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happy first day of fall 🍂🍁 aka my favorite time of the year aka pumpkin time. sweaters and everything nice. while it still very much feels like summer here in denver, i am jumping in with these fudge like pumpkin brownies that literally make me droooool. get yourself the recipe on the blog now and get baking these babies are a MUST ✨ #FollowOurPassionStyle #HappyFirstDayOfFall #PumpkinBrownies #PaleoDesserts #FallDesserts #PaleoBrownies
@vitalproteins you’ve had my heart since the day i first had you almost four years ago. babes you know my love for collagen peptides and how much it has played a key component to getting my gut back to a healthy state and also managing my mood disorder. today i share with you all how i feed my inner beauty by keeping my gut in a happy state 😍 how do you FEED YOUR INNER beauty⁉️ let me know in the comments below LOVE you all 💛🦄⚡️ #FollowOurPassionStyle #FeedYourInnerBeauty #FeedYourBeauty #VitalProteins #VitalProteinsAmbassador #HealthyGutHealthyMind
food can be healing and delicious. it doesn’t have to be an either or. when i tell people i manage my mood disorder with food + cannabis people think eating is either mega complicated or boring. not only is it easy but also delicious 😋 like this mega easy asian inspired tuna patties, they’re crispy and buttery and with my homemade pickled cucumbers (a recipe that I borrowed from an old mentor - @cafe_sushi aka the best place on earth) over a bed of arugula covered in a creamy sesame citrusy dreamy. 😛😛 to make these bomb tuna patties 👉🏻 start with 1 large Japanese sweet potato cooked and mashed, add 1 can of drained @wildplanetfoods tuna + 2 T of @majesticgarlic creamy garlic + handful of chopped cilantro + scallions, tablespoon of coconut aminos + sesame oil. mix all together until combined, season with @redmondrealsalt garlic salt + pepper. form into three patties, cook on medium low heat on a @fourthandheart ghee slathered cast iron skillet. about 5-8 minutes per side, don’t move so a nice crust from. WHY EAT TUNA? cause it helps you produce melatonin, full of omega three + healthy protein. aka great brain food #FollowOurPassionStyle #MentalHealthBlogger #FeedYourBrain #EatGoodFeelGood
even though denver refuses to let go of summer, i am riding that early fall train with these pumpkin cranberry scones 😛😛 bro these scones are killllaaaa. oh and did you know that PUMPKIN is ridiculously good for your mental health. not only is it full of magnesium, it helps produce serotonin. WIN ⚡️recipe coming soon: in the meantime i’ll share this maple spiced glaze 1/4 cup of @dastonybrand watermelon butter + @parkersrealmaple maple butter + 1/2 tsp of each chaga, cinnamon, allspice, ground ginger and nutmeg + a pinch of @redmondrealsalt #FollowOurPassionStyle #FeedYourBrain #GoodMoodFood #GrainFree #DairyFree #MentalHealthSupport
success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal - earl nightingale ✨ i sit here in front of you eating a bowl of cereal. there was a time i would judge myself and try to add guilt to food instead of just enjoying the hell out of my bowl of cereal. #FollowOurPassionStyle #EatingDisorderRecovery #EDWarrior #ProgressIsSuccess #MondayMotivation
a little over five years ago i was in a almost six month mania stint- psychosis and all. WHY? - because the way my body + brain process all the medication made it that after a few months my dosage needed to be adjusted and often medications altered. we found this one anti psychotic that had been working for a few months until in Panama the pharmaceutical companies decided to stop bringing the pill version, and only have the shot version- a month long dosage - so there’s a catch- 3% of patients don’t react the same to the shot version. i happened to fall into that category. I share this with you all because the reason I share my story the reason I share recipes is because no one was advocating for me. no one else was out there talking about the struggles, giving suggestions or just sharing their journey. what happened when the medication didn’t help or work, when I joined this community that void I had at first was soon filled by all of YOU! I hope to do the same 👉🏻recipe for peaches and cream smoothie bowl with a poached peach 😛 blend 2 frozen bananas + 1/2 cup of @traderjoes frozen coconut chunks + 1/2 peach all blended with 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, @rootandbones reishi + a good pinch of @redmondrealsalt salt and homemade hemp milk using @manitobaharvest hemp hearts. top with cardamom vanilla poached peach and a drizzle of @sunbutter #FollowOurPassionStyle #MentalIllnessAwareness #BipolarDisorder #BipolarMania #BipolarType1 #ManicDepressive #BipolarSupport #MentalHealthAdvocate
still taking a caffeine break so enjoying this energetic cup of chaga hot chocolate. the perfect remedies for this not ready to meet the world morning - yes yo gurl is tired af haha - i use adaptogens to help me adapt to different situations in life- I’ve been using adaptogens for about 2+ years now ✨ recipe for today’s latte 👉🏻2.5 cups of hot water + 3 T of @dastonybrand cashew butter with a heart from @rawmiochocolate mint chocolate hearts, 2 tsp of each @moodbeli cloud powder + bliss booster // blended this with a scoop of collagen + a pinch of salt 😛😛 enjoying this while watching @foodnetworkchopped and a plate of jammy eggs ⁉️ what are you enjoying this Sunday morning? LOVE YOU #FollowOurPassionStyle #CoffeeFree #HotChocolateRecipes #Adaptogens #DenverCo
drinking some nettle tea and between the cranberries pills and these other ones i picked up in natural grocers, i finally feel like i at the end of my gout flare up. i was diagnosed with gout - it’s a form of arthritis- inflammation in the joints. my dad has gout and it’s hereditary. the pain increases at night for me, with pain on my fingers, ankles and back. while normally high cbd strains, cbd creams and more help with the pain but this time everything that worked before hasn’t. 👉🏻 I bring this up because even though I am a huge advocate of you are what you eat, since my move, my eating habits have suffered. i’ve been eating gluten when out on the weekend, and started playing around with beans again - leading to high uric acid - producing urate crystals - that cause pain. my health has been my main priority the last two weeks, and being active hasn’t been possible because of the pain. i still try to walk a lot. ✨health looks different every day. today it’s this tea, @friends and @cadoicecream mint chip ice cream. tomorrow it’s watching the @patriots play + getting acupuncture. have grace with yourself, listen to your body and remember to love yourself even in difficult times. have a beautiful saturday evening #FollowOurPassionStyle #GoutArthritis #HealthAndHappiness #YourBodyIsATemple #LoveYourselfAlways #SelfCareIsTheBestCare #TooEarlyForChristmasMugs ?
