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Ooh this is good... the wine and the artwork. #FreshTakes @kumushawines @tinashe_nyamudoka @thewineshaq
Now that #halloween has past, what do you do w/ all that left-over #pumpkin ? .... • Try some pumpkin bread, pumpkin purées, add it to your oatmeal, or make muffins..#omg #yummy You can even toast the seeds with a touch of cinnamon or tumeric for a healthy snack, or add some to your smoothies after a strenuous workout...... • • Pumpkin benefits include: - Improved eyesight - regulates blood pressure - packed with beta carotene and other anti oxidants especially the seeds - rich in tryptophan which promotes good sleep - Boosts immunity..... • #pumpkin #pumpkins #pumpkinrecipes #pumpkinrecipe #pumpkinbenefits #benefitsofpumpkinseeds #benefitsofpumpkin #pumpkinseeds #healthyeatingideas #healthyeating #healthyeatinghabits #recycling #leftovers #mindful #mindfulness #mindfuleating #mindfuleatingtips #freshideas #freshtakes #freshfoodideas #eatfresh #eatfreshfood #drinkfreshjuice #drinkfresh #halloweenrecipes #dfj
Let it flow
@spencer.kirk making his magic happen back when we took the trip to Cape Flattery.
Missing this place.
It’s been awhile since my last shoot. I’m looking for new places to go in November! If you have any solid spots in mind for me to check out or even go with me on an adventure, let’s get connected 🤙🏼
All the things I thought that I knew... //
Texting/instant messaging is a personal enemy of mine. It’s such a common way of conversation with today’s generation, yet all it does is make us paint a picture of the people we talk to without truly understanding how they are saying anything. There’s no emotion, just the emotion you paint in your head with a few hints of an emoji or two. I dislike it, but I still do it anyway. Not many people like to talk on the phone these days or have the time. I’m interested in what others think about this. Share your opinion if you agree or not! I’d like to see what you think.
Black & white is best.
It’s dark now when I come home from work. Each night I’ve been having a moment of my own, standing in the middle of the street, I take a deep breath of that cool crisp air as I stare into the dark blue and black night sky. I am so thankful for these moments of peace.
Being happy by myself. I never would have realized how hard that would be.
“Maybe you feel the same, or maybe I’m just playing your game.”
Off to Heber City, Utah today. First performance is not until Thursday evening so I am going to enjoy taking my time. I am learning of that new place to rest in this thing called #music . . . . . #sonorandesertsage #southwesternamericana #anewsong #freshtakes #acousticguitar #neverblendin #borderlands #desertdwellers #theheartofitall #storyandsong
Here’s a smile from @spencer.kirk to brighten up your day/night. Love you, Spence! 😉😅
Life is always risky, so take a chance every once and awhile.
My 22 year old self is screaming.
Loving is easy. //
Some pieces stay the same. //
new track live on spotify, Google play, iTunes, everywhere.. take a listen tell me what's good about it!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------- #freshtakes #fridaymotivation #work #zodoman
This is a weird rock and I can totally relate.
@danieljnail Camera on camera action By @danieljnail. . .
If it was fall all year round, I’d be the happiest man on earth.
All The Trimmings - Ivory Five Dollars A silky ivory ribbon replaces a traditional chain to create an elegant look. Pearly ivory beads and funky silver pieces intermix with varying lengths of silver chains to give a fresh take on a Victorian-inspired piece. #paparazziaccessories #allthetrimmings #ivory #ribbon #silver #pearlybeads #elegant #victorianinspired #silverchain #freshtakes #fivedollarhabit
You can’t hide from yourself forever.
This is me. It was taken in 2014 when photography was really starting to become a big hobby for me. There were so many creative ideas flowing during that time and my closest friends and I would go out every weekend to shoot. It’s all we wanted to do! It’s crazy to come across this kind of stuff going through my archive of photos and it brings back so many good feelings and memories. I miss who I was back then, but I love who I have become and wouldn’t take back anything I’ve been through to be here today.
Take me back. //
@danieljnail Can’t wait for this weather again // By @danieljnail
Colorful giants. //
Sometimes I think about selling everything to get a sweet old truck like this.
He was one of the most wonderful dogs ever. Much love and RIP Blitz.
@danieljnail Memories are important even if the people you make them with aren’t always there forever. You need to make them and experience life. I don’t regret my mistakes in life because I know in the end they’ve helped create who I am today. I can only keep moving forward, trust in that and continue to make the best memories possible. // Photo by @danieljnail
@bryeckhaus @void.fang you two. 👌🏼
Oddly enough I’ve had weirder days. 👽
🥀 it’s a scary month.
Content. //
B&W //
Capital forest roads will forever be something special.
Not only are WE OPEN, but we rollin’ out new items! Tonight, our Crispy Cauliflower: House Buffalo | Compressed Celery | Roasted Carrot Purée | Bleu Cheese Cream #wereopen #americanclassics #vegetarian #rvaeats #rvadine #scottsaddition #freshtakes #oldclassics #stayhungry #richmond #rva
Old memories. //
Lately I’ve been breathing so easy. It’s strange for me to understand where I was, but I’m thankful it’s all brought me here. //
Take a walk with me. //
This place is home.
Calmly grabbed a rock and skipped it across as far as I could. How could I resist?
@tsm_hookwinked your hat though 👌🏼
Feels good to have the rain back.
You’re so divine, you scare me. // @iioouuoo
More wedding stuff.
Now my life revolves around cliches that I hated as a kid. //
Make like a tree and get out of here.
Finally, its here! Episode 14 will illuminate Anthony's fashion life, as well as his attachment to a mysterious Russian named "Uber." Go to our website greatmindsdrinkalikeshow.com/blog/ to listen to episode 14, or listen on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, or watch on YouTube⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #GMDA #GreatMinds #Podcasting #BeersandBros #NewEpisode #BrewsandNews #ComedicNews #FreshTakes #QuaffOnBrewing #BustedKnuckle #GreenPants #Uber
I’m not here to waste my time with friends who will just ridicule me with negativity. If someone doesn’t approve of my choices in life, I’m happy to talk about it. You don’t need to throw sassy sarcasm at me to show me that I’m making a “bad decision”. Help me understand because I’m good at listening.
Perspective I guess. //
@iioouuoo // show some love, why don’t ya.
You talk too much.
“We have to go back” - Jack Sheppard
Level with me. // @iioouuoo
Was nice to get out and hike today. Should probably do that more often.
Miss you @spencer.kirk ❤️
Nothing better than the stories people have together. //
Let’s misbehave. //
I’m a fan of forests, if you couldn’t already tell. Lol
Daydreaming. //
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