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If you believe you have food-related issues or allergies, this is the test you should have. BUT, if you aren’t going to change your eating habits then just don’t bother. #foodallergies #foodintolerance #foodsensitivities #allergies #leaptest
When you can't find a single birthday cake you can eat try having birthday sorbet! Its almost better I think :P but seriously having food sensitivities doesn't mean missing out. It just means you have to adapt, find alternatives you love just as much, they don't even need to resemble your old favourites👍 #birthday #candle #makeawish #food #sorbet #yum #foodsensitivities #dairyfree #glutenfree #nopotatoes #whatcanieat #love
Another phenomenal doctor that I was privileged to learn so much from is Dr. Brandon Brock in Dallas! In 2007, I went to a seminar to listen to him talk about neurology and autoimmune diseases. I still take courses that Dr Brock presents just because he is always coming out with the most cutting edge treatments and research. If you are clinician and follow me, check out Functional Neurology Seminars or BTB Seminars to learn functional neurology and Functional medicine. If you live in the DFW area check him out! You can also check out his website at drbrocklectures.com Thank you!! @drjbbrock
Are you ready to move next level with your gut health? Book in for FREE 15 min consultation so I can help you get there. Link is in the bio 😍
The answer to my previous post: TURMERIC! The benefits of Turmeric are endless! It is so crazy good for you!! I cook with it, drink Turmeric tea, and as of two weeks ago I also take liquid tumeric every morning! My Functional Medicine Practitioner put me on this brand (⬅️SWIPE⬅️) to lower my inflammation and help heal my gut. Who else is singing the praises of Turmeric?? ° ° ° #inflammation #antiinflammatory #turmeric #tumericbenefits #liquidtumeric #supplements #aip #guthealing #leakygut #guthealth #goodhealthstartsinthegut #functionalmedicine #instafit #instahealth #fitmom #healthymom #healthylifestyle #lifestylechange #naturalmedicine #naturalmom #wellness #health #weightloss #foodintolerance #foodsensitivities #foodismedicine #healthyfood
When the only thing you love is something you can’t have 😂 #monstertruck #chickenmcnugget #foodsensitivities #noneforpupper
Just because you #feel #different to #everyone else doesn’t mean your on your own... Like every #snowflake you are #unique and #beautiful .. Snow reason to be sad about that 😁😘#happy #phytotherapy #healthyfood #foodsensitivities #nutrition #smile
Would you be surprised if the answer to this questions was yes?🤔 .. It is possible to have food sensitivities, dysbiosis (imbalanced gut bacteria), gut infections, and other gut conditions - even Celiac disease! - without any obvious gut symptoms at all.  In fact, estimates indicate that the majority of people newly diagnosed with Celiac disease do not present with digestive symptoms.🤦‍♀️ .. Symptoms might come in other forms.  Neurological symptoms are often the first sign of gut issues.  Or you could experience rashes (like eczema), headaches/migraines, mood swings, fatigue, cough, sinus congestion, anxiety or depression (hello gut/brain connection), and even hormone imbalances.😣 .. If we don't listen 👂to our bodies symptoms (or cry for help) these gut pathogens and diseases can go undetected or ignored for years. If nothing is done the intestines become damaged and the mucosal lining is not able to do its job.  Have an autoimmune diagnosis?  This is also a sign that there's something wrong with the gut. Never underestimate the power of gut health.👎 .. The sad part is that MANY doctors are also not paying attention to the signs.  Prescribing creams for rashes, anti-depressants for mental health, thyroid or other prescription meds instead of looking for the root cause...gut issues. 🤔 .. This is why I test ALL my clients gut health with a GI MAP stool test.  We always find something that can explain some of their symptoms.  If you are ready to dig to the root cause.  I offer FREE 30 minute discovery calls to see if we are a good fit to work together (see link in my profile). . . . . . . . . #guthealth #healingmybody #thyroidproblems #eczema #psoriasis #ibs #anxiety #migraines #depression #holisticnutrition #bloated #constipation #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #thyroid #fibromyalgia #hypothyroidism #celiacdisease #spreadtheword #aip #dietitian #leakygut #foodsensitivities #eliminationdiet #gut #digestion #healfromwithin #hormonehealth #wellnessjourney
Beat the cold weather with this wild rice soup recipe 👌🏼 • Just head to the blog and use the blog page search bar to find it ✨
Life will only change when you get out of your comfort zone, commit to your dream, commit to yourself, and start becoming the person you were meant to be❤️ . . Be brave and don’t worry what others think. If you have a calling on your heart as to what you should do or who you were created to be, then GO! Go and be that person or follow that dream and know that God will be there with you every step of the way.
