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yes that is nutella covering my pancake
No other plate of appetizers is going to do after I had these in front of me on top of fries & a giant pretzel 🥨🥨 gotta order this collosal plate of jalapeño poppers, wings, mozzarella sticks
French toast bagel with cookie dough cream cheese. Is this real life???? #succumbtothecrumb
You had me at vodka pizza 🍕 #FRESHMEN15 #EEEEEATS #eatingfortheinsta @pizzabeach
SUNDAY FUN DAY 🔥 #scorpionbowl
If I could just add mozzarella to everything my life would be 💯 #noodleworship #liftingnoodles #newforkcity #pisticci
Potstickers from @bjsrestaurants 😋
When the Israeli food in NOLA is 🔥#shayanola #yumdiaries
Pulling at my cheese strings 🧀🧀
All sorts of holiday gifts available at our Georgetown shop, Tysons Pop Up, and online 🎄🎁 Gift cards cards, greeting cards, gift taster sets, holiday cookies, festive funky dish towels, and of course all kinds of holiday flavors and dough jar gift packs 🎉 Stop by or order online!
Can’t have sweet without salty 😜🍟🍫 thank you @jicamafood ! #FRESHMEN15 #EEEEEATS #eatingfortheinsta
Gotta mix in some greens 🥗🍝📸: @alicusack
When he says send me some n00dz. Say no more fam 😏 . . . . @mitsuwa_marketplace 📍 Edgewater, NJ 🍜 Shoyu Ramen
Couch potato flavor from the always inventive @vanleeuwenicecream //CBD oil infused vegan potato chip ice cream with dark chocolate covered pretzels, roasted peanuts, mini marshmallows and a caramel swirl 🍦🍫🥜🥨💕😊💙
woke up NEEDING this garlic knot filled with chicken parmesan, covered in hot honey 🙌🏼♥️ brb running to @lanonnakrispykrust
Huevos and a spicy marg no problem
That #freshmen15 🐷
Literally can’t contain my excitement for my trip to Asia in less than 20 days 😍 I’M GONNA EAT SO MUCH FRIED CHICKEN THE SIZE OF MY HEAD 🤤
Milks favorite cookie, our favorite cookie DOUGH! Oreo cookie dough with chocolate chips, white Reese’s, peanut butter m&ms, brownies, and filled with a chocolate fudge frosting. Take your cookie experience to a whole other level and order yourself a custom batch! Only a few days left to place an order if you want them in time for Christmas, for yourself or Santa😉
Crispy Jidori Egg 🥚 from @sushisamba with phyllo, fresh truffle & gnocchi 😊
what are you grabbing first: onion rings or french fries?? 🍟
@orwashers has a new holiday challah with cranberries, pistachios, golden raisins and orange zest and I’m IN LOVE 😍
I only have fr-eyes for you 😍🍟🥓🧀 #isabellesplate
Look at you so beautiful, just soaking and relaxing. You sit back and chill, I'll do alllllll the work 😏✨🥰 —————————————————————— Everybody loves biscuits + gravy but don’t underestimate a warm biscuit + maple syrup! Get your brunch on, Navies! . . . 🥓:The Sticky Maple 📍:Maple Street Biscuit Co. 🇺🇸:Greenville, SC
This still counts as breakfast right? 🍭🥞
Def warming up today with some @couscousnyc & their amazing #vegan hot chocolate
Never steer away from your go to @octobersverybone
Po boy didn’t even see it coming #nolaeats #yumdiaries
~🍵 So MATCHA to see, so MATCHA to do, but its so MATCHA better when I'm with you 🤗 🍵~ . . FLASHBACK FRIDAY . . Tag your boba buddy! 😄 . . . . . 📍: @bobaguys / @bobaguysnyc 🍵: Strawberry Matcha Latte and Matcha Latte 🏙️: Manhattan, NYC, USA Where do you like to get bubble tea? Leave suggestions below! . . #nyceats #foooodieee #foodintheair #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodpic #lovefood #foodstagram #foodblogger #instafood #timeoutnewyork #eeeeeats #freshmen15 #buzzfeast #bestfoodny #eaterny #eatingnyc #eatingnewyork #feedfeed #foodilysm #nycfat #yelpeatsnyc #forkyeah #nyceeeeeats #newforkcity #feastagram #bubbletea #boba #fbf #matcha
The holidays are in full swing and so are our holiday variety packs! Our packs are like a box of chocolates, each batch has 6 types of festive cookies labeled with what’s inside and every pack is different! Christmas is right around the corner so we only have a couple more spots on these packs before time runs out so send us an email ASAP if you want to get on the list! Gift it to someone special or yourself🤗 This cookie was taken from #4 and is a brown sugar vanilla cookie with gingerbread men, speculoos cookies, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and filled with cookie butter!❤️💚
@soufibarbershop1 only spot u can get 🇲🇦couscous and a fade
Doesn’t get cheddar than this burger classic😏🍔🍟 Who else craves a juicy bacon cheeseburger?!
