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Nice start to the week! 🌞 planning to enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. I've been hitting a little artist block lately, so I'll be making some larger, more detailed, artistic pieces to remedy that. Vases used to be my specialty, but I got a little caught up in the mug frenzy (by no means a bad thing!) and miss making bigger things ❤️ Piney carvings and sgraffito vases sound fun so that's what's gotta happen! Sometimes you need to follow your intuition to get you where you need to be mentally, physically, and artistically. 😊 . . On that note, what would you like to see? 🌲🍁🍂 . . . #lifeofapotter #handmade #pinebarrens #potteryofinstagram #wildpinespottery #makersgonnamake #handmadeisbetter #makersmovement #creativeminds #creativityfound #supportartists #coffeelover #itsfallyall #minipumpkins #falldecor #october #mugstack #changeisgood #followyourbliss #trusttheprocess #trustyourjourney #followyourintuition
#3 Se faz sentir... ...faz sentido. #yolo #tattoo #followyourintuition
So, i quit my job. And this is how i feel.💫 . Life has its own ways and mine has been shifting tremendously these last couple of weeks. After recovery, i attempted to go ahead and live my life as it went "back to normal" but i was missing something crucial, which was a purpose. And felt completely changed. I sat down one evening and wrote down on paper •What am I doing right now to reach my dream life? •Where do i want to go? •What makes me unhappy? •What can i do to change that? The moment you open up to your intuition and listen to what you truly want, answers will come. It took me some time, some self reflection and patience to push all buttons until i knew what was right for me. I would formulate a question on paper every night before going to bed , reflect on it and try to answer in the morning. I stopped caring about anybody else's opinion on how i should conduct my life and started to search for my purpose. Having high education became something that means intelligence and certainty to so many people, however more than half the students have no clue why they are studying what they are studying. They do it just because they "had" to, they had to choose something on the spot. It takes time to figure out what you want and i consider myself blessed that It took me "only" 4 years to try all kinds of things before being sure of what i wanted. In my case it takes a study, but it does not mean that is a must in what YOU truly want. . Stay true to yourself and take time to reflect on what you truly want . Then go all in for it with the right dose of stamina, gratitude, focus, commitment, patience and self forgiveness. You wont succeed all the time but remember that you only fail when you stop trying♥️ . #weareallwonderwomen #empoweredwomem #loveyourselfmore #listen #previvor #followyourintuition #constantchange
Double tap if you agree! 🙇🏻‍♀️ • Have you taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? If you haven't head over to 16personalities.com and get ready to have your mind blown. What personality type are you? I'm an INFJ. Here's the basic breakdown, Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Judgment (J). Apparently, my personality type is very rare 🤷🏻 I'm not sure if I should feel special or worried 😆 • I am an INFJ through and through. For sure an introvert, highly emotional and my intuition is on another level. I can smell you from a mile away lol!! Even though I’m partially deaf in one ear (that’s a story for another day) I hear and see EVERYTHING! You won’t even know I know but I know 😂 I kid or am I 😈 • Seriously though as I learn to trust my intuition more it is becoming something I take pride in. It has helped me make all kinds of decisions in life with more confidence. • Steve Jobs nailed it with this one! 🙌🏼 • • • #wisewords #intuition #myersbriggs #personalitytest #infj #introvert #trustyourintuition #followyourintuition #infjpersonality #infjpersonalitytype #quotes #stevejobs #stevejobsquote #motivationalquotes #wordsofwisdom #picoftheday #instagood #instaquote #intuitive #emotional #quoteoftheday #inspirationalquotes #lifequote #lifebynoosha #lifestyleblogger
Intuition is knowing without knowing how you know it.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #intuitive #intuition #intuitiveliving #followyourintuition #intuitiveguidance #intuitivecoach
When you feel like you don’t “fit in,” Just remember ladies: 💥👊🏻💥 #justbeyou #doyou #beyourself #followyourintuition #inspiration
The sun rises day after day after day. Choosing to let her light illuminate the world. Gifting the world with a sky full of beauty and truth. And never does she wait until enough people are awake and watching. She continues to rise and shine. Because to not would be to extinguish her fire. . Rise and shine, my love.
Camiseta☀FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION☀con perlas color beige y detalle lateral en fucsia❤ . Disponible en todas las tallas✌escríbenos al DM o deja tu comentario. Envíos nacionales🇨🇴 y domicilios en Medellín . #followyourintuition . .
