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Dealing With 99 Problems #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @catscoffeecreativity #truestory Either people love this song or it helps them realize we all have something incredible in our lives despite the feeling of the crazy times we feel on spin cycle in the rip tide of technology/politics barely getting our head out of water. This #textilegraffiti is reposted a lot and that is not a problem. #socialmedia is tough but what I do like is talking about work and ideas. It's intense like the lady outside screaming into her phone. She has a problem or this apartment has paper walls. An artist could just take videos of people talking on their phones. I read an article about the opioid crisis where junkies get shame filmed passed out in grocery stores where people would rather take a video than console the 2 year old crying and tugging at their mom posted on line forever. I didn't watch the videos. Entertainment stars OD all the time, is it more glamorous? The sport of #shaming or #bullying people, especially people that have hurts you don't or can't see is as much an epidemic as the drugs themselves. I have only experienced #haters on Insta once. It was helpful because I learned quickly in the game certain communities don't like this kind of art, PERIOD. Regardless of positivity or kindness. Street art is controversial even if super trending since its value has skyrocketed through art superstardom happening on IG. The majority of the recent FBS work brings up #gentrification in #Brooklyn . Loads of #graffiti tours traffic through neighborhoods. For some people that is part of their #99problems I think considering the opposed is as important as considering the fandom because the debate fills the understanding of the divided ways of thinking. Compassion is what we all require when stacked with so many issues. You acknowledge a problem somehow it seems less powerful...All these #stories ask for mercy and action when it's tough, the good happy breaks are welcoming. My gut , my foodbabysoul, feeling is we must navigate both good/bad for we may find ourselves complicit in 99 ways. #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapimpact #ransomlettering This Post Ain't One
"Iโ€™ll be honest- I half expected to see your work in here! I was just talking books and crafts to a student yesterday and I told them about your work :) " #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #book #truestory This book started it all for me just happened to be under my felting sponge and I am sure @14librarian knows what graphic novel is on top. My FBS was so touched that she thought of me when mentioning this book but for me inside it the real rock โญ๏ธstar is @marshall_ruth She knits endangered species animal pelts. It turned me on that she would study real pelts in Natural History Museums. Just da ๐Ÿ’ฃ ๐Ÿ’ฅ explosion inside the dendrites of my brain folds. That crazy gorgeous thinking inspired me to knit bomb a symbolic statue from head to toe at my daughter's Blue School when the entire campus of 200 plus elementary school girls took up knitting for Mandela Day making the event a staple for the underprivileged in South Africa and a couple years later I "blue bombed" the school for a centenary. It is reported that @karllagerfeld has stopped using fur in @chanelofficial couture, I would love it if they found this artist and she made a winter collection of leopard sweaters. Before the famous "pussy hat" there was "the red scarf project" The book goes from embroidery to using trash. Hands down this book for me was the clincher at the time on finding a medium I could use to include in my FBS quest easily relating to sets and costumes I had already been making at poor/rich schools that my daughter over these years watched happening around her at home while I began discovering the world of #socialmedia via IG before she owned a phone. I am that #stayathomemom #trailingwife and all this crafting comes from skill set learned as a child because when I lived with my mother crafting was a way to mend the holes in her home. I used craft skills in art school but don't consider myself a fiber artist. At this point swimming in designer's scraps, I am driven to use up what I have collected because the mess finds itself in my dreams #domesticgraffitiartist #inspiration #activism #craftivism #redandwhite #like #comment #tag The Information That Fired ๐Ÿ”ฅUp My FBS
"But now comes my embarrassing question....... you are all about @michelleobama but who is that woman in your piece? I claim ignorance by distance and/or age. I feel that you will say @beyonce cos I know you love her. Maybe the grey hair is throwing me" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @gerriesummersink #foundphoto @fab_scrap #truestory Beyoncรฉ is an intentional inspiration. When the former First Lady finally was back on IG after living 8 years in the White House she was recognized wearing a #formation hat #channeling and celebrating the birthday of #Beyoncรฉ with all their girlfriends. #songoftheday It was a bold and fantastic move as is ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹ #lemonade film and music that really gave us all a real look into the life, mind and art of the modern #africanamericanwoman for Mrs OBama said "Not a lot of people know what African American family life looks like" So this being the #firstisalwaysthebest in this #becoming series FBS is totally channeling the famous pregnancy twinning photo of the Legend as a fecundity Goddess mashed up as The Queen Bey performing at Grammys remixing the Cover Girl vibe of @vogue because she hired the first black photographer in 126 years making that history let alone singing the historic Etta James "At Last" for the Obama's first dance as the First African American President and #firstlady To this day, I find it all empowering, stunning and I am glad I was alive to see it and my daughter to experience it as normal. Plus #grayhairdontcare and to this I relate. She is "Every Woman Becoming" wether it be a little #girl growing up or a #transgender feeling right in her skin, #she is #enough and overflowing. A street artist swore he knew the model. I hope she sees this on her discovery page. Wouldn't that be amazing? I hope she feels incredible seeing it #ifever #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #scrapimpact #africanwax ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ‘‘ @klipajeans โ†–๏ธ @ydawaltstudio #ransomlettering #silkscreen #embroidery #collage It All Goes Down In The DM
๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ทLโค๏ธVE More #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @parisianbeta #streetphotography #truestory The French are fearless. The worst riots since the 60's. My husband and I spoke about #jiletjaune walking home one night and the conversation that keeps coming around is the immense gap between rich and poor. Historically, you can go way back when the masses fight back against the privileged minority and you can't arrest them all, they out number you in sheer physical mass, and it gets ugly. One can start #channeling #tracychapman or the #Beatles if we want to "talk about a revolution" I saw a billboard @kobiekie on a South African road trip saying "Be Kind" Anyone see the Oscar winning film "Three Billboards" damn. Nobody wants to see Paris burn let alone any innocent person hurt or worse die. My FBS, my gut feeling sends everybody on every side divided by whatever divides you like the Red Sea this #songoftheday #allweneedislove #streetartparis #parisstreetart #domesticgraffitiartist #streetmirror @encoreunestp #yarnbomb #mavieenrose @cafelaperle #๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท A French Kiss
"Never Give Up" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @holycrapimfat #icarestreetwear #icarehousewares #truestory When FBS started IG I knew nothing and no persons. My intro was "trimming the fat between us" which was a metaphor for cutting out issues that keep us separated more than connected. Using #weightlossjourney as a hashtag I crossed paths with #holycrapiamfat on vacay in Seattle LMAO. IG is the number one ๐Ÿ‘†place any person feeling "other" teetering on the fringes of "typical" to get reprieve and support from the #bullying and #shaming in a world of commercial norms. As HCAF rural road trips to Walmart through magestic snow covered mountains she expresses how lousy it is to be #fatshamed PERIOD. Stephanie was at 2000 #followers when I started watching ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚with her engaged as she yo-yos her weight loss journey with her BFF @nutfog Wether you like their slapstick improv or not, there is over 30,000 people who do. The single thing people are looking for on IG besides fame and fortune, is pure "peace on Earth and good will towards each other" #connection She is the #weightloss go to for relief from "never giving up" on getting one good day of exercise or fruit in. As the stop drop and chug friend she helps you forgive yourself when slipping off the healthy onto the gravy train. HCAF is a real person with a real life, dogs, job, family but building a creative force now on #YouTube As a team, Stephanie and Wayne started Knitting and ๐Ÿท "wine-ing" in a fall out shed they built but #nownow they are "cocktailing" ๐Ÿธ as @madgeandbisket They carve out more than turkey in their performance #forbetterorworse but what I love the most is that they are the Earnie and Bert, The Laverne and Shirley, An Odd Couple in deep rural ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธreaching out, opening doors, crazy daring, naughty, but often gut busting, making light hearted #handmade #homemade #videos letting us in on a #friendship every sip/gulp. I swear Madge and Bisket wear more make up than the "KayWuck" family looking as "Dashing" plus have as many pairs of glasses as The Great O. They #gorforit #werkit #justdoit fearlessly. #domesticgraffitiartist #redandwhite #custom #tshirt Perseverance
"The Main Event" @maxtwo.oner #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ @godiniauxarchitecte #collabisfab #streetartparis #parisstreetart #truestory Anyone recall that old Barbara Streisand movie about a boxer? The Main Event happening here is two fold. 1: It's that my French brother totally curates street art for his office. He does an amazing job sourcing talent since he let me install that woolen door handle in Paris. He and artists have been making exciting work and the neighborhood happening. My gut feeling, my FBS says there is an art business/agency in this kind of curation matching street artists with establishments and construction sites "legally" and not just for advertising. Cool real estate to work on is a must for street artists looking to gain more experience and build better profiles 2: Check out the work of the artist #maxtwooner I love line drawing and calligraphy lettering. On his page he moves easily into body art. 3: Because #threesacharm #alwaysputalittleredintoyourwork #domesticgraffitiartist #yarnbomb #yarnbombing Red Accents
