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Honored to have had the opportunity to sample this lunch menu for a restaurant before opening day #freshtakes #classics
Good vibes on set 🎞📽 goodnight 🌓 ___________________________________________________________ 【#离归#FreshTakes
Dropped by to visit @damienteo_ on set today! He’s acting in a short film directed by @ian_ianization ! 🎥 #离归 #IFOnly #FreshTakes
Status: #方导 Busy at work now #fighting 💪💪💯 🎥 【#离归#IFonly #freshtakes #staytuned for more updates 🤘 . #方伟杰 #ianfang #thecelebrityagency
The real Arun & 震峰 & 阿辉 on set for my short film . 【#离归#FreshTakes
导演照📸 明天我是方导🤙🏻 ___________________________________________________________ 【#离归 】【#IFonly#FreshTakes
The Right-face-looks-betters & the Left-face-looks-betters hahah #freshtakes #fresh新登场 #青春的旋律
《那年树下》是个半小时的微电影,这是创作时其中必须考虑在内的一点。对于拍惯长篇电视剧的我有一定的挑战 — 篇幅少了,故事就不能太复杂。除此之外,在选角时我也找了已有人物气质的演员然后在剧本上为他们做出调整,量身定做。这一回我要拍一部轻松温暖、浪漫温馨的电影,坦白说我也不知道该怎么拍,就边做边学吧!#已做好被吐槽的心理准备 #那年树下 #underthetreebyjp #joannepeh joannepeh #freshtakes 📷: lawrenceliau
I have decided to take on the challenge of working with children, and to up the ante, both of whom are pretty new to acting.⁣ ⁣ Meet Eve and Ethan, who plays the child versions of the female and male lead. Judging from this first meeting, they are going to get along just fine. #freshtakes #underthetreebyjp #那年树下 #joannepeh joannepeh #jpdirects 📷: lawrenceliau
Taken from a recent interview with CNA lifestyle. My intention behind embarking on this directorial journey which is part of Mediacorp’s Incubator Project is to give the opportunity back to those who have zero or minimal acting experience. It’s not just going to be a first for me on set but also for them so I’m thankful for all the support I’ve been getting along the way from industry professionals. #jpdirects #joannepeh joannepeh #freshtakes #underthetreebyjp
Exploring cool buildings at LAX.
杀青咯!🎥 谢谢大家一直那么耐心,把我们四个傻瓜照顾得那么好 ❤️ 大家辛苦了,请好好休息,以后再见吧 😊 GINA OUT! #青春的旋律 #freshtakes #fresh新登场
新朋友 🙆🏻‍♂️ #青春的旋律 #freshtakes
Taken from a recent interview with CNA lifestyle. My intention behind embarking on this directorial journey which is part of Mediacorp’s Incubator Project is to give the opportunity back to those who have zero or minimal acting experience. It’s not just going to be a first for me on set but also for them so I’m thankful for all the support I’ve been getting along the way from industry professionals. #jpdirects #joannepeh @joannepeh #freshtakes #underthetreebyjp
Actress and mum of two Joanne Peh has taken on the dual challenge of scriptwriting and directing. This is for Fresh Takes, an upcoming web series of 30-minute short films. Find out how she did it on CNA Lifestyle, link in bio! #JoannePeh #FreshTakes #Singapore #CNAlifestyle
We may fall and get defeated by whatever comes our way. But we stand up stronger. Everytime. 💪🏻 Back to work for #咖啡的偶遇 #freshtakes #fresh新登场
Since it’s my birthday today.. let’s have something that is slightly upbeat🥰#爱本 #freshtakes
Here’s a clip from 爱本... from one of the enactments..#爱本 #freshtakes
Trying to find clarity in the fog.