Tarot Tuesday! Looking for some mystical yet practical guidance to help you hit the ground running each week? I’m here with my Tarot cards to give you the insight and illumination that you need to make the most of the energy of the week. Take a moment, take a breath, and look at the image below. Choose the card that is most calling to you, 1, 2 or 3… this is your personal message from the universe to inspire and empower you...Lock in your choice by commenting below, and your message will be revealed at noon today… Lori Lytle - Inner Goddess Tarot Sign up for my newsletter to have Tarot Tuesday delivered directly to your inbox, see the reveal right away! http://eepurl.com/b_sXLv . . . #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #innergoddesstarot #tarottribe #tarotlove #taroteverydamnday #intuition #followyourintuition #trustyourintuition #goddessvibes #introvert #womenempowerment #womenentrpreneur #ilovemyjob #ilovetarot #goddess #witch #torontowitch #toronto #torontotarot #torontotarotreader #tarottuesday #divination #todaystarotmessage Images from Smith Waite Centennial tarot
Have you ever had a psychic or intuitive experience? Please share below! I have always been deeply intuitive. I have always instantly known if I like someone and will get along with them, within seconds. I always know when I’m being lied to. If something is hidden from me I find it in minutes. I have uttered things without much thought and they happen seconds later. I have even heard full sentences in my head right before someone uttered them with specific information in them like hotel room numbers that I couldn’t have possibly known. I have always had strong gut feelings- literally in my gut... a sickness when I think about doing something, going somewhere or about a person if it’s not good. Over the years I have ignored these feelings, signs, thoughts and dreams. I’ve written the bad feelings off as anxiety. That was silly of me. I am a tuned in person and ignoring my inner wisdom only gets me in trouble! I took a course on honing in and developing your intuition a few years ago and it was amazing but I feel I allowed my fear to get in the way a little bit. I heard messages but was afraid to say them out loud on the group live calls out of fear of sounding stupid. I am happy to say that I am taking that course again and am going to refine my super power to an even more advanced level! Follow my instructor (and friend) @intuitiveevolution_vcodorniu for powerful messages on using your intuition, astrology, planets, akashic records, spirit guides, angels and just life in general. She is badass! Honor that shit!!!!
Your purpose is not your job. It’s not being a spouse or parent. Your purpose is to be happy and healthy so that you can bring your true gifts to this world. ... ... #yourpurposeisyou #photobyjanet #thenatureoftransformation #selfdevelopment #selflove #selfimprovement #lifecoach #lifecoaching #janetzavalacoaching #happinessiswithin #femaleentrepreneur #dailypractice #dailymeditation #nonnegotiable #everyday #morningmeditation #followyourintuition
Before and during the full moon we may feel emotionally heightened, restless, or deal with insomnia. Lavender essential oil reduces anxiety and promotes better sleep, bergamot is calming and reduces stress, clary sage is a natural sleep aid and also helps your nervous system if dealing with depression and/or insomnia, it provides spiritual clarity as well. Selenite clears the aura and chakras, and brings light and peace into the space, amethyst calms an overactive mind, brings wisdom, protection,and stability to the space, assists with spiritual growth and dream state. Moonstone calms emotional instability, increases creativity, hormone balancing, enhances intuition, works with the cycles of the moon. Depending on how frequently you work with moonstone it can be very calming around the full moon, if you have never used it, it may be more gentle to work with it on a new moon. Everyone’s energy resonates differently with healing crystals. . . . #astrologywithd #healingsolutionsessentialoils #woolziesessentialoils #edensgardenessentialoils #essentialoilsforsleep #moonstone #amethystcrystal #selenitecrystal #fullmoonritual #psychicdevelopment #luciddream #auraclearing #aura #chakrahealing #chakracleanse #transformationtuesday #tuesdaythoughts #moonstones #astrologersofinstagram #followyourintuition #dreamguides #dreamstate
Welcome to our society. You will be judged on what you wear, which music you listen to, what you look like, how you act, who you hang around with, and on practically on every other personal trait and imperfection about you. Enjoy your stay. . . Being human. With all its content. Are you showing your true self in the every day life? Sometimes I catch myself, falling into other people's norms and dreams. But the more I realize this, the more sure and content I get with my own situation, following my own dreams. So - #dontletsocietydefineyou . Be who you are, do what feels right for YOU. . . . . . . . . . #beinghuman #timeoutsociety #beaunicorn #followyourintuition #dreamchaser #youareunique #empoweryourself #trustyourjourney #truthseeker #wildheart #freespirit #openness #tellyourtruth #yogalifestyle #stophiding #standupforyourself #bewhoyouare #selflove #selfawareness