"Showing Up" @themuseumofmodernart #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ @nilubuntus #truestory Christmas came early for FBS. Out of the blue I got an email from artist/teacher #KerryDowney @kerrythat inviting me to see the Community Partnership Show that FBS was generously mentioned in as part of @nyrp I was asked to make #scrapimpact #goodwillbunting and participate in the flag display party at the #miraflorescommunitygarden Kerry invited me to talk to the kids about the #bunting explaining how they got there via #scrapimpact from ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆSouth Africa proving how one donation of studio scraps could impact a community far from where the idea started. I want to prove that in the right hands donations matter and with a creative hand even scraps can become influential. I had flashbacks teaching at poor school. I actually had to stop myself from going on and on thinking they were those kids for a minute. Scrap Impact is not exactly hanging next to a Hockney or Matisse but maybe more importantly it's hanging there for a purpose greater than being in a great museum, it reminds me to keep pitching up for work. I showed up because I was committed and talking trash literally one must be a pro about it. Today, months later both MOMA and NYRP found me and rocked up for FBS in this remarkable way. Thank you so very much for including me. They mentioned it but so much time went by and I thought "let it go" then, as the saying goes "meant to be" The #MOMA brings art into communities servicing shelters helping #hivaids #refugee #lgbtq #earlychildhoodeducation #homelessness #incarceratedyouth #postincarceratedadults and more. This project asks what brings you out from your "solitary selves" into contact with others for inspiring connections. "Can the simple act of #showingup become a statement of visibility and change?" My gut feeling, my FBS says yes. If this isn't an example "to do the right thing" I don't know what is to be honest. This happened to me because I showed up. Literally. Every gig counts, it might end up in a museum. My husband said "Hello NYC Foodbabysoul has arrived" #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #studiorejects @ydawaltstudio #donation To See The Exhibition
"20 Feet From Stardom" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @lynnzarif #truestory If you are observant you know by #nownow the @rae_bk is gone. See his profile and the film made @kensoneny The building owner remarked on it first and I speculated on why it was gone and he said "I don't care about the reason. Just hope he was the one who took it" During the whole time we installed the last piece, passers by all asked "Where is the robot?" It was a testament to the power of #streetart as if you didn't know, but sometimes one does feel like people are just grinding away looking down with blinders bent forward, they aren't. They know "the who and what" in their neighborhood like hawks know every rat door. People were sad and began discussing where they have seen more and even take their kids to stroller by. I don't put my locations down for a reason. I think of it as an exclusive treat to its ephemeral nature. Cool if you see it, alright when you don't. Here today gone tomorrow. It's all trash to be trashed. Sounds dark but once you recognize that the things you have will be one day be trashed, having things becomes less desirable. Doing things more interesting. Seeing things even better. A friend of mine sent me a DM from a Wharhol show thinking of me, "An artist is someone who produces things you don't need to have" That robot was never intended to be anyone's thing. It just was and did what artist do. #domesticgraffitiartist #foundphoto @fab_scrap #textilegraffiti Back Up Singers On Walls
Representation #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #textilegraffiti #๐Ÿ™ #repost @kenziedelaine #truestory 2018 is the year of Wakanda and Crazy Rich Asians plus the most Influential Bollywood Star in Hollywood. If you are Caucasian you have probably taken for granted that you have seen yourself represented for your entire life in popular culture. Today there is no token anybody. It's nice. It's one of the reasons I didn't change the faces on these pictures. I will for โ™ป๏ธround two for sure but for round one, no. I liked these pictures because they were diverse, dark and light boys and girls. I was extremely lucky to live in Asia and Africa because I have a sense of seeing other cultures outnumber me. I also have had the experience of adapting to their countries vs them adapting to mine. It has made me a better person and a better artist. America historically tends to be the pรฉtri dish of home grown cultures that turn into worldwide viral sensations (except for 2018 person of the year on line are pop stars from Asia..which is telling about youth culture and marvelously shocking at once both equally important) NYC living is working in one of the greatest cities on Earth surrounded by a mash up of immigrant people. Walking down the street you feel the importance of knowing something about your neighborhood will make or break your dreams. I think proximity and noise can conflict with interaction here. Connecting to people through art is often met through mirroring something soulful residing in our commonness not in our differences. Individual beauty is linked to the natural world we share. Overcoming individual obstacles, be it shy, bullied, overwhelmed, and daring to taking up space as a queen are identifiers, but the greatest times are when people come together. Behind every shadow is a whole bunch of light. Find the light. Shed some light. You are the light. #domesticgraffitiartist #recycledart #foundphotos @fab_scrap Golden Opportunity
The Magical Millennials @fab_scrap #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #truestory There is a big difference between #Millennials and "Melanials" . The #Melanials choose to wear meanings on their fast fashion jackets like "I don't care, do you?" to make themselves understood. ๐Ÿ™„Millennials identify by choice rather than affiliation with institutions and they take action in their communities to create their choices. ๐Ÿ˜‡The "boss girl" example is #fabscrap the creation of a #nonprofit taking designer fabric waste, sorted by #volunteering to help save the planet scrap by scrap enticing designers and students to think sustainability when they create! The "Fab Scrap Four" are fundraising to open a Fab Scrap operation in LA plus other great projects. This ecological idea driven profile was passed onto me by recycle fiber artist @lameduserecousue ๐Ÿ™ as I was trying to make my own #scrapimpact with local designers in SA ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆMy art resources on these walls comes 90% from their warehouse. These large photos printed on plastic and spandex which would basically be on top of the heap of existing plastic growing larger not unlike breast implants in teenagers who follow the impossibly expensive #goals of IG lifestyles for beauty not health. ๐Ÿ™„(preach/rant) #sorrynotsorry There is no question that these young women care about that heap of plastic and consumer waste created by first world demand. Of course they do. They dream about a thrift shop to better service NYC and sell to the eco conscious home makers. My FBS, my gut feeling really believes in what difference they are making. Please go to their page log into their bio learn how you can win Fabric for a year, #donate or #volunteer . At the very least, all #textile #fashion #fabric #quilter #fiber #designer #artist can afford to #follow and #like them to get their platform up to 50k from 15k circulating through the algorithm of #socialmedia like many popular culture artist's #fandom floods the selling of more make up in an ocean of plastic cosmetic cases. (stop ranting already #notetoself ) Thank you for saving our planet from all of our over indulgent textile lifestyle choices. #girlpower Recycling The Fabric Of Our Lives
Digging this #streetart by #foodbabysoul
Size Matters #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #textilegraffiti #truestory Just because art goes up in scale doesn't make it good. Sometimes the bigger the better but in my opinion not always. Trying out large size canvas #foundphotos @fab_scrap is a great experience. That was a lot of fabric to shove through the machine and sew in circles. The owner's idea was "If I could get somebody up here that put some time into it, people will know I care about what happens to the property" I think that whatever is going to happen is going to happen. I believe I said this but on having the work taken or vandalized, it really only matters that you made it so you have that skill set past you and through you. I would make the next differently. You can't keep a marathon, or stop your kid from growing. You just gain the life experience. In running your muscles remember you get stronger. It builds your reputation and repertoire. Not much more than that. Thanks to everyone who supports me, especially when I work late, liking bunches of pictures, leaving comments or sending DM commenting on my writing texts. It's a means of erasing my brain and singing along to the hit pop tune #channeling #arianagrande #songoftheday #thankunext #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapimpact #recycledart #scrapart #foundphotos @fab_scrap #streetartbrooklyn #brooklynstreetart #streetartnyc #bkstreetart #brooklynstreets "Thank You, Next"
The owner of this building on Classon Avenue apparently is allowing #streetart to be put up in an attempt to beautify this ugly green construction (covering whatever that place will become in the future--there's a snarky remark to be made here, but I'll refrain from it.) I like it. #foodbabysoul #becoming . . . . . #brookyn #brooklynstreets #clintonhill #classon #street #art
He said "The World Can Use A Little More Female Energy" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought I would Tag the owner who said this to me but he doesn't do Instagram. The work is up there. I totally forgot in the hustle to deliver in a timely professional manner, to take detail ๐Ÿ“ธ of the sequined @tiffanyandco Teal birds for @heidivanlogg Here tho is a #scrapfact for good feels. Every bird on this piece was once wrapped around trees @leopardfrock @mariannefasslerofficial for 6 months before getting a makeover and landing here as #silenttweets There is something on here from almost every FBS era and anyone who's helped me get to this particular work outside of my own gutsy drive to #nevergiveup Thank you to @ydawaltstudio @klipajeans @fab_scrap In particular @ann_with_an_ie (tap tags for resources) I must add @therealpandemonia because without a muse to amuse the #personoftheyear would have been Planet ๐ŸŒ Earth. As #fandom is a major power player, therefore I nominate ๐Ÿผ for 2019 #fanart #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #trashart #scrapart #foundphoto #streetartbrooklyn #brooklynstreetart #streetarteverywhere #streetartnyc #bkstreetart She said "The Multidimensional Aspect OF This Work Is My Favorite Part"
Gallery of Lexington Avenue. #FoodBabySoul
Workin' For Peanuts #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #peanuts #streetfood #truestory I get a call from my driver, "Hello?" "Where You At?" "Workin' what's up?" "Come outside. I got you peanuts" When I told him "I actually got paid" He said "How much?" I told him. He laughed. "I'll give it all to you driving" and he said "Noooo, You gotta frame that up on the wall and look at it. Be inspired" He raised his hands up towards the fragrant double strung black ice trees hanging from the rear view mirror and framed them with his hands , and I said "I thought about that too. Make it goals" "That's right" "Nice haircut. Call you later. I gotta work and Gracias This means a lot to me" and same for you guys, later. I actually showered, I am a dog when I "cave" but have breakfast and lunch box to do...I slept a couple hours and am done designing but not done sewing and stuffing fabric through that arm hole of a machine. For the record I love my old machine like @kitty_knitter says "We love them like a cowboy loves an old horse" I was just trying to rhyme with "Lambo" besides I found all the sewing machine needles I couldn't find before looking for stuff I never found last night. So I can break more. Just means what I can't find, it's all for another piece. That is how it goes working fast. You edit much better to get it done. That's why it's called deadlines. You kill stuff to make it. #domesticgraffitiartist #wip Sugar Roasted Crack Street Peanuts With The Twisted Sister Closure...
