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Hello, bulldogs, their parents and everyone else!👋 My name is Trevor and I am 9 weeks old.🐶 I know I don’t know a lot about this world, but I know that I am the cutest little Frenchie my parents have ever seen. 😍 They got me a week ago and they are so, so, so happy that they did! This is my first week without my brothers and my birth mom and dad, and my first night at new home was so scary! I didn’t know anyone there. There were some black thing that kept hissing at me, then there was some little thing🐱 (bigger than me) that looked just like me but had so much more fur🐰, and there was that other thing that kept kicking the floor and running away.🐰 I thougt there were mad at me but only a week later I start to realize - they were just scared of me. I was barking at everything. SHOES! - what that even is? Why my parents have so many of them?👡👠👞👟 And then there was something that was so squeeky - i LOVED it. It is my favorite toy but that other black purring and hissing thing likes it too. I don’t understand why he is always running from me - I am smaller than him. 👀 But one thing I know for sure - I love my parents, they love me and somehow I am going to get along with that black thing. 😻 And my parents let me come in to their bed! It is soooo warm and cozy with all the snuggles!💕
My collar is beamin ✨, My fur is gleamin' 💎 I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it 😎😎
✨ new food bowls yay 🥰🐾✨
💙🛎INTRODUCING PASSION FRUIT🛎 💙 This handsome boy has arrived in the Phoenix fold this week, currently in foster to be fully assessed. Passion has come in through no fault of his own. Sad surrender so no negative comments please. What we also know is that he loves kids and dogs, has good manners.💙 Passion Fruit has settled into his foster home and is making everyone fall in love with him! He is kind and loving boy, giving affection and cuddles at any opportunity. Passion has had an appointment with a vet to have a check on his itchy skin and to try and get a diagnosis as to what could be causing his this. No applications yet please #frenchiesofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #frenchbulldog #frenchie
Well-trained, never begs ... unless it’s 🥂🐾🐶. . . . #2019 #kingvinniethefrenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchie #frenchbulldog
“Life is better with a French bulldog” Welcome in our life. Yuzu the Frenchie 🤘 #frenchbulldog #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchies #puppylove #yuzudafrenchie #yuzuthefrenchie #frenchie #dogsofinstagram
I love frenchie talking/screaming really loud whilst mum runs into the school to grab my sister! I can do it so loud now the teachers can even hear me! wow🔊🔊! #pablothefrenchieescobar #loudfrenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchiesofnewzealand #frenchietalk #bluepiedfrenchie #frenchiepuppy #naughtyfrenchie
Took dad finishing today #doggo #beachdog #saltydog #frenchiesofinstagram
What is this stuff mom? ☃️❄️ #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #puppy #dogsofinstagram
Thanks Finland for the great design....🙄 (what is this space suit!?)
**** SPUD NEEDS A FOSTER-TO-ADOPT HOME **** Spud is a one year old, cute, small boy who just needs some training and time-investment; he is eager to please and would do anything for a treat. He also needs some socialising, because he hasn't really had very much. He is keen to learn, but he will require a lot of positive reinforcement training as he can be a little hyperactive, so he needs to be taken right back to puppy-basics for some manners and boundaries to work within. Spud would be suited to a calm, experienced household with older children only as he never sits still. He has been with us for assessment for almost 2 weeks now and is living with 2 female Frenchies - he has not dared to challenge them in any way and has been getting along with them just fine. We think calm females will be good for him but not males please. Absolutely no cats though, as he will chase them along with anything else that moves quickly! He doesn’t like loud noises, people walking outside or fast cars and will bark. All of this is probably due to his lack of exposure to any of these things. He didn’t really know how to play with toys but is learning. He loves long walks and is good on his lead. He is on a raw food diet as he had skin problems - these have now cleared up but we woudl recommend not changing his diet. Spud will settle at his own pace given the love and patience that this younger boy needs and deserves. #rescuedogsofinstagram #frenchiesofinstagram #adoptdontshop #frenchbulldog
I’m in love with #Batman 🦇 the pupper. What a cute #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppies #black #goth #dog
Im daisy the frenchie, I was rescued by my humans, nearly 1 year ago. I wasn’t feeling very good and my new humans got me all better and I am so happy now, I’m the angel of the house 😇 I’m very quiet and I love lots of human attention, I also made a new best friend Lola the pug she’s nuts but I love her ever so much ❤️ #frenchbulldog
BOOTY-LICIOUS!!! 🍑 What ya gon’ do with all that junk inside that trunk?.... Toot.... I’m going to toot, all of the time. 💨 #stinky #toots #archieinadelaide #frenchiesofadelaide #frenchiesofinstagram #favbeach
**** BUTTERNUT THE BULLDOG NEEDS A FOSTER HOME **** Yes, an Old Tyme Bulldog, so a little leggier and slimmer, usually a little healthier too. Butternut is a lovely girl but she is not keen on the crawling baby; she loves her when she is still or sitting but has growled a few times now when the baby is on the move, so she is obviously unsettled. Butternut does have previous with female dogs in the home before this one, which is why she was removed at around a year old. She has shown dislike to other dogs when out and about too but is controllable. A while ago a small male dog saw the sharp side of her too, despite having been friendly initially, but as she is unspayed we do have to wonder if she has been rather hormonal; and every woman reserves the right to change her mind. My own personal experience is that a dog due in season can be transformed into the She-Devil overnight, and just as quickly back again when it is all over! Yes, she will be spayed. But to err on the side of safety we need a home that is: * Dog-free * Cat-free (they get chased) * Older children only, say 11+ * Bulldog experience would be ideal but not essential On the babis of the above and being a prime candidate to join our Sticky Club, a home who wishes to adopt too would be fabulous. #frenchiesofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop
Mom do you mind? I’m trying to watch my cartoons! 🙄
昨日ガジュのおやつを買いに ガジュはまるでおもちゃ売り場で 買って買ってーーと叫ぶ子供 #frenchiesofinstagram #bulldog #pecoいぬ部 #frenchbulldog #frenchie #dog #フレンチブルドッグ #ブルドッグ #日々 #暮らし #おもちゃありがとう #写真by大津君
C’mon dad, let’s go ✌🏻 happy Sunday frens!
are we looking ugly😲!!!!!! what's your opinion⁉️ Follow us for daily doze of frenchies🐶🐶
Amazing sunset 😍 _______________
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