the truth is sometimes it’s just a girl and her cookie. or in this case cookie skillet. it took time before I started to feel comfortable staying home, and not going out. it was hard, i mean sleep is important but at the same time i wanna enjoy life. i still do, like tonight with this cookie skillet, a scoop of @cadoicecream mint chip, @foodnetworkchopped not shown the lemon @spindriftfresh to wash the cookie down 😛😛 the recipe for the cookie skillet is on the blog, added @alchemyfoodco cannabis coconut oil instead of the ghee, used @enjoylifefoods mini chips instead of dark chocolate and used a flax egg instead of reg egg. #FollowOurPassionStyle #ChocolateChipCookieSkillet #FridayNightPlans #CookieMonster #DairyFreeGlutenFree
why do i share my story.? the recipes i make .? ⚡️because i believe it will help people. that our society can change for the better. that’s why i do what i do. that and because i want to be the person i didn’t have when i was at my worst or loneliest. #FollowOurPassionStyle #FuckStigma #Advocacy #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #FoodIsNutrition
a recipe i’ve been working on for some time finally makes an appearance on the blog next week. these MOOD BOOSTING BROWNIES ⚡️⚡️ cacao powder is rich in magnesium, brazil nuts are high in selenium. both are great at helping best anxiety and depression. the recipe for these fugde like paleo brownies will be on the blog next weeeeeek. get excited #FollowOurPassionStyle #FoodIsHealth #HoliticHealth #MoodBoostingFoods #MentalHealth
NEW RECIPE ⚡️ creamy broccoli pumpkin seed soup 🥦 did you babes know that pumpkin seeds can lower your blood sugar levels? they are also anti inflammatory and so much more. read more about pumpkin seeds on the blog. link in profile #FollowOurPassionStyle #PumpkinSeeds #BroccoliSoup #DairyFreeGlutenFree
eggs && mental health 🌿✨💥 more importantly egg yolks, i know so many people who don’t eat the yolk because it’s “bad” makes them “fat” or so many other “myths” is science is constantly changing. and over the years i learned to not judge food, it’s not gonna get us anywhere and that food can be VERY healing. like eggs + depression and also with psychosis. yolks are full choline, is a nutrient that helps with the brain development of certain receptors that normalize cerebral inhibition when your in psychosis or mania. Omega three fatty acid’s, Amino acid’s and vitamin B both also found in the the yolk, help with depression. DO YOU EAT ENOUGH EGG YOLKS.? breakfast today👉🏻 full fat coconut milk yogurt (recipe coming sooon), bed of spinach, the last of my summer tomatoes, half an avocado, and a @nestfresheggs jammy egg. all sprinkled with @redmondrealsalt + @greenpointtrading za’atar a drizzle of olive oil, and lemon juice. #FollowOurPassionStyle #MentalHealthAndFood #EggsAndMentalHealth #MentalHealthAdvocate
BOULDER PRIDE 🌈🦄🐒💛 today i had the immense pleasure of attending my first pride im boulder and i have to admit it was one of the most incredible experience ever. i was working the event and it was so awesome seeing everyone being able to be dem dammmm self // which is beautiful ✨i met this awesome dude with a crazy cool shirt, and this beautiful woman rocking the purple, met some amazing peeps at @m.h.p.colorado (gonna volunteer there ‼️) and so many more beautiful souls 💛💛 // i love being able to support such a beautiful community // #FollowOurPassionStyle #PrideBoulder #Pride #LoveAllEqually #UnicornMonkeyClub
food + mood 💥💥💥 peaches and cream oatmeal aka summer in a bowl. this was my breakfast this morning, kept me full + energized all morning long. healthy fats, protein and maca create the perfect energizing harmony. collagen peptides offers gut support as well as protein. 👉🏻 in a small pot add 1/2 cup of @bobsredmill gluten free oats, full fat coconut milk, water, 2 T of collagen peptides from @vitalproteins with 1 tsp of @rootandbones chaga + maca and cinnamon. mash in 1/2 banana and cook on medium low heat until soft. add a pinch of @redmondrealsalt before pouring in a bowl, topping with peaches, bananas, scoop of local almond butter and a little coconut milk. #FollowOurPassionStyle #GoodMoodFood #MentalHealthAndFood #MentalHealth
i was at the mall today and was impacted with the fact that all those fast food restaurants at the food court throw away their food at the end of the night 😱😱i was in complete and utter awe and deeply sadden. i mean we could give that all away to the thousands of people in the surrounding areas who doesn’t have food to eat.. why would we not do that? anyways. i wanted to bring this up because at the end of the day if something isn’t right, it is up to us to create change. if you don’t speak up we can’t expect things to be different. so today i speak up and ask you all as i start a petition to have restaurant have to giveaway food instead of throw away at the end of the day. i am in the process of how this works but i do believe that if i want something to change I need to start somewhere. ‼️‼️#FollowOurPassionStyle #StandForChange #StandForKindness #HelpFeedTheHomeless
the last couple days my back and legs have been in extreme pain. at first i thought it was just being soar than i started to realize the pain was actually my joints, and this piercing pain whenever i move. my food intake hasn’t been the best lately, so today i am staying in, enjoying this soup in bed while watching @gilmoregirls 👉🏻 the flavors of turmeric and bone broth melts perfectly doused with thick coconut cream spiked with lemon juice. crusty gluten free breads floats along side the spinach, and shredded chicken 🌿this is mega comforting and the turmeric + bone broth create a great anti inflammatory to heal my body. #FollowOurPassionStyle #FoodIsMedicine #AntiinflammatoryDiet #ComfortFood