Showing them how to properly make a cup of coffee 😂 Can’t wait for this short to be out but meanwhile, go check out our latest video on @trevmonki 😊❤️👊🏻 #trevmonki #igsg #bringtrevmonkito500k #freshtakes #fresh登场 #咖啡的偶遇
We saved you a seat- just not a sip 🥃 . . (...You’ll have to order that from Scott @therenditionroom ) . . #renditionroom #studiocity #Losangeles #california #imbibe #craftcocktail #bourbon #sips #rustynail #freshtakes #barrelaged #jukebox #mostlyfrank
Our next project! As football season comes to a close a fresh one rises! #3InTheKey #JQ #Jones #NBA #FreshTakes #Podcast #Sports #UE #UnEducatedExperts
Last Night we held our 3rd annual Fresh Takes video contest screening at the new theater room inside Bob's Bullpen! It was a fantastic evening. All who attended were able to see the videos submitted by local amateur filmmakers and their representation of Alpena. Peoples Choice award: Steve Jakubcin 3rd Place: Jonathan Stepanski (not pictured) 2nd Place: Gavin MacDonald 1st Place: Nick Searcy (Go to our Facebook page Alpena: Sanctuary of the Great Lakes to see the videos!) Stay tuned for how you can enter for the Fresh Takes 2020 contest! #visitalpena #freshtakes #alpena #sanctuaryofthegreatlakes #michigan #film #videocontest #follow
I have decided to take on the challenge of working with children, and to up the ante, both of whom are pretty new to acting.⁣ ⁣ Meet Eve and Ethan, who plays the child versions of the female and male lead. Judging from this first meeting, they are going to get along just fine. #freshtakes #underthetreebyjp #那年树下 #joannepeh @joannepeh #jpdirects 📷: @lawrenceliau
《那年树下》是个半小时的微电影,这是创作时其中必须考虑在内的一点。对于拍惯长篇电视剧的我有一定的挑战 — 篇幅少了,故事就不能太复杂。除此之外,在选角时我也找了已有人物气质的演员然后在剧本上为他们做出调整,量身定做。这一回我要拍一部轻松温暖、浪漫温馨的电影,坦白说我也不知道该怎么拍,就边做边学吧!#已做好被吐槽的心理准备 #那年树下 #underthetreebyjp #joannepeh @joannepeh #freshtakes 📷: @lawrenceliau
Developer Rufaro taking over #freshtakes today. 😎 - Whether you call it #UX , #UXD , #UED , or #XD , user experience matters! Swipe ➡️ to see his thoughts. - #uxdesign #uxdesigner #calgaryalberta #developerlife #dev
Script comes first, without which nothing can happen. Not casting, not set design, not props, not location. ⁣ ⁣ From a blinking cursor on an open Word document to 27 pages, I am happy and proud of what I have after script read with my actors tonight. (I’m still reeling from excitement at how they’ve come together so nicely.)⁣ ⁣ The story is inspired by my male lead, written and tweaked with my actors in mind. With two lovely young child actors who’s had no acting experience, an inspired cast from various walks of life, I believe we need greater diversity in our industry and I can’t wait to share more as we move into imaging this week! #freshtakes #那年树下 #underthetreebyjp @joannepeh #jpdirects #joannepeh
Are past experiences coloring your current perspectives? #leadership #alifetocherish #freedom #choosingisachoice #freshtakes #focusingsuccess
Are past experiences coloring your current perspectives? #leadership #alifetocherish #freedom #choosingisachoice #freshtakes #focusingsuccess
Are past experiences coloring your current perspectives? #leadership #alifetocherish #freedom #choosingisachoice #freshtakes #focusingsuccess
My first foray as a director and I'm not sure if I'm going to like it. Here is where I'd like to collect memories of this maiden experience and share exclusive original content about my story, my actors and the process. #freshtakes #joannepeh #jpdirects #moncler
拍摄中 Charming Male Lead
Filming in progress #freshtakes  #fresh新登场  #咖啡的偶遇
why are weekends shorter than weekdays?😭 Can you guess what @trevtham and @danielisk is looking at? #trevmonki #igsg #bringtrevmonkito500k #youtube #memes #freshtakes #fresh新登场 #咖啡的偶遇
Haven’t been any updates over the past few days.. reasons being.. well.. I am knee deep stuck. Stuck in a rut where when editing is concerned, due to duration( or being so emotionally attached to every scene and every shot), the dumping of scenes and shots to fit into the duration of the show proves to be the ultimate joy killer of this production. Perplexed. Disturbed...one of the many sentiments that engulfs my miserable self. In another 35 mins, I shall be back into the editing room and to steel my heart against the scenes that the actors, crew and I have painstakingly crafted. Only consolation is, there is this thing known as the director’s cut. That, is my only salvation. #爱本 #freshtakes