A nutrient that needs to be talked about is fats. Because I work primarily with women who have food sensitivities and might also have PCOS (which is today’s video topic swipe to see) there is one fat in particular that needs some love.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Do you want less inflammation? Me too. When we have food sensitivities and/or PCOS there can be some inflammation and to combat that get those omega-3s in your diet. Ideally start with fatty fish. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ But…...tbh I really don’t like fish and a lot of people have a sensitivity or allergy to fish but it’s ok because there are other omega-3 foods. Flax, chia, walnuts are some good places to start. Avocado (while not great with omega-3) is a healthy fat and still super good for your heart. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Try making the peanut butter energy bites in my free recipe book, link in bio. The bites have some chia and you could even add a little flax to it. Plus you can even sub out peanut for subutter if nuts are a no go.⠀⠀ #hormones #womenshealth #foodsensitivities #healthyfats #avocado #fish #omega3 #flax #peanut
You guys - I love all this Utah snow... but on a more important note I have my first NAET treatment for my allergies today and I am so excited I could burst! * * * I wish I could fully describe NAET, but I don’t know exactly how to describe it yet, even though I’ve read a lot about it. Basically it is a drug-free treatment for allergies that uses energy balance, kinesiology, chiropractic and acupuncture. I will tell you so much more after I get started on the treatment. For now, I’ll just be over here dreaming about all the foods I want to be able to eat again. #naettreatment #foodallergies #leakygutsyndrome #wholelifeliving #foodsensitivities #allergies
Gluten-free coffee cake made with ivory teff flour. I switched it up this time and substituted apple sauce for the sour cream. Less calories, less fat, ....and I actually think it tastes better this way 😁. #chronicillness #migraine #guthealth
On our way to making one million lives better with food! Rock on Barbara A! She was like me (a healthier eater who was still experiencing digestive issues). She went through our 12 session online program and learned how to eat right for her to get rid of her heartburn, IBS and nausea. And she learned the food and flavoring skills to create variety and easily assemble healthy and delicious foods! In her words: “As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, I can’t speak highly enough about Savory Living. What makes it so unique is that you not only learn the science of nutrition but you learn how to cook and enjoy eating new healthy foods!” And Barbara is now 5 years out and sustaining with her healthy eating lifestyle! It's possible to make lasting change - it just takes a different approach. Are you one of the million or do you know someone who's looking to take control of how they eat and feel? Share this post, spread the word and click the link in my bio! I'll be sharing tones of tips on my instagram feed. Together we can make 1 million lives better! #livinghealthy #healthyeating #behealthyandhappy #wholefoodslife #healthylifechoices #eatrightnotless #realfoodrevolution #wellbeingcoach #healthyeatingmadeeasy #foodismedicine #healthyeatinglifestyle @savory_living #savoryliving #irritablebowelsyndrome #foodsensitivities #bloatedbelly #ibs #inflammatoryboweldisease #heartburn #heartburnrelief #acidreflux #acidrefluxdiet #acidrefluxsucks #nausea #gerd #digestion
Are you aware of the connection between food and your level of health? What you consume plays a crucial role in terms of nutrition but also in inflammation. Food sensitivities are delayed inflammatory reactions to food. These reactions can occur towards just about any food and cause a wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, digestive discomfort, skin issues and many more. The majority of the population has food sensitivities, but most don’t know it. Could food sensitivities be the source of your pain? Dr. Christine Matheson, N.D. explains her experience with food sensitivity testing through the Immuno Bloodprint, “I was very pleased that the results of my Immuno Bloodprint were outlined and explained in such a comprehensive and user-friendly fashion. The information booklet included with my results provided a clear description of how food sensitivities impair proper immune function. This valuable information gave me the necessary understanding and just the right motivation to take straightforward steps to dramatically improve my health. The elimination diet has already helped to improve my digestive and elimination functions, ameliorated my energy levels, balanced my weight and has helped me to observe the direct link between the foods I eat and a chronic rheumatic pain I have. The elimination diet requires dedication and discipline but the results are rewarding.” If you would like more information about food sensitivity testing, please feel free to message us or visit our website, www.immunolabs.com. #cleaneating #inflammation #inflammatoryboweldisease #irritablebowelsyndrome #ibs #biohacking #diet #healthychoices #healthyeating #healthtips #nutrition #digestion #foodallergies #allergies #foodsensitivities #foodintolerance #bloated #bloatedbelly #fitness #healthiswealth #healthy #health #foodismedicine #lifestyle #eathealthy #cleaneats #healing #glutenfree
Even in our most beautiful days it’s dark Just look at the world around you There’s a consequence for what we do..” 💕💕🤘🏼@augustburnsred #jeremymckinnon #adtr #music . . . #tattoos #blackandwhite #sexy #pretty #muscle #abs #fit #fitness #iwantsushi #curls #foodsensitivities #paleo #yoga #workout #door #ky @ivyleaguestrength #boudoir #photography #fitnessphotography
On our way to making one million lives better with food! Rock on Barbara A! She was like me (a healthier eater who was still experiencing digestive issues). She went through our 12 session online program and learned how to eat right for her to get rid of her heartburn, IBS and nausea. And she learned the food and flavoring skills to create variety and easily assemble healthy and delicious foods! In her words: “As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, I can’t speak highly enough about Savory Living. What makes it so unique is that you not only learn the science of nutrition but you learn how to cook and enjoy eating new healthy foods!” And Barbara is now 5 years out and sustaining with her healthy eating lifestyle! It's possible to make lasting change - it just takes a different approach. Are you one of the million or do you know someone who's looking to take control of how they eat and feel? Share this post, spread the word and click the link in our bio to hear from other participants! Together we can make 1 million lives better! #livinghealthy #healthyeating #behealthyandhappy #wholefoodslife #healthylifechoices #eatrightnotless #realfoodrevolution #wellbeingcoach #healthyeatingmadeeasy #foodismedicine #healthyeatinglifestyle #irritablebowelsyndrome #foodsensitivities #bloatedbelly #ibs #inflammatoryboweldisease @millionlivesbetter #savoryliving #heartburn #heartburnrelief #acidreflux #acidrefluxdiet #acidrefluxsucks #nausea #gerd #digestion
