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Yum Yum! This is a mouth-watering meal you cannot miss out on 😋 Come by today and try this famous historical Indian dish 🍽 🇮🇳
It’s easy to feel frustrated sometimes when I travel and still find it challenging to discover safe food, however this is the most allergy aware the world has ever been! Many places have made significant progress with options and awareness in the last few years. Even the fact that I rarely get completely turned away from restaurants is pretty impressive. Growing up, we could go to five restaurants in a row and I still wouldn’t find somewhere that would be able to safely serve me. I know it can be a lot more work for restaurants and I appreciate the ones that are willing to work with me to provide a safe meal. I would still like to see increasing progress and awareness. I know there is a ways to go (especially with some allergens over others) but I know what the world looked like as a kid versus now and I know it’s getting better. Whenever I find myself feeling hungry and frustrated while on the go, I remind myself of this. Progress is happening and although it may be at a slower pace than I would like, it is leaps and bounds ahead of where it once was. #progress #patience #silverlinings #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #missallergicreactortravels #allergytravels #travel #traveltips #tuesdaytraveltips #tuesdaytips #travelblogger #ttot #restaurants
Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share with you the recent Meet A Mom from my The Local Moms Network sister site Chicago North Shore Moms. 💙❤️💙❤️ I have friends who have children with food allergies & I hope you all find these to be a helpful resources. 😀🙏🏻❤️ Good morning to you all! It’s time for your second coffee break a la our Meet a Mom Series!! We’re thrilled to feature another amazing mom to 👦🏼👦🏻👧🏻 Debby Beerman (aka @clean.label.mom ). Debby tells her story about the challenges of navigating life with a food allergy child. Once a lawyer, Debby has turned her experience with a #foodallergykid into a new career with @safeandfair ! Thank you, Debby, for sharing your story, now on the blog! Click the link on our bio page or go to chicagonorthshoremoms.com! #givingmomsthegiftoftime #thelocalmomsnetwork #chicagonorthshoremoms #meetamommonday #foodallergymom #foodallergyawareness #foodallergylife #toddlermeals #toddler #preschool #girlmom #peanutallergy #treenutallergy #healthymom #healthykids #kidfood #glutenfreemom #glutenfreekids #foodallergies #foodallergymom #nutallergy #peanutfree #dairyfree #eggfree #foodallergyfam #libertyvilleareamoms
Living with food allergies means we see things differently. We live differently - but all search for the same good quality of life that non-allergic folks do! We have to plan well, eat safely, and communicate clearly about allergies in every situation we find ourselves in. One place we're always hyper vigilant is...in the kitchen because of all the safety risks there are. Even home kitchens can cause anxiety if there are allergens present. One of the simplest ways to keep people with food allergies safe is to stay organized and make sure all the safe vs. unsafe foods are kept separate. #planwell If you have allergens present, they should be kept out of easy reach and labeled in a way that cautions the person with allergies not interact with them. The more visually obvious it is (especially for kids) and the more you talk about the allergens, the more prepared your child will be to not go near them. It's important to also clean the dishes separately. Make sure the sink is empty, use a separate sponge, and dry in a separate area. #eatsafely Honestly, I use paper plates and disposable utensils if I need to eat allergens because it's less cleanup or chance of cross contamination. I explain to my child that our bodies need different foods sometimes and she's a good sport about understanding that. It's so important to have good communication with our kids from when they're young because we have to talk about so many tough things along the journey with allergies! #communicateclearly We're here to help you learn how to #planwell #eatsafely #communicateclearly along your personal allergy journey so you can live the best life possible, despite your circumstances! Nothing can stop us from living an amazing life if we learn how to conquer the steps to thrive with food allergies! #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergyunboxed
Good Monday morning to you all! It’s time for your second coffee break a la our Monday Meet a Mom Series!! We’re thrilled to feature another amazing mom to 👦🏼👦🏻👧🏻 Debby Beerman (aka @clean.label.mom ). Debby tells her story about the challenges of navigating life with a food allergy child. Once a lawyer, Debby has turned her experience with a #foodallergykid into a new career with @safeandfair ! Thank you, Debby, for sharing your story, now on the blog! Click the link on our bio page or go to chicagonorthshoremoms.com! #givingmomsthegiftoftime #thelocalmomsnetwork #chicagonorthshoremoms #meetamommonday #foodallergymom #foodallergyawareness #foodallergylife #toddlermeals #toddler #preschool #girlmom #peanutallergy #treenutallergy #healthymom #healthykids #kidfood #glutenfreemom #glutenfreekids #foodallergies #foodallergymom #nutallergy #peanutfree #dairyfree #eggfree #foodallergyfam
This egg allergic kid is super excited to have his first bacon and “eggs.” This vegan product scrambled up just like them (though its label stopped my heart for a minute when I first read it!) 🍳❤️ #justegg #hamptoncreek #foodallergykid
Have you travelled to Mexico? Are you thinking about traveling to Mexico? @everydayallergenfree just got back after spending 2 weeks there. What are you most curious to know about her experience? . . . #eggallergy #travelgram #foodallergykid #allergytravels #travelingwithfoodallergies #dairyallergy #everyoneiswelcome #mexico #travelmexico #peanutallergy #travelinspired
You guys know how much I love Italy and helping families travel there! 2019 is already off to a fab start as I’ve helped three families traveling there this year. In the comments below please tell me if a. You are planning to go to Italy this year b. What questions/concerns do you have traveling to Italy with food allergies c. What food allergies do you/your child have? I am working on a way to help on a larger scale in 2019. Thanks in advance for the feedback. P.s. If I’ve helped you in the past, you can also say that and what information was most useful. #italy #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #missallergicreactortravels #allergytravels #travel #traveltips
This little safe snacker....with her lopsided piggies and super loose front teeth. 😂❤️✨ Thank you to @unicornkidstees for the awesome shirt. The olive color is so cute on her! Check them out, she is going to do big things! 👏🏼 #unicornkidstees #safesnacker #foodallergykid #lifewithfoodallergies #foodallergiessuck #eoe #eosinophilicesophagitis
Josh here is a regular at the bakery. On the first Saturday of the month, he stops by for a treat, then goes over to @homedepot for the free kids workshop. That sounds like a great morning to us! But before he can work, he has to fuel up with a gluten-free, nut-free, vegan triple chocolate scone 👊
#tbt to morning beach runs in Australia. P.s. I carry my allergy meds in a @flipbelt around my waste. It is the best option I’ve found for running and is way better than any of the bags I’ve used over the years. #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #runner #travel #travelblogger
F O O D A L L E R G I E S 🗣 🗣 As many of you know, Kai has several food allergies and this was a HUGE adjustment, because neither my husband nor I have food allergies, so I had to learn how to prep, cook, and buy allergy-free foods and snacks. Tag a friend who may be interested in these five gems I learned as we navigated Kai’s food allergies: 1️⃣ T O P E I G H T- the most common kids’ food allergies are milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. 2️⃣ E C Z E M A- food allergies and eczema go hand and hand. A new study suggests that a b​reakdown of the skin barrier and inflammation from eczema could trigger food sensitivity in babies, indicating that food allergies may develop via immune cells in the skin rather than the digestive track. Thus, early treatment of eczema could potentially prevent food allergies in children. 3️⃣ S Y M P T O M S- some of the most common reactions to ingesting allergens are: trouble breathing, coughing, stomach ache, hives or red spots, swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, and in extreme cases, anaphylaxis. 4️⃣ A L L E R G Y T E S T I N G - knowledge is power. If your kid has eczema or other symptoms, take them to a pediatric allergist for testing. Once you know what their allergens, you can avoid their triggers, and have a happy, healthy, and more comfortable kid. 5️⃣ E P I P E N- Luckily, Kai has not had a severe allergic reaction, but we always have Benadryl and an epi pen ready just in case. Not only do have them everywhere, we have also trained his teachers, babysitters, and caretakers about how to properly administer them.
This awesome kid enjoyed his very first bagel thanks to AFBC! And of course he loved the soft pretzels and no wheat thins too 😀 Our goal is to always make sure everyone is included, despite food allergies and intolerances. We are so happy that we can do this for so many children!
