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Our student ministries wrote letters to @samaritanspurse volunteers thanking them from all of us for their tireless work restoring our community! The work they’ve done has been incredible, but we aren’t done yet! There are still MANY homes and people in need of help, and we need more volunteers to make that happen. Samaritans Purse hosts orientations in Studio 3 in Wilmington at 7:15 am and 12:15 pm every day except Sunday. Come join the work being done! #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief
Could not have gotten any more lucky with the weather this week! Grateful for being given the opportunity to attend a rad comedy show in Asheville + give back to those in need...celebrities willing to donate 100% of proceeds (minus a bo-berry biscuit) to habitat for humanity and Florence relief...and amazing best friends who drop everything mid-week to travel across the state in support of my random impulses #fallfestivities #florencerelief #comedyforacause #azizansari
Join Kristina and Rayneen for this special Kirtan & Flow class tonight (Wednesday, October 17th) at 7pm collecting funds for continued relief efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Florence. Donations can be made in Cash or Check. 🙏🏼 Donations go directly to help NC Food Bank! 💙
#KeepPounding : We love our @Panthers and all they do! This week, @juliuspeppers_ visited Lumberton, North Carolina and helped those who are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence *** We posted more about Peppers' visit to Lumberton and the help that is still needed there on our Facebook page. * * * #hurricaneflorence #florenceaftermath #hurricanerelief #florencerelief #helpingothers #givingback #keeppounding #juliuspeppers
Are you READY for another work day tomorrow?? Join us!! We’ll meet at the Cape Fear Network (610 S College Rd) at 8:30 for breakfast. We’ll pass out work orders at 9. We’ll have lunch there at 12:30. Can’t wait to see you! #collegeacreslovesilm #florencerelief #hurricaneflorencerelief
My sweet little partner in crime, named by one of my minis #Oasa #kittiesofinstagram #catsofinstagram #rescueoradopt #FlorenceRelief She is THE most calm, sweet, and clean cat I've ever seen. So glad to have her 💜
Starting tomorrow, $1 from every drink ordered (this includes pints, half pours, flights, wines and ciders) will be donated to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. Your donations will help those still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Every little bit counts and every little bit can go a long way! This event goes until Sunday. . . We are Wilmington Strong! . . . #brewery #ilm #ilmbeer #ilmcraft #ilmbrewery #craftbeer #localcraft #localcraftbeer #craftbeers #localbeer #drinklocal #cheers #welovebeer #donations #donate #foodbank #florencerelief #hurricaneflorence
So very thankful for these people and all they have done for Wilmington! #florencerelief #hurricaneflorence #ilm #ilmstrong #capefearstrong
While school was out of session due to Hurricane Florence, numerous @pc3ilm_tsunami and @pc3rippleeffect students displayed their heart for serving others by cleaning up our city. Together with their small group leaders, they made a BIG difference. Are you a middle school student or a parent of one? If so, we hope you join us this Wednesday night at 6:30 PM in the Main Auditorium of the Wilmington Campus for Tsunami. Our high school ministry, Ripple Effect, meets on Sunday nights at 6:30 PM.