Do you have a burning health question? ⠀⠀ Today’s the day to ask. Please make the question general unless I have seen you in clinic it’s hard for me to know your case history to give you an accurate answer. ⠀⠀ Ask away😊
If you don't have your health, what do you have? ‍ You have nothing. Literally. Think about it.... ‍ If you're unhealthy you can't do your job, so you don't have a career... You can't look after your kids or spouse... You can't do your schooling... You can't run a business... You can't dance, exercise, or do whatever hobby of your choice... ‍ The list goes on. ‍ Health is the most important thing we can focus on in order to live our best life. Health comes first and from that we can get success in ALL other areas of our life - no matter what that "success" looks like to you. ‍ Prevention is better than cure. If you have a symptom in your body, please heed it's warning. There's no area in life where the saying "better to be safe than sorry" applies more than to your health. ‍ So with that said, what are you doing TODAY to look after your health? Are you doing some self care, (meditation, deep breathing, an epsom salt bath WITHOUT YOUR PHONE, reading a good book)? Are you taking your supplements? Are you moving your body? Are you laughing and doing something that fills you with JOY? Are you eating nutrient-dense foods? Are you doing a daily detox such as dry brushing or lemon water? All these things matter if you want to succeed in life. ‍ Small tips can go a long way and when you're a member of The Healthy Mama Hive you get TONS of tips, resources, coaching and advice from me as well as other health experts. You can sign up for just $7 for the first month via the link in my profile. I hope to see you inside the Hive! ‍ #hormonebalance #symptoms #womenshealth #guthealth #tired #fatigued #adrenalfatigue #hormones #pms #pcos #ibs #constipated #bloating #bloatedbelly #autoimmunedisease #thyroid #leakygut #foodsensitivities #wellnessjourney #periodproblems #inflammation #anxiety #sibo #tiredofbeingtired
Are you suffering from any of these digestive complaints: Constipation or diarrhea, diagnosed IBS, bloating, abdominal pain, gas, belching, bad breath, acid reflux, heartburn, nausea, leaky gut, food intolerances, undigested food in your stools, or constantly have low iron or low B12 levels. Comprehensive gut testing is now available and could have the answers you have been looking for! The Comprehensive Gut Analysis Profile provides a detailed look at the overall health of the gastrointestinal tract. This popular and unique screening test allows treatment to be tailored to a specific area/s of the digestive tract that is suffering and requires the most attention. This means treatment can be designed for the individual ensuring a better health outcome and faster relief from symptoms. This gut analysis profile evaluates: 1. Digestion and absorption markers. 2. Level of beneficial gut bacteria. 3. Gut micro-organism overgrowth assessment. 4. Gut parasites levels. Your gut is your second brain, and when your gut is healthy you will also feel your best! Get tested today! Are you interested in a Comprehensive Gut Analysis or want to know more about how this test can improve your health and well-being of your family? Please feel free to contact us: PH: 0439350942 W: www.prescribingnature.com.au E: prescribingnature@live.com.au #naturopath #gutanalysis #foodintolerance #foodsensitivities #guthealth #guthealing #badbreath #lowiron #lowb12 #sluggishliver #constipation #diarrhea #balibelly #bloating #bloatingsucks #gastro #foodsensitivities #ibs #digestivehealth #digestiveenzymes #guthealth #balibelly #gastroparesis #gastro #gastritis #heartburn #reflux #gutparasites #parasites #morningtonpeninsula
Eat simply. Eat colourfully. Eat whole-y 😜.⠀ ⠀ People tend to make meal prepping complicated and honestly it doesn’t have to be.. the more simple you keep it the easier it is! ⠀ ⠀ Sautéed peppers, a couple eggs scrambled w/ hot sauce, and some tabouli 😜 took me all of 10 minutes to make and already gettin in half my veggies in for the day! ⠀ ⠀ I go through phases.. I’ll eat the same thing for a couple weeks.. then I’ll switch it up. I know that sounds super boring, but it has just become a habit! 🤷🏼‍♀️.⠀ ⠀ I try to make sure I’m incorporating something new every time I go shopping (like beets to put in my superfood shake)... or jicama to make “fries”. ⠀ ⠀ But overall, I keep it simple. Makes life SOOO much easier! 👏🏽.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #healthyrecipes #italiangirlsdoitbetter #water #goodeats #healthyfood #yourjourney #motivation #athomeworkouts #healthystart #healthyishappy #healthytips #healthylife #fitgirlscommunity #fitnessinspiration #fitforlife #windsor #healthyhabits #mealprep #lunchtime #yum #mealideas #recipes #foodsensitivities #leakygutdiet #leakygutrepair #bepreparedforanything #mealprep #overachiever #veggiequeen #waterisbest
. Normal and Abnormal.... I know you're feeling those symptoms. Your body is telling you it feels "Abnormal" internally. No matter what "Diet" you think you should be on, your body type is NOT like your friend or family members. It is processing foods differently. Get to the source! . . . . . . #IntegrativeHealth #FoodSensitivities #FoodSensitivityTest #GutHealth #ImmuneSystem #AutoimmuneDisease #No #Diet #Lifestyle #Exercise #Attitude #Nutrition #TrueHealth #TrueLifestyleChange #LivingIt #ModernWholisticLiving
You dont have to allow disease to define you! 💡Something that I have worked very hard to disconnect from. 💥 We are constantly seeking a label arent we? I am not sure why we do this other than some level of comfort of finally knowing something. But knowing something like this can derail anyone at anytime really if you allow it. 💥 Once you connect with what you may have, you begin to change how you look at things in life. 💥 Healing from anything is much harder when you continously connect with whatever it is that is causing you to become ill. 💥 Just remember, that this world is filled with cases of people who have had miraculous recoveries against all odds. It truly happens! 💥 The body has an 👉innate intelligence that wants and knows how to heal. Align with this! 💥 For me I want to use and harness all of the wonderful power of the mind to heal rather than conjure up the negative ways that disease has changed my life. 💥 I wrote this article below (also in the linktree) and I read it often to remind myself where I came from and where I want to be. 💥 Give yourself the best possible chance at being healthy and reframe your whys, forget the hows and whens and just have a knowingness that somehow, someway things will be okay. Choose life!! 💥 https://www.hearttohealthwellness.com/blog/i-choose-life 💥 #hearttohealthwellness #nutritioncoach #nutritionaltherapy #disease #colitis #colitisflare #chronscolitis #autoimmune #foodallergies #foodsensitivities #holistichealth #holistichealthcoach #chooselife #reframethoughts #whatdefinesyou #miraculousrecovery #healthrecovery #againsttheodds #miracles