See that bridge in the background? On my first trip to Sydney when I was studying abroad in Australia, I climbed that bridge. I had a gorgeous view of the city from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and I was with one of my best friends. My epinephrine and inhaler were in my pocket the entire climb. No problems at all! On this visit, I enjoyed the views from land and water instead. When it comes to my food allergies and asthma, I take all the precautions that I can and then live my life. I’ve climbed mountains, bridges, sailed on ships in open seas, and traveled to other remote locations. Was it always easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely! When you have an adventurous spirit, you find ways to do it all as safely as possible. #wednesdaywisdom #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #travel #traveller #travelandleisure #adventure
🙌🏼🙌🏼 #Repost @thelandofcan with @get_repost ・・・ I was in the car crying because I had failed another food challenge. My doctor and parents had been exceptionally hopeful about this one, and I happened to believe their optimism a bit too much. The letdown hurt. _ On my ride home, my parents were trying to reassure me. They were giving all the “It’s going be OK” lines. I wasn’t having it. _ That’s when they pulled the car into a supermarket parking lot. My mom turned around. - “JJ, here’s another food challenge,” she said in an excited tone. “Let’s count all of the foods in here that you can eat.” _ I looked at her oddly. “I’m not getting out of the car, mom!” She wasn’t having it. _ We went inside the grocery store, walked past the carts, and stood at the base of the aisle. “We’ll start here.” _ My parents immediately started counting items in the first aisle. A few moments later, I joined them. We literally stood there counting out loud. I lost count after aisle three. _ My sense of “CAN” was born in aisle three, and it’s grown ever since. _ Read full post. Link in bio. - #thelandofcan #thelandofnot #jjvulopas #canspirational #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergiessuck #foodallergymom #foodallergylife #foodallergyfamily #foodallergyawareness #foodallergykid #foodallergykids #foodallergymama #peanutallergy #glutenfree #dairyfree #anaphylaxis #allergymom #canpaign #endallergies #endallergiestogether @safeandincluded @faactnews @foodallergyfund @elijahsecho @redsneakersforoakley @kidswithfoodallergies @endallergiestogether @foodallergy @kidswithfoodallergies @nonuts4me
Do you believe that eating starts in the mind?🤔 . What may be a great meal for one, may be deadly for someone else? . Yea...not exaggerating...deadly for someone who has a severe food allergy. . What if you don't have any allergies? You may feel that eating meat is poison or may think that carrots for a snack isn't really food! . You've alright got your mind made up whether or not what you see on that plate is something worth eating. . What's in your mind? . . . . . 🔅 More Mindful Tips...Link In Bio🔅 . . . . . . . . #foodallergy #foodallergyawareness #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyfamily #foodallergymamas #foodallergyweek #foodallergykid #foodallergylife #foodallergyfamilies #foodallergyeducation #foodallergykids #mindfulness #thenutritionformula #foodallergyawarenessweek #nutrition #nutritiontips #nutritionplan #nutritionalcleansing #nutritioniskey #nutritionfacts #mindsetleader #mindsetting #mindseteverything #mindsetcreator #blackmagic #blackgirlsrock #africanhealth #mindmatters #melaninmotivation
Double tap✔️✔️ if your kids get hyper on as needed asthma meds (albuterol, etc.). Mine sure does - it increases her energy and decreases her impulse control (that's already decreased because she's got ADHD). The meds are necessary obviously so we've had to find ways to deal with it but it's not always easy and can be tough on someone's patience to handle a child who seems unstoppable. . ((This pic is from one of our many snow adventures - note the neck gaitor my little one is wearing!)) . I hope you don't mind but I'm going to put my professional hat on for a minute - as a school based occupational therapist. I work with lots of students who struggle with what to do with their excess energy and lack of impulse control everyday! Therefore, I'd like to pass along a list of great activities that aim to give kids safe outlets for energy and help calm their little bodies! Think of physical activities that challenge them! 🐻small indoor obstacle courses - hop over stuffed animals, crawl under chairs, jumping jacks 🦘get a small slide or trampoline for indoor use 🐼bundle them up and go for walks, hikes, or go to the playground Activities that can be done sitting after they’re active which will help calm them down: 🐛use resistive materials like sand, playdough, foam, or have them help with stirring with cooking 🐸make sensory friendly textures - there are a million recipes out there 🐨any building toys such as magnatiles, blocks, legos Remember the asthma flare will subside ... so might as well try to enjoy the time being! Ps. Make sure you’re checking out our IG stories! We’re frequently posting “behind the scenes footage” and tips ⬆️🎞up there! ❤️ . Peace love and meds! #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergyunboxed
I recently invested in a Thermomix, I’ve been thinking about it for ages and finally took the plunge last week. Well what can I say but it has opened up a whole new world for our little family. Like most allergy parents eating out makes my anxiety go through the roof and even buying things like Garam Masala I’m not always comfortable with. Made my own yesterday, from scratch and it took no time at all. Then used it to make butter chicken. Indian food would totally have been off limits to us but now it’s not and we’re not eating the same things all the time. Both my fussy eaters loved it and had two massive bowls which they proceeded to lick clean. It’s the little wins as an allergy parent that mean so much and being able to make things so quickly and knowing exactly what’s in them means a lot lot less stress for this mumma. #allergy #allergyfriendly #allergykids #foodallergykid #allergymum #kidswithallergies #thermomix #cookingfromscratch #cookingforkids #sydneymums #sydneymum #mumblog #mummyblogger #mummydiaries #mummytummy #weightlossjourney #stylishmum
Breakfast buffets can be challenging. I appreciate when hotels have packaged items (like whole containers of yogurt for example) and whole pieces of fruit. At this hotel in Sydney, I was able to cut up a peach and put it in my yogurt. That worked out well for me and I was glad to have it as an option. They also had a fruit salad pre-made that looked nice. Why didn’t I use that for my yogurt? Because I didn’t know if they added anything to the fruit salad (some places do) and also cross contact. It could have been okay, but I try to always choose the safest option. Cutting up my own peach was a safer bet. How do you handle hotel breakfast? #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #missallergicreactortravels #allergytravels #travel #traveltips #tuesdaytraveltips #tuesdaytips #travelblogger #ttot #travelphotography #travelandleisure #girlswhotravel
We've been a little quiet around here. So to start off the new year let's talk travel goals! Who wants to share theirs? . . . #travelingwithfoodallergies #foodallergykid #eggallergy #allergymom #peanutallergy #travelgram #travelgram #allergytravels
It can be upsetting to deal with asthma on top of existing food allergies, especially in the winter months! In a way asthma seemed more mysterious than allergies because the triggers weren't as clear cut and easily avoided like foods were. Asthma became our nemesis. There was a time when my daughter couldn't go from the house to the car without coughing. We even used coined a code word for an asthma exacerbation (flare up)... "the cough" said in the same voice that old movie "The Fog" was said in. 😦 The cough is my daughters main asthma symptom...sometimes taking her breath away, literally. Over the years her asthma has changed for the better, but it's still part of our life just like allergies are. If you manage asthma like we do, you probably know the other code words like action plan, inhaler, nebulizer, etc. Yup, there's lots you need to know. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep it well controlled! Sometimes the symptoms can be maddening...and don't even get me started on how the meds can change a little kid into an "albuta-baby" - term for hyped up lil human with superpowers! 🤩🤖 The best thing you can do when asthma takes control is keep yourself calm (lots of deep breathing!) and calm to handle your child's symptoms to get them feeling better again. A few things to keep in mind to help you along the way are: ⭐️Know the triggers and try to avoid them 🌟Keep a scarf, mask, or neck gaiter on your child's mouth when they're outside in the cold especially if it's windy to warm the air before it enters the lungs! ⭐️Follow the doctors instructions for frequency and duration of treatment ⭐️Make sure your nebulizer is in working order (check that the tubing has no holes) ⭐️Always carry rescue inhalers or nebulizer (for travel) with you (along with your epi) ⭐️Check to ensure all meds are up to date, not expired ⭐️Know where the doctors or hospitals are if you're out of town ⭐️If the symptoms don't clear from what you've done according to the asthma action plan, immediately seek medical attention! ⚠️ The number two triggers for us include: cold gusty wind and cold viruses! COMMENT BELOW ⬇️ and tell me what you're child's triggers are.