The Boutique received some great donations from Isha and her school we believe. We don’t have any information which School put together this great drive for the Florence Relief fund! We would like to thank you and speak with you! If someone has more info please contact the Boutique or DM us here! Thank you for your generosity 💕 #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief #therearegoodpeopleintheworld
We're proud of our students for collecting and delivering supplies to New Bern on Monday. #hurricanerelief #florencerelief #WeR
Avett Brothers Headlining Concert For Hurricane Florence Relief#AvettBrothers #Headlining #Concert #Hurricane #FlorenceRelief #cover #tagsforlikes #video #guitar #beat #dance
While my night has been pretty normal, watching @achefslife , football, and baking some cookies for work, there are still many people who are not back to normal yet. One of my errands this afternoon was to go pick up some supplies to make a hygiene kit that my church @pbcraleigh is collecting for Hurricane Florence victims. While we get up and go to work each day, there are still many people picking up the pieces and who will be feeling the effects for quite some time. However, ENC is comprised of some strong people. They are resilient and will find their normal again. But they won’t be able to do it alone, and I am excited to go serve these people this upcoming weekend with my friends. As I sign off for the night, I ask that you do not forget about our friends down east. Kindness goes a long way in our world these days, and there are so many ways we can help and support our neighbors down there. Nothing is too big or too small. All you have to do is google! Thank y’all for following along today and for all the positive responses. Now to pass it off to @mkroman for tomorrow! | Photo By: @tapreddy #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief
So proud of our @ravenscroftnc students for doing their part to help others in need! #florencerelief Glad to show Nile early how important it is to actively help others! #WeR 💚💛
It could have been us. Hurricane Florence was an eye-opening scare, and when @lifehousevabeach made a way to go with #christinaction to New Bern, I knew I had to join. This weekend, I got to suit up with an amazing team, go under homes, and pull out flooded insulation. The road to restoration has barely begun for many families along the coast - praying for renewed hope and many more hands to help them rebuild. #dirtyjobs #florencerelief #newbernstrong
The week following Hurricane Florence, I was given the gift of hospitality. A dinner out. I was told to order whatever I wanted!...and to simply receive it. A week later, after mudding-out a neighbor’s home, she said “thank you” and expressed how she felt like she should chip in on our dinner or...something! But she was told to simply receive. ✨ Our culture has trained us to be independent and self-sufficient. In the midst of that, hospitality and free gifts are often lost. We forget to give (myself especially), and feel almost bad for accepting gifts given 100% freely. We want to attach strings, feeling the need to pay someone, give something in return, or somehow earn it. “Thank you” never feels good enough. But I’ve realized there’s joy to be had in the giving and in the receiving. I’ve never expected or wanted anything in return from helping with disaster relief. Knowing that and realizing how much it meant to me when someone told me something kind, made me a meal, gifted me with their time and help, has made me want to be a gift to others as well. I want others to know that they’re loved and cared for. 💕 Speaking of free gifts...the greatest one we’ve been given is our sin-debt paid by Jesus. How easy it is for us to feel that we must earn it! That there must be a catch! No wonder it’s hard for any of us to accept His gift with pure joy and simple gratitude when “thank you” doesn’t even feel enough for a gift as simple as a dinner out! Revel in Christ’s goodness today. Recognize the freedom He so *freely* has *given* us from something we don’t deserve, and can *never* earn. Tell Him a simple “thank you.” ❤️
WOW! LOOK AT ALL OF THESE GOOD THINGS WE’VE COLLECTED SO FAR!! Thank you so much to our sweet and generous community who have donated all of this! We so appreciate it, and so will our friends on the east coast! If you haven’t dropped a donation by yet, you still have until tomorrow! #donatenow #downtownavl #avlbouchon #dogood #thankyou #florencerelief
SLIDE!!!! Save the Children will be at the #LASLUTWALK COME THRU WE NEED YALL!!! I'll be there educating ppl about what we do and accepting donors. We're currently working to reunite families separated at the border and get these kids outta the "dentention centers" and back with their parents!! We're also helping families affected by Hurricane Florence! Come thru and support the Slutwalk AND the kids so I can tell you how we're helping!!
This Saturday is a great day to volunteer with the @samaritanspurse ! Volunteer Orientations at 7:30 and 12:30 a.m.! • • • • #hurricaneflorence #disasterrelief #prayforthecarolinas #carolinastrong #samaritanspurse #florencerelief
Yesterday @mikeashcraft joined @convoyofhope at @catalystleader conference in Atlanta to speak about the ongoing work being done in our community as a response to Florence! The work done by you! Your prayers, labor, generosity, and love as a response to God’s call of the Church made all of this possible, and we’re not done yet! #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief
Volunteers with the Diaper Bank of North Carolina have already delivered more than one MILLION diapers to families in need since Hurricane Florence. But they say there's still a need and they are calling for more volunteers to help with delivery to hard hit eastern areas.