I can have this anytime and anywhere MacDonald's burgers are just love 💕 In frame Mc also Tikki burger Mc spicy paneer Medium fries ⚡ . . . Taste 5/5 . . . . @mcdonalds_india . . . #food #foodislife ❤️ #foodsensitivities #foodisbae #burger #mcdonalds #coke #fries #friesbeforeguys #love #panerr #burgers #foodfood #fooody #insta #instagram #the_fusion_tasts Follow @the_fusion_taste @_escapedflavours
I sent off for a food sensitivity test and I got my results today. Ugh! I knew some of these made me feel yucky and bloated. But not my avocado!!!! 😭😭😭 . . . #foodallergies #foodsensitivities #testresults
Despite me reacting to oats I was craving them (after seeing so many lovely baked oats posts)! So I had some anyway. 😲 Blueberry, cinnamon with pumpkin seeds. I miss oats, they can be used in so many different combinations! #bakedoats #foodallergies #foodsensitivities #foodintolerances #dairyfree #glutenfree #noaddedsugar
3 EXPERT TIPS TO HEAL YOUR BODY . These 3 factors are what I teach in depth to my Total Healing clients, so they can learn how to heal their bodies once and for all. . 🌱Change your diet If you are eating inflammatory man made foods you can't expect your body to heal. This is why I created the Fat Adapted Babe eating style. It puts your body into a super healing and anti-inflammatory state. This was how I kick started my own healing process, and what I use will all my clients. . 🌱Rewire your brain Your brain is sending signals of illness and disease to your body, but it doesn't have to. You can rewire the brain to send signals of healing and vitality. Do this, and watch all your symptoms fade. . 🌱Change your beliefs Our emotions present physically in the body. If you are thinking negative thoughts and holding onto negative beliefs that don't serve you, your body won't be able to heal, and symptoms of illness will manifest. In Total Healing we do a lot of digging to uncover and heal beliefs that are stopping you from achieving true health. . Enrollment for the next round of Total Healing opens next month. If you're ready to finally heal and take your life back, make sure and join the waitlist! Link in bio. . What are you trying to heal from? Share in the comments!👇
Food Sensitivities could be the culprit to many of your symptoms! Put a stop to that this year. Put your health first and book an appointment with me today for food sensitivity testing & rest. Alicia@holisticbodybalance.ca #holistichealing #holistichealth #holistic #foodsensitivities #eliminationdiet #antiinflammatorydiet #mississauga #mississaugabusiness #holisticnutrition #keto #paleo Credit to drjockers.com for their amazing charts & pics 😍
Be a quitter. • I know, “quitting” can have negative connotations. A sign of weakness. Giving up when something gets too hard. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Those hard and uncomfortable things are exactly what we need sometimes, to grow and lead us to where we’re meant to be. • I’m referring to those things that are draining our energy. Or those habits that are causing us to feel achey, tired, and unmotivated. • One of the things I quit was no longer setting for just feeling “okay”. This meant giving up those foods that no longer nourished my body (or mind). Gluten, wheat, and dairy left me feel sluggish, moody, and uncomfortable (digestively speaking). • Many symptoms may be common, but that doesn’t make them normal. Bloating, gas, constipation, heartburn, serious fatigue, body aches, brain fog, acne. All signs that something you’re eating is not working for you. • Should you quit these foods too? I don’t know, that’s for you to figure out…by paying attention to how you feel after you’ve eaten them. #tunedin
Today is our 8th wedding anniversary, and I’ve thought so much about our wedding vows this year. When we pledged to love each other “in sickness and in health”, I honestly thought that would apply 40-50 years into marriage. . Well, I was way off on that estimate. 2018 was filled with health trials (chronic back pain from pubic symphasis, anemia, insomnia and a major Hashimoto’s flare). I felt so sick a few months ago, there were some days I couldn’t make it upstairs to tuck our boys in bed at night. It was truly a mental exercise to get out of bed in the morning to get the kids to school on time. One night, after a really rough few days, I crawled into bed and started sharing with my husband how truly horrible I felt. That sharing turned to sobs as I told my husband, “I feel like I’m dying and I just hope that I can raise our kids until they’re 18”. He wrapped his arms around me, said that he loved me, and we prayed together. This was in the middle of tons of doctors visits, lab tests, etc. It seemed that every test was only leading to more questions as I was feeling worse every day. To go through all of this and know that not only God loved me, but that in true sickness my husband loved me is really what got me through some of the darkest days. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such a supportive, servant-oriented and loving husband. . And, I’ll post more about this later, but we are so thankful that the Lord lead us to a wonderful medical team that finally has me on the right medicine and path to good health and finally feeling “normal”. What a blessing to weather the storms of life with this man! . #happyanniversarymylove
Thyroid Track Your Easy, Clear And Fast 6-Step System To Get Your Thyroid On Track... Finally! 📚 Is Limited & Special additions Through VAUGHAN VITALITY WELLNESS For Everyone To Purchase At $27 And It Will Be Shipped To Your Address For Free Of Charge . Call (714)434-9355 To Reserve Your Cope . #doctor #kristivaughan #functionalmedicine #thyroiddoctor #thyroidbook #author #bookblogger #specialaddition #specialoffer #thyroidpatient #hashimotos #booktuber #bookbub #booklover #bookreader #foodsensitivities #thyroidweightloss