This adorable, kind, thoughtful little girl (and her equally amazing mama!) befriended us on his first ever day of school. As I was watching him play on the playground with a hundred incoming Kindergarteners, fighting a full meltdown over my fears of sending him to school with his complex health, her mom introduced herself and asked me to explain Noah’s allergies so they could do their part to keep him safe. And it gave me hope. It’s a gift I’ll probably never be able to repay or even accurately put into words. Since then, they have showed up for us repeatedly. Each day, she makes sure her snack and lunch are peanut and tree nut free. 💓💓💓 #foodallergykid
Double tap 🔺🔺 if you agree with the motto “better late than never!” Let’s just say punctuality isn’t my best friend sometimes so I agree with the above! . Maybe some of you are like me and struggle with punctuality? No judgement here! COMMENT BELOW⬇️ and tell us what’s a struggle you’ve got right now? . 2019 is the year of “the best is yet to be!” so keep those chins up and keep working to overcome your struggle! Every tiny choice you make will eventually lead to big change! . Announcement: IG stories have caught our attention! We’re using Instagram stories a lot more in 2019 so check them out above!! Just look for our icon and click!✔️ We’ll be posting lots of valuable tips within the stories about the 3 steps to conquer life with food allergies! PLAN WELL - EAT SAFE - COMMUNICATE CLEARLY to live your best life! Click our icon⬆️ at top of your IG FEED to check out today’s story! Have fun & be safe everyone! Woohoo 2019! #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergyunboxed
You know what this little man's favorite things are about turning 3? Thomas the Train and gluten-free, nut-free, vegan cupcakes from AFBC! Thank you Michelle for celebrating with our treats! We hope he had the best birthday ♥️
One reason I fell in love with Sydney the first time was because it’s a beach city. It is more than Bondi Beach (which is the one most are familiar with). There are many choices! I didn’t go to Bondi on this trip to Sydney. I wanted to try somewhere new. This was taken from Watson’s Bay. There are beautiful views of the CBD (Central Business District) of Sydney and it only takes 20 minutes or so on the ferry from Circular Quay to get there (which is a great ferry ride, passing the Sydney Opera House and other beaches from the water). Once I arrived at Watson’s Bay, I decided to go find the path for the coastal walk to the Hornby Lighthouse. It was built in the late 1800s after two ship wrecks in 1857 proved even greater reason why a lighthouse was needed at the point on the southern entrance to Port Jackson (which encompasses Sydney Harbour and the others in this area). I had such a lovely walk and then I went for a swim at Camp Cove Beach. Since it’s in the bay, the water is calm and although the beach was busy, there was still plenty of space to put down my stuff and go for a swim. It was such a steamy day that the water was a huge relief. It was the perfect little city/beach excursion! P.s. I ate breakfast ahead and should have packed snacks for lunch but I had very little left. I ended up drinking the first Coca Cola I’ve had in at least five years (I never drink soda) because I couldn’t find anything quick and safe to eat. I was able to make it through the day okay. If I wasn’t allergic to fish then I think I would have had an easier time finding something safe but all the restaurants by the water were seafood restaurants. #missallergicreactortravels #allergytravels #allergytravel #travelblogger #wanderlust #explore #travelphotography #travelandleisure #girlswhotravel #travelspirit #travels #travelgram #traveller #womentraveler #girlslovetravel #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids
Day 10/30 Rotisserie Chicken and Steamed Veg Not reinventing the wheel here, but simple and fast works for us! Plain chicken from Wegmans. There’s also safe recipes for a whole roasted chicken. Steamed broccoli for one babe (w Earth Balance spread) & raw carrots for the other. 🍗 🥦 🥕 🍉 #allergyfriendlyfood #allergyfamily #allergykids #allergymom #allergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergylife #foodallergyfamily #foodallergykid #dairyfree #eggfree #peanutfree #treenutfree #nutfree #sesamefree #30allergyfriendlymeals
Since we are closed for awhile, we figured it would be a great time to share some of our favorite customer photos! We love that Davina and her daughter like to celebrate birthdays with our gluten, nut and dairy free brownies ♥️🎂 Do you have any photos to share of you or your loved ones enjoying AFBC goodies? We would love to see them!