today, i had my mom over for breakfast. we feasted on savory creamy oats topped with a zesty, lemony, garlicky full of omega three sauce and a ghee fried egg. 🌱🌿 i love using this sauce as a way to boost my omega three consumption. FUN FACT: our brain is made of 60% fat, so it’s good to feed our brain + body tons of healthy fats like @manitobaharvest hemp hearts, cashews, @fourthandheart garlic ghee to create a luxurious sauce. i like adding it to my savory oats, on my avocado toast and even toss pasta with it. TRY it out 👉🏻blend 1/4 cup of each hemp hearts, soaked raw cashews, 3 T of @fourthandheart garlic ghee, 2 T of @majesticgarlic creamy garlic, 1/2 -1 cup of water, some lemon juice, @redmondrealsalt garlic salt + 2 T of @rootandbones pine pollen, and nutritional yeast. and 1/2 cup of any herb: cilantro, parsley, green onion, basil or any combination. blend until creamy, you wanna start 1/2 cup and then add little by little more to create a creamy thick sour cream like sauce. #FollowOurPassionStyle #GoodMoodFood #OmegaThree #FeedYourBrain #FeedYourBrainHealthyFats
not plant based, a stoner, yogi, or always 💯 gluten + dairy free // i sometimes i eat foods with refined sugars 😱 i still get anxious, cry for NO fukkking reason, curse like it’s my job, can be negative and act childish. not always super feminine, been rocking the converse, vans look way too long. and even though my family is Colombian, i don’t have bad ass dance moves, i actually have two left feet. yes i use cannabis as the medicinal supplement i adore it for but also like to use it recreational. i sometimes want to eat Cheerios with banana for dinner. i sage, and light incense, i also like to wear perfume. i have a sweet spot for gummy bears. and kettle corn. I crave kale chips and green smoothies. ‼️‼️ ditch the labels, at the end of the day that’s all they are. i don’t identify myself with just one, i eat real unprocessed food 95% of the time and the other 5% is called enjoying life and not stressing out about every little thing that can also be unhealthy. if i did have to call myself something i would go with a 🦄🐒 UNICORN MONKEY ✌🏻if you agree tag YOself #UnicornMonkeyClub #FollowOurPassionStyle #OwnYourself #LoveYaSelf #MentalHealthAdvocate #YouDoYouDo #LiveLabelFree #LabelFree
BIPOLAR + MANIA 💥💥 in my opinion the most addicting drug out there. the strange thing is, it isn’t a drug but it can be just as dangerous. mania as well as hypomania rope you feel, make you fall in love and then leave you broken, hurt and most of all on the floor. it’s been FIVE years since my last manic episode and I celebrate it in the most fulfilling way possible by bringing it up and creating awareness around it. in college I kept my mouth shut, I was addicted to those spurs of electricity. and even after living at home, I didn’t always mention it as soon as I felt the rise. I loved it, the high paced, don’t give a shit, no consequences to my actions attitude. but it’s all a mania endured haze that blinds you. when reality hits, there are consequences, and that vacation you took, you have to return at some point. yes mania is fun, exciting and almost like spell but it can lead to life threatening situations. educate yourself. and above all remember, those moments end, and each time it’s the crash down is more intense. #FollowOurPassionStyle #BipolarMania #MentalHealthAwareness #BipolarSurvivor
had some friends over and we made this iced tea that has me feeling greeeaaaaattt. i added @stillwater.life ripple to this bright lemony, floral tea. it’s so refreshing, and perfect for people like me who don’t drink #followourpassionstyle #mocktails #denverco
sharing a special moment of gratitude with you all ✨ last year during a very difficult moment in my life my brother, mom went on a very unexpected trip that lead to my moms move here and my love affair with the mountains. taking a moment this morning to thank the universe. the move here wasn’t smooth by all means but every time i have a moment of semi peace (let’s be real life)- i consider myself unbelievable lucky to call colorado home. you can always look at the glass as half full or half empty. the choice is always your own 😍😍 pure bliss in a mug right here 👉🏻2 cups of coffee i used @steepfuze espresso cbd coffee and added some bruised cardamom pods cause i’m extra (colorado based) // 2 tablespoons of @manitobaharvest hemp hearts (make it creamy, skip it and add milk of choice) collagen peptides from @vitalproteins (there are a lot of companies out there, my love for VP goes way back) 2 tsp of my adaptogen mix + @moodbeli cloud powder // totally optional + @stillwater.life ripple balance // and a pinch of @redmondrealsalt salt + @fourthandheart vanilla ghee // blend until creamy and enjoy 🦄the unicorn in me lives on another day, have a magical thursday.! #followourpassionstyle #cannabisheals #momentsofgratitude #cbdcoffee #denverco