SERIOUS QUESTION: When was the last time you really took a day off? Like actually didn't clean the house, run errands, go to work, mindlessly scroll through social media? I'm calling you out! ⠀ ⠀ Over Christmas and New Years I logged off for 12 whole days. It was both hard as hell and super rewarding and THIS pic pretty much sums up how I feel rolling into 2019 with a clean slate! ⠀ ⠀ Now to be perfectly clear, the first 6 days were crazy Christmas stuff, family events, parties, gatherings, but none of it was work (unless you count making and eating food... LOTS of it!🤷‍♀️) ⠀ ⠀ It took me 6 days to be ok with the fact that I wasn't checking emails, popping into the love your guts FB community and supporting clients... But the remaining 6 days were spent doing absolutely nothing but soaking in hot baths, laying in front of the fireplace, reading, painting, and yes cooking and eating... SOCIAL MEDIA FREE! ⠀ ⠀ It was everything I needed and more! And I didn't realize it until AFTER I did it. ⠀ ⠀ My challenge for you is simple: slow down, take time off, disconnect from devices to reconnect with the finer things in life that really fill you up and know that the laundry, the dishes, the errands, cooking for your kids (unless they are under 10) can wait. ⠀ ⠀ If you family needs to run on PB&J sandwiches (gluten free of course😉) so you can catch a break, then that is a-ok! Tell me: what are you doing to rest this week? I'm serious, comment below! Busy is not a badge of honour. ⠀ ⠀ #lowfodmapdiet #gapsdiet #digestivehealth #constipation #diarrhea #bowelmovement #ibs #ibsd #irritablebowelsyndrome #gluedtothetoilet #foodsensitivities #inflammation #guthealth #happygut #gutfeeling #guts #healthygut #glutenfree #trustyourguts #loveyourguts
So, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Wondering why you're hungry a couple of hours after eating it? Craving carbs all day long or late afternoon? Maybe you're not eating enough protein or eating most of it for dinner. Find out how much protein you need and when you should be eating it... no matter what kind of food plan you're on. Check out the blog post for more. Link in bio. . . . . #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #ibs #ibsdiet #sibo #glutenfreefood #dairyfree #dairyfreelife #foodsensitivities #foodintolerance #nogarlicnoonions #guthealth #guthealthmatters #nutritionistnyc #functionalmedicine #whatnutritionistseat #digestion #guthealing #glutensensitivity #functionalnutrition #functionalnutritionist #proteins #cravings #balanceddiet
Self awareness and consciousness followed by Intuition is extremely valuable for an individual who needs to make smart food choices. Although we strongly encourage to listen to your body, we also recommend performing laboratory tests for higher adequacy and science based approach. Elimination diet, however helpful and extremely relieving may lead to further complications. We noticed long term elimination leads to deprivation on several levels which then may lead to physical and emotional repercussions. To avoid such, we highly encourage visit with our naturopathic doctor who can advise on best choice of lab work for you. . . Contact us now ☎️2369889294 or e-mail info@360integrativemedicalcentre.com 📧 to book a visit. . . . #integrativemedicine #labtest #autoimmunedisease #weightloss #brainhealth #prevention #thyroidhealth #adrenalfatigue #anxiety #depression #holistichealth #healthandwellness #liver #detox #success #mindfullness #healthiswealth #integrativehealth #naturopathicmedicine #healthyaging #vancouverivtherapy #ivtherapy #nutrition #antiaging #hormonebalance #integrativemedicine #foodsensitivities #autoimmunedisease #weightloss #brainhealth #prevention #thyroidhealth #adrenalfatigue #anxiety #depression #holistichealth #healthandwellness #liver #detox #success #mindfullness #healthiswealth #integrativehealth #naturopathicmedicine #healthyaging #vancouverivtherapy #ivtherapy #nkutrition #antiaging #hormonebalance #physiotherapy #acupuncture #clinicalnutrition
Food Sensitivities making you crazy? You know there’s something about that recipe that just doesn’t settle well with your stomach, but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it?! . As recognized by the Natural Medicine Journal, food sensitivity testing is largely debated. However, recent studies have since hushed the chatter as recent clinical and mechanistic research with the ALCAT Test find new cellular testing for micro-nutrient deficiencies and anti-oxidant status. . Not sure where to find a clinic that uses the ALCAT Test?! Fret no further! Get tested for your body’s specific Food & Chemical Sensitivities with Dr. Ohms at Balanced Rejuvenation! . 📧 drohms@balancedrejuvenationmed.com ☎️ (727) 522 1972 . Find the article and listen to the podcast with the link below! https://www.naturalmedicinejournal.com/journal/2019-01/identifying-food-sensitivity-and-intolerance
No highlight reel up in here. Not Today! This is the reality reel. Use it to motivate and inspire YOU to Push. Push through your hard days Hard workouts Hard food cravings Hard emotions Hard everything Push through because there’s beauty, strength and confidence on the other side.
Top 7 Food Sensitivities ⁣ ⁣ One of the most common causes of food intolerance is repeatedly eating foods your body can’t handle, creating a system-wide immune response.⁣ ⁣ As @jj.virgin explains in her book The Virgin Diet, there are seven very common food sensitivities that can be causing problems in your gut, causing weight gain or preventing weight loss, or triggering inflammation.⁣ ⁣ Gluten. There’s nothing good about gluten! It can also lead to leaky gut syndrome.⁣ ⁣ Dairy. This is one of the most common sources of food sensitivity. Symptoms of dairy intolerance include acne, rosacea, and other skin issues, plus gas and bloating and frequent sinus infections.⁣ ⁣ Soy. Soy is not a health food, even though it is sometimes marketed as such.⁣ ⁣ Eggs. Some people have a genuine sensitivity to eggs and should avoid them completely. Signs of an egg sensitivity can occur up to 72 hours after you eat and may include headache, fatigue, joint pain, cramps and bloating, weight gain, or cravings.⁣ ⁣ Corn. If you wonder why corn causes you to gain weight, think about what factory farms use to fatten up cows and pigs quickly: corn!⁣ ⁣ Peanuts. One of the most common food allergens. Even those without a true peanut allergy can still develop a sensitivity to peanuts after repeated exposure.⁣ ⁣ Sugar and artificial sweeteners. Eating too much sugar undermines your health and weight loss efforts in so many ways.⁣ ⁣ I’ll explain these in detail over the next few days, so be sure to follow. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #healthwellness #healthandwellness #wellness #health #lactoseintolerant #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #dairyfree #lactosefree #motivation #diet #fitfam #healthy #gluten #nutrition #yoga #eatclean #healthylife #life #instahealth #glutenfree #happy #selfcare #healthyliving #inspiration #mindfulness #foodsensitivities #exercise #weightloss #foodallergies
Did you know our clinic offers Food Sensitivity Testing? 120 food antigen tests start at $375. Some extended health benefits may even cover it! Book online at www.EssenceWellness.ca. Get in on the same day. It only takes 15 minutes. #foodsensitivities #IgGTest #foodallergy #essencewellnessclinic
Peppermint & Wild orange are a great combo for these afternoon slump when you need a little boost. However if you feel regularly tired in the afternoon, especially after lunch, you may be eating foods that you are sensitive to. And I can help with that!
