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“The best piece of advice someone has ever given me was 'do it scared.' And no matter if you're scared, just go ahead and do it anyway because you might as well do it scared, so it will get done and you will feel so much better if you step out of your comfort zone.” @sherrieshepherd #quotes #startuplife #workingmom
Do not follow the plan, follow the heart. Follow the soul, the intuition, what is deeper than your fears and beyond the intellectual analytical mind. That’s where magic happens. I am a Virgo, and as all virgos I like to plan, organize and have all things kinda figured out. Today I choose to let go and allow myself to break any plans I had in my mind, any preconceived ideas of what happiness is. A child in the street, the shadow of a palm tree, breathing, speaking with somebody I don’t know, opening my mind, taking a good picture, that’s what makes ME happy! What makes YOU happy ? ❤️ #travel #photography #photographer #energy #love #morning #instagram #noplans #followthebliss #blissful #morning
📚 What are you reading right now?? Or what was you last read? . Share your reads and tag the authors so we can all learn more 🙌🏼
Two years ago I first pitched my concept of a space for parents (@my.openhaus ) and while I didn’t win the pitch competition I feel like seeds were planted. Then I had to take a break. Baby break. 🤓 But now I’m back out there and it’s a process that requires some patience. Much like running an ultra. So I’m running 37.2 miles to explore what happens in the unknown. I’m asking you to run or walk with me either on November 17th or until the following weekend and help me raise awareness for why parents need community to get through this new and unchartered chapter in their lives that is a new baby. You’ll get a T-shirt too. Link to sign up is in bio! Thanks to everyone who signed up! 🌟 #femalefounders #startup #workingmom #pitch #fundraising #18weekspregnant #shyextrovert
YOU ARE ALWAYS ONE DECISION AWAY FROM CHANGING YOUR LIFE 🙌🏼 . Listen to this... . If I hadn’t replied back to that blatant guy who asked me if I was single on Facebook I wouldn’t be happily married to my ideal man for this past decade 👰🏻 . If I hadn’t decided that despite getting pregnant 🤰 at 20 years old while at university 🎓 that I was going to complete my degree (and have my baby) who knows where I would be right now.. 🤷🏻‍♀️ . If I hadn’t decided to show up regularly on this platform I wouldn’t have the amazing business and connections I have now 📱 . If I hadn’t put on that mastermind event last year I wouldn’t have created some of the incredible clients and connections I have now . DECISIONS CREATE YOUR DESTINY - EACH DECISION CREATES A RIPPLE EFFECT- It’s so important we acknowledge this ✨ . And they can be little or big decisions but you only know in hindsight the impact of them . 👉🏼Tell me one decision you made that has shaped the course of your life? 👈🏼 . And think about one decision you could make this week that will dramatically shape the rest.. . Need help? Sign up to my mastermind day happening 15th Dec it’s a decision that is guaranteed to change the course of your 2019 and beyond (link in bio) 😉 . You’re just one decision away...