Get your tickets for this awesome benefit dinner! #chefscare #ncchefsrock #florencerelief
Happy thirsty Thursday y’all. Come on down & drink a beer & grab an El Chancho 🍔🍺 Live music tonight starts at 7! Let’s welcome @goutten1 for his first gig here!!! Also remember 100% of profits from all burger sales will be donated to @foodbankcenc to help our southern neighbors. Ends Friday @ close. #wagyudoin #florencerelief
Pls open and read all: Hi, Cash's human here! 🙋‍♀️ He's busy organizing volunteers, so I'm taking over today 😂 Sorry for the delay in updating on this, lots happening right now. I will admit the wish list was overwhelming. I grew up in Florida, and have been through several hurricanes, but even knowing what I know about aftermath and what it takes to clean up, I still wasn't prepared for this! So I sorted by priority, what hasn't been purchased yet, added some cat food (naturally) and sent some items. I'll be sending more in a few days. Some things on the wish list couldn't be shipped to their location, so if you plan on helping them with this be prepared for that. Also, a couple things say they won't be there until the 9th, but I'm hoping to get that expedited. Here is the link to their page: https://www.facebook.com/theamericanblackcross/ All that aside, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that purchased stickers or bandanas. Your support and enthusiasm has been uplifting, and so fun! And the money is going to a fantastic cause. I see some pictures are coming in, I'll start sharing those sporadically over the next couple of days! #CatsForBeto #BetoForTexas #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief #blackcross
@lcfoodbank stopped by News 2 to chat about our Florence Food Drive partnership. Learn how you can help at counton2.com. . . . . . . #HurricaneFlorence #FlorenceRelief #FoodDrive #chs #charleston #SouthCarolina #NorthCarolina #CarolinaStrong
Ivanhoe, NC- Feed, supplies, and grocery distribution at Black River Presbyterian Church. And a kangaroo showed up! #tlcourwildlife #zoolife #florencerelief #hurricaneflorence
You may remember that last September we decided to dedicate our "Casual For A Cause" money, as a coordinated effort between all of our Financial Centers, to help alleviate some of the financial concerns surrounding Hurricane Harvey in Texas. We have decided to do the same for the victims of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina which made landfall very close to home last month. All of our Financial Centers will be contributing to Hurricane Florence relief and we URGE you to JOIN US and help! #PCB #CasualForACause #FlorenceRelief #CapeFearStrong #HurricaneFlorence #HelpNorthCarolina #YourBank For October, we will be donating our usual $5 or, in lieu of cash, 5 items that can be used in the relief effort. Items such as non-perishable food, household cleaners, personal hygiene products, pet food, or anything fitting a need for a person or family that has been impacted by the storm. Please feel free to bring a donation of money or items to your local Financial Center to be sent down to North Carolina at the end of the month. * We would like everyone to know that no actual cash will be sent. Any cash donated will be used to purchase necessary items and those in turn will be what are sent for the relief effort. *
OUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!! This year we have decided to give back to our community. Beginning October 1st, we will be accepting donations to help relieve our friends who have been affected by Hurricane Florence. Please come by with a donation and receive a little thank you gift certificate in return!! We truly appreciate you all, thanks for keeping us going for so many years! #donatenow #florencerelief #golocal #avlbouchon
| relief | Hurricane Florence was devastating, and so many have been affected. But we’re #252STRONG and we’re here for YOU. Let us know through DM if you need prayer! ••• So grateful for the amount of students who have come out to support their community! #newbernstrong #community #SERVE252 #hereforyoh #love #God #Christian #Jesus #handsandfeet #easternNC #students #Florence #Florencerelief
Check out this message from our Young Adult admin, Jena, about her time serving this past weekend at Catalyst ! ___________________________ Thanks to your generosity we have been able to bless thousands of lives and with your help we can continue to do so! We are now partnering with 902 Church in Kinston which was also devastated by Florence. You may remember that's the same church and area that we helped during Hurricane Matthew. Head over to the link in our bio for more information on the ways you can serve, donate and give. Let’s continue to be the Church! #bethechurch #florencerelief #givegenerously #serveselflessly
Are you feelin the fall vibes or hanging onto the summer vibes? Either way, we've got the beer for you. And while you're at it, remember that all of our burger proceeds until the 5th are being 100% donated to help aid with hurricane Florence. #nashvilledrinks #fallvibes #summervibes #weatherlimbo #allthebeers #florencerelief #burgersthatmakeyoufeelgood
