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🏔 [Matterhorn] 🏔 📍 [Zermatt • Switzerland] ❄️ [December • Winter] After a journey on the Gornergrat Railway from Zermatt to the final Gornergrat Station, in spite of the occasional clouds we still managed to get a glimpse of the towering Matterhorn aka Toblerone Mountain 🍫
🏔 [Kleine Scheidegg] 🏔 📍 [Bernese Alps • Switzerland] ❄️ [December • Winter] Commonly known as a transfer point between Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen and Jungfraujoch to most, Kleine Scheidegg in fact offers more than just that. A bustling ski centre with quite some F&B options and souvenir shops, Kleine Scheidegg does indeed make winter come alive.
🏔 [Jungfraujoch] 🏔 📍 [Bernese Alps • Switzerland] ❄️ [December • Winter] After a good night’s rest in the cozy village of Grindelwald, we were ready to head up to the highest train station in Europe, Jungfraujoch. It was a crisp and clear morning as we took the train up to Kleine Scheidegg for a transfer of trains, before continuing our journey up to Jungfraujoch through a series of tunnels. Although expensive, the steep slopes and gruelling conditions the trains have to go through is testament to the remarkable and reliable Swiss engineering involved here. Once atop the Sphinx Observatory, we braved the -18°C temperatures and caught a panoramic view of the Aletsch Glacier, the summit of Jungfrau as well as the surrounding mountain range, before buying some chocolates in one of the highest Lindt shops in the world 🍫
🏘 [Little Venice] 🏘 📍 [Bamberg • Germany] ❄️ [December • Winter] Whilst there are many Little Venices in Europe, there are subtle differences that make them unique amongst their counterparts. Just about an hour’s train ride from Nuremberg, the town of Bamberg offers a respite from the bustling city life.
🏘 [Positano] 🏘 📍 [Amalfi Coast • Italy] 🌱 [April • Spring] After an arduous 1.5h train ride on the Circumvesuviana and another 50 minute bus ride along the winding roads of Amalfi Coast, we finally arrived at the picturesque cliffside town of Positano. From the top, from the bottom and from every angle possible, there was always an eye-pleasing splash of pastel colours with just a bit of whitewash.
🏘 [Burano] 🏘 📍 [Venice • Italy] 🌱 [April • Spring] Located around 40 minutes away from Venice by water bus, Burano is a small and cosy island dotted with brilliant pastel-coloured houses at every corner. Pro-tip: Alight the water bus at Mazzorbo, one stop before Burano, and enjoy a tranquil walk by the sea, along a winery and through a park before crossing a bridge onto the welcoming island of Burano 🌈 .
🏯 [Kiyomizu-dera] 🏯 📍 [Kyoto • Japan] 🍁 [November • Autumn] 🍂 The colour of the thatched roof of the thousand-year old temple, and more significantly, the colour of autumn leaves that are about to fall from their trees, marking the end of autumn and heralding the start of winter. After an uphill climb along the well-preserved old shopping street of Higashiyama, we arrived at the world-famous Kiyomizu-dera temple that’s often seen on postcards of Kyoto or Japan in general. After paying the ¥400 entrance fee, we had a glimpse of the inside of the main hall and the surrounding scenery, before leaving to catch a picture perfect view of the temple itself along the slope down to the Higashiyama shopping street area. In spite of the prevalent crowds during this period, the autumn colours here in Kyoto have been beyond spectacular.
🍂 [Oirase Stream] 🍂 📍 [Aomori • Japan] 🍂 [October • Autumn] Despite offering one of the most breathtaking autumn views in the whole of Japan, Oirase Stream in Aomori Prefecture does not attract bus loads of tourists every autumn, allowing for a scenic and peaceful hike along the stream. A visit to Oirase Stream in autumn is best done with a two-night stay in an accommodation around the upstream Lake Towada, from which you can hike downstream along Oirase Stream for about 7km worth of never ending autumn foliage before taking a bus back up to Lake Towada. .