Did you know that I am a Body Healing Coach? ⠀ ⠀ A what you may ask? ⠀ ⠀ Yes, trust me not to fly with something a little more mainstream but let me explain. ⠀ As a Body Healing Coach I work one on one with clients where together we explore the effects that stress and negative emotion has on your physical health. ⠀ ⠀ Did you also know it’s those pesky negative thought patterns that are responsible for your physical ailments? ⠀ I teach you how to tune into what your body is trying to tell you and together we look at ways you can make positive changes to create wellness and balance. ⠀ ⠀ I also use essential oils, crystals and Reiki healing in my treatments to promote a well rounded holistic approach to wellness. ⠀ ⠀ It’s all about self care. I am a massive believer in taking time for yourself to nurture and rejuvenate your mind body spirit. I hope you are prioritising self care in your life. ⠀ What if any, self care practices do you currently follow? I’d love to hear anything new out there. #selfcare
#Message of the day October 23-24, 2018 #KingOfCups #LOVE #Emotions #Pisces #Scorpio #Cancer #Water 🔮🔮🔮🔮 🔮🔮🔮🔮 Someone is definitely in their feelings. Emotions are stirring up. U might be dealing with a water sign or someone very emotional. This full moon energy is not a joke. U might be coming across someone that is mature, honorable, warm-hearted or all the above... and for some reason I get the feeling that someone is focused on u. Or u are focused on someone or on love. I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. Are u loving someones eyes? Is someone loving yours? 😉 this can also be a #fire sign, don’t ask me why but I see a #Sagittarius , #Aries or #Leo , that can be u too, or u have that in ur astrological chart. But I see someone focused and with good intentions. I have so many more messages with just this one card. This can also signify Scorpio season is here and u are going to be in ur feels, also u can be focused on a project u feel deeply about. Eeesh.... I’ll stop here lol 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮 #GoodDay everyone #ThankYou 🔮🔮 🔮🔮
@danielleblackburn here is your card. Lightning and power card for me indicates a time of action. This card comes up when someone has been dragging their feet. When someone needs to act. The answers are already there and you know what you want so what’s stopping you. This card invokes you to take action. When you are this sure about something why stall any longer?! #intuitive #clairsentience #earthmagicoracle #takeaction #followyourintuition #trustyourvibes
#yesterday when sharing my post, I started typing in my #hashtag and it #autocorrect ‘ed it into #heathenish ! Is it a SiGN?!!!! (; Too much #twentyonepilots ?! Nah! No way! #heavydirtysoul #favoriteband I’m not a #heathen ,I’m just a #heather . 😬Today was a #day filled with errands. I stopped by the #woodinvillestarbucks to get my #partnermarkout and a young girl held the door for me and I felt like I should pay for her and her sister’s(?) order. Her sister gave me a #hug -that was so sweet! Then #woodinvilletarget had the best girl attending the Self-Checkout and she was super sweet! And thEn I had to go to Fred Meyers and I decided to park on the opposite side parking lot that I’ve always parked at, pulled into a parking space and the girl in the car next to me got out and asked if I could jump her car. BuT- I canNOT jump over a car- that’s too high. 🥁! But we do have a portable jumper unit thingy and it jumped her car! And three people stopped by to ask us if we needed help! Now thOse aRe #greathumans 😍 #pnwonderland #bestdayever #moments #pnw #followyourintuition #leadwithyourheart #woodinville #kirkland #adayinthelife of mE! #starbucks 🖤 #heatherishthings
Join me tonight on Facebook Live @ 8:30 as we continue talking about balance. When things become overwhelming it may seem that you don’t know what to do you, sometimes you just have to tell life that you are unavailable! Dear life, I am unavailable to everyone else’s drama and I refuse to entertain you in my inner circle! I am unavailable to sadness and have decided that joy is my permanent home! I am unavailable to lack because I will have everything I need! I am unavailable to divorce because reconciliation is possible for my relationship! I am unavailable to sickness because my body flows with healing! I am unavailable to being broke because I have finances for everything I need. So look here life, I am going to simply put it to you like this. You must line up! #planningiskey #lifecoach #lifecoaching #coaching #relationshipcoach #relationshipcoaching #purposedriven #abundantliving #renewedtv #renewed #renewedmind #renewedlife #atlcoach #dmvcoach #internationalcoach #transformationlifecoach #followyourdreams #followyourintuition #findyourself #mindovermatter #personaldevelopment #youalwayswin