"Imagine" Beatle Birds #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #Beatles #scrap @fab_scrap #truestory My friend @heidivanlogg was totally awesome to chat with me during the Global Citizen Concert in SA. It got me through that artwork, remembering it still makes me smile. #alwaysputsomethingpersonalinyourwork She is the only human being on my what's app because she requested it. I can't handle more than one. She asked if we could switch from Iphone and I was like "That is the phone I am watching it on, I can't " She indulged me anyway....totally. โค๏ธ You have no idea what fun I had. We were like two sportscasters, she is better because she is the definition of short message sent. Very pro. I was ripping on an American performer all day and she would simply say "Oh him" I was ๐Ÿ˜‚up across the Atlantic Ocean. Then Eddie Vader came on. I never owned a Pearl Jam album but dated a guy who knew him personally. Seattle is a small town. Heidi was like "Let's see how this goes down in Africa. Quite Nirvana. He's losing me.Nobody clapped. ๐Ÿ™ˆ" Then he started to sing Imagine, and I was absolutely "Oh man, not this song" and Heidi said "I never bonded with this song. I never bonded with the Beatles. Does that make me a lesser person?" I was cracking up ๐Ÿ˜‚. I punted for Sergent Peppers but she said, "No" and added "Bruce would have rocked these Africans" Heidi took me to see Bruce Springsteen, "Can you imagine?" I know it was amazing. Golden Circle style. I know right. I love a friend who knows what they like. John Lennon has serious bug eyes in this print, maybe that is why this got scrapped. He looks crazy. George was my favorite Beatle gently weeping with his guitar influenced of course by another boyfriend. You will never see these details high up on the wall. I thought Heidi would like them because they aren't singing in the final piece. They are "The Sound of Silence" I wonder if she likes Simon and Garfunkel? ๐Ÿค” #domesticgraffitiartist #wip #redandwhite #silkscredn #like #comment #tag The Fab Scrap Four
Simple Singer #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #truestory I don't need a Lamborghini, I could use a "Bernini" The simplest Bernina @berninausa I have seen is 1000 USD new. I would press the pedal to floor with that and speeeeeed. This Simple @singersweingmachines cost me 90 Bucks at a sewing lessons shop in my neighborhood that didn't have sewing needles on hand. I bought this cuz I was desperate for needles and my 1973 Singer Jean Genie is fatigued. I have broken one needle slicing my finger tip a couple days ago shoving this #foundphoto @fab_scrap through. Two left. I think about all the shit people rap about drippin' in chains an' gold...someone is gonna go ape shit for my work and give me an awesome sewing machine to ride like a big shiny Lambo and hang it in the Louvre Modern #dreambig Listening to #catstevens #greatesthits known today as #jusuf My gut feeling, My Foodbabysoul says some producer is going to cover this entire album with various artists because it's just so positive. Remember #peacetrain cover by #nataliemerchant When I had dark hair people said I resembled her a little. "If I find my hard headed woman I know the rest of my life will "be best" Cat Stevens is a Feminist for sure. Ok...it's going to be a late one... #selfinflicted ...keep me company...in spirit ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ฅ Note @tiffanyandco colored thread...I can't help myself...watch the video, love the song, I will DM you the video my phone keeps streaming it in my feed cuz I ๐Ÿ’™ its colors...I have a Tiffany story but another time...#domesticgraffitiartist #wip #foundphoto @fab_scrap #redandwhite #silkscreen #like #comment #tag "Oh Very Young What Will You Leave Us This Time"
"Showtime! King's Back! It's Meek (Me) Time" @meekmill #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #milidelphia #songoftheday #truestory #rap Whatever inspires you to get the job done, play it hard, play it loud, (wooo) ... My FBS needs pressure like the famous Basquiat who they say "wealth fed his longtime appetite for drugs" ...I told you I was raised by drunks, #allornothing but the difference between me and them is I lived in China #watchwhatyouwishfor This is my current studio vibe. It gives you the before and during, I am surprised my husband hasn't left me But This is what he "married me" for. I will post after the install. I sew everything on. I don't use glue or glue guns etc. I need to be able to take a seam riiiiiiiiiiper like Jack (ewww) and โ™ป๏ธโ™ป๏ธโ™ป๏ธ. Their trash is my trash which is trashed and #repurposed served up by FBS. Whatever gets you going, do more of it so often "it's like brushing your teeth" This piece is for @ann_with_an_ie (and "yo mama" who follows me cuz she knows I have your back) without you the cosmos would have not spoken (and I haven't invited you for lunch to see my studio and this ain't the back half ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š) and to @heidivanlogg who spent the whole SA Global Citizen concert with me cuz that's friends (now you know why I never cooked or had play dates...the "Food" was all over the floors." #makeitpersonal I am not making art people...I am making sense out of memories In NYC. Whatever works right? #domesticgraffitiartist #wip #foundphoto @fab_scrap "Who the fuck goin' to babysit?"
Big ๐ŸŽ #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #detail #eyeshadow @tiffanyandco (serious..teal color will take over your life) #truestory Life is just contrast. It's the biggest inspiration in my life, art and how my gut feeling, my Foodbabysoul functions. Our Times are very interesting. Everything seems to be going topsy turvy but really it's just adjusting contrasts. Example, wealth is looking pretty gross, excessive, and polluting if you follow the tweets of the current Commander in Chief. He is doing things his way but it's mean. He is leaving mean behind like a slug trail. "Why you gotta be so mean?" #channeling #taylorswift #songoftheday Celebs want to save the planet. Ok then quit selling consumption along with your lavish lifestyles for envy. They fill trash cans too. Consider what you hawk and to whom and the price point of your fandom. How I know minds are changing. My NYC driver said "All those women singers, I don't know about their voices, but they gotta shake a lot of ass for that money. I would rather be you. You are free" He is an immigrant, came to America for a better life, and he basically saying the "good life" looks different. "The fish stinks from the head down" The contrast we feel might seem scary but it is often just in the presentation. That little bitty apple ๐ŸŽpictured is small but the word "Big"changes the entire meaning. Maybe your entire appetite too. My FBS is starting to see the light in this darkness because every "old white man" eulogy we hear, they go out with kindness which is in direct contrast to what feels like is happening out of the mouth of the "Leader in a not so free world" People do not remember what you do, they remember how they feel when you did it, that is why they remember it. So, if nobody is saying "hello" in a long queue be that person to provide the contrast, you might get a few followers in alignment. One can't always "Be Best" (you can do the best you can tho, that is in all of us) but you can "Be Big" (being the cards we are dealt, only you know what being bigger is for you shuffling in your guts) The "hope" the "change" might just be staring at you in the face through #contrast #domesticgraffitiartist Be BIG
Another Windy City #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #NYC #truestory The bit of wind blowing off the #hat #scrap @ydawaltstudio gave me fond memories of The Art Instititute of Chicago so when @michelleobama would describe the weather in Chicago, I understood. I walked by Cabrini Green often, which were projects today no longer there. Once I went to a fashion show in a school on the South Side with metal detectors at the entrance and gynecological stirrups down the halls. Every student was pregnant. The designer I interned for was a pregnant teen in her day and she gave inspirational fashion shows and made prom dresses for the pregnant teenaged seniors. Michelle would have been at Harvard by then or just starting her high powered law job and we briefly shared the same city with @oprah who turned 40. So as I was the only white girl working at an all African American design house, she was doing her thing too. Tough neighborhoods in the Southside are real. I rarely past the White Castle on my street. We went to that school in a white stretch limo. I brought an educator from Europe who judged me for my lack of "pedigree" and let's say I was trying to be inclusive. I know right? Those people still exist in this day and age. She was the one that got an education that day. All girls should be educated under every life circumstance, including closed minded women. I have to stop being so mad at people who have snubbed me, so will Mrs Obama, because she will have to shake hands with the current president by sheer protocol until death. And she did. Sometimes you have to educate your haters by surprising them with decency and an alternative view of their world by being that person with greater depth. "Hatred corrodes the container it's carried in" said Alan Simpson at yesterday's presidential funeral. I thought of me and then Michelle in front of him and I hoped America would never get another tweet. #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti NYC
How Your Stories Become My Stories #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #instastories #๐Ÿ™ #repost @godiniauxarchitecte @nadianeo #truestory I really must thank some folks for featuring me recently in their stories like @kristycnyc @florever75 @montserratvargas_h I really appreciate it because I don't make my own because I am not the camera buff...but I do know how to put them in my story to punt everybody through my page because here at FBS I want to try and give everyone a seat at my table. FBS does a lot of #brandstanding especially for the people who donate textiles to me or for the nonprofit @fab_scrap where the sparkling wing and bird face was sourced. I am loyal like my dog, but I also am grateful, remembering who gets me where I am going because one rarely gets there alone. However I recently read a fascinating article and watched a video of how people are quitting their day jobs or actually not getting a job at all to get paid to punt products in their super amazing popular feeds. Me as a "bottom feeder" in the ocean of algorithms in the big picture of #influencing am just reposting so we all can find interesting people outside our bubbles through me documenting the FBS experience. Nobody is beholden to me nor me to them, it's just my principle to never bite the hand that feeds you. Once somebody said "Don't take it personally" in regards to me thinking "Why don't they repost this" I don't take it personally, I find it important to recognize people out here because "everything on Instagram is for sale" Caring about people who look at your work or promote it is very valuable. Besides with all the #like options promoting automatic reply #likes I worry about people becoming robots themselves as AI is taking over. People posting your work is an indication that there are more people you will never know who has seen your work. Therefore in the rare instances I have a "ring on it" tap and maybe you will meet some new profiles of like minded people. Thank you all. #domesticgraffitiartist #detail #silenttweet #textilegraffiti Yours Mine Ours