Taco Tuesday! . Fish tacos and a side salad of arugula and radicchio. . Arugula is a cruciferous vegetable, like broccoli and cauliflower. . Cruciferous vegetables are awesome for detox, digestion and overall gut health. . Did you know detox doesn’t work right if your gut health is impaired? True story. . Link @jennifercarynbrand for our free gut health and healing webinar, and tips and resources to rebalance your gut, improve your health, and stop unnecessary diet restrictions. . Gut issues go a lot deeper than your gut. . Your gut microbiome houses 80% of your immune system. . If you can’t digest, absorb and use nutrients from the food you eat, your perfect diet doesn’t matter much and won’t help you meet your goals or feel better. You need those nutrients for your body to function. . Imbalances in your gut therefore significantly impact the rest of your health! . This means your health issues might involve gut dysfunction even if you don’t have digestive symptoms at all. . [In addition to digestive symptoms] skin rashes, autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, inability to lose weight, and food sensitivities are examples of those health issues. . If you struggle with gut symptoms, or health problems that you can’t resolve and have checked out everything else, it’s time to look at your gut. . https://jennifercarynbrand.com/free-gut-health-and-healing-webinar/gut-health-and-healing-webinar-free . #jennifercarynbrand #nutritiontips #nutritionfacts #ketodiet #paleodiet #guthealth #healthyfood #weightlossproblems #dietinspiration #foodsensitivities #healing #diet #eliminationdiet #thyroidhealth #constipation #diarrhea #autoimmunedisease #psoriasis #eczema #ibs #sibo #sibodiet #candidadiet #acne #dermatitis #rosacea
So powerful ❣️ Day in and day out, I work with clients who are struggling with nutrition, weight and body image, frustration with family members who aren’t supportive, side effects of chronic illness, etc . . It’s easy to forget how the simple act of *listening*can be so powerful and helpful for moving us in the right direction.
🚨Foodie Alert 🚨 . . Those of you that know me, know I love 💕 food and love 💗 to cook 👩‍🍳! Swipe 👉 to see some of faves from the last 24hrs. The last few days I’ve been sharing what I eat in a day on my stories. Go check it out 🔭. . . My best advice with food, keep it simple. Stuck with real food, nothing processed, and watch your sugar intake. Ladies try to keep your sugar under 25grams a day. It’s hard trust me. And lastly plan ahead. It’s so much easier to stay on track when you know what your eating for the day. . . I challenge you to get ride of your junk food 🍭 🍫 and track your sugar intake for a day. I think you will be surprised. . . . . #foodie #f52grams #f52 #eatrealfood #eatgreen #guthealth #holistichealth #holisticliving #holisticnutrition #foodlover #womenwhocook #wholefoods #whole30 #foodsensitivities #eatcleanfood #happyandhealthy #lifestyle #dairyfree #dairyfreelife #glutenfree #empirebuilder #traveling #womenwhotravel #flgirl #bbg #tiu #weightlossjourney #weightwatchers #weightloss #weightlosstransformation
The bell pepper is a cultivar group of the Capsicum annum species of plants, part of the family of foods known as nightshade vegetables. Botanically, it’s a fruit, but nutritionally considered a vegetable. While the other cultivars within this species are famous for their capsaicin content (which is what gives most peppers and chilis, such as cayenne peppers, their spicy taste), bell peppers contain no capsaicin and are referred to in many cultures as “sweet peppers.” Unfortunately, approximately 40 million Americans have a delayed food sensitivity to green pepper. Because of its medium level of reactivity, if green pepper is a part of your diet we recommend sending us a message letting us know what chronic health symptoms you have been experiencing. We can connect you with one of our Food Sensitivity Experts to assist you in finding out if green pepper, or any other common foods, may be triggering your symptoms. #cleaneating #inflammation #inflammatoryboweldisease #irritablebowelsyndrome #ibs #biohacking #diet #healthychoices #healthyeating #healthtips #nutrition #digestion #foodallergies #allergies #foodsensitivities #foodintolerance #bloated #bloatedbelly #fitness #healthiswealth #healthy #health #foodismedicine #lifestyle #eathealthy #cleaneats #healing #glutenfree
Are you struggling to leave a career that you KNOW you need to leave? Then keep on reading! One year ago I was still working in a career that was destroying me physically and emotionally. I had to hit rock bottom in order to see how much I needed to leave it, and even then, I couldn’t walk away from the great pay, the feeling of having a badge, and being a person in society others looked up to. It was not until (at 24 years old) I was so unhealthy that I could not go to work—that I knew I had to quit. And I’m not a quitter. I still struggle with times that I regret my decision... and think “maybe if I tried to stick it out longer I’d be okay there”... but the more time that passes, the more I have come to see that my relationships are thriving better than ever and my mental and physical health are starting to heal. I know that my decision to quit was not even a choice... it was absolutely essential to do for myself if I wanted to survive. Moral of the story: don’t kill yourself over pride and the need for approval from society and family. The struggle of re-writing my life and finding the next path to both help people AND make money has been extremely challenging— but in a different way. I have learned more about myself, grown and strengthened in so so many ways, and questioned myself numerous times. I’ve cried and prayed and welcomed my own weakness because I know that is the only way I’ll become stronger. And I have. It has been a whole year since leaving my career as a Probation Officer and I’m not sure I’ll ever fully heal from the vindictive and back stabbing people I worked alongside and the reprehensible actions of the people I worked to keep out of my community. But I’m learning to embrace all of that because in the darkness and the struggle, that’s where growth is. Not in the successes. If you are struggling to leave a career and need support, reach out to me. I would love to help others because I know just how freaking hard it is to leave. #healthandhomes