Situation Food Allergy from @TheLandofCan : The First Date . ⠀ Because of your job, you had to move your family to a new city at the start of your daughter’s senior year of high school. It’s been a tough transition, especially pulling her away from her lifelong friends, all of whom accepted and accommodated her food allergies. . ⠀ So you are excited when your daughter comes home from school with a big grin. It is the first time you’ve seen her smile in months. . ⠀ “Do you know that boy I told you about, Mom? The one from my computer science class? He asked me out for tonight!” . ⠀ You smile. She’s talked about this boy from time to time. He seems like a good kid. . ⠀ ⠀ “Where are you going to go?” you ask. ⠀ . ⠀ “Dinner and pottery. We’re actually going to paint pottery together,” she says. “He’s so sweet. He’s coming over to pick me up soon. I gotta get ready.”⠀ . ⠀ You nod. ⠀ . ⠀ “Does he know about your allergy?” you calmly ask. ⠀ . ⠀ Her smile immediately disappears.⠀ . ⠀ “I’m not stupid, Mom,” she snaps, her tone instantly becoming forceful.⠀ . ⠀ You remain calm, realizing that ‘I’m not stupid, Mom’ could be taken in any number of ways. This will be her very first date. Your daughter is normally responsible when it comes to her allergy, but she has been very conscious of telling others about it since moving to the new school. She is having enough trouble making friends and she told you earlier in the year she didn’t want to give them another reason not to want to do things with her. ⠀ . ⠀ She shakes her head and begins to stomp away. Her date begins in two hours. What do you do? ⠀ . . . ⠀ #thelandofcan #thelandofnot #jjvulopas #canspirational #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergiessuck #foodallergymom #foodallergylife #foodallergyfamily #foodallergyawareness #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergykid #foodallergykids #foodallergymama #peanutallergy #glutenfree #dairyfree #anaphylaxis #allergymom #canpaign
Last night I went to see La Boheme at the Sydney Opera House. My real dream was always to get dressed up (like in Pretty Woman ;) and go with a boyfriend or husband, but since that has yet to happen, I decided this time I would embrace the opportunity and take myself out to the opera. It was a story I was already familiar with (because Rent) which always helps when going to an opera. I enjoyed the evening immensely! P.s. I also had a late dinner afterwards not far from the theater. They were good with my allergies. The food was mediocre, but that was to be expected in such a touristy area. #missindependent #singlelady #sydneyoperahouse #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids
This majestic spot is Lake Wanaka. Pretty spectacular, right? I started my morning hiking up Mt. Iron to the summit to get the best views of Wanaka and then explored the lakefront. I wish I had more time here but I’m glad I squeezed it in. Feeling grateful to start 2019 on this side of the world! P.s. I packed snacks because I was limited on time. If I know I won’t have time to sit down and order, I pack extra snacks. Fast food is too tricky with my food allergies (and thankfully it doesn’t appeal to me anyway). I did get a coffee though (espresso only... too much cross contamination around with milks, etc to risk a latte). #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #allergytravels #allietravels #travelblogger #wanderlust #explore #travelandleisure #girlswhotravel #travelspirit #travels #travelgram
2018 was an amazing year for #teamdelly ! We raised over $7100 and crossed $25000 for the past 5 years! We had friends at so many fundraisers and events - so fun! And we brought FARE to the #gbpackers as a #shopkofoundation #kickoffkid . And then we represented all of our food allergy friends in DC at #farecon18 Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!!!💙#karatedelly #teamdelly #foodallergykid #fare #enjoylife
We’ve all struggled with adjusting to the diagnosis of food allergies. It’s like thinking you’re going to Paris and then ending up in Antarctica. Very unexpected and can feel like a big detour in the road of parenthood. . We’ve got resource at our fingertips but sometimes even those are overwhelming because there’s so much info out there! . The one important thing is, eventually we figure out how to rise as running from the daily fear we feel is not really an option. We figure it all out. We learn to adapt and live our best lives. . If you’re reading this and you’re feeling like you’re still in need of a guide or a simpler way to manage food allergy life...you’re not alone. I always wished there was a manual or a training I could’ve taken when I first started my journey. I’m here to say, I’ve got our online training about to launch and want to help guide those who want to live more confidently with food allergies. I’ll teach you to re-route your trip back to Paris and manage it all. You’ll learn to PLAN WELL-EAT SAFELY-COMMUNICATE CLEARLY in no time and feel like you’ve got this allergy life down to a well oiled machine! . Join our newsletter in the bio links...our course is coming in early January 2019! What will FEAR mean to you? Let’s forget our expectations and RISE to the challenge of living with food allergies. Together. . #foodallergies #foodallergy #foodallergyunboxed