"Google Kukeri" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @pbodymahon #truestory First this proves that I am not lying that @rae_bk is a rockstar...but the best is what people think it is. This iger wrote "Christmas decorations in Bed Stuy" which cracked ๐Ÿ˜‚me up. There is another shot where they say "Don't jump Robot!" And my Bulgarian friend takes the cake with #kukeri being that by @raespotting the #streetartist is dispelling evil spirits away. Wonderfulbecause this future cafe cocktail eatery opening Spring/Summer #brooklyn will be good vibes only. Thanks ๐Ÿ™ Rae! One passerby said, "Those Addias look in good shape too" Everybody brings what they want to artwork. I can explain a mile a day my art and intentions in FBS with you, (btw it's ๐Ÿ’Œ to my daughter) but in the end, people bring to it what they want, what they know, what they care about. That truth is pretty fun when they like your art as much as this #streetsculpture My collage is like a parispoleglobe just hanging around the main event. It's making for a great memory and I feel so lucky to be in a chance line up. #domesticgraffitiartist #streetartbrooklyn #brooklynstreetart #bkstreetart #streetarteverywhere A Closer Look At Rae
"Bullies Were Scared People Hiding Inside Scary People" @michelleobama #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #bullyproof #truestory Sometimes it seems like #socialmedia is more about "Be best" at #bullying than to #stopbullying This piece is about #becoming #bullyproof You have to understand a bully to be immune from their efforts to take you down. They usually are dealing with stuff that has nothing to do with you. Today, bullying seems like a sport. Celebrities go public and say "I am a human too" Michelle herself is famous for #whentheygolowwegohigh One gets ๐Ÿ‘ and sometimes famous for #shade or putting people in their place online on the news or going viral being crass. Belittling is taking center stage. Once FBS had a great opportunity that came ironically through a person who put me AND my husband down. I was furious all over again. Still eats at me when I let it because one usually thinks there is some truth to it. That's the hardest part to come to terms with. I wrote a friend about it and he said "You don't have to be friends with them to do this. " I trusted my #gutfeeling my Foodbabysoul, and took his advice. He helped me move forward in both my art business and my pain from it. I went "high" and the result was that FBS was raised higher. In this piece I chose to use #foundpatches on the #foundphoto from @fabscrap The military vibe represents how the former Flotus has a place in her heart โค๏ธ for the familes of the ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธarmed forces who wear a #resilient โค๏ธ on their sleeve. I was a military kid. His dreads are a halo of flowers, added a classic FBS #bowtie and applied "Tiffany" eyeshadow to blur a gender line because I feel all Americans should be able to join the military. Support #lgbtq ๐ŸŒˆ #transgender in every way. The ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ are his magic to push away any hurt that doesn't belong to him. Just imagine all these @klipajeans #scrapimpact ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ floating around you too. Just push it all aside. We don't have to be friends with scary people who are scared of the real life you represent. Learning forgiveness is a super hero skill in life. Until you master that simply be the๐ŸŒŸ#domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #detail Bully Proofing
This Guy #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #installation #truestory My driver could not work. I went anyway. I had to rock up because I extended the deadline from Friday to Monday. My mind didn't give me a vision so I delayed and pulled an all nighter. The owner with a New York Jamaican accent and a Will Smith vibe was anxious to get done because his building keeps getting tagged. Putting up streetart is an effort towards showing the neighborhood that he cares about how it looks. He hired me to make something that would promote more street art than tags which prompted me to talk gentrification and art washing. Always a good conversation to have and to consider what audience benefits from your art besides yourself. This installation was in the stars. He has the ladders, the drill, and the space for the #foundphotos @fab_scrap When it comes to working on the street you need equipment. What I have learned is that in the "before" conversation ask about tools and help. Seeing him up there adds to the miracle as much as the wall size itself. You have to give kudos to an artist like @rae_bk because his work is even higher and it just showed up one night. I was so tired (don't feel sorry for me, I asked for it) that big ladder was heavy to move. So doing the size chart, you need a car to haul a huge ladder etc. I remember pitching my work to a woman about my art and she showed me an artist who does it 25 times bigger hanging off the side of cathedrals and shit with 25 people helping and I was like part "cool" but also "way to chop me off at the knees" The best part was asking, " Are you on Instagram can I show you what my work looks like?" "I don't do #socialmedia here is my card. It's all yours, if you can do it, it's yours" My original plan was too labor intensive, so when I made the first piece. He loved it. In fact he asked if he could put it in the restaurant yesterday. Of course he can, he is such a good guy. To his credit, me being fried eyed, he eyeballed the measuring. I said "You did that so well. Thank you" and he said "I am an interior designer" Too cool for school. #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #foundphotos @fab_scrap #scrapimpact ๐Ÿ™
๐ŸŽ#foodbabysoul #foodforthought #textilegraffiti #truestory The longer I was up on the ladder, I became a street artist magnet or even better people began asking the owner if he knew more artists to do a mural on their property. The future cafe restaurant owner would say "When she is done, show me your work and we will talk" Once open he will curate wall space for art installations. He asked me "You dont have a problem with your art in a restaurant do you because some artists do?" "Really? Not me" I "lurve" popular culture everywhere. I am weary of the impact of social media but it does provide reference to the very instant something sends a tremor through society. For example I specifically stole the eyeshadow vibe from the Alice in Wonderland video that popped up on my feed from @tiffanyandco I wanted the wall to be as sumptuous as the video with the single apple and few pears that one imagines eating from the political "garden of Eden" planted by @michelleobama in her book #Becoming at the same time smelling the famous rose garden at the White House wafting past even tho those fruits grow on trees. #symbolic Her platform revolved around "Food" something we have in common but of course #sameonlydifferent She was trying to teach ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ and big business about health and making fresh produce affordable. FBS is teaching my daughter about art making and growing a career from the ground up. This is about gumption as much as about wearing "Resilient" next to the heart on your sleeve. My work is built in scrapping, but as much as that is a self portrait, these are portraits of a generation. My daughter is "blossoming" in Brooklyn and I believe like Nelson Mandela that "Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great." My gut feeling, my foodbabysoul says that her generation the GenZ, the digital natives have said "Enough is Enough" "We are enough" "This is enough" Kids in ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธUSA skip school in America to protest guns ๐Ÿ”ซ, kids in ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บAustralia protest for the ๐ŸŒEnvironment. When I started, ONE girl brought natural hair for black girls back in ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆSouth Africa. I feel the greatness. #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapimpact #streetartbrooklyn #streetartnyc #brooklynstreetart ๐ŸŒน
"Becoming" A Miracle #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #streetartbrooklyn #brooklynstreetart #bkstreetart #truestory Up on a ladder..."Excuse me. Do you know who made that up there?" @rae_bk from 10 till 2pm. Look tho! @georgecollagi and @iampjazz are still there too! So what is the miracle? Let me tell you that it comes in a woman @nicholethompsonadams who is about as tall as that @raespotting figure who came bubbling by me asking some questions and I said "The pieces are inspired by @michelleobama and her new book #Becoming that I told over and over again to anyone not asking about the "Rae Bae" Then she said "My daughter just interviewed Michelle Obama yesterday @blackgirlsrock see here is my daughter" She shows me a photo of a beauty and says "It's too not far from here" ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ƒI was too tired to "Scream and Shout and Let It All Out" but it energized my spirit as she took pictures and I explained the work a little more. She is long time buddies with the nice man who is renovating the actual space. He gave me my first ever cash payment. Thank you. There is one more piece but I am going to nap just #nownow but before that, I must send much thanks to @ann_with_an_ie who leads the volunteer program @fab_scrap for asking me in Spring, "Would these #foundphotos interest Foodbabysoul?" I had no idea at the time but I just had a gut feeling and trusted my FBS and said "Yes!!" I am so grateful today and happy I held onto them for the perfect space because #streetart is like love. When one stops searching for it, eventually a big gorgeous juicy corner wall finds you with a rockstar and enough room for groupies to add on. #domesticgraffitiartist #wip #textilegraffiti #scrapimpact #โ™ป๏ธ #trashart #collage #streetarteverywhere Brooklyn Street Corners
Silent Night Tweet #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #truestory I am not on Twitter and I wish 45 wasn't either. These birds are silent Tweets. They have their eyes closed and mouths shut. The #Becoming series inspired by the @michelleobama book is a ๐Ÿ’Œ to my daughter illustrating (literally) my work and this specific think process. The client said "You can get political" so I am...ever so slightly..."I got kids" he said. "I have a kid too" but, I don't choose to be a totally silent artist about the comings and goings of our state of affairs. The funny thing is that I think the former Flotus is in Brooklyn tonight punting her book...Sure hope she does a drive by shooting with her cell phone. Wouldn't that really be a chat with the universe. You never know. The work is full of symbolism of her ideas and accomplishment and especially the growing of that garden of food. There was also a wonderful quote by Mandela at the global citizen concert I will end with that sums up this body of work. Especially because the choice scraps come from @fab_scrap This bird is recycled from my one woman march on Trees in JHB back in January 2016 with some "Yda Feet" Anyway, I gotta hand sew all the #mavieenrose ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน I enjoy the #44 #detail The only pieces I own come in the right background colors. #domesticgraffitiartist #wip #textilegraffiti #ihaveathingforrepetition "Let Your Greatness Blossom"
