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Violet Oh! Violet! What's really #magic about #spring seasons is abundance of blooming hills and prairies. What's actually unfortunate about it, is seasons are not made for last and so their respective flowers... Thank god over the past thousands of years we have been able to distil, transform, extract substance from those flowers in order to preserve their properties. Whatever it's for perfumery, beauty or medicinal purpose. This year I was able to #harvest enough of #flowers and buds to make it thru the whole year. That's for my personal consumption 🙏 I produced about a gallon (A bit more than 3L) of Violet #Bodyoil . And guess what? It's almost gone! I have 6 bottle of 30ml remaining in the shop. So if you wanna get yours, you better hurry! Here is the link to the shop: http://folkofficinalis.com/product/seasonal-violet-body-oil/ Violet oil has this ability to both flush out the dirt of the lymphatic system and taking good care of the reproductive one. Its action has the property to calm the #inflammation of the #digestive mucous membranes by contact. However, this is not an action of long duration. This oil forms a #natural bandage that softens and refreshes, which calms the inflammation in a temporary way. It is therefore necessary to apply this oil regularly. I elaborated this oil for one of my closest. It’s actually my aunt that had some serious complication with her beast leading to a cancer then a removal due to malignant tumour. She would, after the surgery slowly massage her breast in order to break up the congestion and as mentioned above, cleanse the lymphatic system. Note that you don’t have to wait to have a specific pathology in order to use this product. The #Violet infused body oil should always have an important place in your selfcare routine both as cure and preventive aid. Here is the link to the shop: http://folkofficinalis.com/product/seasonal-violet-body-oil/ . . . #folkofficinalis #françoisroger
Me last Summer processing some baths soak from homegrown rose buds and sea salt from Guérande! Whatever it's for the feet or full body, allowing your path to relax with some infused Rose Spirit is just incredible! For those who know me and/or follow me, you might have seen many post and pictures about bath and rituals. It has become in the past 20 years something really important in my whole self-care process. Stay tuned cause this year I'll be releasing some very good herbal bath soak end of summer, at my peak bud season 🌿🙏🌹 . . #folkofficinalis #françoisroger #bathsoak #herbalife
It's the season for Harvesting Elderflowers 🌿🌼 They can be used to detox and build the immune system by clearing toxins from lymph glands. They are also ideal for respiratory problems, treating asthma, and helping clear catarrh as an expectorant. Elderflower tea (My favourite), syrup or cordial are useful in helping build up the immune system against coughs influenza (especially children and elderly), as they have anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds in them. Elderflower tea is a good blood builder and many modern skin tonics still contain it. . . #folkofficinalis #elderflower #immunesystem #tea #françoisroger #GoodMedicineConfluence
As I close my eyes, I finally see the world and feel its warm reflection on my face. - #folkofficinalis #herbalist #apothecary #frenchboy #frenchie #french #magyarorszag #budapestboy #budapestguy #budapest #normafa
Immune-Protecting Body Oil _ _ This protective #bodyoil has a strong germ shielding blend of essential oils. Apply whenever you come in contact with more germs than usual like metro, airports, shopping mall, schools.. Smells like #eucalyptus , and #rosemary - a lovely #fragrance in addition to being helpful. I personally use it all along the year and especially on changing seasons. Made with E-oils. #Wildcrafted , all #natural , #sustainable , ethical, local, NO sprays, NO chemicals, NO gmo’s. Suitable for #vegans . Suitable during #pregnancy at once a day. -- #folkofficinalis
Rebalance room odors naturally with the #AirFreshener Spray, great for home, business, indoor and outdoor. When confronted with heavy odors, pets, musty or smoke filled rooms from cigarette, cigar or medical choices, this blend of fresh plants and #essentialoils make a Big difference – Fast! You may have experienced the power of pure #freshness when you last set foot on the beach, walked beneath a waterfall, or drove your car away after being washed. While part of the #euphoria is simply being around these wondrous settings and away from the normal pressures of home and work, the #air circulating in the #mountains , the #beach , and even at the car wash is said to contain tens of thousands of negative ions. Negative ions and rebalancing positive ions is an ongoing science study. let’s say that you will simply feel the same feeling spaying around! - - #folkofficinalis
Immunity-Boosting Elderberry Tincture ~ ~ It’s a potent anti-viral that can be used at the first stages of cold and flu, as well as during acute infection. #Elderberry is also an #immune stimulant and #lymphatic . This a great tincture to have on hand during winter to maintain immunity and fight off #infections . #Immunodepressed since I was a kid, I use this #elderberrytincture as a preventive shield and it works perfectly! I usually treat myself 2 times a year with it. Once when spring starts then in autumn. Made with fresh elderberries, not dried berries. #Wildcrafted , all natural, sustainable, ethical, local, NO sprays, NO chemicals, NO gmo’s. Suitable for vegans. -- #folkofficinalis
When #nature is strong enough to break through #asphalt and #pavement . Here is one obvious reason I would always choose nature over anything else. Its persistent adaptation to its environment. We transform, #build , #change things so they will never come back to their natural states. Nature on the other hand, is building for nature so it stays nature while maintaining a constant #evolution process. -- #folkofficinalis
Making it a prime remedy for heat and #inflammation , #Violetinfusedoil works with the #lymphatic system to break down and move blockages. In other words, it flushes the system. It helps to dissolve #cysts , #fibroids , lump, and #tumours . Very soothing and moistening texture, especially suited for dry and irritated conditions. -- #folkofficinalis
When I get questions like what face cream do you use? What kind of oil #relaxes you the most? What could I do, I’m losing my hairs? Anything against #bugbites ? I’m always happy to answer! You don’t have to request a #consultation if you need advice on how to use my products or homemade remedies. Just drop me an email or send me a PM and I would be delighted to help you as much as I can. -- #folkofficinalis
A relaxed #breastmassage with the #BreastMassageOil gives your breasts some breathing space. This massage oil blessed by #Mugwort leaves and #Yarrow flowers to work synergistically to absolve accumulation, flow the fluids, enhance the #skin . -- -- #folkofficinalis
All right that’s it. The cutest thing of the day. -- -- #folkofficinalis #nature
This makes me so HAPPY! ---- #folkofficinalis #testimonials #nettletincture
April. One of the cutest months and also right in the middle of my favorite season “#SPRING ”. Everything is #blooming , smelling and taste divine! It’s also one of the greatest time to make natural #herbalremedies as most of the flowers are exploding procuring tons of benefits! The fact is #physical and #spiritual presence of plants is deeply interconnected with our earthly existence throughout our lives. Plants are our #allies . #folkofficinalis
There is no planet B. This is why all #FolkOfficinalis products are carefully made with fresh plants. #Wildcrafted , all natural, sustainable, ethical, local, NO sprays, NO chemicals, NO gmo’s. And definitely suitable for #vegans . As if it wasn’t enough, containers are made of recycled glass bottles ONLY and packaging is #ecologic from wrapping till ink printing.
Finding #inspiration and #medicine around my local tiny #church
“She was fascinated with words. To her, words were things of beauty, each like a magical powder or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful spells.” ― Dean Koontz #forest #darksessions #orgreen #skull #goatskull #blackhat #blackdress #necklace #and #enough #fora #photoshoot #folkofficinalis #andme #expats #together #mocsenycreative #hungary #instagood #love #cute #me