《佩佩》杀青啦! It's a wrap for PeiPei😚 @augustpictures , @samloh and @reginaaniger9 , I'm really thankful to be given the opportunity to be in this film . Past 5 days of shoot was a whole new experience for me as I get to visit Pulau Ubin for the first time and also taking up a total different role compared to my other shows. Despite having an average of 3-4 hours of sleep, the crew members are still able to put on a smile on their face when their on set . Thank you so much loves. This project wouldn't be possible without y'all💖 #augustpictures #佩佩 #freshtakes #fresh新登场 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • 🎬Director : @samloh • 🙆Assistant director : @reginaaniger9 • 💋Makeup : @tee__stella • 🎥Camera Man : @yeahman1983 • 📼 Sound Man : @ryz.sg • 😇Crews : @3saloh @yeojasper @cindy_chuax @ryanyoungins • 📜Written by : @evekoo118
Ubin shoot excursion 🎥🎬 #freshtakes #fresh新登场 #佩佩 #augustpictures 😎🤘🏻
The really really serious..... Director Bao on set #包导 是要拍大场面吗 🤔 #到此一游 #freshtakes @toggle_sg #shanepow #thecelebrityagency
Nate was busy getting smacked while we snacked. 📷: @snow_fakes #BTS #FreshTakes #到此一游
Lol why was I always holding a spoon?! 📷: @snow_fakes #BTS #FreshTakes #到此一游
It’s a wrap for ‘佩佩’! And what a way to end it in Pulau Ubin with my awesome team & actors! Look out for its premiere soon on Toggle! 😎🤘🏻#freshtakes #fresh新登场 #佩佩 #augustpictures 🎥🎬
Started production meetings for my directorial debut today and feeling a little overwhelmed. From a blank cursor on the computer to the final approval of the script by network, I must thank my script mentor Rebecca for taking the time to read and guide me along. This part of the journey was what I was most looking forward to. I’d be meeting my cast next week and I’m so excited for them to meet each other. Can’t wait to see how sparks fly! #freshtakes
Reposted from @samloh - Set life 🎥🎬 ♥️😎#freshtakes #fresh新登场 #augustpictures 🎥@3saloh - #regrann
Set life 🎥🎬 ♥️😎#freshtakes #fresh新登场 #augustpictures 🎥@3saloh
Ok, we hear you Director Bao 🙉 since you come on set looking so suave and handsome we will listen to you for ..... 3 𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓼 #包导 #shanepow #NewDirectorOnTheRoll #到此一游 #freshtakes @toggle_sg #thecelebrityagency
Caption this - #BTS #FreshTakes #到此一游
🙋🏼‍♀️📥✏️☎️💻 If you’ve been enjoying (tolerating) our very wise (but mostly bullshit) reviews, follow us at @wecaredeeply 🌊 Slide into our DM’s, leave suggestions in the comments otherwise, I’ll just keep drinking wine and telling you it’s good because let’s be honest, after the first glass, it is. #freeadvice #reviews #freshtakes #nashville #wecaredeeply #opinions #videoreviews #millsandpile #nooneaskedus
終於算是完成了我的處女作! 歌手當得多,演員還真第一次! 第一次體驗演戲的樂趣,雖然不是什麼大片,但這經驗對我來說有非常大的收穫和很難得!謝謝導演 @samloh 和謝謝 @augustpictures 還有 @reginaaniger9 給我機會,讓我嘗試了第一次演戲的滋味!原來當一聲「Action」下來的時候,整個人真的會僵硬和慌! 還好我跟了個好的導演 好的團隊 好的演員合作!大家的歡笑聲讓我不再緊張。 對不起,如果有什麼不好的,求你們原諒🙏🏻 其實這次我知道我演得不夠好,不夠放,但我會繼續努力,繼續學習,越做越好的! #Toggle #freshtakes
It's been a really enjoyable 3 days and I'm so sad that it has ended. I want to say a big thank you to all my cast & crew for being so helpful and patient towards me for my first director project. A number of the scenes in this show were based on my personal secondary school experiences and seeing it come to live again was just... unbelievable, and hilarious hahahaha. To my cast: @ohhowstrange @nathanhartono @raozijie @yonghelyh , You guys were amazing and thank you for the extra effort y'all put in for me on and off set, and special shoutout to @alamakhui and @iamdawnyeoh for the friendship cameo you guys are the best! To my crew: Thank you for being patient with me throughout the production. I know I had some strange requests for certain shots but y'all did such an amazing job I really couldn't have asked for a better team. Thank you for making my dream come true :) Can't wait to get down to editing and for you guys to watch it! #freshtakes #到此一游 📸: @snow_fakes