Stephen Colbert’s team put together this book of Donald Trump quotes from his visit to the area after the storm. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Damn, Trump’s the worst. Thankfully, all proceeds go to Florence relief in the Carolinas. The pre-order link is in my bio. #whoseboatisthisboat #florencerelief #stephencolbert #lateshowwithstephencolbert
“To our Wilmington community: we are here for you. This is not a sprint. It’s a marathon and we’re in it for the long haul.” #collegeacreslovesilm #wilmingtonnc #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief
This weekend, we loaded up our box truck and headed for Wilmington to deliver donations to Lower Cape Fear Hospice, as they continue to recover from Hurricane Florence. To our community at large, thank you again for your kindness in this relief effort. #hospice #hospicecare #healthcare #palliativecare #mvhpc #mountainvalleyhospice #mtnvalleyhospice #florence #flo #northcarolina #prayfornc #wilmington #wilmingtonnc #hurricanerelief #florencerelief #hurricaneflorencerelief
#Repost @portcitychurch ・・・ 🚨 BIG EVENT 🚨 FEMA representatives will be at our Wilmington campus tomorrow for a public informational meeting at 7 pm to give some clarity on next steps and the ways they can help! We encourage anyone and everyone to come and hear what they have to say. If you can’t make it we will be streaming the info session online at live.portcitychurch.org or youtube.com/portcitychurch. #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief
🚨 BIG EVENT 🚨 FEMA representatives will be at our WILMINGTON CAMPUS Monday, October 1st, for a public informational meeting at 7 pm to give some clarity on next steps and the ways they can help! We encourage anyone and everyone to come and hear what they have to say. If you can’t make it we will be streaming the info session online at live.portcitychurch.org or youtube.com/portcitychurch. #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief
Schedule a portrait in October and $20 from your session fee will be donated to @hopefromhelen to help local families and organizations effected by Hurricane Florence. #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief #hopefromhelen #wilmingtonnc #wrightsvillebeach #wrightsvillenc #wilmingtonphotographer #erinwhittlephotography
Thank you to the wonderful volunteers from @maddistronc and our neighborhood for filling the truck and trailer with supplies to #hurricaneflorence victims. We are on our way! Stay strong NC 💪 Their warehouse is downtown Durham across from @ponysaurusbrewing and they make it so easy to volunteer and list multiple donation drop off sites. Maddistronc.org ... #durm #volunteer #florencerelief #hurricane #ncstrong #nc #northcarolina #durhamnc
All Your promises are YES & AMEN! We loved introducing this song to you last week. We can’t wait to declare this truth together again this Sunday! Join us at the Wilmington campus for the 9AM, 11AM, or 5PM service.
We're ready to worship with you this weekend, and can't wait to introduce a new song from @elevationworship ”Here Again” as it reminds us that our dependence rests in a powerful, present, and able God! See you Sunday!
Thank you #wny for donating to our #FlorenceRelief telethon with @redcrosswcny and @keybank ! Our final total is $13,509.28 a true testament to this being the #cityofgoodneighbors
It’s here! Just received my Aquamarine Amazomite Turtle 🐢 bracelet from @suelynneinthecity All!! Yes you read that ALL sales are going to her Hurricane Florence Fundraiser. Please help her keep raising funds by purchasing a Turtle! Only 10 bucks! DM me for more details! • • • #hurricaneflorence #supportyourfriends #helpothers #turtle #amazonite #aquamarine #foracause #tellafriend #florencerelief #puravidabracelets
#florencerelief at Independence Mall!
We are excited to gather again this Sunday! In a season of uncertainty, so many of our family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers are in need of hope. Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the Hope that is rising in our church and in our community!
Let’s have a cup and catch up 💗 To benefit Hurricane Florence Relief Stop by to find your shade , try out any of the new and current products, and or pick up some samples for some friends. See you soon 😘 M s g me for address #RadiantDefense #dogoodalways #florencerelief #coffeeandcake
We’re in North Carolina distributing food, supplies, and providing free medical services to over 200+ community members impacted by Hurricane Florence. Thank you to the APPNA physicians for partnering with us. Learn how you can help by visiting www.icnarelief.org/florence #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief #voluenteer
Many have asked us how to help with Hurricane relief. As Wilmington continues to recover, the major volunteer need we have has shifted from supply distribution to home restoration. There are many homes in major need of debris removal, mud-outs, and roof tarping. This is how YOU can help! - Our incredible partner, Samaritan's Purse, has made it extremely easy to get involved! They help identify the greatest needs in our area and also train and lead all work projects. - To get involved, you can simply show up at the church Monday-Saturday at 7:15AM or 12:15PM for a one-time volunteer training and then you will be sent out to work! - If you have any questions about serving, you can check out portcitychurch.org/florence. Let’s get to work!