there was a time in my life when pasta was allowed. bacon wouldn’t even enter my thought process and food was the enemy. my relationship with food went from one extreme of complete and utter love for the cooking, getting lost in the moment aspect and then the absolute fear it brought if i had to consume it. it was hard to heal this back and forth dangerous habit that had landed me in the hospital in multiple occasions. it wasn’t until a little over four years ago when someone basically asked me if i wanted to live or die. it wasn’t a manipulative tactic or something to get me to rethink everything but more of a really, do you wanna live, or do you wanna continue to kill yourself slowly in a life you hate. that moment for ever changed my life. it’s not always easy and i still have days where i honestly have to talk myself into eating and stop myself from punishing myself for eating this or that. ✌🏻 my mom and step dad came over for dinner and i made them my bacon parsley and roasted tomato pasta salad, perfect for a late summer evening and so causal entertaining. babes i legit felt like an adult, hosting dinner and all haha. 🤣😂 just me .? alright any who i love using @jovialfoods gluten free pasta, and tossing it with tons of @fourthandheart garlic ghee, some lemon juice, @majesticgarlic creamy garlic and a few other key ingredients to create a delicious and easy pasta salad // it’s gluten free + dairy free and TOTALLY amazing. oh and i ate it all cause it was yummy and i can 💃💃 #followourpassionstyle #eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarrior #foodfreedom #eatwhatyouwant #bringonthecarbs
how i spent my night. eating one of these cbd dark chocolate strawberry truffles infused with cannabis coconut oil 💥💥 i was originally gonna go out with a couple friends but i decided to reschedule and stay in. i’ve been go go go for a few weeks now and i can honestly say my mind + body are telling me NEED REST and i decided to workout and come straight home after work and eat a couple of these and go to sleep. it’s important to listen to your body + mind, don’t ever feel guilty about self love + self care. you cannot be there for others or yourself if you are constantly running on 10% 👉🏻i am also ditching my friends tomorrow on our day hike and spending the day reading and recharging. 🌱🌿 how do you like to unwind and recharge .? let me know below, have a great night babes #followourpassionstyle #cbdchocolate #cbdheals #cannabisheals #selfloveisimportant #selfcaretips
the same smoothie bowl from last night went down tonight 💯i mean chocolate spinach smoothie topped with @alchemyfoodco cannabis coconut oil chocolate chip cookie dough is basically the best thing since avocado. smoothie base is VERY easy 👉🏻couple handfuls of spinach, some fresh mint, 1/2 an avocado, frozen banana, 2 scoops of @manitobaharvest chocolate hemp protein + couple spoonfuls of @moodbeli ceremony tonic + their new cloud powder + hella ice and as little water with a pinch @redmondrealsalt before blending it until smooth and topping with cacao nibs + homemade cannabis infused cookie dough. 😛😛 for those of you who asking about why i choose to leave certain foods out of diet, the answer is simple: I leave out foods that don’t agree with my body/mind. i’m lactose intolerant, celiac, i also have pcos, so soy and sugar tend to affect my hormones which will affect my mood, therefore putting my mental health in an unhealthy place. i think long and hard about every decision i make which can indirectly affect my health. food for a very long time was the enemy. and during stressful times can still wonder into that role, something i have to be mindful of. i learn something new all the time, no one will ever know my mind + body more than me. i just have to listen. do you listen to your mind and body.? do you hear them talking to you.? let me know by dropping a comment #followourpassionstyle #smoothierecipes #mentalhealthblogger #holisticmedicine #bipolardisorder #pcosawareness #eatingdisorderrecovery
the truth is 60% of my foods are some sort of something on toast. this past week it was garlic blistered tomatoes on homemade almond labne 👉🏻recipe coming soon all on a ridiculously good gluten free bread; recipe also coming soon. 🙈🙈i know, toasting, i mean teasing. haha 😂 🤣 i laugh at myself more than you know. is fun and all but i will leave you with this, take summer cherry tomatoes, medium hot cast iron skillet, ghee, a few pieces of garlic, until the tomatoes burst than turn off heat, add lemon olive oil, pour into a mason jar with slightly bruised basil and use as you wish. btw i hope you have a beautiful sunday, LOVE you. #followourpassionstyle #ilovefood #glutenfreeeats #dairyfreefood #eatrealfood
i’ve always been the girl that rather stay in, than go out. even in high school + college, the parting, drinking , it was more about not dealing with my emotions. that and not feeling like it was “normal” to wanna stay in ... don’t get me wrong i like to have fun, and a lot of the time i start dancing without the music but going to a club, it’s not really my scene. it exposes me to situations i don’t feel 💯 comfortable with. fast forward: i feel 💯 comfortable with who i am. i stay home on a friday night, drink a sleepy time blend tea, make a honey moringa face mask and read a book. oh and eat tahini fudge. cause i want to ✌🏻 babes if you wanna stay in and read GO for it, if you wanna stay in and play video games AWESOME, if you wanna go out 💃 BRO DO IT. whatever it is, make sure you are happy, #youdoyouboo #followourpassionstyle #embraceyourweirdness #fridaynightfacemask #sorrynotsorry #greenbeauty #diyfacemask
EGGS + MOOD 💥💥 eggs are not only loaded with essential amino acids and omega threes fatty acid but also magnesium + b12 ~ their high protein content also helps out with your blood sugar, therefore keeping you full longer and keeping your mood more balanced. what we eat really does impact our mental health. MAKE THIS 👉🏻 3 eggs scramble in a bowl, the in a nonstick skillet on medium -low heat add 2 T of @fourthandheart garlic ghee, add eggs, let set. turn down heat a bit, place lid and once it sets a little about a minute, add a bunch of baby spinach (magnesium rich, help produce serotonin), some leftover sautéed bell peppers + onions and roasted sweet potato (help prevent oxidative stress leading to DNA damage associated with anxiety, depression and schizophrenia) cover with lid and continue to cook until the egg is cooked through, the veggies are warmed through and spinach has wilted, season with @redmondrealsalt garlic salts flip over and enjoy #followourpassionstyle #feedyourbrain #mentalhealth #holistichealth #mentalhealthblog #denverco