"They Want To See Me In A Cage" @meekmill #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #truestory Doing my first listen after that Global Citizen concert is high priority and hard acts to follow...so I find Meek Mill, attracted to his name cuz I had this family I eased into called Meek in my Arizona years as a kid. One day a good friend of theirs came off a cruise in Alaska stopped by my shop and asked me if I wanted to say Hi to the Meeks in the camera before the cell phone naturally decade or so after I moved away and thought I would never see them again. The last and only time I went back to Arizona, Mrs Meek said something like "Remember the video you made us? Everyone in the room felt how much you love us" My FBS has no idea what I said by then or #nownow , but it's something that is right about me. #channeling #meekmill #songoftheday #milladelphia #domesticgraffitiartist #deadline #detail #wip #textilegraffiti #foundface #foundphoto @fabscrap Who Ain't Gonna Sleep Tonight? MEโ—๏ธ
Peeeeeeeoooople Dont Steal My Shit! #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #truestory Just got this from the building owner...Give a gal a break...This guy is giving me an opportunity with some recompense! Come on streets stay with me...I am that person! You don't wanna own this! You wanna ask me. I make one for you...This is for the people! This is to help this nice guy out. We all know a street artist has no control over it, it's part of the game but shit it doesn't hurt to ask the universe and send the vibes out there. As if one could really control it. #nevergiveup Don't be greedy! Keep that beautiful girl up there! She is every woman like Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan. People are asking me who she is. She is just a beautiful girl. She could be me she could be you. Let her live. (To anyone following following my enthusiasm for the global citizen concert SA...Beyoncรฉ looked amazing) #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffitti #scrapimpact The Becoming Series
Go TIWA @tiwasavage #foodbabysoul #foodforthought SPAM ME @johannesburginyourpocket With your photos and stories !!!! ๐Ÿ—ฃ @leopardfrock @mariannefasslerofficial 90's super model @naomi is rocking her cloth and it ain't no scraps like I got here in my basement studio!!! I am rocking out with an I phone whatever and my mobile Harmon Kardon...and I am there. Let's just say @africayourtimeisnow I know you all are waiting for Bey Jay but these AFRICANS rule the world. You all know it we all come from Africa. Shit I gotta get this work done and it's so hard to concentrate with this noise and beat. I don't even need to be there to dance cuz I am dancing with myself! Thanks @glblctzn and Madiba for life! #mandela100 #globalcitizenfestivalsa I am so ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ. Hugs @fab_scrap for these #foundphotos and @klipajeans for my wax #domesticgraffitiartist #wip Go Johannesburg South Africa
Scale #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @iampjazz featuring @rae_bk @georgecollagi #truestory I woke up at 6:30 ready to work on the last panel to 12 hours of @glblctzn The festival is on. I made crepes and my husband turned down the volume, and my daughter said "I forgot how much I love the accent" Then I said "The Beat" and My husband "Turn It down I haven't had my coffee yet" and I started faux twerking around him. The costume @shomadjozi On Stage Right #nownow is killing me. Watch on You Tube. So LIVE AID. Remember that. I cried ๐Ÿ˜ญ like a girl fan when Bono sang in the day. I recently rewatched Queen's performance. They are talking about unsafe toilets. Crazy no? They want to earn 1 billion , that is chump change for a few tech billionaires...Maybe it's important we learn to scrape our pennies for each other because it brings us together to give instead of just throwing money at it and "becoming" bored. Work is empowering. One thing is certain tho entertainment rules coin. They are asking you to use your phones right now. Everything is so instant. Jay Z and Beyoncรฉ will not be fully televised to leave something special for the activists who earned the tickets. It's all about the exclusivity. Folks will post it for the "๐Ÿ hive" you know it...What has all this got to do with this post? Together we are stronger. Bill Gates @gatesfoundation just gave 7 million. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ฅFBS Has always said #action is everything in right inside your very own home and family. #domesticgraffitiartist #collage #streetartbrooklyn #brooklynstreetart #brooklyn Spotting Rae_bk Has Never Been Easier @raespotting
Resilient #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #resilience #truestory In #Becoming @michelleobama speaks about visiting military veterans in hospital. One soldier had a sign on his door telling you to go away if you pity him because he got hurt doing what he loved. For the love of people and for country. "I am incredibly tough and will make a full recovery" and former Flotus said "This was resilient" When in Alaska in October I had lunch with two peeps who literally made my first year in France at 17 possible. They asked me how NYC was treating me. I told them some stories. He looked at me and said "They don't know who their dealing with do they?" "No and they have no idea." We laughed because I obviously wear my heart on my sleeve. I got a bunch of these "resilient" clothing tags @fab_scrap I have been putting them on sleeves like this since I found them. I want to make tons of cloth patches that people can โ™ป๏ธ and sew the on the sleeves of their hoodies jackets and jeans because after the shade Mrs OBama threw at the current administration we may have to soldier up and use whatever #resilience we have, no matter what side you are on to get through and past 2020. It's going to be a big fight for the win. My patches will be a reminder sign that you are strong. I looked at my old friend and we also talked about America and he said "We'll will get through this." #domesticgraffitiartist #detail #wip #redandwhite #silkscreen #like #comment #tag Hearts On Sleeves
No Fear #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #foundphoto @fab_scrap #truestory So @michelleobama is sitting quietly with Nelson Mandela in her book #Becoming At the same time she was there, I was living in JHB. That is why this book is so real, one can almost You Tube it all. Tomorrow tho, in JHB , @trevornoah will host the @glblctzn concert. Who is going? Do tell! This book teaches how to become #fearless through working. My daughter has an audition tomorrow and she has to draw an interior. I draw on an easel. So I set it up after giving her a few books last night to look at with a lesson in measuring. I left her and came down here to work on this. An hour later, my husband was breaking my flow telling me she was freaking out. "I know, interiors from life are hard" So I go upstairs, and her eyes were moist, puffy, and defeated. She was choosing to draw in a way, I would never, but she was solving her problem and it looked good enough to me. "You have to pitch up with what you know. This is for school not an exhibition in the Louvre." @fluxtrends recently posted that Singapore was leaving the practice of ranking kids by exams. My FBS says that it's a great idea because being good at exams and good at life are two very different things. Exam results are black and white. Life results in "50 shades of gray" and so many other tones mixed in with it that it's refreshing a country wants to grow a child and not a test score. I think that is what becoming is about. Growing individuals and growing a healthy society as a result. #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapimpact #wip Garden of Fearlessness
Skyscraper Delight #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #detail #foundphoto @fabscrap #truestory The handmade silkscreen buildings that I needle felted some light from within are trash from @ydawaltstudio Being choice collage fodder from the original 13 bags of studio scraps and rejects that changed the course of my work, I use them for what my FBS says are the "can never be made again pieces" I will recuperate these works at some point in the construction of the renovation of the "derelict" building but the weather will change them. I will add and subtract from them, hang them elsewhere, besides Yda has stopped these productions for a few years. The work is all circumstances of materiality, times and places, and chance except that I edit and curate everything I use and like @fab_scrap "save them from landfills" for as long as I can but not buying more from producers reducing waste consumption. The little yellow IXAT come from an umbrella I found as a curb find. Classic NYC. I flipped it to create direction. I just this second noticed that. Sometimes I work past my bedtime. Before I became FBS, I once collaborated with an artist very totally completely high on drugs showing me our work, I pointed out that she repeated a figure in the editing process and she said "You know what they say" "No?" I asked "What is completely wrong with the work might be what is right with it." So in my guts, my Foodbabysoul, I went with it. It sold for a second highest bid at a fund raiser and sealed my credibility as an artist, she, however, fell off the face Earth as far as I know to this day. "Shame" #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapimpact #scrapart #recycledart Becoming A New Yorker
Pedal to the Medal #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #detail #foundphoto @fab_scrap #machineapplique #scrapart #truestory The clock is ticking towards a deadline as the sewing machine chugs and my foot chases the pedal sliding further away from me on that slippery "Trump" style white marble tile. When I saw the foot near the sewing needle listening to the modern day life in the "44" White House described in the book #Becoming by @michelleobama I thought of the words #donttreadonme Then I googled the Gadsden Flag, it's a flag originally representing freedom and liberty for soldiers in the revolutionary war. It has controversial and racial issues today. Shame. If you think about that rattlesnake bite if you dare step on its back, I think it says a lot about the American resolve with guns and growing tensions on immigration. Translates as "Dont Foik With Me" Intimidation and "I will fight for this" comes to my FBS and my mind. Pure 200 plus years ago fear. #keepup I do not think I have ever thought about the comings and goings of the ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธWhite House until the last two years. Is it because of the smart phone? I think it's just the cocktail party in my mind where everything patriotic is playing out. The world of privilege has time for this and we beg those who don't to vote. The contrast of what came before and what is #nownow , tells me why the very people who need to be interested aren't. That is who we ask to vote. FBS art is my very own flag of sorts like your music is your anthem and your home your museum. That story telling doesn't need to be told because it comes out your soul through your pores. Maybe the world isn't bored, they're just plain old tired and fatigued of being tread on. #justsaying #domesticgraffitiartist #wip Detail For Size
Screen Shot ๐Ÿ™ @georgecollagi #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #repost #collage #truestory The shoes belong to @rae_bk but there is a profile called @raespotting On the day I met the building owner I pointed to a work I have had my eye on for a while and I said "Wouldn't It be nice if an artist like that would come along for you?" When I looked at @rae_bk I saw it was his work I have admired all along. The new collage on the wall is by @georgecollagi tap on his profile and check him out. It's nice. He calls it the third wheel. Then his friend @iampjazz said in a comment that they left a 4th wheel. I think that is cool. I let the owner know so he leaves it there... #themorethemerrier #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #scrapimpact (tap tags for resources) #foundphoto @fab_scrap Reposted
