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Une chance qu’on avait nos imperméables 🤷🏼‍♂️💦
Big thanks to our youngest volunteer and his great voice looking forward for more in the future
Asia and her fashion identity with the suburbs.
I can’t take back the love that I gave you. w/ @sophiastathakisbeauty
Tje 3 C’s of life: choices, chances and changes
Missing someone can sometimes be the best thing for a writer
7:00 PM
From legal services to family doctors, over 100,000 square feet of various businesses and office spaces are settled in Château Maisonneuve. With the help of these small to large business occupying the retail spaces in the building, your needs can be readily met with their convenient location. #chateaumaisonneuve . Des services juridiques aux bureaux de médecins de famille, plus de 100 000 pieds carrés de diverses entreprises et d’espaces de bureaux habitent le Château Maisonneuve. Avec l’aide de ces petites à grandes entreprises occupant les espaces commerciaux du bâtiment, vos besoins peuvent être facilement comblés grâce à leur emplacement idéal.
Flying high above the rugged landscape of the Icelandic highlands, I found these streams cutting through the earth. Dark blue water and moss surrounded by a sweeping expanse of dried magma. Such an ethereal place. Luckily my drone was with me at all times to make this shot possible.
lost in the signal
a million ideas, no good ones #onfilm
N46°48'40" E71°12'9" 🌐 Here is the main monument of Quebec city "Le Château de Frontenac". You can see it from almost everywhere in the city and honestly it is so stately 🏰 ° ° ° ° ° #quebecoriginal #quebec #quebeccity #visitquebec #explorequebec #imagesofcanada  #explorecanada  #way2ill  #illgramers #moodygrams  #agameoftones #visualsoflife  #tlpicks  #fm2mag #canadasworld  #thecreatorclass #gramslayers  #citykillers  #lensbible #quebecoriginal  #globalcapture #gramslayers  #beautifuldestinations #sonyalpha  #streetsof514
Happy place #dailycortado
Bubble Biker. Shot with Leica M10-P and Summilux 50mm Asph LHSA. Admitted I think Leica M10-P came out too soon, no one was calling for a quieter shutter or a touch screen on an M10 yet which was a highly praised launch. So now with the rumored ‘M10-D’ it gets even more interesting and confusing for a lot of buyers who don’t buy cameras often and hope that their shiny new Leica would be the new kid on the block for a few years as per the past. At least now original M10 buyers can feel better because if the rumor is true, there will be a lot of M10-P buyers thinking whether they should have known or waited for the M10-D which would conplement the M10 rather than replacing it.....................#🔴 #leica #leicam10
Sketchy spot (Pai Canyon). Les tops résultats du spot sur google indiquent “Pai canyon deaths” dans le top 3. Pas très rassurant chum...
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