managing my mood disorder is way more than just eating a balanced real food no processed shit diet 🌿🌱 i also have to be mindful and find ways to release built up energy and reset my body and mind, once or twice a week, i get out of the city, where the only company i have is the cozy trees, whispering winds and view in front of me. bring around people is great but it tends to feed my manic side, being out in the mountains creates a sort of balance. WHAT DO YOU DO TO BRING BALANCE IN TO YOUR LIFE? #followourpassionstyle #mentalhealth #bipolardisorder #bipolarsunshine #natureisthebestmedicine #colorado #explorecolorado
had a beautiful time at the hanging lake. make time for nature, gratitude and love. stop rushing and enjoy the journey, laugh often and breathe. #followourpassionstyle #hanginglake #explorecolorado #colorfulcolorado
momma + daughter beet lattes 😛 my mom is coming over to bake something and then go to hanging lake .!! have you been?? THIS girl is mega excited to go ✌🏻 the base for these creamy beet lattes is hemp cashew milk 👉🏻 then sweetened slightly with some raw cbd honey, 4 T of beet powder, 2 tsp of my period adaptogenic mix (mix equal parts @rootandbones he sho wu, chaga and reishi and then finish with @majusuperfoods ashwagandha + cinnamon) vanilla extract + toasted cacao nibs (best thing ever) and a couple tablespoons of @fourthandheart vanilla ghee + @redmondrealsalt 🦄drizzle with @pearlbutter and toasted cacao nibs #followourpassionstyle #beetlatte #adaptogenic #morninglatte #caffinefree
snack time 🌱 toasted some @canyonglutenfree slathered with @fourthandheart vanilla ghee and then with @hninagourmet cacao sprouted nut spread, topped it with bananas and then put it under the broiler 👊🏻🔥😋 #followourpassionstyle #toastsforall #glutenfreeeats #eatrealfood #glutenfreelife
cheers to the weekend. tbt to living in Panama. and having this beautiful view. ps- Instagram live is on my stories, talk all about why #whole30 wasn’t for me, and how it triggered some #disorderedeating tendencies and it was important for me to listen to my body + mind. also talk all about #pcos #bipolardisorder and how good plays a role. #followourpassionstyle #mentalhealth #femalehealth #pcosawareness #mentalhealthawareness #bipolarsupport #eatingdisorderrecovery
saturday night is pizza night. gluten free crust, marinara, fresh shrooms, onions, jalapeños, spinach and hella basil. finished it off with olive oil. cause that’s just how i roll. 👊🏻 drop a comment below and let me know what you ate tonight? ✌🏻#followourpassionstyle #saturdaynightpizza
spent all day thinking about these truffles. i mean how could you not. spending my friday night eating one or two 🙈#followourpassionstyle #chocolatetruffles #cannabisedibles #denverco
on the blog today i’m talking all about my experience with @myiwilife and how it has been helping me with my mood, i also share 5 benefits of omega -3’s for your mental health 👊🏻 check it out #followourpassionstyle #mentalhealth #iwilife #sposnored #myiwilife #omega3s #healthylifestyle
breaking that morning fast. on days when i know what my schedule is gonna be like as in, i don’t have any “commitments” then i like to incorporate intermittent fasting into my day. it keeps me a bit more focused, energized and creative. the reason i only follow it on certain days is to keep myself from “getting carried away” and it turning into a negative experience. a more detailed reason coming soon to the blog 👉🏻in the meantime this 3 egg omelette is stuffed to the brim with bacon, sautéed zucchini, and tons of spinach all cooked in @fourthandheart ghee. seasoned with @redmondrealsalt garlic salt + @majesticgarlic creamy garlic. WHAT are your thoughts on #intermittentfasting .?? 👊🏻#followourpassionstyle #intermittentfastinglife #breakfastideas #omlette
celebrating WEDNESDAY with this amazing dairy free spicy sausage pasta bake and it was FIREEEE 🔥 🔥 used my favorite spicy italian sausage from @mulayssausage and @jovialfoods gluten free pasta + a dairy free mozzarella i’ve been playing with for a while and will be coming sooon. WHAT are you guys having for dinner.? #followourpassionstyle #whatsfordinnertonight #whatimadefordinner #dairyfreefood #glutenfreefoodshare
the truth is, i don’t know it all. i don’t have all the answers. i like to try new things, sometimes they work. other times like this experimental whole30 did not. since my move my relationship with food has taken a hit, as has my sleep. over the years i’ve learned to go with ups and downs but trying new things during these downs wasn’t the best decision. i am listening to my body and mind and saying ✌🏻 whole30 and focus on no processed foods, no processed sugar, nothing artificial and fake stuff but if i wanna have @theratreats like i like to before bed I should, if I want to buy the @canyonglutenfree Hawaiian bread because i finally found it, i should and on tacos tues eat my @sietefoods 👊🏻 life is too short and amazing to not eat the things you love, and restrict myself. babes this is my experience and mine only, please listen to your body and mind and do what is best for YOUU.! xo, #followourpassionstyle #bodypositivitymovement #edrecovery #edwarrior #eatingdisorderrecovery #neda #nami #bopobabe #bodypositivebabe #eatingdisorderawareness #whole30 #healthylifestylechoices #healthylifestylemovement