I’m typically pretty disciplined about getting on my mat at some point each day, but every now and then my practice feels a little stale, my self resolve wavers, or I let other aspects of my life get in the way. Fortunately it typically only takes a few days and then something comes along and makes me fall in love all over again. I got on my mat tonight because I could feel my body begging me to. I had already picked out a class on YouTube that would help me stretch out and release some tension but then I accidentally saw this one. I had no intention of practicing pranayama tonight but when I saw 111 and 123 I knew the universe was telling me to change my plans. 111 for me is typically a sign that I’m on the right track and I’ve seen 123 everywhere lately which I take as a sign to slow down and simplify things. I’m so glad I listened because this was exactly what I needed 🙏 thank you universe and yoga for always supporting me 🧘‍♀️❤️ #universegotyourback #yogini #pranayama #findwhatfeelsgood #sorryforthepicturequality #yogalife #synchronicity #angelnumbers #111 #1111 #123 #taketime #findease #meditate #autumn #youtube #homepractice #yogaheals #breathe #restore #fallinliveagain #followyourintuition #easypose #yogawithadriene #grateful #getonyourmat #peaceful #namastetothat @adrienelouise
You keep going. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ That’s the key. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You trust your intuition and your soul’s path and purpose more than anyone. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You keep going. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You trust that the desire you have is perfectly crafted for you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You keep going. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Consistently doing the work, deeply trusting that it will all fall into place, surrendering the how. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And then you still keep going. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ That’s the key.
Nope, I didn’t find these beautiful flowers (who knows the name btw) during a autumn forest walk in The Netherlands 🙃 For these you need to catch a flight to Bali! Woke up an hour ago, 6:30AM, just nature sounds around me. Really nice. Ok, got to admit, I was a little scared last night haha. Sleeping all alone here. Kinda jungle-ish. It’s gonna be my home for the upcoming month. Saturday kick-off yoga teacher training. Looking forward to it 😁 Today off to Yoga Barn, trying a Vinyasa Flow Class. Happy Tuesday all 🤗
One of the many reasons I love @activechurchredlands is because of the messages they find in pop songs that are not categorized as “Christian songs” but are relevant in ascending as a greater human being. Serving here and other like- minded churches has changed my perspective as to what it means to be a believer in Christ and how to listen for the little things that make life relevant to the world we live in. The box doesn’t need to be so closed for some of us, we could easily find the good in everything. • • • • • #worship #church #peace #love #god #community #christian #followyourintuition #singer #song #writer #liveauthentic #knowyourtone #baterista #drum #travel #loveyourself #losangeles #paris #europe #newyork #melody #share #lifeisbeautiful
The moment I’d feel discomfort I’d do whatever it took to make it go away. I’d watch inspiring video, read quotes and books and basically try to suppress whatever the discomfort was. It felt wrong, it felt wrong to feel “low vibe”, and it didn’t feel very spiritual that’s for sure! So off I’d go, looking for something to “fix” me. . . Sometimes it’d work, and other times not. The times when it didn’t, were when I was the toughest on myself. But more recently I’ve been letting these moments and days just happen. I make an effort to stay quiet and move slower. I’m learning to listen intently and remind myself constantly that it’s ok. I’m ok. This is a natural part of life. . . It’s easy to forget how cyclic we are. We aren’t meant to be one way all the time, It’s important to remember that! It’s a time to slow down and recharge. To take extra care of yourself. If you don’t honestly feel like doing something than don’t force yourself (unless you WANT to). If you feel like you really just need to relax, and nap, then be sure to do just that. This is what it means to love yourself. It’s not necessarily looking in the mirror and saying oh hey, I love you! It’s LISTENING to, and HONOURING yourself and your needs. . . Of course there will be things that need to be done, and that’s fine, we do have responsibilities to take care of after all. But if you are constantly avoiding the discomfort, you may find the lulls happen more frequently and become harder to get through. So don’t avoid!!! Slow down in ways you can. Walk a little slower, take deeper more purposeful breaths, slow down when you speak so you can hear what you are saying, chew slower. And remind yourself that this is natural and normal and you just need to be here, feeling your way through it! . . And one more thing.....just because this has been a huge lesson for me...... unconditional love is the definition of spiritual in my books. So if you can love and care for yourself through the discomfort, then that makes you a spiritual person! It doesn’t matter how often you meditate or for how long, how often you pray, or what have you. It’s just to love, that’s it. It’s that simple!