🍂 [Icho Namiki] 🍂 📍 [Tokyo • Japan] 🍁 [November • Autumn] 🔶 The colour of the bright yellow leaves of the ubiquitous ginkgo trees along the ginkgo avenue in Tokyo, shimmering in the morning sun. It was hard to get to, but after a short JR train ride to Shinanomachi Station and a short stroll, we arrived at the photogenic ginkgo avenue, also known as Icho Namiki in Japanese. The single avenue and its surroundings were lined with brilliant yellow ginkgo trees at their peak, basking in the morning sun. Every corner seemed suitable for a photo and an Instagram worthy shot, and our only regret was that we arrived at the avenue a tad too late as there were practically as many tourists as the yellow leaves on the tree.
🏘 [Bamberg] 🏘 📍 [Bavaria • Germany] ❄️ [December • Winter] Just a short day trip away from Nuremberg, Bamberg exudes similar vibes but is perhaps a smaller, cosier and slightly more picturesque counterpart.
🏘 [Nuremberg] 🏘 📍 [Bavaria • Germany] ❄️ [December • Winter] In a decently busy city with its own metro system, we found a picturesque street off the city centre, with intricately designed facades.
🏘 [Rothenburg ob der Tauber] 🏘 📍 [Bavaria • Germany] ❄️ [December • Winter] Castle walls, cobblestone roads and pastel-coloured houses in a medieval town frequented by locals and foreigners alike. Took three long hours from Frankfurt after a redeye flight but was certainly worth the detour 🏘
🏞 [Lake Kinrinko] 🏞 📍 [Yufuin • Japan] 🌱 [April • Spring] Mountains, lakes, and chill vibes. Yufuin is much more than just an ordinary hot spring resort. After exploring Yufuin’s shopping street, the small and quiet Lake Kinrinko offers picturesque views of the surrounding hills and foliage.
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🏔 [Kurobe Dam] 🏔 📍 [Nagano • Japan] 🌱 [April • Spring] Part of the world-famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Kurobe Dam offers one of the most brilliant snowscapes in Japan on both sides of winter. Outside of the cold wintry months when this entire route is closed due to adverse weather conditions, one can either access this route from either cities of Toyama or Nagano, and through a series of reliable and view-rewarding transport, visit landmarks such as Kurobe Dam before ending the journey at the other city.
🏔 [Kamikochi] 🏔 📍 [Nagano • Japan] 🌱 [April • Spring] Just a convenient train and bus ride away from central Matsumoto into the mountains, Kamikochi is one of the few places in Japan that showcases the Japanese Alps in its full glory. Although not as snowy as the European Alps, the Japanese counterpart offers spectacular close-up views of the mountain range, foliage, and the stream of flowing meltwaters from high up above.
🏔 [Lauterbrunnen] 🏔 📍 [Bernese Alps • Switzerland] ❄️ [December • Winter] In Lauterbrunnen, the mountains are just right next to the village, offering incredibly dramatic and close up views of the cliffs and mountain peaks. As the winter tourist season had not started, Lauterbrunnen was quiet and pretty much had no crowds, allowing for a chill and soothing walk down the main road, though a few stores such as the main supermarket were open for us to buy some groceries for dinner.
🌸 [Yanagawa] 🌸 📍 [Fukuoka • Japan] 🌱 [April • Spring] As the rain falls and wind blows, petals fall off the trees and onto the ground. Such fleeting beauty makes us treasure such moments more, before the town fills up with green in summer.
🌸 [Koboyama Park] 🌸 📍 [Matsumoto • Japan] 🌱 [April • Spring] Probably the most underrated and undiscovered gems in Japan with regard to cherry blossom viewing, Koboyama Park, atop a short hill, offers not just crowdless views of a sea of pink, but also spectacular views of the city of Matsumoto as well as the Japanese Alps on a clear day. It wasn’t the most convenient to get here due to the infrequent bus services from Matsumoto Bus Terminal, but perhaps that served as the greatest blessing in disguise as there was barely anyone to spoil the views for you.
🌸 [Takato Castle Ruins] 🌸 📍 [Matsumoto • Japan] 🌱 [April • Spring] When a castle falls into ruins, new seeds grow into vibrant cherry trees. One of the top three cherry blossom sighting locations in Japan, it’s also one of the most inaccessible. But that means fewer crowds that can induce claustrophobia and suffocation. Of course that also means better photo opportunities with one of the most pink Sakura seas in Japan 🌸
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