Still processing last week, also trying to catch up with real life. Here's a Pilatus full of hot food and essential supplies. #operationairdrop @wckitchen
HURRICANE RELIEF SATURDAY @ REBUS WORKS This weekend, we will be donating 100% of coffee bar sales to help hurricane victims. You can help, too. Bring items (see image) or financial donations. Anything you give will help greatly! #florence #florencerelief #hurricaneflorencedonations #donate #florencedonations #northcarolinahurricanerelief #farmworkers
As NC was being devastated by Hurricane Florence, NHRMC employees left their homes and families to work long shifts night after night to ensure that our community had someone to turn to in an emergency. ❤️ Many of them have returned to seriously damaged homes. In some cases, they don’t have a home to return to. The NHRMC Foundation Hurricane Relief Fund distribute funds or supplies to employees who suffered significant property loss during the hurricane and subsequent flooding. ❤️ So far the NHRMC Foundation has raised more than $60,000 and more than 300 PDO hours! Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to help our employees in need. If you are interested in giving please visit: nhrmcfoundation.org #Florence #HurricaneFlorence #FlorenceNC #FlorenceRecovery #FlorenceAftermath #FlorenceRelief
#FlorenceRelief Efforts: How You Can Help #nursinginformatics #nurse #nurses #nursing #healthIT #himss -> https://www.ania.org/article/hurricane-florence
Wilmington is my heart and will always be my home. Happy to stand with this amazing community of people to help in some way. @opbbqrelief #florencerelief
We love the heart our @pc3rippleeffect students and leaders have for their community! Are you a high school student? You can serve with them this Thursday. Visit https://www.pc3wilmington.org/reflorencerelief for details and to sign-up.
WBTV Charlotte - Hurricane Florence has made a lasting impact on the Carolinas, but Our Town America corporate employees and franchise owners around the nation have teamed up to raise over $1,000 (so far!) to help local businesses in need. Our Town America's Charlotte-area franchise owners, Jane and Tom McElhaney, met with WBTV to discuss how OTA is stepping in to make a difference. Link in bio to watch full video. #northcarolina #southcarolina #florence #carolinastrong #hurricaneflorence2018 #hurricaneflorencerelief #helpthecarolinas #florencerelief #donate #fundraiser
We continue to distribute food, supplies and provide free medical services to over 200+ community members impacted by #hurricaneflorence #community #florence #florencerelief Thank you to the APPNA physicians for partnering with us. As in every disaster, we count on support from people like you. Please help www.icnarelief.org/florence
Keep an eye on the site later this week - preorders for these guys will be ready soon! . . . . . . #florencerelief #hurricaneflorence #carolinacares #capefearstrong #ilmstrong
Today is the last day to bid in the @florencereliefauction , so head over and make sure you are the highest bidder by 3pm cst (1pst, 2mt, 4est) on any items you are wanting. And if you aren’t, but would still like to support Leland, NC, please follow the GoFundMe link in the auction bio and consider donating there. We SO appreciate each one of you and the outstanding support you have shown! Thank you!! ______________________ #communityovercompetition #makercommunity #lelandnc #florencerelief
Just came across these sweet memories of my days living in Wilmington, NC. Grateful for all of the kind people I met there, and can only imagine what they're going through during the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. My boyfriend Brent's parents live in New Bern, NC. They came back from vacation last week, to find everything inside their home unsalvageable. My family and friends in Louisiana are all too familiar with starting anew, and know how difficult it can be without the help and support of friends, family and even complete strangers. With a goal of supporting local Wilmington and New Bern residents and businesses, I'll follow up later this week with a list of recommended organizations that will quickly impact those in need. Stay tuned... would love your suggestions as well! #florencerelief #wilmington #newbern 📸 @citygirlgonemom
PRAISE! As the rivers rise, major flooding has continued in our surrounding towns like Burgaw. Yesterday we were able to connect with several pastors in the area to figure out how we could partner together. We found out that many of the people in this area were out of food due to low supply and loss of power. - Once again, we saw God at work and the Church on the move as a few important pieces came together. A member of our church contacted us about a warehouse available in Burgaw. As soon as I-40 opened up, Convoy of Hope was able to send truckloads of supplies, not only for Burgaw, but also for the surrounding areas! Now the local churches in town are organizing supplies and publicly distributing supplies to people in need. A special thank you to Pastor Malloy, Pastor Smith, and Pastor Rodger for leading your churches in serving our region! - If you are in the Burgaw area, you can come to the warehouse at 717 HWY 117 South from 10AM-2PM for relief supplies!