One of the top complaints we hear from our clients is #bellybloat 😖That uncomfortable feeling of #cramping and #distention not to mention #indigestion Blah! There are a variety of culprits here. The beans contain #fodmap (s), the carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide gas, and the good bacteria in the digestive system works on breaking down onions and garlic....ALL creating gas in your belly. Cruciferous veggies are high in fructans, which can be difficult to digest. Finally, dairy is high in lactose, which most people have a difficult time breaking down...thus causing bloating and cramping. Luckily there are plenty of alternatives to choose from while you try to balance the health of your digestive system. In working with @creatingbalancedhealth we will test you specifically to identify dietary triggers, test to see what toxic invaders are creating havoc, and develop a customized detox to fortify the body. Maybe you have to avoid these foods for now, but hopefully not forever! Image via @digestivehealthcarecenter #dairyfree #garlicfree #onionfree #guthealth #balancedhealth #ibs #ibd #foodsensitivities #gas #herbs #sibo #gutflora #digestion #eliminationdiet #healthtest #dietician #chiropractor #nutrition #healthcoach #wellnesscoach #heartburn #acidreflux #nausea #fatigue
Little # 2 loves sunflower seed butter on her bread! It warms my heart to see her so excited about a piece of brown bread and sunflower butter! She was beaming and squeezing with delight! It hurts to see her not get so many foods right now but she is a good sport and finds joy in the foods she can have. She has a lot to teach me. . Be grateful for what we do have and not complain about what we don’t have. #foodsensitivities #healingdiet #kidscaneathealthytoo #childrencaneathealthytoo #candidadiet #highnutrient foods, #guthealing Reversing the damage from her hospital stays/drugs used. #prescriptiondrugsideeffects are gut damage and nutrient deficiency and #heavymetalpoisoning
Holistic & functional medicine dive into the connection of body systems and search for the root cause for your symptoms. ✨ ✨ ✨Food sensitivities are part of digestive troubles yet they are interlinked with Interstitial Cystitis. They are also linked to Autoimmune Disorders and the symptoms they bring. ✨ ✨ ✨How can I help you with your Digestive, IC, and Autoimmune conditions? ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨I evaluate your health history, your lifestyle habits, and your food choices. Then I identify any imbalances. Next, I recommend food and lifestyle modifications that are best for your unique biochemistry. Taking your preferences into consideration with the goal of implementing foods that are anti-inflammatory that will fuel your body, eliminate your symptoms and Support with smarter lifestyle habits. ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨With my training and personal experience (read my story on my website about page, I get your struggles because I’ve been where you are) I will help you reach your goal ... finally feeling better! ✨ ✨ ✨Check out my home & about page on my website, sign up for my grocery guides and get started on the first step to feel better - schedule a free 30 minute Consultation Call with me today. ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨It’s time for you to feel better and enjoy life again. ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #digestion #guthealth #guthealing #ibs #irritablebowelsyndrome #interstitialcystitis #ic #icfriendly #leakygut #autoimmunedisease #lowfodmap #insideoutwellnesswithjulie #sibo #ichealing #sibohealing #candida #bacteriaovergrowth #microbiome #glutenfree #celiac #foodintolerances #aip #foodsensitivities
I didn't mean to hurt you. . It was just for fun. Please forgive me. . I KNOW you've heard me say this before but this time I mean it. . It won't happen again.....you have to believe me this time. . I'm sorry. Please still love me. . . If your BFF was telling you this was her boyfriend talking to her after wreaking havoc on her body, you'd scream and yell and tell her to walk away, right? Now what if I told you this was the conversation in my own head after eating foods that literally HURT me? And I KNOW they hurt me yet I continue to abuse the one body I've been given. Itchy skin, bloated belly, brain fog, aching joints, stuffy nose and irritability are NOT normal. Have you thought about what you're eating everyday? Consider the toll it is truly taking on your body. The abuse has to stop. Let's chat. . . . . #foodsensitivities #eczema #dermatitisherpetiformis #glutenfreedairyfree #glutenrash #itchyaf #guthealth #changeyourhabits #loveyourbodynow #asthma #hayfever #foodiesofsd
Breakfast like this ! Gluten free sourdough bread, vegan cake , lactose free cheese and exotic green tea 😍 . . . . . Going gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, vegan but surely not guilt free 🤣🤣 . . . #glutenfreeuae #glutenfreedubai #breakfastlikethis #lessguiltnogluten #noglutenhere #glutenfreesourdoughbread #healthydubai #foodsensitivities #eatclean2019 #lactosefreedubai #vegandubai
Dairy is inflammatory, mucous forming in the body and has been linked to many conditions/illnesses. Here is a good alternative to try. Unlike store bought varieties, it does not contain carrageenan which is harmful for the gut. You can make nut or seed milks in minutes. Almond Milk Recipe 1 cup whole, raw, organic almonds 4 cups filtered water 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon raw honey Place almond in a bowl. Boil one cup of the water and pour over the almonds. Let stand for one hour or overnight. Place the almonds with the water, and the remaining water into a blender. Add the vanilla and honey Blend on high until well pureed and frothy. Pour the almond mixture through a fine sieve or nut milk bag. Refrigerate your almond milk for up to five days. Shake well before serving. #dairyfree #dairyalternative #dairyfreemilkrecipe #dairyfreemilk #healthcoach #weightloss #wellness #nutrition #naturopath #energyfood #healthymood #happygut #guthealth #foodasmedicine #foodsensitivities #almondmilkrecipe #almondmilk #makeyouroenmilk