made this bomb summer zucchini + squash salad topped with #whole30 ranch + large pieces of bacon 👉🏻 ranch recipe is mega easy in a food processor combine 1 cup of @primalkitchenfoods avocado mayo + 1/4 cup of each: fresh dill, cilantro and parsley + 2 T of @majesticgarlic creamy garlic + 1/4 cup of lemon juice + 1 T of @rootandbones pine pollen (to help me with my immune system and keep the allergies at bay) until creamy and enjoy 👊🏻 #followourpassionstyle #whole30recipes #paleorecipes #paleoranch
today i did an Instagram live on something I feel is often not talked about openly - ADDICTION ✌🏻 when i was 18 i played around with my health and self medicated. it started at a younger age with alcohol and later on it college with other substances. while it’s difficult to explain how with my addiction history, how i consume cannabis. cannabis to me is a medicinal herb 🌿 i go into details on the Instagram LIVE check it out 👊🏻let me know what questions you want answered next sunday, xo #followourpassionstyle #addictionisreal #cannabisheals #cannabisismedicine #mentalhealth #bipolar
i fell in love with blueberry && tahini a few years ago and today i go back in time and make this #whole30 approved smoothie bowl 👉🏻 add to your blender 1 cup of baby spinach + 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries + 1/2 an avocado + 1 frozen banana + 2 T of ground flax + @dastonybrand sesame seed butter + 1 tsp of cinnamon, pinch of @redmondrealsalt (pro tip add a pinch of salt to all your foods, life will forever change) and a couple scoops of collagen peptides from @vitalproteins all with 1 cup of water. pour into a bowl, drizzle with more sesame seed butter + raw pumpkin seeds + pistachios and unsweetened coconut flakes 😛😛 have a beautiful Sunday friends, what are you feasting on this morning.? #followourpassionstyle #sundaymorningvibes #sundaysmoothie #summersmoothie
dreaming of my dark chocolate sea salt cookies on this whole30 day 😛😛 THEY GOOOOOD and since it’s #nationalchocolatechipday i thought i would be extra and share the goods with you. in reality i’m watching @friends and drinking some hot cacao (same recipe from this am) HOW are you CELEBRATING national chocolate chip cookie day .? 🍪 #followourpassionstyle #paleocookies #chocolatechipcookies
mornings at my new place are spent with the news in the background, crispy egg fried eggs and this amazing #whole30approved hot cacao // in your blender add 👉🏻 2.5 cups of hot water, a handful of raw cashews (get mine in bulk from @nutsdotcom ) 2 dates pitted, 2 T of cacao powder + 1/2 T of @fourthandheart ghee + 1/2 tsp of @rootandbones reishi + cinnamon and two scoops of collagen peptides from @vitalproteins // blend until ultra creamy, pour in mug and watch the magic happen. i also added about 1 dropper full or more of @alchemyfoodco cannabis coconut oil. #followourpassionstyle #whole30recipes #denverco #cannabisheals
i made this UNREAL carnitas loaded salad including the #whole30approved carnitas i made yesterday that i crisped up in bacon fat 😛😛 what makes it is my #whole30 ranch 👉🏻 in your food processor or blender// i used my @blendtec // 1 cup of @primalkitchenfoods avocado mayo + 3 T of @majesticgarlic creamy garlic + 1/2 T of @rootandbones pine pollen (those health benefits yo) 1/4 cup of lemon juice + 1/4 cup of each dill, chives, parsley and cilantro + a few spoonfuls of garlic dill kraut from @farmhouseculture all seasoned with @redmondrealsalt salt 🌿🌱 the kraut adds this salty, tart flavor to it and also tons of gut health benefits 👊🏻 #followourpassionstyle #whole30day3
digging this #whole30approved breakfast feast over hereeeee. fried a couple eggs in @fourthandheart ghee, sprinkled with fresh thyme, coarse black pepper, and @redmondrealsalt salt 🌿🌱 on the side mashed sweet potato with more ghee + @majesticgarlic creamy garlic (GAME CHANGER) + thyme and salt + pepper. half an avocado with nutritional yeast + lemon juice. #followourpassionstyle #whole30breakfast #whole30day2
#whole30challenge DAY 1 🌱🌿 1 cup of @organicgirl baby spinach + 1.5 cup of frozen strawberries + pineapple + 1/4 of avocado all blended with 2 scoops of @vitalproteins collagen peptides + @manitobaharvest hemp hearts anddd about 1- 2 cup of water in my @blendtec ✌🏻 for everyone wondering WHY #whole30 👉🏻 since my move I feel like my eating habits haven’t been the best for my mind + body so I thought this would be a great reset // I’ve always eliminated caffeine this entire month. my friend is joining me and I will be sharing her and mines eats all month long on stories + insta #followourpassionstyle #whole30breakfast #whole30recipes #augustwhole30
morning sunshine 🌞 waking up back to this classic with a twist. this long time favorite of mine is literally a chocolate frosty but mega healthy: frozen kale, frozen berries, frozen banana, and avocado all blended up with @sun_milk_colorado sun milk + a couple tablespoons of @manitobaharvest new hemp yeah plant based protein with @wildwayoflife coconut cashew granola. have a beautiful sunday my beauties, enjoy it to the fullest.! what are your favorite smoothie combos .?? #followourpassionstyle #smoothiequeen #sundaysmoothie #ad #manitobaharvest
🌿 happy friday my beauties, thank you @mindingmysoul for inspiring me to share my daily intention + gratitude with the world 🌈 FRIDAY INTENTION 🌈stay positive above all + remember how blessed you are ✨FRIDAY GRATITUDE ✨ life, the mountains, the beautiful souls on this planet and health. 😍😍 today i challenge you all to share with me what your Friday intentions + gratitudes are .?? have a beautiful day my babes, let me know in the comments below ✌🏻#followourpassionstyle #intentionsetting #dailygratitude #raiseyourvibration #whatareyougratefulfor