Carolina Strong T-shirts are in stock—Long or short sleeve....$24.99 and $34.99 #myfriendkate #tshirts #carolinastrong #florencerelief
Here are some awesome ways to take advantage of this month’s special and grab our #3 TOP SELLER - our Benjamins Wallet!!! And you can shop for a good cause. I earn 35% commission on my sales and I will be donating 💯 to South Carolina for flood victims - of you don’t know - 2 weeks after Florence and they are continuing to flood with some rivers still days away from cresting. It’s awful!!! And this is one way I feel I can help from Texas while my heart is in SC!!! Comment for the shopping link!!! #benjamins #benjaminswallet #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief #southcarolina #southcarolinastrong #america #bettertogether #help #give #donate #holidayshopping #shopforacause #shoppingforgood #bundles #bundle #bundleandsave #perfectgift #bestwalletever #topseller #halfprice
My friends, family and school are AMAZING. Before Florence I was hung up on getting through this semester/week/day of school, but times like this make me appreciate the bigger picture. We raised $1400 in addition to the donations!!! So incredibly grateful❤️🙏 All of these donations were taken down to New Bern last weekend. A huge thanks to all who donated #fullheart #florencerelief #ncsucvm #givingback #allthefeels
We received another truck load of supplies today! It was a surprise load all the way from Fairfax, VA! • Keep spreading the word that we have free supplies for those in need. We will be distributing 9:00-5:00 through Friday or while supplies last. • If you can volunteer to help distribute or at our work days, sign up at the link in our profile. #collegeacreslovesilm #florencerelief
There’s still some time left to bid on your own custom leash hook benefiting @florencereliefauction ! A wonderful community of makers teamed up for an online auction to help out @heysugarraeshop after they were affected by the recent hurricane. If you’ve been considering buying a custom leash hook for yourself, now would be the perfect time to do it! If you already have one, there’s SO MUCH great stuff to bid on in their feed! You can always get started on Christmas shopping early! Check it out at @florencereliefauction ! Livi: early american/white/brass Poe: classic grey/bright mint/copper
Halfway filled and it's only Tuesday! Big shout out to Rusco for their generous donation of paper towels and toilet paper!! Trailer is open through this Sunday. Stop by and help us fill it! #florencerelief
We are feeling inspired by the @foodbankcenc ! So glad we got to tour their facility yesterday when dropping off our donations for Florence Relief. You all are amazing! #florencerelief #thinkprint
DO NOT BID HERE Please go to @brimfieldawakening to bid This quilt is up for auction to help our friend Linda @missyfromminnesota who has lost everything in the flooding from Hurricane Florence. Please see @brimfieldawakening post to bid on this gorgeous quilt that was custom quilted by @gotchacoveredquilting #Repost @brimfieldawakening with @get_repost ・・・ . •••CHARITY AUCTION for a fellow QUILTER••• . ❤️❤️❤️PLEASE REPOST❤️❤️❤️ . It has been 9 days since Hurricane Florence made landfall in Willmington, NC, and our dear quilting friend, Linda ( @missyfromminnesota ) and her husband Jack have not been able to return to their home. The pictures only begin to tell the story. Swipe 👈🏻. . Her quilting friends have rallied to help her. We are auctioning off our @misterdomestic Loved to Pieces (we love Linda to pieces) Brimfield Block Star quilt. All money will go directly to Linda and Jack’s Go Fund Me page. (Link in profile.) . The quilt is created with Mathew’s debut collection #AGFlovedtopieces for Art Gallery Fabrics and was used for his Spring Quilt Market debut. It is custom quilted by the brilliant Carrie Hanson of @gotchacoveredquilting . . ••• HOW TO BID ••• . •Opening bid minimum $300 . • Please place your bid in the comments below. If you don’t want to bid on the quilt, please consider making a direct donation to the Go Fund Me page at the link in our profile. . • Tag the previous highest bidder in your comment. . • International bidders welcome. . • We will ship the most economical way possible. Continental USA shipping will be covered by us. We will split the cost of international shipping with winning bidder. . • Auction ends at 11pm eastern time Wednesday September 26, 2018. . . #welovelinda #charityauction #gofundme #hurricaneflorence #florencerelief #brimfieldawakening #brimfieldblockstar #misterdomestic #quiltauction #greatfabricdestash #thegreatfabricdestash #artgalleryfabrics #epp #englishpaperpiecing #quiltlove #rebuild #quilt #sew #sewing #quilting #callingallquilters #pleasehelp #pleasegive #modernquilt #modernfabric #hurricaneflorencerelief #hurricaneflorence2018 #donate
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