Keep going, girl ✨✨✨ it’s sometimes lonely, dark, unknown and painful... the next day is full of light, energy, growth, healing, love and clarity ☀️... there are ups and downs but feeling alive and following my inner truth and guidance gives me the power to move on ✨💜✨ . . . . #inpursuitofhappiness #escapethe9to5 #abundantlyfree #mindfulliving #digitalnomadgirls #lifestyledesign #freedomlifestyle #remotelifestyle #officeanywhere #laptoplifestyle #followyourheart #followyourintuition   #loveyourselffirst #beyourbestversion #liveyourtruth #personalpower #soulpreneur #risesisterrise #digitalnomads #digitalnomadlife #laptoplifestyle #officeanywhere #dnx #dnxglobal #digitalenomaden #remotework #digitalnomadlife #liveyourdreams #bossladymindset #ladybosslifestyle
"She saw all things with her lash of wolf, all things true, and all things false, all things turning against life and all things turning toward life, all things seen only through the eyes of that which weights the heart with heart, and not with mind alone. but the most important question in order to see into and behind, to weigh the value of all that lives, wooooooooor aieeeee th’ sooooooooool? Where is the soul? Where is the soul?" ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes #heart #love #courage #strength #soul #poetry #clarissapinkolaestes #wildwoman #health #vitality #healthyboundaries #followyourintuition #vulnerabilitywithtrust
There are no distractions this week. You know exactly what you want. I mean, an Aries moon started the week, so it makes sense. Aries is all about being bold. . You can define plans this week, but with the energy of The Great Void behind them. From this place, your spirit speaks. Like, speaks UP. Brings it all forward. Gets super clear on you, shows you everything, all the deets. A total 180 from what it might’ve been doing up til now! . You can make a monster with this kind of energy too. A monster of an internal kind, the one that keeps whispering sweet disparagements to you. “What are you doing?” It laughs. “You have no idea. This is a stupid plan. What do you have to offer?” . Shake it off babe, no, run it off. Shoot forward like an arrow and leave it in the dust where it belongs. IT’s a voice that doesn’t get to be heard right now, because creating from this void gives you total POWER. It’s only as good as it’s user. . Be good, darling.
"She saw all things with her lash of wolf, all things true, and all things false, all things turning against life and all things turning toward life, all things seen only through the eyes of that which weights the heart with heart, and not with mind alone. but the most important question in order to see into and behind, to weigh the value of all that lives, wooooooooor aieeeee th’ sooooooooool? Where is the soul? Where is the soul?" ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes #heart #love #courage #strength #soul #poetry #clarissapinkolaestes #wildwoman #health #vitality #healthyboundaries #followyourintuition #vulnerabilitywithtrust
"She saw all things with her lash of wolf, all things true, and all things false, all things turning against life and all things turning toward life, all things seen only through the eyes of that which weights the heart with heart, and not with mind alone. but the most important question in order to see into and behind, to weigh the value of all that lives, wooooooooor aieeeee th’ sooooooooool? Where is the soul? Where is the soul?" ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes #heart #love #courage #strength #soul #poetry #clarissapinkolaestes #wildwoman #health #vitality #healthyboundaries #followyourintuition #vulnerabilitywithtrust
Bewegtbildreihe für @frau.ganz.pur APURA • Eine Herausbildung für Frauen • coming soon • ab Jänner 2019
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring ~ Marilyn Monroe #beallyoucanbe #smile #beyourbest #beunique #investinyou #liveinit #believeinyourself #sparkle #shine #neverstop #followyourintuition #donthideyourmadness #beyou #ownit #liveit #celebrateit #findyourzest
CAN I GET AN AMEN?🙌 This is probably one of the biggest factors to downfall or slowdown of any business. And I was there too, so much in my head. That I kept asking myself: why. •Why isn’t this working? •Why aren’t you going faster? •Why is it like I never seen to get noticed? When you get to this point, here is the best tip I can give you: Step Away. For a moment or a day. And revisit with fresh pair of eyes or a new pair by asking for help. Don’t let another day go by where you wake up and look at your follower count, or your bank account and feel like hiding under the covers. Business (and life) is not supposed to be that way. So what are you going to do to change it? And since I am flying high from the #paystobebrave event, I’m giving away 3️⃣ spots for a custom 1:1 Business Strategy session to to uncover what’s going on in your marketing. ➡️What is holding you back from hitting your goals like (doubling your sales), and a free roadmap to get you there. Sound good? Go to link in bio to one of the free spots remaining! Now off to walk around on the beach aimlessly and pray a bird doesn’t poop on my shirt. . . . . . #femaleentrepreneurs #businesscoachforwomen #techhelp #mindsetcoach #youcandothis #empoweringwomen #womeninbusiness #communityovercompetition #womensupportingwomen #onlinebusiness #entrepreneurmindset #womenpodcasters #energyhealer #servicebasedbusiness #intuitive #soulpreneur #followyourintuition #intuitioncoach #spiritjunkie #manifestationmonday #businesscoachingforwomen #buildyourbusiness #buildyourbusinessacademy #purposedriven #theimperfectboss