"NYC Always Awakened Such An Awe In Me" @michelleobama #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #detail #NYC scrap from @fab_scrap #truestory I have left the Obamas going on a date night in Manhattan. Former Flotus said former Potus "felt the wild energy and diversity of the New York City which had proven the perfect hatching place for his intellect and imagination as a student" He sounds like my 14 year old daughter in our 12 months living here. I have never seen anyone bloom so fast and so bold that my own apprehension about NYC feels ridiculous and childish. My daughter is "becoming" and I am slowly but surely growing out of a premonition that as Michelle might say "I am good enough" or simply "I am enough" as my daughter's former headmistress would tell the girls, to me saying "enough". You can't be told those words. You have to figure it out even counting blades of grass if you have to. A friend of mine said "The world is bored" My husband said "There are individuals who are bored" Another friend quoted an astronaut " When you are up there, you don't like humans so much. If all the humans died, the Earth would revert and go on" Sounds like Instagram. The quote ended with, "If all humans live, the Earth might die" Dear Human in Orbit. I am using as much trash as I can to make my art to help #savetheplanet The book #Becoming is an interesting inspiration for these works because regardless of how one chooses to be critical of it as a memoir you cannot deny the arresting historical implication of what their lives endured getting there,being there, and what they want for the world. It really makes you not want to let just any Tom Dick or Harry or Jane or John Doe run your country anymore. This book #Becoming will make for a very big Hollywood movie because it plays out just like one. It's written for everything they stand for. One thing is for sure, empowerment works. It won the Obamas some forever time in history books and Google searches but only if we care enough to make forever everlasting on this planet. #โ™ป๏ธ Be "fearless not earless" #domesticgraffitiartist #wip #scrapimpact #textilegraffiti " NYC Is Big And Busy Enough To Dwarf Anyone's Ego"
Partridge In A Pear Tree #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #detail #truestory I know, dont start with Christmas right? Each one of these birds has a cut out face from a selection of scraps @fab_scrap The pieces are so big and the wall is so big, (always bigger than you think), that the details and the words #leader #strong #daring that for My FBS, fall into the empowerment that @michelleobama writes about and raises money for wishing all girls an education, but very likely won't be seen from the ground or in the pictures...These collages remind me of a toy brand in France I would buy for my daughter...If our art brain is a sponge then creating is like the water flowing through your fingers when totally saturated and one wrings it out on the work. #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapimpact #silkscreen #collage Leader In Strong And Daring
"Fulfillment is a Rich Person's Conceit" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #challenger #truestory My FBS has to get back to work plus back to challenging myself for this client who my driver noted "That is a nice person"...The quote above is from @michelleobama in her book #Becoming Hearing her read is like Instagram to the ears #forbetterandforworse I haven't even gotten up to the part where her husband famously makes the "red states,blue states" speech at the DNC 2004. I knew then, in my foodbabysoul, my guts, he would be president, just like in my guts I knew the current president would win. Don't try her at your house. "You do you" is what she is about. As contemporaries, I recognize her ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ. As white, I still feel similarities in moving from one milieu to another by sheer education and being an outlier. Many people I meet have lived more wealth and are more traveled than their parents ever dreamed of, regardless of race and sometimes country. It's how progress works. We became because of what was before us. Life improves but we trashed the planet despite the Science of the 70's. Today's kids inherit a heap of garbage but reap the benefits of even more diversity than Michelle's first generation of truly non segregated African Americans despite the everlasting racism she experienced. Experiences that we must end ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ worldwide today. Living in America, being connected you get more #woke everyday. Sometimes a rude awakening. The Obamas are such young American seasoned politicians watching them work it like, super powered platforms as Oprah Ellen Gwyneth plus other billionaire profilers all chasing the same module of mass "significance" "community" with all different reasons of squad goals in wellness spirituality giving "awareness" through storytelling. I think Michelle just reached that "Diana" status as a figure of empowerment. She has shook not a hand, but maybe just maybe, she shook a finger at politics as a disease eating at us like AIDS killing people who became excluded from society until the "People's Princess" held on firmly in that memorable yet very public handshake. So far, I am riveted. The #thefirstisalwaysthebest #domesticgraffitiartist Be
"Hey Rae" @rae_bk #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #lucky #sculpture #becoming #textilegraffiti #foundphoto @fabscrap #applique #silkscreen #scrapimpact #truestory I was scootering down the street and I saw two tall men looking up at the sculpture and I said from across the street "Hey, you guys aren't going to take that down are you?" They weren't but what they were doing is cleaning up the random tagging all over the property. We talked and he said "I wish I knew a street artist" and I said "I am a street artist. I can make you something and if I can't I will connect you to some one." "If someone would put a Biggie nobody would touch it" "I can't do you a Biggie but I can show you what I can offer" It's going to pour down rain on this piece but as I was installing, an artist came by eyeing the real estate...I am glad I didn't wait another day. #moresoon #domesticgraffitiartist #brooklynstreetart #streetarteverywhere #streetartnyc #streetart Thanks For Being There
"Just Go!" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #wip #truestory I got the go ahead from the client. When you stand in front of a person and they say " I wish I knew a street artist" and you say "I am a street artist" and they don't know you from Adam or Eve, you want to be sure they know what they are getting. Not head scratching, and thinking "Now why did I listen to this grey haired lady on her Micro scooter" #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti "Becoming" Unstoppable
Becoming Street Art #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #newwork #truestory Currently obsessed with the marketing of the former First Lady Michelle OBama and her new book #becoming It's the volume one, and the first is always the best. I decided on making this work for this client based on my ideas of what it means to be a woman under the new definition "to become" for the idea that something "becomes her" is outdated. I have Beyoncรฉ on my mind as well, because she somewhat runs the world on a certain level in my brains. I started the piece earlier in the week, but I put my "family first" so I "crunked" it out just #nownow listening to her book. The next pieces will be based on what I got out of the book. The first thing I have taken from the book is that every person is definitely worth their own memoir. Not just a story but your wisdom about the time in which you lived. The physical and the emotional landscape. Her spouse, the former President Barack OBama will have an amazing volume two/too. #domesticgraffitiartist #wip #textilegraffiti Street Art Becomes Us
What Is Muji? #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ #๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต #truestory 'Tis the birthday season and so we fell asleep on the C Brooklyn to Manhattan to go to two Japanese stores. One a book store 3 stories tall and another @mujiusa Standing in front of the aromatherapy bar, I said to the smell maid "Please don't hate me but this feels like the IKEA of Asia. Am I correct?" She cracked up. This is a store, a very popular one that doesn't ask "Can I help you?" They just say "Hello" This is not the point of my post...It's that if you think your phone is keeping tabs on everything you do, (we know it does)...but so does the course of your own feed starts to play out in real life...Wasn't I just talking about Finland? Japanese and Fins have an on going love โค๏ธaffair of great design. If you are interested in Finland, pinch and read... meanwhile #muji is in short is no branding and quality goods since 1980 (where have I been) , "simplicity and emptiness yield ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people" The best thing they provide other than you can do your own aroma chemistry, stamp your packaging like mad, is that they custom embroider. Fins would so love that. #whoknew #whatinspiresme #domesticgraffitiartist #redandwhite #like #comment #tag Muji Are Empty Vessels
A Miracle On 42 Street #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #winniethepooh #nyclibrary #therealreal #therealdeal #truestory It's my daughter's "birthday season" as one friend calls it. I โค๏ธ her for inspiring such a concept. As my daughter and I were walking from one Japanese store to the next...I saw and said aloud "NYC Library 42 Second Street! Wait honey, I think Winnie The Pooh is here! Can we go ask if he is here?" "Why not" "Excuse me? Is this where..." "Right around the corner." We were the first but not for long...and then a woman spoke to me saying "I had no idea" then I told her everything I knew as I told you in a previous post. 750,000 people walk around that corner a year to see perfectly restored dingy toy textiles stuffed into our collective "100 Aker" memories. #domesticgraffitiartist #redandwhite #like #comment #tag Bear With Me
Speaking Of Libraries #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #littlelibrary #๐Ÿ™ #repost @2summers #truestory I was telling my husband today about a "future" library being stocked for 2114 supported by a public art program in Oslo๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด Even the trees have been planted for the future pages of the works to be printed on. Margaret Atwood is the most recent unread novel to be added to the collection with 96 to go. She told @cnn that "readers in 2114 may require a "palรฉo-anthropologist to decode some of it because language will have evolved over a course of a century" "Isn't that an incredible commission for an artist?" My husband replied "Did you know Finland is building itself a new national library for its 100th Birthday" It's called #Oodi Finnish people borrow 68 million books a year. By law they have access to borrowing more than just books from cookware to sewing machines since 1928. I remember the book trucks coming out to our remote house located outside of Helsinki. Finland ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎis a very different contract with very high taxes to have incredible public services vs ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ where taxes are low and you do what you want. Little while back @countfrodo posted a picture of this writer loading up this book house ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ  which is how it works, by people doing what people do in library communities "meet, talk, and connect" #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti Keep JHB Reading