How do I eat at a wedding with food allergies? I’ve been very lucky with amazing friends who ask for my chef card ahead of time to give to the caterer. The caterer then typically makes me something safe. It may or may not be the same type of dish as everyone else. However, there have also been times where I’ve attended weddings or events where the caterer hasn’t known about my allergies ahead. Usually I am still able to get something plain and safe when I ask and explain my allergies. I’ve never not been able to eat something at a wedding. I also wouldn’t risk any wedding cocktail appetizers or finger foods. Rarely safe and not worth the risk in my opinion. Either way, even if they have my chef card ahead of time, I still make sure I have eaten something before and I pack some extra snacks just in case. Drinking champagne on an empty stomach is a terrible idea. Just saying... always eat something ahead. Leave any questions below to answer in a future blog post. P.s. This photo is from my most recent wedding here in Australia. They had my chef card ahead. When I arrived I found the person in charge to introduce myself so they knew who I was. The caterer went over what they were planning to make me and all of the ingredients. I ended up with a delicious steak and veggies! #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #wedding #catering #events
Doubling the dose of this girls steroid and going to be mixing it a little different to make the slurry. Scoping again in 2 months. Hoping we can get her into remission this way. #eosinophilicesophagitis #eoesucks #lifewitheosinophilesophagitis #lifewithfoodallergies #foodallergykid #physical #gastroenterology #doctorappointments #childrenshospitalofwisconsin @childrenshospitalwi
Someone loves her new Doc McStuffins doll and playset. Auvi-Q was put into action immediately! #foodallergykid #auviq #foodallergies #FoodAllergyMom #docmcstuffins #prepared
Merry Christmas from the Kurland family 🎄 We hope your holiday was filled with laughs and love!
St. Andrews Beach Brewery was converted from an old racing stable. The tables are set inside where horse stalls used to be. It’s a beautiful space and a fun environment. We had a lovely afternoon there! The one disappointment was that I couldn’t eat. With a small kitchen they felt they were not able to accommodate my food allergies safely due to cross contact. They were very nice about allowing me to eat my own snacks though (which I’m glad I packed). I was able to try a flight of beers which I enjoyed. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home so that I could find a few safe snacks. Most packaged food isn’t safe for peanut/tree nut allergy I’m finding (which is consistent to when I used to live here). There are heaps of #glutenfree #eggfree and #dairyfree options I’ve noticed. I am still looking for nut free. 🧐 #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #morningtonpeninsula #standrewsbeachbrewery
It's hard to believe that we just finished our second holiday season with AFBC. 2018 has been nothing short of incredible for our bakery. We've met so many wonderful customers, made hundreds of children with food allergies smile, saw countless happy tears, were named 'Best Allergy Friendly Bakery' by @coloradoparent magazine, celebrated our 1st birthday which turned into our biggest day of the year, and made more pies than we thought was possible for the Thanksgiving holiday. And that just names a few of our accomplishments from this year. We may be short on sleep, but we are filled with so much love and gratitude - and that makes it all worth it. A big thank you to all of you for your unwavering support and grace. We can't wait to see where 2019 takes AFBC. Merry Christmas to you and yours! - Nicole and Jeremy
I had to reassure him tonight that Santa will still want to visit his house even if Noah can’t put out cookies for him. We haven’t ever made a big deal out of Santa, but now that he’s in school, he is swept up in the magic and excitement. And it’s adorable, but brings its own challenges. Food allergies (especially when they are numerous and life threatening) are so much more than simply not eating certain things. And that is never more apparent than at holidays. He’s never built a gingerbread house or decorated sugar cookies or dyed eggs or fully participated in trick or treating. He has no idea what doughnuts, brownies, or ice cream taste like. We decided that putting out a single serve bag of @enjoylifefoods mini chocolate chips would be a great, safe treat for both Noah and Santa. #thisissix #homemadeornament #keepsake #craft #foodallergy #foodallergykid #foodallergymom #kindergarten #momlife #westmichiganallergymama #momoffour