First of many oysters #wheninnola #yumdiaries
Can’t stop thinking about this vegan”ish” taco from @playabettys 😍🌮 It’s a vegan “fish” taco made from breaded hearts of palm, vegan cheese, cabbage and valentina hot sauce aioli with a navajo fry bread shell 😱👌🧀 #vegan #taco #newforkcity #playabettys
Fav lunch spot🤩🍣| Fairfield, CT
@zuckersbagels has a new bagel sandwich this week: The Truffled Egg 😋🥯🍳 It's literally SO GOOOD‼️ It's made with their own truffle cream cheese, eggs, melted swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms! 👌😍🧀 #newforkcity #zuckersbagels #bagel #truffles
Our FAMOUS Stuffed Truffle Gouda Mac N' Cheese Ball 🍔 seen hanging out with the dangerously delicious Broad Street Disco🍟🙌 . Now that’s tag-team tastebud satisfaction! 🤤 . The O͟R͟I͟G͟I͟N͟A͟L͟ CHEAT DAY HEADQUARTERS since 1️⃣9️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ . . . 👇TAG YOUR FOODIE TEAM!👇
spinach + green apple + pineapple + fresh ginger 🌵🌳🌴🥬🥝🍐🍏
Incredible Churro Cake😍 from @gabysbakery_hn 🙌🏽
feeling very #blessed that @thenuggetspot made it acceptable to eat chicken nuggets at 9am with their new special - ERRYTHANG NUGS w/ jalapeño cream cheese 🍗🌶🍗
~🌹What do you look for in a person? I check out their personali-TEA 🌹~ . . THROWBACK THURSDAY . . Tag your tea buddy! 😄 . . . . . 📍: @gracestreetcafe 🌹: Rose Milk Tea 🏙️: K-Town, Manhattan, NYC, USA Where do you like to get tea? Leave suggestions below! . . #nyceats #foooodieee #foodintheair #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodpic #lovefood #foodstagram #foodblogger #instafood #timeoutnewyork #eeeeeats #freshmen15 #buzzfeast #bestfoodny #eaterny #eatingnyc #eatingnewyork #feedfeed #foodilysm #nycfat #yelpeatsnyc #forkyeah #nyceeeeeats #newforkcity #feastagram #latte #latteart #tbt
First final exam of grad school calls for margs #1down 🍹ALSO @biteee_meee now brought to you by the newest iPhone📱
The word I used when the server brought this was described by @alexisann13 as “inappropriate for a large audience” so here’s my alt caption: Grilled cheese with manchego, cheddar and gruyère on pretzel bread with creamy tomato soup 😋🧀🥨 #sarabethsnyc #grilledcheese #newforkcity
These two-packs are the best for stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, client gifts, staff gifts, and more! 🎁
My girl @melissajane_fit is just about to graduate law school(and it’s almost her birthday!) so we whipped her up something special to celebrate! Brown sugar vanilla dough with chocolate chips, fudge cake, frosted animal cookies, and stuffed with cookie butter😍 congrats girl and may these cookies be as stellar as you💫💫
Who doesn’t love a chicken cutlet supreme #bagelwich !
double the pleasure, triple the fun 😍🥞😋 OREO PANCAKES 🥞 from @bigdaddysnyc to satisfy all your needs 🤤🤤 #TastyBitesNYC
Pura Vida @playabowls
Tis the season 🎄
Totally bacon aback by how tasty this bacon, egg & cheese bagel was! 🥯🥓🍳🧀 #isabellesplate
Keep your friends close, but your fries closer... 👀🍟 #cteatsandsweets
Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is defined as a mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance. For example, a person affected with BDD may avoid leaving the house because she feels her nose is too big or her ears are too small. Although BDD is a more serious issue than being unhappy with one’s appearance, they are similar in terms of how one’s feelings and thoughts could become time consuming or a problem on the daily basis. BDD most often develops in adolescents and teens and often begins to occur in adolescents 12-13 years of age. In the United States, BDD occurs in 2.5% in males and 2.2% of females. The causes of BDD are unclear, but certain biological and environmental factors may contribute to its development. Some things to know: 1. Body dysmorphic disorder is a serious mental illness
 2. Someone with BDD focuses on something about their appearance that may be real or imagined
 3. Obsessive and repetitive behaviors are a central part of BDD
 4. BDD is not the same thing as being self-obsessed
 5. Individuals with BDD suffer from a lot of shame
 6. BDD demands attention and it can disrupt your life
 7. BDD can cause a lot of stress and negatively impact academic performance
 8. Treatment usually involves therapy and/or medication
 Most of us have something we don’t like about our appearance, but although we may fret, it does not interfere with our daily lives. People with body dysmorphic disorder think about their perceived or real flaws for hours each day, which can definitely take a toll on their daily life.