"Pata Pata" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @anoasisinspace and ๐Ÿ—ฃ@joburginnercitytourism #truestory This angle is totally "groovin" in this shot. It's so real. That space so looks like that. I love this work and this environment. I look forward to recycling it. In the meantime I have to get up today and do a job as fast as I can. The space is secured. It's a 10 x 20 foot space. I have stuff to use quick and dirty and arrange for slower work at a later date me hopes. I will tell you the tale when I get it done. The getting it done part kills me. Once finished your like...why didn't I pound this out all the time? I don't think it occurs to people that sometimes I don't want to. I also don't have to. I choose to. I don't want to give all myself all the time. Be naked. It's not me. It takes me away from other things I love. Particularly my "pinch" of people that I love. Artists need time for input, doesn't matter what kind, be it negative or positive. Be it intellectual or totally trashy. Without definitive contrast in life, you just do not grow. I had a friend say "People are base and they do the best they can with time resources and money" I would add "their age in life" "emotional credit card" "relationship rewards" "responsibility" "life situation" I asked at the grocery store if they remain open over the weekend and she said "I am working my other job." "You have two jobs?" "Yes, my husband does too" They are trying to get a down payment on their first apartment. Her FBS is older than mine. Perspective changes a lot and fast. #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti I Love Miriam Makeba
Sometimes One Requires Direction #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @chochemeami #truestory Like a "pinch" of salt, I have a "pinch" of friends and one wrote "You need to jump off that branch you have been sitting on" and then asked "Are you afraid?" My FBS is a little. I have all the signs and arrows flashing at me, but I feel directionless. Then my friend said, "Time goes fast but very little changes. And there has never been so little clarity where we are going." I just bought two huge heads of romaine lettuce and my news feed reads @cnn "The CDC warns people not to eat any type of romaine lettuce!" Ecoli outbreak. This is to add to losing every single thing in ashes, plus how many shootings now in the last week? Equals ๐Ÿ’”. This is first world math problems with famous people constantly parenting you wellness spirituality hope or getting attention like the ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ president for slamming haters by being one. It's weird. Going high vs low is a blur these days. It's like we all live in "shade" desiring the white hot light. I said "Maybe I will start praying" My same friend asked "Why?" "Lucky are those who find religion" It is startling how many people are either literally saying "OMG" or saying their prayers for people who don't want them anymore. I know people turn off the news, I get it, but I would have eaten all the romaine in the house in a smoothie and fed it to my family. Then we would be that odd family who dies like winning the saddest lottery ticket. It's how technology does it's number on us. Maybe I am supposed to die from lettuce. It's like helping a baby turtle. Interfering with nature. We do it all the time. A friend just sent a DM "why is it still on the grocery shelf?" I met a guy today who is giving me an entire wall to work on...it's time to start flying... #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #telephonepoleart Arrows Point The Way
Wise Reading #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #repost #๐Ÿ™ @when_in_joburg #truestory I have been binge reading a lot of media. We don't own live TV. I catch a lot on my Phone. Now now I binge on ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ cable. I devour documentaries. A new one on Netflix Follow Me @followasir is specifically about Instagram. Most interesting to FBS is breaking down the terms and conditions. 17 pages long, a lawyer stripped it to one page for easier understanding by children. IG can use your pictures anywhere around the world, get paid for them without paying you, monitor what you are doing and can send you adverts. You can't stop them from doing it. They can share everything...including everything in your DM. That means, where you go to school your email, they watch your life. Name it they know it. At any time they can change anything they want about IG when they want. About 1/3 of the web is used by children. They know it's people under 13 using and being used on this app. With no money exchanged the kids don't need parents signature. If you can prove kids have suffered some harm one can sue. "Intentionally inflicting emotional distress" What more proof do we need. My FBS predicts the lawsuits are here with more coming. Applying to high schools one private school essay choice was "How does your real life differ from your social media life" #justsaying #yourkiddingright #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti Make Social Media Terms And Conditions Easier For 9 Year Olds To Read
La Vie De Ma Rose #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @daansko #parispoleglobe #streetart #truestory My FBS always brings up "sex and death" #sorrynotsorry but I glanced the article about #sex @theatlantic in my news feed and then got it by personal mail and decided to read it before #treesacharm Might I ๐Ÿˆ boys and girls it's a good read. Sent it off to many. Why because it's content plays out on #socialmedia soon to be regulated by the billionaires who created it. Watch for the warnings like on cigarette packages about your health and addiction between paid sponsors and influencers. #justsaying I am the mom when kids say "My parents don't like the school because there is not enough homework" to reply "Really? Then use your free time wisely and hold hands and kiss for hours and hours. Do you know what a hickey is?" My child mortified. ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎFinland, the happiest country in the world, according to @bbc is tearing down classroom walls for open teaching, they abandoned homework years ago me thinks. It might be noisy as complained in the 1970's trials that tested and failed in the ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธUSA, but with phone free spaces, maybe they are thinking "let's make humans physically social again" , it might help a generation get back on to intimacy and off seeing relationships as porn. Without spoiling the whole read, it might help shrink the generation gap between those of us born before the internet recalling hippies free sex to HIV AIDS to parenting in the present where gymnastic world champions out a name to their #metoo Jane Doe status. Good old fashioned sex might just make us happy filling the void that "plant parenting" seems to be fertilizing instead #domesticgraffitiartist #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #yarnbomber #parisstreetart #streetartparis Beautiful Roses Always Makes A Girl Unfurl ๐ŸŒน
I Know Exactly Where This Sticker Is โ€ผ๏ธ #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #stickerart #๐Ÿ™ #repost @to_cure_what_ails and for ๐Ÿ—ฃ๐Ÿ’ @joburginnercitytourism #truestory This is one of those Insta miracles to have this post find me because I am so stingy with my stickers that I only know of 3 maybe 4 that would have survived in JHB. How XCool is that when somebody sees the work, and they don't just #like it to post it but collage it with other #streetart styles. Very boss. Then meanwhile someone else flicks along on the feed they #tag you in a #comment because they know it's your work and ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ฅSuddenly it becomes XXCool dope. Whenever I see feeds with high profiles posting a street artist that I really like I try to leave a comment encouraging them to post more of their work because these algorithms depend on high numbers. That means if somebody can get an artist more numbers you are helping the artist in their career on some level and not just in space. Some artists stop reposting reposts...they get so famous...But FBS has nothing to lose so I figure promote as much good karma you can based on who you like. For example, I would encourage all of you to always like or follow @phoebenewyork or @we_eat_robots because I believe they are genius fresh. It still takes so much time and support to build a career and have opportunity seek you out even if technology makes it seem like it's fast #nevergiveup Therefore, I like everything I see of their art and profiles to roll out their work in the feeds of those who follow me. No idea if it works...but when you see profiles getting likes the size of the population of urban cities....that is what keeps this "like currency lottery ball" rolling #domesticgraffitiartist #streetartjozi #jozistreetart Thank You To Everyone Supporting Food Baby Soul Street Aesthetics
Diverse Ratting ๐Ÿ€ Is FBS #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #politics #midtermelections @nytimes #truestory FBS highlights. According to this article, as Thanksgiving is upon us, it is "a fact that Native women have never had a voice in ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธCongress for 240 years" โ€ผ๏ธโ‰๏ธโ€ผ๏ธAlso notable is that "There are at least 4 #lesbian #gay #bisexual and #transgender people elected to government." Super cool voting "of the people by the people" PERIOD. Still waiting on Georgia Governor win. #makinghistory In my #threesacharm some say that the first woman president might be @kirstengillibrand not because of her party affiliation but because of her #socialmedia power and prowess. Fandom is real. The bigger following the better the chances. So as much as my FBS rats ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€ on #socialmedia issues its IG FB YouTube are proving to still deliver on fame power business money and #activism if you #justdoit For example...How many "thongs" are showing up in your feed? #clothingisnotconsent This place in space works BIG TIME. My FBS can't deny that. Regulations will come eventually but for #nownow this is still the "wild wild cyber space" a true "boundary-less frontier" letting all partake in a "technological rush" only if you have a device and cash for data. #allaboutthebenjamins #diversity #diversitymatters #freeforall #dreamtheimpossibledream #domesticgraffitiartist #redandwhite #silkscreen #like #comment #tag I Remember "Party Lines" โ˜Ž๏ธ Did You Ever Listen In?
Aging Gracefully With Truth #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #old #aged #decrepit #rot #decay #truestory I met up with a ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท friend who has 2 phd and is a social media virgin. Over dinner the subject of age came up because his current age is the year I was born. Doing the math he does so well as a chaos theory expert he said "As I age you become sub-sequentially younger" Next comes up the current event about the age debate being hashed out in Denmark where a man wants to be 20 years younger to have better prospects on #tinder He argues that with a biological age reported at 45 #emileratelband at 69 years old states that "If transgender can change their gender on birth certificates why not our age too" At 49 you can work longer, buy property easier and more... It's like the feeling I get when @vitruviantruth is often posted with FBS We are Insta #friendswithbenefits why not "Age with benefits" No plastic surgery involved. For all those people saying "age is just a number" The "Age" of fake aging is real.. #whynot #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #streetart Does Wearing Your โค๏ธOn Your Sleeve Age Us ?