thank you colorado. thank you for welcoming me two months ago. thank you for helping me deal through trauma. thank you for offering me love and support in ways i never knew possible. most of all thank you for teaching me how beautiful life is, how worthy i am and how my anxiety, insecurities and worries disappear the moment the mountain air reaches my lungs. 🌿🌱 since my move i’ve really had to learn to fall in love with the little things, let go of the uncontrollable, ask for help when needed + believe and trust in myself ✌🏻REMEMBER BABES LOVE + TRUST YOURSELF ALWAYS #followourpassionstyle #mentalhealth #colorado #explorecolorado
NEW recipe alert.💥💥 remember the tart i made last week.? the one with the cookie dough crust using @ottos_cassava_flour + @fourthandheart vanilla ghee. the best part of it all is the salted date sun butter caramel i made. topped with fresh summer blueberries and baked until perfection. cannot believe how good this is. get the full recipe on the blog, link in bio #followourpassionstyle #paleodessert #summerbaking
you can never have too much avocado. @canyonglutenfree toasted, slathered with @fourthandheart pink salt ghee, mash the avocado with @stillwater.life 1:1 ripple, top with @redmondrealsalt + nutritional yeast and flaked coconut, @manitobaharvest hemp hearts + some ground flax 🌿💥🌿 enjoy the hell out of your toast. oh and have a hell of a good night 🌙 #followourpassionstyle #avocadotoast #eatdelicious
it’s raining here in boulder and honestly the air is damp, chilly and in all honesty this is my favorite kind of weather during the summer nights. totally wish i had this comforting bowl of creamy butternut squash soup with coconut milk and a crispy fried egg. there is something about this combo that makes me all warm and happy. get the full recipe of this egg drop like butternut squash soup on the blog, have a beautiful evening my friends? what is your favorite thing to eat when it’s raining outside? ☔️ #followourpassionstyle #souprecipe #paleosoup
forever eating toasted @canyonglutenfree smothered in ghee, mashed avocado mixed with @majesticgarlic creamy garlic + @redmondrealsalt tons of pea shoots + jammy eggs andddd @greenpointtrading za’tar 😛😛 what did you all feast on this weekend.? (this may have been my lunch + dinner both days) 😍😍 #followourpassionstyle #eatrealfood #avocadotoast #sundayeats
made one of my ultimate favorite recipes on the blog paleo tuna melt on sweet potato toast. bro let me tell you these are so insane you won’t be able to stop at one. i made a crazy good tuna salad with a few of my favorite ingredients like @chosenfoods avocado mayo but instead of using the org i used the wasabi which goes amazing with the @wildplanetfoods tuna. these are mega easy to make and came together in under 30 mins in my toaster oven. get the full recipes on the bloggie www.followourpassion.com #followourpassionstyle #paleoeats #easyrecipes #ontheblog
i wasn’t sure i wanted to post this photo because i started to feel insecure about how i looked. but then i thought, fuckkkkk that. i took this picture because i finally feel comfortable in my own skin. in the last three years, i’ve learned a lot about myself, i really started to embrace every single curve, the way my thighs touch, my boobs because let’s face it, i have big tits. and i’ve learned to really love my body. not just accept it, but truly love it and that means sharing this picture and telling you all you are worthy, beautiful and inspiring souls. remember that you are so much more than the number on the scale, the little jiggle on your legs, the squish on your stomach. LOVE you body, babes! love youuuu all. #followourpassionstyle #eatingdisorderrecovery #healthyandhappy #bodypositivitymovement #bopobabe
came to visit my mom this afternoon and hid in her balcony eating @madeinnature bites, they’re like banana bread stuffed with nut butter 😍😍 while reading a new book, working on the blog + getting lost in all the plants 🌿🌱 #followourpassionstyle #healthysnacks #inspirehealthy
LET’S TALK CAFFEINE + MENTAL HEALTH 🌱🌿 when i was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the first thing my doctors told me was to ditch it. it was a habit hard to kick, more because i was told i couldn’t. then when i ditched the western medicine path and went a more holistic one, coffee was slowly introduced. then dropped again. it went back and forth for a year or so before taking a couple years off, reintroducing matcha and then coffee last year. i will say that this past year my caffeine consumption has increased a lot, and after noticing how much my mood has been bouncing up + down, caffeine is out again for a few months. my adrenals are bit out balance. it’s important to listen to our minds + bodies. we are always evolving, and different situations can alter how things affect us. it’s important to honor our bodies + minds. sipping on caffeine free chai latte. what are some of your favorite coffee alternatives? #followourpassionstyle #mentalhealth #bipolardisorder #pcosawareness #coffeealternative
the creature of habit strikes again 🌱🌿 same overnight oats as yesterday 👉🏻 1/2 cup of @bobsredmill gluten free rolled oats + a couple @dastonybrand watermelons seed butter and water, cinnamon + a pinch of @redmondrealsalt leave in fridge overnight, then top with summer peaches and blueberries and a dollop of @barneybutter almond butter 😛😛 #followourpassionstyle #eattherainbow #foodfreedom #inspirehealthy