Want to know my WORST TRAIT? . Are you sure... . Okay here it is... . I’m Unorganised 🙈 . It’s the thing that’s always in the back of my head ‘if I was more organised I’d be so much further’ ‘if I was more organised I’d feel more free’ etc etc etc . The fact is organisation if not my best skill. But I have other skills that create my results - I’m driven, determined, creative and visionary, good at what I do and extremely passionate, and I really care for the people I serve . And the truth is you don’t need to be organised to be successful. And whatever ‘bad trait’ you have you feel is holding you back the truth be told you have loads of other traits that will serve you just as well. Focus on what you are good at and give it more attention rather than what you are not so good at . No one can be good at everything but it’s important to acknowledge what it is that you aren’t good at or simply don’t like doing so you can surround yourself and get support from those who have that trait . Truth be told my husband and best friend are the most organised people I know (Virgos 😉) And they are exactly the kind of people I need in my life and I’m now focusing on recruiting more of the same types of people into my business . So this is a question for you to contemplate and journal 📓 on tonight . 👉🏼What’s your worst trait? What are you no good at? And don’t like doing? . Acknowledge it then think who or what can help me in this area? . Next write a list of things you are great at that have given you the positive results you have in your life 📝 . Then ensure whatever these traits are you do more of them this week 👍🏼 . So let’s not try to pretend we are perfect, share below 👇🏼, what’s your worst trait/thing you don’t like/are no good at, let’s release it and spend this week focusing on all those things we are great at 🙌🏼💃🏻
Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy; pure creative energy. Over the last years I have learn to get out of the way and let the creative force work through me. There is an underlying, in-dwelling creative force infusing all of life...including ourselves. And when we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator’s creativity within us and our lives. Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. And it’s safe to open ourselves up to greater and greater creativity. Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity. If your creativity is blocked, get out and have more fun. . . #source #creativity #beyourbest #soulful #iam #highvibrations #livelaughlove #blessed #gratitude #channeling #energy #magic #followthebliss #positivevibes #spiritualcoach #miracleworker #innerlight #nature #harmony #fun #consciousness #heartsmile #lifewisdom
I’m interested to know where do you live?? 🌍 If you live in the UK 🇬🇧 Which part?? 👇🏼 I’ll start 👉🏼 I’m based in Surrey in England 🤟🏼What about you?
Choose to see the beauty in each moment today and you’ll have more beautiful moments 🙌🏼 . I’m spending today with my sister in Windsor. How are you spending your Saturday?
REFLECT 🤔 - What was the BEST part of your week? What did you enjoy most? . Without a doubt every call/meeting I had with my clients/other’s has been the best part for me. Which doesn’t surprise me considering love and connection is one of my highest needs 🤷🏻‍♀️ . How about you? What made your week?
Double tap ❤️ if you agree 👆🏼 . One of my fav quotes ever, so true we have no idea how much we are truly capable of, so ALWAYS aim higher than you think is possible ❤️
WHY YOU NEED SUPPORT 👫👭👬 I have a question for you, how supported do you feel? In your life? In your relationships? In your business? Home? Mental health? . Because the truth is in order to thrive we need to be and feel supported . I want you to take a moment and think about the area you are looking to grow/improve right now. The chances are you probably do not receive enough support in that area otherwise you would be further along . So let us know below which area do you need the most support in right now? 👇🏼 and what one ☝🏼 action can you take in the next 24 hours to be more supported? . . Pic of me and my husband thank you for always being my biggest support @johncarden.graphics ❤️
And in that MOMENT she decided... . ✨Your whole life will change from a decision you make in one moment✨ . And each and every moment you get to decide what that decision will be, will it take you where you want to go? Or keep you where you already are? Be sure to ask yourself those 2 questions on repeat all this week but in the meantime.. . 👇🏼 Have you had a moment where you made a decision that changed everything? If so share with us please👇🏼 But the reality is I KNOW you have, and like you did then, you can do now, right now, in this very moment... ✨
Equanimity (upekkha) ... It will be a stern friend, but a truthful and well-meaning one who teaches us the most difficult subject, knowledge ... #meditationexperience #mindfulness #lifeinmotion #livewithcompassion #reciprocalrelationships #selfawareness #contrast #focusonsolutions #failureisasteptosuccess #followthebliss #everevolving #movingforward #epiphany #equanimity
