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’18 夏季總會有些時候腦海思緒混沌不清 心裏所想無法用言語好好組織起來 . 像瀑布下的光點散落一地 明明已經好努力把它們撿回來了 . 到頭來只能說著好像該說 而不是想說的話 #naturaclassica #iceland
×Elphi Plaza× × × View from the Elbphilharmonie Plaza down to Landungsbrücken. I actually thought the Plaza to be higher. I think the shot transposes the cloudy mood as it actually was very well. Btw this was shot with my Galaxy S7 in Pro Mode because the battery of my Canon turned out to be dead 🙈🙆‍♂️ #hamburg #docks #hafen #hamburgerhafen #cloudysky #cloudyday #ig_hamburg #schönstestadtderwelt #hamburgmeineperle #explorehamburg #welovehh #shotzdelight #industrial #germany #samsunggalaxys7 #liveforthestory #agameoftones #houseoftones #diewocheaufinstagram #thelensbible #beautifuldestinations #ig_mood #ig_today #visualsofearth #moody #moodygrams5k #heatercentral #folkgood
Первые впечатления от Рио де Жанейро, продолжение: Рио - очень дорогой город. Дороже, чем Гонконг и Сингапур , хотя возможно официальные цифры это и не подтвердят. Ценник в кафе за блюдо начинается ОТ 8 долларов . Средняя цена это 10-12 за блюдо в забегаловке . Конечно, можно выжить на сладкой кукурузе на пляже и бургерах у метро если прижмёт . Понятно, что мы туристы и местные лайфхаки нам на блюдечке никто не подаст. Все только через боль и стену языкового барьера . Кратко что нам по ценам выходит, это комната 900$ в месяц, симкарта 40$ с 3.5 ГБ интернетом, транспорт 1 поездка 1$, такси средний чек 10$ (убер дешевле). Что творится с покупательской способностью в этой стране я не представляю, ведь средняя зарплата 300$. Вот и получается, что тут нет среднего класса. Есть обеспеченные и есть фавеллы с обычными рабочими, которые за 300$ в месяц должны ещё и обучение и медицину оплачивать. Мой внутренний потребитель правда дико радуется от местных цен на кофе . Это 2$ за 250 гр настоящего Бразильского кофе 💪🏻 К слову о кофе.... видимо свой лучший бразильский кофе Бразилия отправляет на экспорт. А местные пьют какой-то ужасный пережаренный сорт типа «мы не промывали кофеварку уже 4 года». Больная тема и удар по самому святому . Благо колумбийский сорт и итальянская обжарка здесь в достатке . P.s. Про Бразильские попы Молва не врет. У некоторых они такие большие, что можно использовать как подставку под кофе . Думаете имплантанты? #lifeofadventure #livefolk #natgeo #folkgood #folktravel #mobilemag #passionpassport #travelstoke #natgeoru #freedomthinkers#natgeotravelpics #natgeotravel #beautifuldestinations #discoverglobe #awesomeglobe #sharetravelpics #liveauthentic #инстаграмнедели #dharmatravel #lonelyplanet #34travel #лиссабон #португалия #rio #brazil #рио #бразилия #riodejaneiro #риодежанейро
“There are two kinds of climbers: those who climb because their hearts sing when they’re in the mountains, and all the rest.” – Alex Lowe
Modern Retro - ✨ All images available for purchase; ————————- vincentjames.net ————————- or message me for personal assistance 😉 ✨ 📷 ⚡️ @canonusa 5DMIV and Canon Lenses, @reallyrightsruff Tripods 🐉 @djiglobal Flying Cameras ✨ #OurPlanetDaily #NatGeoTravel #NatGeoHub #Splendid_Earth #IG_Podium #EarthFocus #EarthOfficial #Hubs_United #AOV #TheOutBound #IG_MyShot #OptOutside #Main_Vision #ShotzDelight #TheImaged #CreateCommune #IG_Masterpiece #FolkGood #FolkVibe #Eclectic_Shotz #FeedBackNation #HeaterCentral #Global_HotShotz #CreateExplore #CanonUSA #TeamCanon
Congratulations Red, @reda__sue !! Your shot hit the mark and is our staff feature today! 🎯 Red is our admin here on @1shotcommunity page and we truly appreciate her for all that she does! Please check out her Instagram gallery and show her beautiful work some love ❤️ 🎯 Selected by @kineticphotography . 🎯 For the chance of a feature tag your shots with #1macroshot , #1bnwshot , #1ukshot , #1killershot , #1natureshot , #1reflectionshot , #1usashot Each day our moderators will pick an image tagged to one of our 1shot pages, highlighting the artist here on our Community page. 🎯 Please check out our other 1shot pages: @1killershot @1natureshot @1bnwshot @1ukshot @1macroshot @1usashot @1reflectionshot 🎯 #1shothub #killingit #hotshots #killergrams #1killershot #killershots #aov #theimaged #heatercentral #createcommune #folkgood #artvisuals #thecreatorclass #visualoutlet #bestgrams #gramoftheday #dailyfeature #tagstagram
So excited to attend today’s Delight Pop Up Retreat by @drawnearretreat in Charleston! Thankful for a time of refreshment and worship before going into a new season of life this summer 🌸 thank you to my sweet hubby for gifting me this time and opportunity.
