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Cabin in the Woods ..
I want you to let you know that you’ve done well. you’ve lived well. you’ve taken care of yourself well. You are doing a great job! I thank you for that!
Sambil makan pentol enak
If we could see these many waves That flow through clouds and sunken caves She'd sense at least the words that sought her On the wind and underwater. #bestbandever #jomo #thislife . . . . . . #mytinyatlas #huckberry #socality #optoutside #liveauthentic #vsco #vscocam #staywild #neverstopexploring #folktravel #worldcaptured #embarkadventure #finditliveit #thatsdtarling #exploretocreate #liveunscripted #RIMBY #goattraveler #livethemountainlife #camping
Waving to all her fans (aka waving at everyone who looked in her direction). 😂 #GuntherWanders
Gunung Sindoro, lelah memang mendaki gunung Sindoro, trek yg terbilang cukup menguras tenaga ini memiliki spot yg cukup indah di kaki gunungnya. Embung Kledung, itulah nama tempatnya, tak jauh dari basecamp via Kledung, kalian bisa berjalan kaki kurang lebih 15 menit utk sampai di tempat ini, cuaca cerah sangat menguntungkan karena amat sangat jelas gunung Sumbing dan Sindoro. Cukup membayar tiket retribusi sebesar Rp. 3000 kita sudah dimanjakan dengan view yg pastinya sangat amat indah. • • • #embungkledung #kledung #gunungsindoro #gunungsumbing #adventure #ayodolan #trekking #nature #exploremore #pendakiindonesia #pndkid #kamerahpgw #livefolk #folktravel #livefolkindonesia #folkcreative #like4like #peopleinframe #justhoshoot #flirtingwithnature #sunrise #sunset #instatravel #instanature #lansdcape #exploreindonesia #indonesiaparadise
Who are you really, what do you really want🌿
«Где жизнь? З д е с ь и с е й ч а с ✔️ Бегство из с е й ч а с и вы утрачиваете жизнь» Экхарт Толле
Girls girls girls living the life #bestday #bestdayever #miss_gracie
numb to the coldness
Das erste mal das wir uns beim Vlogen sehen. Danke @fabivan_t4 für dieses tolle Bild. Nach fast 30 Wochen und 30 Folgen unseres wöchentlichen Vlogs ist es uns schon in Fleisch und Blut übergegangen. Wir schämen uns nicht mehr vor der Kamera und mit dem Ding in der Öffentlichkeit rumzulaufen wird auch immer besser! Wir lieben es und es ist schon weit aus mehr geworden als nur ein Hobby. Es ist eine Leidenschaft und gehört für uns schon zum fast täglichen Ritual. Und ohne es zu merken entsteht unser ganz persönliches Tagebuch was wir mit Euch teilen!
A sobering moment at Stok Kangri Base Camp. The sunrise after a climber had died on the mountain. It’s hard to put into words the emotions you feel for someone you have never met. It’s not just “another person,” as you had the same goals: to summit, to trek, to enjoy the scenery. After seeing his body being taken down by the rescue team, we decided not to even attempt the summit. No mountain is worth a life.
Mediterráneo 💙
But all my wings are made of hay and corn husk, so I can’t leave this world behind. |Josh Ritter - Lawrence, KS (Acoustic)🎶| • Photos taken on Interstate-70 from a car - scattered throughout Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Cherish these times, they’re already leaving. They’re already bound for a brighter unknown. |John Fullbright - All That You Know🎶|
May tomorrow the land be anew. May every bird sing unto you. |A.A. Bondy - There’s A Reason🎶|
Those days went speeding by, left us in the dust. The car's on empty, it rattles in the rust. |Ryan Adams - Shining Through the Dark🎶|
I’ll be guarding your place - in the lights on the stage of my heart. I guess we’re all still finding our part. |Jason Isbell - To a Band That I Loved🎶|
And I don’t want the keys to our door - I don’t live there anymore. |Amos Lee - Chill In the Air🎶|
The Lions and the Lambs ain’t sleeping yet. |Arcade Fire - The Well and the Lighthouse🎶|
Her eyes are green and blue, they can't make up their mind. |Joe Purdy - Sinkin’ Low🎶|
Well the bucket was broken but the water was pure. |Josh Ritter - Here At the Right Time🎶|
Time, she says, “There’s no turning back. Keep your eyes on the tracks.” |Gregory Alan Isakov - Time Will Tell🎶|
I'm about to drive in the ocean - I'ma try and swim from something bigger than me. |Frank Ocean - Swim Good🎶|
Blue and gold - palette of the skies below. |Dr. Dog - Buzzing in the Light🎶|
One day at a time, sun gon' shine. |Kendrick Lamar - i🎶|
And on a long drive from El Paso to the Pacific Ocean cliffs, I finally felt connected to the continental drift. |Dawes - Somewhere Along the Way🎶|
I want you to move to California for yourself. I want you to find whatever your heart needs. |Delta Spirit - California🎶|
Somehow we'll make it, cause that's what we do. |Red Hot Chili Peppers - Make You Feel Better🎶|
Paul said to Peter, "You gotta rock yourself a little harder. Pretend the dove from above is a dragon and your feet are on fire." |Josh Ritter - Girl in the War🎶|
It's important that we make the best of short time. |Anderson .Paak - 'Til It's Over🎶|
You felt the power of something - but not for long. |Leif Vollebekk - Into the Ether🎶|
No admission for the cool - just kick it and come through. |Run the Jewels - Everybody Stay Calm🎶|
You said it was night inside my heart, it was. You said it should tear a kid apart, it does. |The National - Anyone's Ghost🎶|
So I'll set my eyes to the wind, but it won't be easy to leave it all again. |The War on Drugs - Eyes to the Wind🎶|
The lake was a diamond in the valley's hand. |Josh Ritter - Thin Blue Flame🎶|
Kinison said, "If you're gonna miss heaven, why do it by two inches..." |Childish Gambino - II. Zealots of Stockholm [Free Information]🎶|
I'm not dreaming. Not this time anyway. |Angel Olsen - California🎶|
The water's mad - she's been fighting with the wind. |Joe Purdy - Far Away Blues🎶|
Pay for my coffee and leave before the sun goes down. |Lucy Dacus - Night Shift🎶|
I didn't know that the sky is not only wider - oh but clearer when I'm standing next to you. |Julia Jacklin - Lead Light🎶|
• When all the reds and the oranges and the yellows in your sky - were fighting with the evil and intentions of a bad moon on the rise. |Will Johnson - Little Raider🎶|
We're just the weatherman - you make the wind blow. |Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill🎶|
Rose colored sunsets, no flowers for me. |Ryan Adams - Why Do They Leave?🎶|
• Friday Night Lights •
• The comedy of distance / The tragedy of separation |Josh Ritter - Right Moves🎶|
• And in the gathering darkness, vow to never go back. It was built by man and you can tear it down. Tear it down. |Hiss Golden Messenger - When the Wall Comes Down🎶|
• Love won't get you high as this. Drugs won't get you high as this. |Kendrick Lamar - untitled 07 | 2014 - 2016🎶|
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