the last couple months have been tough. between the move, the constant change, and throwing my routine out the window. as a creature of habit it’s really hard to deal with change, so while i am beyond grateful to be living here in colorado. it’s still tough. yesterday i asked for help, called my momma, and with her help created a new “routine” more of a list of things i want to accomplish each day. today i kept it VERY simple. journal.walk.blog.inspiring podcast.lunch.work.positive affirmations.dinner.journal. i was able to get everything on my list done. keeping it minimal all week, and will start to add to it.. staying on a less is more right now. in the meantime i’m also going back to basics with food, TONS of gut friendly foods, greens + healthy fats. leaving behind 👉🏻 caffeine, any sugars (including honey + maple syrup), lowering my carb intake, and artificial processed foods (since my move, i’ve been reaching for foods i haven’t touched in years) #mentalhealth #followourpassionstyle #bipolardisorder #youarewhatyoueat
started my morning with a long leisure walk. getting back into the groove, creating new rituals + routines. then made this easy, no fuss overnight oats situation. in a mason jar last night i added @bobsredmill gluten free rolled oats, some @sun_milk_colorado + pinch of salt and a big ol spoonful of @justins cashew butter, fresh blueberries from @boulderfarmersmarket #followourpassionstyle #startyourmorningright #breakfastinspo #bouldercolorado
soft boiled eggs literally make my heart sing. that with mashed avocado on a ghee slathered bread is the best. 🌿🌱 anddddd cause i have never been one to choose one or the other. @canyonglutenfree gluten free bread, toasted then smothered @fourthandheart pink salt ghee. then top one with mashed avocado + @majesticgarlic creamy basil garlic, top with jammy eggs, tons of nutritional yeast + black pepper. then cover the other one with tahini + local raspberry jam 🤤🤤 #followourpassionstyle #glutenfreebread #glutenfreeeats
forever exploring cafes and trying new eats. today this peppermint coconut latte was 😍 what are you doing this weekend?? #followourpassionstyle #coffeelover #denvercolorado
one of my favorites quick and easy meals is my savory waffle recipe. i keep them naturally gluten free by using boiled cassava root. it keeps them paleo, the texture is amazing and it’s also pretty cheap. i love to make a bunch, freeze them, and then warm them up in my toaster oven. you can top them up however you want. 👉🏻 in a large bowl add cooked cassava root or yucca, mash with a potato masher or fork. then add a few tablespoons of @fourthandheart pink salt ghee + @majesticgarlic creamy garlic + @kitehillfoods reg cream cheese and then season with salt + pepper. mix all together, form into a large enough ball that when flatten would cover your waffle maker. cool until mega crispy. top with whatever you want 💥💥here topped with ghee fried egg and arugula drizzled with lemon juice and seasoned with salt + pepper. #followourpassionstyle #savorywaffle #paleorecipes
funny store 👉🏻 after having an amazing day (blog wise // life) i twisted my ankle literally walking. and while it did hurt slightly at first, it didn’t really start hurting until i got home + took off my shoes. i’m using cannabis as an anti-inflammatory + also arnica. elevating + icing. it still hurts a lot so i kept it simple for dinner 🌱🌿 toasted @canyonglutenfree smeared with @majesticgarlic creamy basil garlic which i infused with @stillwater.life 1:1 mashed avocado, sprinkled it with nutritional yeast + @rootandbones pine pollen topped with thick slices of tomatoes i picked up at @boulderfarmersmarket the other day. the other one is smothered with @yumbutter cashew butter + hella cinnamon, topped with juicy summer strawberries with a sprinkle of @redmondrealsalt and coconut flakes + pistachios. alright my friends have a beautiful evening, xo #followourpassionstyle #lovebreadagain #glutenfrefoodie #boulderco
NEW 💥💥 on the blog today i share with you all my favorite date worthy sweet & spicy meatballs using @mulayssausage 🌱🌿 get the full recipe on the blog #followourpassionstyle #sponsored #meatballs #sweetandspicy
so remember that one time i went white water river rafting.? sharing my experience and everything i learned today on the blog 🌞🌞 search ‘river rafting in colorado’ #followourpassionstyle #riverrafting #coloradoadventures
been on repeat • mint chip smoothie 🌿🌱 filled to the brim with spinach, broccoli sprouts, fresh mint, avocado, frozen bananas and @sun_milk_colorado to get it going before adding 1/2 tsp of @rootandbones reishi + chaga and @vitalproteins collagen peptides then add 2 T of cacao nibs + more for toppings. blend blend, pour in bowl, top with coconut flakes and cacao nibs 😛😛 perfect way to beat the heat, i mean honestly though. #followourpassionstyle #summersmoothies #summereats
made my tropical mango fat balls + added some of my favorites to keep me feeling amazing 🤪healthy fats have been the best thing for both my mental + physical health. my energy + focus is way better, and also my mood has been way more balanced. it’s been a while since i’ve made my fat balls, made some this morning to keep me sane during the week. i never imagined that keeping myself fed with healthy fats would help with my bipolar disorder, and the positive changes have been amazing. just like i infused my lattes with cannabis, i do the same with my fat balls. between the coconut butter, and all the nuts + seeds, infusing with cannabis is perfect since it is fat soluble. ✌🏻✌🏻 i get my dried mango in Costco from @madeinnature // the coconut butter is from @binniescoconutbutter // and i like to get my nuts + seeds in bulk from @nutsdotcom (it’s cheaper) // the collagen in the recipe is from @vitalproteins 👉🏻 head over to the blog to get the entire recipe for my tropical mango fat balls // i used @stillwater.life 1:1 in this batch #followourpassionstyle #summereats #mentalhealth #healthyfats #healthyedibles #coloradocannabis
toasting to America today .! 🇺🇸happy fourth everyone .! have an amazing time, stay safe and remember to practice self love #HappyBirthdayMerica #HappyFourthOfJuly #followourpassionstyle
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