After a challenging but enjoyable week I’m once again reminded of this 👆🏼 . How through our struggles we find our greatest strengths . Do you agree? . If you know someone who needs to hear this tag them below ❤️
As we make our way slowly across the sea to another land, I’m fondly recalling the moments created - delicate and fleeting like the blossom of a flower 🌺 but I’m reminded, the seasons may bring change but some things stay constant. For us that’s the dream to travel, explore, shoot, create and always make it to the SHOW ON TIME! We are gratified on our path as artists and curators. Thank you to all who have supported us we are so deeply thankful 🙏 . #greece #sifnos #islands #photography #travel #create #curate #explore #love #live #followthebliss #dontquit #Californians #wandering #worldwide
🎶Doo-doo-doo-doo-dah-dooooh, Happy feelin's in the air...touching people everywhere...Plenty love and everything...listen to the people sing..🎶#mazeandfrankiebeverly #feelthathappyfeeling #followthebliss that's where your #truth lies..⚘
Really happy to announce That You can now enjoy a glass of Kombucha in a upcycled Glass (wine bottle bottoms) at @scphotels ! We also have our bottles for sale in their super cute market that has local Colorado goods! If you haven’t checked out their amazing new spot, you are playin yourself! They are having their soft opening right now and an Fall Fest very soon! Check out their website for more details ⚡️
👉🏼How many times have you started over? 👉🏼Or are you considering starting over but are held back by the fear of the unknown? . Whether it’s a career change, starting a business, ending a relationship, starting a relationship, a big move, a new way of thinking, etc we are always starting over . I’ve started over many times and though it was scary at the time it was always the right choice . So as we start a new week let’s celebrate starting over 🥂 because no story worth telling ever stayed on the same chapter 😉
Those that know me may be cognizant of my awareness of life's sensuality , the full engagement of one's senses, no matter what the activity. Such as drinking tea latte, I like to hold my cup, bask in the steam on my face, breath in the vanilla and cinnamon , observe the foam and cinnamon trails... The anticipated of that first sip, it's bliss! A day of bliss my friends #loveyourlife #loveyourself #sensuality #savorthemoment #savortheflavor #followthebliss #mindfulness #joyousjourneys #meditationexperience #livewithabandon #happinessisachoice #liveyourlife #celebratelife #bliss #liveinthemoment
On route to Slovakia 🇸🇰 and I want to know WHAT’S YOUR STAR SIGN? ⭐️ . And do you have the typical character traits? . Last night I started and finished a book about mine and it was really interesting - look in the story to see the book and what my star sign is and yes I am very typical to it 😉 . Years ago I didn’t really believe in astrology however after a lot of research and evidence to support it I really do. I pretty much always can guess someone’s sign after spending some time with them . What about you? What’s you sign ⭐️ and are you typical to it? 👇🏼
Too many of us are going through life believing the limitations created in our minds. It's hard to overcome these self-imposed limitations - it requires work and a change in belief about our abilities. The great news is that it can be done! #NLP #EmpowermentCoach #harnessingpotential #impact #DoWhatYouLove #FollowTheBliss
Good morning!! ☕️ Have you noticed that when you spend your morning doing certain things you’re more productive and have a better day? . For me it’s; Workout 💪🏼, coffee, ☕️planning the day ahead 📝 (if I haven’t already) and generally getting in a ‘win’ in early 🙌🏼 . What about you? What things do you do in the morning that sets you up for a great day?
Dear me... Remember that what truly matters is those we love. ❤️
✨ Sometimes you need to take a break from the things you love to prioritise the things that matter ✨ . This week I’ve barely been on Instagram as I’ve managed multiple projects in my business. The fact is we can’t do it all (even though I have 3 assistants) so sometimes something has to give . This weekend I want you to think about what is something you can do less of next week to prioritise something that matters more (long term) now . Any thought? 💭 stick in the comments and commit to them 👇🏼 . But in the meantime have a happy and restful weekend and be sure to do something you love 😘
Name 3 things you NEVER get bored of.. (mine are in the comments) 👇🏼
Today we officially start the last quarter of the year... What word will you choose to embody for the rest of 2018? Mine is FITNESS! 📸 32 years ago 😀 #tb
Tomorrow is officially the last quarter of the year, where has the time gone?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . It’s also the final stint, the last chance to really end the year with a bang 🎉 . I would love for you to choose ONE WORD that will represent and embody the rest of 2018 for you, what is it? . Mine is in the comments..