I ended up staying in the Italian neighborhood in Melbourne, which is fitting since Italian food is my easiest and go-to when dining out. I had a delicious meal @daguidomelbourne. They took my food allergies seriously and told me the ingredients in the food. They also brought me a delicious cup of pumpkin soup made with very few ingredients. #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergykid #foodallergyfamily #foodallergylife #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #anaphylaxis #allergyadult #peanutallergy #peanutallergymom #treenutallergy #EmpowerFAkids #melbournerestaurant
Situation Food Allergy: Does your child wash his hands if he doesn’t know what’s in the soap?⠀ ⠀ This happens all the time…. Your teen is with friends at a restaurant. After using the bathroom, he goes to wash his hands. He sees the soap in the dispenser but there are no ingredients on it anywhere. (And NO you’re not there to give him a Wet Wipe!)⠀ ⠀ Are clean hands worth the risk? Does he use the soap?⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #thelandofcan #thelandofnot #jjvulopas #canspirational #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergiessuck #foodallergymom #foodallergylife #foodallergyfamily #foodallergyawareness #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergykid #foodallergykids #foodallergymama #peanutallergy #glutenfree #dairyfree #anaphylaxis #allergymom #canpaign @allergiclivingmag @allergycloud @foodallergyfund @safeandfair @redsneakersforoakley @spokininc @foodallergy @elijahsecho @redsneakersforoakley
I can’t explain how much I love THIS BOY ❤️ He did such an awesome job in the Christmas program! #tealmom #foodallergykid #myboy #lovehim #myheartisbursting
‘Tis the season 🏠 Thank you @sensitivesweets for making my boy’s first gingerbread house dreams come true! Now to decorate! 🍭🎨#everyonedeservestreats #foodallergykid #allergymom
Great post by @thelandofcan #Repost @thelandofcan with @get_repost ・・・ In a CANspirational video I filmed for young people this summer, I walked through the rain without an umbrella to reinforce the importance of knowing what we can control and what we can't.⠀ ⠀ "People who live in the Land of Can stay dry not because it doesn't rain for them but because they bring an umbrella," I said. "You can't control if it rains. You can only control how you respond to the rain."⠀ ⠀ When you have a food allergy, knowing what you can control is a big part of living your best life. It's a big part of finding the balance between safety and normalcy. ⠀ ⠀ I can 99 percent avoid having an allergic reaction today if I stay in my bedroom and only eat apples. (And if I make sure each apple is thoroughly scrubbed just in case they used some odd wax coating, etc.) But that isn't living. So I will venture out from my apartment this morning, and I will live, and I will indulge in foods that are not just red and round and grow on trees. And the second I make that decision to venture out, I need to make sure I am prepared.⠀ ⠀ If I want to avoid getting wet while walking in the rain, I better check the weather forecast and bring an umbrella. If I want to avoid having a reaction while eating out or going about my day, I better be vigilant and double check ingredients and how the food is prepared. BUT even the best weather forecasts are wrong. So when the storm clouds open, if I happen to inadvertently eat something I'm allergic to, I better have my two Auvi-Qs with me. And I better be prepared to use them just in case. That I can control. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #thelandofcan #thelandofnot #jjvulopas #canspirational #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergiessuck #foodallergymom #foodallergylife #foodallergyfamily #foodallergyawareness #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergykid #foodallergykids #foodallergymama #peanutallergy #glutenfree #dairyfree #anaphylaxis #allergymom #canpaign @endallergiestogether @rebekahreacts @uofpenn @foodallergy @spokininc @redsneakersforoakley @safeandfair @foodallergyfund @allergycloud @allergiclivingmag #apples
Double tap if you're like me and love a good underdog story. Movies like Bad News Bears, Sandlot, and Mighty Ducks were some of my childhood favorites and my love for underdogs continues even today! There's something that resonates with watching someone conquer a battle. Today we celebrate all underdogs because it’s National Underdog Day!🥈 It's easy to feel like an underdog sometimes when handling allergies. I remember feeling so overwhelmed trying to pack food every time we left the house...that was a huge battle because we're always on the go! I eventually learned but after much practice and tenacity. 😉 . If you had to name a battle you've gone through in life with food allergies, what would it be? COMMENT BELOW with a battle and how you conquered it! 🏆 PS. Remeber our victories can be won not curing our situation, but in adapting to it. 🎉 #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergyunboxed
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