I recently accidentally ate onions (they were chopped up in a wrap) and I'm now convinced and have proof that I cannot eat onions. I had my suspicions, and while I'm not allergic to them, I really just can't eat them. So now I'm trying to recover. Last night's dinner was simple and better for my tummy. I'm really into wilted spinach and the delish sauerkraut w/cranberries from @completeorganics right now. #simpleandstill #iamwellandgood #makeitblissful #fermentedfoods #kitchenadventures #avocado #vegetarian #healwithfood #mymotherhood #eatlessmeat #myeverydaymagic #seekthesimplicity #eatingfortheinsta #nourish #nothingisordinary #f52grams #momentsofcalm #momentsofmine #thesimpleeveryday #theeverygirl #posttheordinary #foodsensitivities #nourishyourbody #bedeeplyrooted #completeorganics #livethelittlethings #healwithfood #happymamas #happybelly #thefeedfeed
This orecchiette with my #homemade #tomatobasilsauce topped with #eggplant was the bomb! 💣 #😋😋😋 🤸‍♀️😀🤸‍♀️ ~~~~~~ What can I say, #ilovepasta 🤷‍♀️ ~~~~~~ 💡did you know that with some #foodsensitivities (like #gluten for example) after eliminating that food for a period of time, sometimes your gut can heal itself 💫🤗😮😃 This can vary for everyone, but it’s nice to know there’s #hope 🌈 For me, after 4 years of #glutenfree eating, I now enjoy some #glutenous meals with less discomfort. The hard part is #keepingitincheck 😉🙏
Found a good gluten-free and corn-free pasta at Costco! 🙌 It is easy to make and has a better texture than the chickpea pasta I bought before. I don't eat it much but it is nice to have an option when needed or desired 😉 Swipe to check out the nutritional information 👉 #glutenfree #wheatfree #glutenfreepasta #cornfree #foodsensitivities #quinoa #naturopathicmedicine #lambethnaturopath #lcwchealth #londonont
Our little man does it again!! Italian bread recipe he found in his DK Children’s cookbook! Not so long ago he and I would watch the rest chow on the bread and we would satisfy our cravings with GF crackers or rice cakes...😳. Not that those are bad, but compared to fresh, hot, homemade bread!??? ...no more! Thanks to our stellar probiotic and magnesium goodie (not to mention the trusty pink body balancer🤫)—we’re back in action!! Woo hoo! 💫🙌🙌🙌 Do you have food sensitivities? #triplex #yagottaloveit #guthealthandhappiness #guthealing #gluten #foodsensitivities #eatsmart
Getting my own workspace has been hands down the best thing I have done for my business 🙌🏼 When I walk into the door I immediately feel calm, relaxed, and ready to get to work - which is exactly what I hope my clients feel when they come visit me as well. . I am excited to unofficially announce that I am finally seeing new clients again for both Holistic Health Coaching and Food Sensitivity Testing, both in person and virtually around the country 📲💻⭐️ You can learn more on the website under ‘Work With Me’ or by following the direct link in my bio (@emilykylenutrition 🔗) . I will be writing a blog post soon about the MRT Food Sensitivity testing I use in my practice and how it is so much different (aka better) than those terrible ones you see on Groupon. Not all Food Sensitivity Tests are created equal‼️ . Until then, let me know - how does your workspace make you feel?? I’ve actually added a ton of plants to my office since this picture was taken and I love it even more 🌿💚 Let me know what your space is like below 👇🏼😘 . #sheshed #officedecor #officedesign
◽️Nutrition Dynamic Success Story◽️ . This is Karen and she wants to share her story with the world to be an inspiration. Her story is a true testament of what hard work, dedication and patients can look like!▪️ "At age 30 I was at my highest weight of 273 pounds with lots of medical issues. My hormones were out of whack, I was borderline type 2 diabetic, I had high blood pressure & high cholesterol. This was my ending point. I made a New Year's resolution and followed through. My doctor wanted me under 200 lbs in hopes it would help with my medical issues. I lost 75 lbs with no surgery, did it with eating the right foods but only consuming 1200 cals/day. I slowly started working out & exercising, and found that I truly enjoyed it. With home videos I was able to maintain this weight loss for over 10 years but was still having some medical issues.▪️ In my forties I became brave enough to go to the gym with a friend. Started taking classes & some additional weight started dropping. I increased exercise more and started working with a trainer. I was able to build some muscle but then my weight plateaued again & I was at a standstill. At this time in my life I weighed 178 pounds. ▪️ Instagram came along, I started following @nutrition_dynamic which I found thru @ericafitlove . I followed their posts for a few months before I finally decided to call. I did everything they asked me to. Once I got a coach, I found that my metabolism started to improve. I was able to lose weight again, more importantly lose body fat. My lower body has always been a trouble area but with the help of ND I am finally starting to see that area of my body change and I am happy to say I am down another 22 pounds. Not only have I lost an additional 22 pounds I have also started to notice muscle gain & improvement in my workouts. Finally, my goal is to stay as healthy as I can & avoid the use of medications. At the age of 54 I am happy to say I am medication free!” ▪️ . Coach: Sandy Nance - @sandynancerd 🔹 Client: Karen 🔹
👉🏼Find the balance⁣ 👉🏼Make realistic goals⁣ 👉🏼Follow simple nutrition⁣ 👉🏼Do what works for you and your family⁣ 🙌🏼That's all it truly takes⁣ ⁣ I do what works for me 🙋🏻‍♀️, not for anybody else... FOR ME💁🏻‍♀️! ⁣ I push for my workout 🏋🏻‍♀️ goal per week. ⁣ Meal prepping simple, homemade meals 🥘,⁣ keeps my sanity and us from eating junk 🍟all the time.⁣ ⁣ Simple.⁣ Realistic.⁣ ⁣ Don't MAKE this your life, ⁣ Make it a part of your life.⁣ ⁣ There is no such thing as perfection so stop striving for it.⁣ Give it your best.⁣ If today wasn't your best...⁣ OH WELL⁣ tomorrow is a new day!⁣ ⁣ It isn't complicated.⁣ Doesn't have to be elaborate.⁣ You just have to show up for yourself every day and give it your best!⁣ Can you do it? 👊🏼
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