One common phrase that students going off to college hear is “Freshman 15”. Although there have been many movements of “self-love” and “size doesn’t matter”, there is still a predisposition to the way people should look. Like any story, there are two sides of the situations. Students who head off to college could either gain weight or lose weight—maybe even stay the same weight—because of this stigma. Why is the way someone looks still an issue in today’s society? Even though I am wanting to inform people about body image, it was something that I was focused on this first semester. Coming from practicing for 2-hours everyday all throughout high school, I was worried about how my body would change because I didn’t have a set schedule for academics and exercising. Freshmen 15 always lingers in my mind and is something that I still am worried about because I did gain weight. But, I would say it was a good thing that happened because it has taught me more about myself. Gaining weight has let me understand the idea of living healthy and how to manage my time schedule. Being in college for a few months, I realized that I have SO much free time, a little too much… but in that free time I did some research. Through looking at articles written by previous college students, I learned how to control my eating habits and exercise schedule. Now I am happy and living a healthier life! Comment down below to share something about you or something about your college peers! #share
I created this account to bring light to the issue of body image. Body image and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) are topics that affect people that range from the pre-teen age to adults. The society we live in today highlights having certain body types such as skinny, athletic, lean, etc. The reason I chose to share my findings through Instagram is because by looking around me, I see that many people are also sucked into their smartphones on a daily basis. Social media, specifically Instagram, is what most pre-teens and teens are looking at when they are on their phones. Therefore, I decided that using Instagram was the best way to communicate my findings. Since I am just starting my journey in college, I wanted to explore how being on a college campus and using social media affects a person’s perception of their body and their mental health. Going more in depth, I wanted to understand why it is so important to have a certain body in this society. Coming from a home—a safe space for individuals, most of the time with their own room—to going to a place where they are constantly surrounded by other people and don’t have their own room is a big change. By going to college, each student faces so many changes in their environment and habits, therefore I want to share how it can affect students. I hope you can learn a little something from this page! #thisbody
work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard! who else follows the motto #workhardplayharder ?! 🍔🎮🍟 @TheUpstairs66 now offers games AND bomb food! What’s better than playing games, drinking and eating great food at the same damn time!!!? #TastyBitesNYC
~🍦 What's your reaction if someone said you had to give up desserts? ICE CREAM 🍦~ . . Tag your dessert buddy! 😄 . . . . . 📍: @smoothme.co 🍦: Vegan Ice Cream 🏙️: selling vegan treats at various events Where do you like to get dessert? Leave suggestions below! . . #nyceats #foooodieee #foodintheair #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodpic #lovefood #foodstagram #foodblogger #instafood #timeoutnewyork #eeeeeats #freshmen15 #buzzfeast #bestfoodny #eaterny #eatingnyc #eatingnewyork #feedfeed #foodilysm #nycfat #yelpeatsnyc #forkyeah #nyceeeeeats #newforkcity #feastagram #dessertbae #sugarcakepie #vegan #icecream
This garlic bread is the GOAT 🐐
You had me at tacos 🌮 Enjoy at HAPPY HOUR everyday now from 12pm-7pm!
what’s your go to five guys order? (mine is a little cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles and ketchup!)
🎁HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY🎁 You could be the lucky winner of a ☕️ holiday mug and 🥳 “season's eatings” dish towel gift set from @theneighborgoodswithlove along with our 🍪 Holiday Sampler with chocolate chip, gingerbread, peppermint bark, and Christmas cookie dough. 🎉 To enter: 1. Follow both @TheNeighborgoodsWithLove and @TheDoughJar 2. Like this pic and tag two friends who love cookie dough as much as we do! Winner will be announced this Friday (12/7) at 8pm EST and must be able to pick up their winnings at our scoop shop in Georgetown. Good luck!🤞
last nights dinner: salmon + broccoli 🥦
🎶 pour some yolk on meeeee 🎶
Holy aioli 😍😍
Zucchini BBQ Quesadilla • zucchini, avocado, cashew cheese, and salsa #hungryhunnys
Ranchero Skillet from Ocean Organics 😋 served over Corn Tortillas with Black Beans, Avocado, Salsa Fresca Cashew Cheese, Potatoes, and Grilled Polenta #hungryhunnys
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