curious to learn about how you can use human design to align with your natural potential? . join me tomorrow eve for an introduction to human design at @blankstudionyc. . human design gives us information about ourselves that we can’t access anywhere else — our energetics — and tomorrow we’ll explore how this shows up in how we make decisions & communicate with one another. ticket link in bio. . this video is from my talk at @urbanzen earlier this year. I’ll be back there in december ✨
With less than three months left in the year, there’s still enough time to make something great happen in your life! Whether you are tied down at the job or busy with the family, remember guard your time and to set boundaries. Protecting your time and plan out your life is essential because time is the one thing you must maximize but the very thing you can never get back. Believe it or not, what you choose not to plan for your life, someone else surely will. Get busy planning today so tomorrow already knows it’s assignment! #planningiskey #lifecoach #lifecoaching #coaching #relationshipcoach #relationshipcoaching #purposedriven #abundantliving #renewedtv #renewed #renewedmind #renewedlife #atlcoach #dmvcoach #internationalcoach #transformationlifecoach #followyourdreams #followyourintuition #findyourself #mindovermatter #personaldevelopment #youalwayswin
"It always seems impossible until it's done." ~ Nelson Mandela ▪︎ Our minds have a sneaky way of making up stories about how hard things are going to be or that it will be impossible to do something before we've even had a chance to try. But why? ▪︎ That voice in our head works under the guise that it is trying to protect us from something - getting hurt, feeling stupid, being embarrassed, making a mistake, and the list goes on. Awww, isn't that nice?! ▪︎ No one told this orchid it couldn't grow out perpendicular from the side of this tree. To our thinking minds this might seem impossible...until it happened. ▪︎ Maybe listening to those stories in our head isn't protecting us at all but rather holding us back from the things we really want to do or accomplish. ▪︎ Here's to letting go of stories of *impossible* and believing it [whatever that may be for you] can be done! ▪︎ 📸 thanks to my dear father who I miss so much.
I always find the oddest things to motivate me on Mondays.... "the All or Nothin' Days Are Back", yep that's how I feel..... --------- #notforsensitivepeople #sincity #robertrodriguez #allornothing #strength #keepgoing #films #followyourintuition #motivationmonday
Le pedine fanno tutte le loro mosse sulla scacchiera e senti una sensazione di appartenenza a un meccanismo più elevato perfettamente sincronizzato... Everything will be alright ❤️😎🌄👍🏻
◇ Energy Healing and Crystals ◇⠀ ⠀ ⠀ When I first started doing Reiki, I bought a set of chakra crystals to place on my clients during sessions. And I used the exact same crystals placing them exactly the same way for a few sessions (cleansing them in between of course).⠀ ⠀ But then I started listening to my intuition, and what my clients individually needed. Maybe they actually need a grid around their head during their sessions? Perhaps they only need one or two crystals on specific chakras? What if they need a wand or pointed crystal directing the energy instead? Maybe no crystals at all for this session (rare). ⠀ ⠀ When I started practicing Shamanic healing, I started incorporating more clear quartz crystals to remove energy - and pi crystals to concentrate healing energy where needed. ⠀ ⠀ And through my Psychic Medium readings, I often find that either Passed Loved Ones or Spirit Guides will recommend certain crystals to a client to help them with their healing. ⠀ ⠀ How are you called to incorporate crystals into your healing practice? ⠀ ⠀ 📷 by Jen Armstrong from Unsplash ⠀ ⠀
Today's Tarot Message: Six of Cups A nostalgic feeling today, slipping back into pleasant remembrances of the past. Is something going on with you today that makes you long for a simpler, happier time? It’s natural to look back, to feel sweet melancholy about lost loves, missed opportunities, youthful innocence. Allow yourself sometime to escape to that idealized past, draw strength from it, but don’t get stuck there. Know that you have support in the here and now as well. Call a friend and have a good gab. Lori Lytle - Inner Goddess Tarot Card from Tarot de St Croix . . . #tarotdestcroix #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #innergoddesstarot #tarottribe #tarotlove #taroteverydamnday #intuition #followyourintuition #trustyourintuition #goddessvibes #introvert #womenempowerment #womenentrpreneur #ilovemyjob #ilovetarot #goddess #witch #torontowitch #toronto #torontotarot #torontotarotreader #mondaymotivation #divination #cardoftheday #mondaymotivation #bff
✖️HAPPY MONDAY MANIFESTING✖️ . Just dropped my Monday Morning High Vibe Oracle spread in The Gypsy Clique- and today it’s all about money and manifesting💰💰 . Here are some questions to ask as you watch the spread video & pick your cards!! ➕ How can I open up my heart to receive more money? ➕What is keeping me from feeling abundant right now? ➕What affirmation do I need to hear to help me let go of old money patterns? ➕When will I receive money? ➕How do I attract money now? Am I limiting myself? Come join right now and add your #businessbestie and you will be entered to win a free Oracle Card Reading with me!