Cat Chat #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #cat #chat #soul #truestory Huge ๐Ÿ™ to those who read the posts. Very cool you tell me...Woke up today reading that Hockney sold for 90 million ๐Ÿ’ฐ great timing for watching @_thepriceofeverything . Noticed @glamourmag posting @violadavis more or less calling #socialmedia #suicidemedia Hearing that for the first time in a private DM twas laughing thinking it was a joke but #nownow #sotrue FBS. While trolling youtube burnouts they too make snarky comments about cat videos #winning all the โค๏ธas another IG joke. To date all my pet pals created separate pet profiles. These are reality โœ…โœ… Perhaps FBS, aka my gut feeling, has been on point about protecting my child from social media rating after all. FBS has experienced all the negative aspects of being a user except suicide. For me, as an artist, one becomes the work to understand it. As one starts to look like one's pet one resembles their art. It's a reason I remain a loyal fan @therealpandemonia If social media is not reality, what happens to the people who are real here? Perhaps all along the aim is not to be #authentic but just reflect aspects of reality. As in, there is a lot of private money in the world so exclusive they don't need to be on here to pretend it in front of you. Social media doesn't protect children, they help you broadcast them. Why do pet pictures earn the most likes? When pets go right, they represent an eternal #like system just by being there transporting joy to the silent moments trying to communicate without words with no concern of affect whatsoever. Animals are handicapped by not being human. The happy ones overcome their furry barrier having higher profiles than their humans. To every positive there resides a negative which is why "ignorance is bliss" and "knowledge is power". Neither is happiness alone. Fictitious accounts have privilege. Knowing upfront a fake, we stop comparing ourselves. That is how the entertainment factor scores the highest rating. People as spectacles are easier than reality. "That which does not kill us..." probably isn't about strength. We survived. #domesticgraffitiartist Speech Is Silver But Silence Is Golden
"What Is The Relationship Between Art and ๐Ÿ’ฐ" #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #artcollecting @_thepriceofeverything #truestory Watching HBO new documentary seeing the @jerrysaltz but I fell asleep the first time ...rewatching #nownow .... "There is a lot of money floating around ..." #feinschmeckers I will let you watch it. #๐Ÿ™ #repost @vanou75 #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti "The Chase And The Deal"
When Life's A Blur #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @analia_centurion also ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ—ฃ @nilubuntus for the lovely night ๐Ÿ“ธ in her Insta stories too. #truestory Work is made , but I am thinking about what I want to do with it before more is covering the streets. It's like a huge canvas you look at like Monet's Water Lilies, make two marks and leave it to come back next week or next month or next year. How to be effective even though the algorithm craves production content like sugar to a yeast infection. I know right? Gross. "Do what you love" mantra has a waste product if it is to be materialized. The celebrity culture often says "If you love it you will do it for free" having the luxury of being paid big bucks to encourage you to share your story and profit from your fan hood. Marketing off your ambitions is a skill as much as off your happiness or your loss. Being like them, isn't goals. Sunshine is a better aim. Just made a big connection about the effects of FBS on my brain while reading about the trend of #burnout from You Tubers, earning up to and more than 10 million dollars a year , that is a lot of coin #whoknew There is king cash made out in cyber space. Gold rushing. Busy folks like pop stars or politicians who cant cross a room in an hour. On the same #wellness note, the former First Lady rolls out her book for the holidays, merch included. My FBS wants to ask my family "Let's not give material gifts this year at all. Let's find real joy like the Grinch and lay low on the home landfill" Have we reached the cyber line where what used to be "shock and awe" is as blurred as the background here. Awe and shock having been marketed in "Biblical" proportions when we watched a real war on TV. Remember that? Today it's like a cooking video where they grate the cucumber, set aside, yet one still must squeeze out all the water before adding it to the recipe. Despite the drain, I am on the look out for the Winnie the Pooh in all of it. It takes time talent skill luck and extracting excess water from your brain you just squished out your fist. #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti #brooklynstreetart #streetartbrooklyn Focus
11/11 #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #๐Ÿ™ #repost @vivimimo #armisticeday #goodbyechristopherrobin #truestory The film opens with a "back from the war" greeting.. "Best writer and best Illustrator ready to put the smile back on our faces?" Which in the film becomes a toast about leading "ordinary decent folk" to the slaughter. That was #ptsd in WW1. Then his wife says "Life is full of frightful things. Find something to be happy about and stick to that." I won't spoil the film if you like me haven't seen it. What an incredible coincidence and a perfect time in history to become familiar with the #realstory behind Winnie The Pooh. As usual, I had no idea about this story. In my FBS 11:11 is for making wishes and it will always strike me #nownow as a memorial because of the 11 that I thought was 11 for the shape of the Twin Towers but was to stand in for 11 lives lost in PA to be updated by the recent loss of lives in CA to gun violence which is part of our ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ War at home. (see and read article) @catscoffeecreativity @soldmag of how an anonymous artist turned @time @jr gun control streetart piece into a memorial. Meanwhile #aamilne quoted "It was the war to end wars" I said to my husband "I don't know very much about WW1" and he said "Nobody does. It was so long ago" Maybe it's time we learn about both the meaning of "dark" vs "light" in this beloved #africanproverb It took the author a very long time in the film to find something to write about between flashbacks. This piece has been retired from the streets like a good soldier having served time. The actual stuffed animals owned by "Christopher Robin" are "stationed" in NYC Library #whoknew #domesticgraffitiartist #scrapimpact #textilegraffiti Remembering Everyday Heroes In Uniform Past And Present Who Have Made My Life Happy
Sequin Chic... #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #sequins #leather #scraps @fab_scrap #truestory I listened to a book claiming that in general people who get an education stop hanging out with people who don't have an education. My driver says his English is bad. Love his accent. He is very interesting as a narrator to my NYC. He will listen to me like a bartender, turning down the Red Radio, and say things like "Oh My Gawd. Those people hate you. You want me to get rid of them?" "I know right?" We laugh. Just at the right time after either of us saying something serious or it's quiet, he will say "You want some peanuts? You like peanuts?" Then pull over crazy side driving in a school of metal car fish and ask for two bags in Spanish and buy them for us. $1.50 happiness. I'll gobble up mine because the coffee left me craving sugary sweet while he talks and drives, with me interrupting "Delicious. Still warm" and he says "Want some of mine?" So generous when they are so good. "You sharing?" The Peanut bags come through my window warm and in white paper packets. My favorite is that the both sides of the thin white paper open edges are closed tight like a twisted waxed mustache. One day a woman shared a red light with us. She was in a BMW convertible or maybe a Mercedes. Canvas top up. Sharing the habitual stoplight stare at each other. Normally I would say "I love your glasses" They were Elton Gagas with one eye frame white the other black screaming 80's or Bodak Yellow. I stared at her naturally aged hair and face, she at me. Nobody smiled. My driver said "Look at her. Look at her car" She drove ahead once the light turned green. "That woman. She is old but her heart. Her heart is young" He went biking with me to show me a route and said "For two days I walk like this" His V is for Victory fingers spread wide upside down walking the dashboard. "I walk like this. I walk like a cowboy" I laughed. His fingers looked like his legs. #channeling #chic #goodtimes #songoftheday #domesticgraffitiartist #textilegraffiti These Are The Good Times
Triggering Help #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #endgunviolence #nownow #truestory Only recovered piece from a series in JHB. #tb Pulled out of the โ™ป๏ธpile. 2018 math is 307 shootings. "Its like the weather now, another hurricane another shooting" Moving onto a camp fire gone mad in CA before we ๐Ÿ˜ญ. This morning, I watched a guy lose his mind DEMANDING the owner to move a double parked car. Slamming his horn, yelling profanities and chanting to move the $&@! car repeatedly as if at a rally or protest...Feeling him, knowing I can get that pissed to the point people become uncomfortable if one displays emotions, (especially a woman/mother) because sometimes being that mad feels cathartic. Up to a point. I wondered "Does he have a weapon?" Will a Beyoncรฉ bat come out the trunk? So he saw me at the window "Is this your fokkin car?" I engaged "No. I am sorry you are so pissed off. Can I get you a coffee? Can I call the cops? Sucks being this mad first thing in the morning. I feel your frustration. Now I wished I said something sooner" He talked in a lower tone. No โ˜•๏ธ, Got to get to work. Pick up my boss, pick up my check, get fuccin outta here NOW!" "I understand how pissed you are. I am serious about the โ˜•๏ธ, if you change your mind. Shake the car to see if an alarm will go off" "Like breaking in?" "Yes" He did. I thought he would lift it. Finally the lady came. Words were exchanged. I just kept thinking "Just get in your car, dude. Lady he is livid. Stop talking people." He sped off crazy. I waved goodbye, just in case. People are on the edge. As a sensitive creative person, my FBS can imagine people becoming unhinged over small things. I struggle to make sense of how the future looks for my kid, your kids too. So I look back. Watching a documentary on HIV AIDS epidemic, it looked similar to the civil rights movement in that it comes down to people helping each other. Not politicians. It's leaders. Sometimes leaders are politicians, but often they are strangers to each other and to history. Congratulations to the TWO Native American Women winning midterm elections! Something ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธcan be thankful for! ๐Ÿ™ #domesticgraffitiartist Not If..When...Do The Math
Conspiracy Theories #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #streetinspiration #truestory This #selfeet is much less creepier than the last one. #curbfind @vice #chemtrail #photography @peterbeste Chemtrail Conspiracy came into my world sharing property in SA with two trust fund boys and their friend who came along, running away from living in gas masks and duct taping their windows so no secret ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธgovernment chemicals can come down from the sky to poison them. #nowyouknow Currently ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ is being led a by person who believes in #conspiracytheory Maybe one of them will become president one day. My point of the last two pictures is a ๐Ÿ’Œ to my child because she listened to the chem trail boys non stop telling us the government is controlling our minds. It was fascinating that these young handsome educated men were in this like religion. Years ago I would have opened this going huh? Here I understood but only through experience. Back to the point...Choose to know what you are posting when taking random pictures...Understand what you are choosing to like by reading what you are following. All these years people remind me, "People don't read. They just flick and like" #domesticgraffitiartist Trailing FBS
It's Official...My ๐Ÿ—ฃVoice Will Be Heard #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #vote #getoutandvote #truestory The post man could not believe that I voted online, "Not in New York you didn't!" "Remember, I likely gave up some privacy to do it" What transpired next was how he thinks #votingday ought to be a federal holiday and to remind his son to get up and go vote. It is pouring down rain, I have to get out of these wet clothes, and it will take a day to dry out the Docs. I thought of #otismoss senior and his 18 miles...I only had 3 football fields to cross in the rain with an umbrella up and back. I have a cyber friend in SA saying "I will be glued to the TV to see the vote outcomes" I saw an article @washingtonpost about how millennial voters are getting the word out through #tinder The moments when you think #socialmedia doesn't matter and then somebody young smart and sassy uses a dating app in a way that matters most #nownow #forbetterorworse As an artist that tells me that there is more to be had with technology applications than posting at face value. Our future wars will be fought online in the name of collusion. A tiny example, I told a friend that a consultant suggested I post Insta stories way back last year in place of posts...It has been proven the eye prefers moving pictures..I never adopted the practice and that consultant dumped me, but my friend has taken the idea and reports that they barely post photos anymore and they get more response through #instastories I always think "what next" because it's here and you haven't adopted it yet. Of all the tech in my reach, this old stamped by human hand postmark validates my voice and my power over anything I have ever done as FBS on social media. Make your voice heard today Nov 6th ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ...don't let the rain โ˜”๏ธ stop you from voting in NYC or anywhere in America #domesticgraffitiartist #ivoted Just Saying....Stamps Are Still Cool
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