So here we are in the editing suite!Am with my editor leeyan and we are making progress!It's so surreal to piece things together and watch my story come to life!I am loving every moment of this..so much so that I am starting to contemplate....Perhaps, I should....erm...Should I?#爱本 #freshtakes
來,50塊打一次 #toggle #freshtakes @augustpictures
#包导 拍到自己亲自上场 😎 Who else can you spot in the cast for this drama scripted and directed by Director Bao 😍 #wearesoproudofhim Final product will be on @toggle_sg in Mar ∼ #freshtakes #到此一游 #shanepow #thecelebrityagency
Like fine wine, he gets better with age. So fortunate to be working with veteran actor Wang Yuqing on this drama! His professionalism & graciousness to everyone especially the young actors on set is an inspiration to all! 😎🤘🏻#freshtakes #fresh新登场 #augustpictures #小飞鱼icon 🎥🎬
And last but not least, big heartfelt thank you for my dearest kym NG, camping it up as 什么都可以的 Miss Tan.cameoing as LONG LOST LOVE BIRDS 厚任大哥和向云姐, my awesome 5 man crew, dance choreographers Derek and max and of course, my kind, lovable EP Gerald. Together with those I have thanked in my earlier post, they helped made it possible for me to dream big and reach for the stars. Come tomorrow, I am going into the editing suite. Perhaps will share tidbits of edited scene here, for I think you must be eager for a sneak peek. Keeping my fingers crossed. In fact, whatever I can cross😁😄😁😄#爱本 #freshtakes
We are excited to announce the next #freshtakes drama is produced by our very young and talented #shanepow ! *whistles* → Director Bao on the roll 🎥 and looking good with his new haircut on set #包导 #到此一游 is a script written by our Director Bao himself ❤️ awwwww and will tx on toggle in Mar! #thecelebrityagency
These past 2 days’ shoot have been long & exhausting but the payoff & consolation came from the adrenaline working with a bunch of passionate new talents in front of & behind the camera! Check out last pic of me dozing off and punk’d by my crew! 🙃I’m only human 😎🤘🏻#freshtakes #fresh新登场 #augustpictures 🎥🎬 bts 📷 @evekoo118
In one of the scenes of 爱本, was a 63 seconds worth of conversations together with 93 seconds of a dance sequence,and that, I brazenly decided that it should be done in one single shot!That's a whopping 156 seconds in a continuous moving shot. Frankly, I did not have a plan B. So,it's a do or die situation.Since it was already such a gamble,I decided to be the cameraman for this task,after all,I do know the dance steps,don't I? 😝非常感谢向云姐和厚任大哥前来客串!要两位三更半夜陪一群疯子真是不好意思😝😊😘!#爱本 #freshtakes
Braved through first day filming despite technical hiccups & a heavy downpour yesterday! 今天会更好 Kambate! 😎🤘🏻#freshtakes #fresh新登场 #佩佩 #augustpictures 🎥🎬
While everyone was busy on the set of #playbook #爱本 , I had the luxury of playing with my #huaweip20pro and not-my #huaweimate20pro to capture images of the scenes and what went on BTS. I also had the privilege to see how a script that I got to read few months ago was being brought to live with visuals, and to witness the passion and dedication of every actors and production team members involved, especially my dear friend @bryanwwong who not only made his directorial debut but also wrote the script, composed the theme music, and even took charge of the camera when filming a two minute one-shot without cut dance scene! Very impressed that he spent a lot of time on in-depth talks with the actors to help them feel for the characters, and briefed the camera crew with such details so as to achieve beautiful and creative shots most efficiently. Not only is he everywhere on set all the time communicating with different parties, he also made it a point to arrive at filming locations earlier than everyone else so that he can have some quiet moments to plan things out and make sure everything is in order. My wish for him is to be able to produce his own movie some day soon! 🙏🏼😊 Do look out for the #freshtakes series of films produced by our multi-talented local artistes when they telecast in March, and 爱本 will telecast on 15 March on channel U! ♥