Nella città di #Alghero questo inverno è stata realizzata una bellissima installazione che ha visto come protagoniste le lanterne. Nate dal progetto curato da Tonino Serra e Giorgio Donini, con la collaborazione dello stilista Antonio Marras, realizzate dai ragazzi del liceo artistico della città. Il progetto è stato chiamato “eLucefu” 🌅 ⠀ Nella nuova luce estiva continuano ad essere bellissime e illuminare le vie del centro storico all’imbrunire💛 ⠀ Grazie a @mauroaho per questa bellissima foto. Selezione a cura di @mmmussi
Find beauty in the smallest details 🌿
As if venturing to the island of Newfoundland was not “off the grid” enough, we took it one step further and hopped on a boat to Fogo Island. Here we found magic ✨ #ExploreNL #FogoIsland #MoodyGrams
The Plaza de Armas can be pretty hectic, but for sure it is a photogenic spot where we loved sitting and watching the world whiz past . . . #Cusco #peru #ExperiencePeru #landscape_peru #gperu #backpackingperu #peruadventure #streetphotography #traveltheworld #roamtheplanet #teamcanon #folkgood #passionpassport #travellife #visitsouthamerica #travelblog
watcher . entry for #asteryx2018 @asteryx
600 photos, 600 moments & 600 place with you. We going for 600 more? 🇮🇸 🇨🇭 🇮🇹 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇷🇴 🇧🇬 🇩🇪 🇱🇺 🇫🇷 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇳🇴 🇸🇪
the introverts.🖤 #blackisourhappycolor
hey cutie🤩
Meet Moe. He is our Wild Wear mascot – along with his brother Barley – two “boy boy” Golden Retrievers that are happiest when they’re filthy. I love this photo because this IS Moe – at his happiest, with sticks on his tongue, ears flopped back and panting from latest crazy run. THIS is why we only carry canvas collars and are moving into canvas bandanas – because my crazies are so insanely hard on their gear, and anything that doesn’t stand up to their daily antics isn’t up to par for what we want Wild Wear to be. They’re both in the pond daily, ripping through the woods and finding any mud they can – and through all of their adventures, our canvas collars and bandanas wash up like new day after day. We’ve made upgrades to our collars in our YKK plastic and AustriAlpin Cobra buckles – two military grade options that will make sure your collars last you forever. Our YKK plastic buckles are SO lightweight, and if you have a water dog (like us!) they’re a dream – they are specifically designed to push sand or debris out of the buckle when clasping. I know a lot of you prefer our silver metal buckles – but as so many of you have seen, they can scratch and break down with wear and tear, especially with any exposure to water. The AustriAlpin buckles are some of the best on the market and are designed with safety in mind. You will never have to worry about them breaking or falling apart no matter how hard your dog is on them. Last but not least – our canvas bandanas. If I had to choose for my own preference, I would always pick a gorgeous handwoven or wool mix fabric to put on my dudes – but I can’t tell you how many times they have come back from a romp through the field with burrs and snags all over that beautiful bandana and I am left feeling a little sad. My DOGS let me know what works best for them – and I am so happy to say after an entire day of swimming, dirt and tons of sticks – our new canvas bandanas still looked as great as the second I put them on that morning. We hope you’ll give them a try and let us know what you think - and right now you can save $10 on a bandana when you purchase a collar or bundle with the code “CANVASLOVE” at checkout 🌞
🌲Island Lake Conservation Area 🌲
Panagkalap (trawling) is a fishing method where a large fishing net is pulled through the water by two or more boats. In Ilocos, when the fishermen arrive at the shore after a day of fishing, coastal residents (or mere spectators who so happen to be there) may assist in collecting the day’s fresh catch into large containers. The fun part: as consideration, the helpers may take some of the catch—for free—while the rest will immediately be taken to the local markets to be sold on the same day. . Freeloaders, if you’re looking for a sign, this is it.
«Estaba loca, loca de remate, y era guapa, guapa de cojones. Y conocía a la luna, y bailaba rock and roll frente al espejo, y salía y bebía y no se acordaba de nada al día siguiente. Estaba rota, tanto como un trapo, y era dura, dura de roer, y odiaba a los poetas, y se ponía hasta el culo y lloraba y se corría y no se acordaba de nada al día siguiente. Dormía poco, y tenía las ojeras más preciosas que habían ignorado jamás. Era la princesa de mi cuento, la que follaba con extremo duro sonando de fondo y se metía de todo, menos mis drogas. Amaba, era capaz de amar, por encima de cualquier boca despeinada, de cualquier trovador de mierda, de cualquier basura literaría que le escribía, era jodidamente perfecta, y su único defecto era yo. Sospecho que venía de otro mundo, por eso de que nadie había logrado entenderla nunca, aunque siempre era la que más gritaba y que era inmortal por eso de sus infinitas pecas, y que me tenía calado, y que sabía cosas sobre mi que nadie sabra jamas. Era la chica con la desearías pasar el resto de vuestra vida. Era la chica diez, y le faltaban un par de veranos, conmigo, digo, y cada vez que me la encontraba por ahí, me decía que no se acordaría de nada al día siguiente, y aun así, me iría a vivir con su olvido, todos los días del resto de mi vida.» (@Miguelgane ) 👩🏻@CRISTIIINASB
Вдохновения и красоты. И чтобы не только снаружи, но и внутри.
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