Moving your body will get your energy to flow well; stay relaxed and don't tense up, keep your joints supple and not locked as you move. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #intuitive #intuition #intuitiveliving #followyourintuition #intuitiveguidance #intuitivecoach
“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as lavor does the body” (Seneca) #beconfident #noconfortzone #strong #seneca #followyourintuition
I love ROSEMARY year-round, even at Samhain, for a ritual on the altar or for cooking! Intuition before tradition! Yes to intuition and no to religion! . J'aime le romarin à l'année, même à la Samhain, que ce soit pour un rituel sur l’autel ou pour le cuisiner! Je laisse mon intuition me guider bien plus que la tradition et surtout pas, pour moi, la religion! Photo Isabelle Beaudoin. . . . #rosemaryplant #romarin #gardenwitch #naturewitch #paganspirit #earthwitch #pagancommunity #altarspace #sorcièresduquébec #finesherbes #méditer #mieuxetre #kitchenwitchery #kitchencraft #magicalherbs #medicinalplant #sacredwisdom #plantesmedicinales #sacredplants #paganwitch #greenwitchcraft #celticwitch #spirituelle #sorciere #followyourintuition #medicinalherbs #planthealing #plantwitch #eclecticwitchcraft #eclecticwitch
Transitions are hard because at some point you must leave a comfortable place (even if your comfortable place is less than ideal) and venture out into new territory. ... ... You ask yourself if you’ll be able to survive the transition, will I be ok in the new normal? The answer to both is YES. But you should really be asking yourself if your spirit can survive in the darkness you’re currently in. ... ... When the pain of staying exceeds the pain and uncertainties of leaving, you NEED to make the move. ... ... #photobyjanet #balboaisland #newportbeach #fredrogers #thenatureoftransformation #selfdevelopment #selflove #selfimprovement #lifecoach #lifecoaching #janetzavalacoaching #happinessiswithin #femaleentrepreneur #dailypractice #dailymeditation #nonnegotiable #everyday #morningmeditation #followyourintuition
Having some fun with my imagination on a Sunday night. ✨ #findingmypower #intuitiveart #catalystofchange
HAPPY DIFFERENCE | Other people’s words are something I’ve struggled to let go of in my life, especially after finding my Sri Lankan path. All the people in my life that I felt I had supported and encouraged to follow their dreams or path had suddenly none of that for me. I didn’t get a great response from some when I met my current partner, I got a lot of “what do you mean you fell in love with a Sri Lankan” “are you sure he loves you?” “Are you sure his not sleeping with other girls?” “Maybe he just wants your money” “it’s just a holiday romance” And when I decided to pack up my life and follow my heart I got “well, I don’t trust him” “won’t you get bored?” “Can’t you find someone in Australia?” “But you can just meet someone here and buy a house an have kids” “but there’s so many fish in the sea” “your going to be using drop toilets” and you know what, I could never imagine a sentence like this coming from my mouth in response to friends life choice. It’s not all negative I had massive good vibes from the people who I connect with most which I will always remember first, but the negative comments clouded my head for so long and made me doubt my own intuition. Until I realised these are all your dreams and fears, not mine! I was able to rise and grow above all this cloud in the end knowing that no, I won’t get bored following my own path instead of the same path everyone else takes and yes I probably could find many loves around the world but I found my one, the one that makes me feel completely myself and make me feel like the queen of the his world, someone who chases adventures and life itself. We are all different and that’s what makes this life beautiful, your journey is your journey and your happiness is your happiness, nobodies journey is right or wrong it just maybe different to yours. Be gentle to each other, we all share this beautiful earth fiercely chasing the journey to the happiest life, so open up your mind and let’s be happy that someone’s found their happy ✨
// Basically I saved myself before drowning in routine and surroundings that did not nourish me any more. I progessively forgot about my dreams while sensing my shadows becoming stronger. It was time to wake up again. #decisions #visions #freethemind #freeyourself #wildchild #thoughts #beraw #liveauthenicity #shadows #newintentions #raisethevibe #bethelight #newzealand #vanlifealways #bye #itsonlythebeginning #now #unfolding #evolve #peacefulwarrior #followyourintuition #innervoice
