,Follow and share if you agreE.
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