New products!! Come give some of our new products a try today at our #NewForYou sampling event! We have samples from #bodytech #vitaminshoppe #detour #quest #neocell #divinehealth and #gardenoflife . Can't wait to see you! #freesamples #newproductsamples #freshtakes #samplingevent #vitaminshoppegainesville
At 6am last night we wrapped up for #playbook #爱本 。It was a sweet and memorable 6 days of production. Our first shot of #playbook on 4th Jan felt so long ago! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to embark on @bryanwwong journey of "First". Passion and dedication is present onset every single day, from every single one involved in this project. Projects like that are special. It happens once in awhile, when the synergy of the team is just magical. And when projects like this happen, it really reignites the passion and magic in acting. Thank you @aydenzs for being such a sensitive partner. Thank you for being with me every step of the way in our story (technically it's @bryanwwong story la, lol), my pain, my happiness, my insecurities, my sorrows. You made 陈雨嫣 who she is. #SHEILALOVESHERJOB #freshtakes #playbook #爱本 @the_celebrityagency @channelu
12-01-2019 06:45am. On this very day, at this very time, just right opposite this location, we completed our 6 days of shoot..【爱本】’s filming is finally done.. all scenes have been portrayed with much love by my wonderful actors, shot and recorded by an awesome camera crew,managed by the most competent and lovable production team! As we wrapped this morning, when the distant ray of the sun is making its appearance, I have this thought..they all say dream big.. and so I did. In retrospect, what I wanted to achieve, frankly, far surpassed what I am capable of. What if?..I asked myself. What if I bit off more then I could chew. What if? ...I am just a fluke.! But there isn’t any what ifs now. It’s been done. It’s in the can. It’s waiting for me , ready to be reviewed and compiled. Come next week, I shall embark on the last leg of this journey.. time to head on to the editing room..time for me to put everything together and tell you the story..the story of 爱本..the story, of love.❤️ #爱本 #freshtakes
sososo grateful for this cameo in @bryanwwong ‘s directorial debut !! 🎊🎊 weww not only did he write the script, he even composed the music himself !! really thankful for the chance to be on the same screen with @sheila_sim @aydenzs and @ians_montage ! thank you for the opportunity @pistashio_ !looking forward to watch #爱本 #playbook on 15th March on channel U !! 💛#freshtakes
Dedication. Another word that resonated with me during the production of 爱本. Though they have had their fair share of dance rehearsal at dance studio,Derek and max,the choreographers ,and my two awesome leads, decided that a run thru on site is necessary.so last night,after a long day of work, late in the night,we began our 3hrs long run thru to perfect a 90secs dance sequence that I wanted to shoot in one single shot.that means, no cutting of shots, simply one continuous shot that goes on till the end of the scene.its a tall order, no mistakes to be made,a single step goes awry and we have to 从头再来! As I watched them rehearse, I found the old familiar feeling,once upon a time, I was that dedicated too.... #爱本 #freshtakes
他们。演活了陈雨嫣和张宇恒。. #爱本 #freshtakes
It’s been 5 awesome days of shoot🤣since it’s mid week, perhaps just share with you guys a behind the scene clip of our shoot of the bar scene🤣in preparation for your partying this weekend🤣#爱本 #freshtakes
{爱本}即将开拍了!今天,我多年的好友/战友Tiffany @quanyifong 戴上了假发,画了浓妆,穿上了看似disco ball 的服装。。就为了替我的戏做造型,她将以友情客串的身份,当我剧里头的mamasan!在化妆间,大家都被她的造型逗得哈哈大笑,猛拿起手机。。猛拍!在那一刻,我脸上是带着微笑,心里。。是无比的感动,感激。。这一次,除了她,kym,向云姐,厚任大哥,Cönstance song 和一大粒都一口答应客串演出。除了谢谢,感激,就是心里满满的爱。。 现在的心情是兴奋。紧张。害怕。但因为他们和我的家人,周围的朋友,我的团队,我只能深深的吸口气,拍拍胸膛,面对明天的挑战!#omgiwroteeverythinginchinese !!!🤣#爱本 #freshtakes
Another 造型from [爱本]😊seriously, this one needs not much guessing huh?😆 counting down to 4th January 2019, where I shall be seating behind the monitor with a pair of headphones in my ears😅it is both exciting and scary at the same time. Having butterflies in my stomach at the mere thought of that!What an awesome way to end 2018😝#爱本 #freshtakes
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