Good morning here is your DAILY MESSAGE FROM THE FRACTALS ----------------- 👓Have you been enjoying the advantage of this daily guidance on your timeline? Knowing the purpose of each day, helps you to sharpen your awareness and avoid missing opportunities for advancement. I want to help you succeed! ------------------ To ensure that you always receive these daily posts in your newsfeed, 🔸Follow @fractal_abundance 🔸Turn on notifications 🔸Tag a friend who needs to see this as well ---------------- Find fractal readings, great self-development workbooks, mindset & soul healing resources by visiting the link on my profile @fractal_abundance.
Have you ever felt like your intuition guided you to a place you need to be? In the past the chatter in my head was so damn loud I couldn’t connect with my intuition and hear the whispers of where I was meant to go. But our intuition which is our connection to our higher self is always there to guide us on our path if we can just get still enough to listen. As we learn to let go of fears, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns we can connect with our heart more which is where our truth and intuition resides. We are never alone and we are always guided if we can just connect within for the answers and trust in the universe which has our back. . . . . #intuition #trustyourintuition #trusttheprocess #theuniversehasyourback #trust #universe #followyourintuition
I love this painting that hangs on my wall. It reminded me of how shapes fit together. Things come together. To find the places that feel congruent and complementary in life. Not to push or contort to make it fit or painfully work. To allow nature and sacredness to flow and secure its position naturally. Plus I love shapes. I see patterned and connections everywhere. I can get lost in the layers behind the shapes. And found on the other side. #trustyourintuition #followyourintuition #intuitive #grounding #energywork #personalpower #energyhealer #spiritualpath #souljourney #lifepurpose #meditationspace #clairvoyant #selfawareness #consciousness #centered #stillness #selfmastery #createyourlife #livewithpassion #loveyourlife #spiritualtools #energytools #spaciousness #presentmoment #innerguidance #beherenow #beautifulthings #rituals #empathic #teaforthesoul
How often do you tune in to your intuition... that gut feeling. ✨ Close your eyes to your third eye point... the lens beyond the physical world. Your angels send you messages in many forms.... numbers, songs on the radio or through your dreams. You can even ask for signs from the angels of intuition. Trust your inner guide, she never lies. 😇 card from @intuitivekristin Intuitive Beauty deck. #trustyourintuition #trustyourgut #followyourintuition
my ankle is still really bothering me and it's throwing off my posture and making my lower back ache all the time. i know if I can lose a few lbs it'll make the healing process quicker. with that being said, sunday meal prepping is now becoming a thing. even when I lost weight in the past I usually only had grab-and-go snacks and made my lunch every morning. buuuuut that was pre-noah haha. so here i am cooking up a shit tonight of chicken, veggies, and using up some farm grown potatoes. im absolutely awful about eating throughout the day. i will literally eat my first (and only) meal of the day around 5-6pm 🙈🙊 i knooow it's totally awful. and if I do eat a breakfast or lunch it's normally fast food. (hey im just being honest) so here's to a new week, a new form of #selfcaresunday , and hopefully a healthier lifestyle in the making. Ive done this whole weightloss shit in the past and posted about it but I honestly don't plan to weigh in or count macros or get crazy about calorie counting. just conscientious eating, more water intake, and as my ankle heals increasing activity. but I definitely would love some meal prep ideas/recipes/ and tips + tricks. also some damn encouragement would be nice because i honestly have just soooo many bad habits to break. but for now, I'm focusing on healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks and leaving dinner up to whatever the family decides and just stay mindful of portion control. also need to drink a craaaap ton more water because im awful at water intake. happy freakin sunday friends!!
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