SURPRISE 🎉🎁🎊!! ~ Did I expect my personal journey to lead to this creative path? Fashion, art, design & travel experiences? Hell no! ~ I thought that my search would lead me in the direction of building a big coaching business, outsourcing. You know, big, bigger, biggest. Advertising, big launches. The whole ‘sjebeng’. ~ But the more I let go of what I thought my identity was, the less appealing it felt for me to continue on this path. ~ And, although everyone around me keeps asking me what I am going to do next, I never felt so grounded and so sure that I am ALREADY doing what I am suppose to do. There is nothing to figure out. I am not looking for an answer or a solution to my problem. ~ I have complete trust in the fact that my next steps will reveal themselves to me. I have so much knowing, that worrying just doesn’t make sense. ~ Have you ever experienced that? Did you ever gave yourself permission to truly let go of everything you know? To let go of all the identities that you think belong to you? ~ What would happen if you did? Would you keep doing the same things? Would your life stay the same? ~ I think you know the answer to that question ;) Your life wouldn’t stay the same. ~ Would you want your life to change? Do you want to be surprised by your own being? Which part of your identity would you need to let go of first...? ~ I leave you with these questions. Maybe they inspire you to let go a little bit of control. Just a little is enough to get started. Just try it :) 🙈 . . . . . . #victorandrolf #victorandrolf25years #kunsthalrotterdam #iam #lettinggo #innervoice #innerguidance #guidancesystem #hautecouture #fashion #dutchfashion #ankeverbruggen #empowerment #awakening #trailofexcitement #followthefun #followthebliss #intuitiefondernemen #trustyourintuition #knowing #beingme
It’s Friday!!!! 🥂🍾 Lets celebrate 🎉 And it’s not just any Friday it’s the last Friday of September! Monday marks a new month and I want you to take a moment and tell me what are all the things you are celebrating from this past month however big or small 👇🏼 . Here are mine; 🥂The launch and start of my academy programme and the incredible women in there 🥂being featured on my favourite podcast today ☺️ 🥂earning as much as I use to earn in my media job in a year in a month - amazing financially achievement and acknowledging how far I’ve come in life and business 🥂having my whole year planned out and feeling on top of it 🥂the plans for my kitchen renovation underway 🥂weight loss 😁 🥂having so many things lined up and ready in my business and doing things I was putting off 🥂the incredible results of my mastermind clients 😍 . It’s been one busy but rewarding month! Now tell me yours and feel grateful and ready for an even better October 🙌🏼👇🏼 . Ps this is also my 1000th post on instagram 🥂 the platform that has been a huge part of my business success - definitely worth celebrating 🎉
OMG! I need to laugh this weekend! 😀✌ Thank you so much Martin for making me laugh! I've been taking myself way too seriously and its time to mix it up. What are you going to do that's fun this weekend?
It’s autumn 🍂 can you feel the change in the air? I did when I was defrosting the car at 6:30 this morning 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Anyway I’m interested to know what new changes are you making this season, let’s share; 1️⃣ thing you are going to be doing MORE of 1️⃣ thing you are going to be doing LESS of 👇🏼 (mine in the comments too)
• ✨Message from the Universe✨ • Just follow the bliss and be led to where you need to be.
Take a moment to calm the busy mind. Immersed in a problem will not help you move forward... clear your mind...then focus on solutions ... #allyourpowerisnow #mindfulness #meditationexperience #releasingfear #realesanxitity #happinessisachoice #focusonsolutions #followthebliss #letgoandflow #loveyourself #loveyourlife #liveyourlife #livewithabandon
Have you created tone words for your business? You need to set the tone of your brand as this will be the basis of all visuals, strategy and anything you write! What type of adjectives do you want people to use when speaking about your brand? How do you want your ideal client to feel when they think of your brand? Write out a list of a dozen words of how they should feel. Are you seeing a pattern? Choose 3-4 tone words such as “community, playful, and creative” Tell us what are your top 3 tone words? #tonewords #marketingstrategyconsultant #marketingtips #gottastartsomewhere #achievingyourgoals #goalsgoalsgoals #goalslayer #hustleandgrind #followthebliss #beyourbestself #brandyourstyle #businessruleforwomen #savvybusinessowner #savvybusinesswomen
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