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It’s difficult for me to keep #stitching while having this beautiful view. #tokyotower
Things we cant live without 💕 And you? What do you keep in your purse? #showu
Entering the weekend like 💙🤤 #showu #marshmellow
Friday = pink skirt day! 🎉💕💁🏼⚡️ #showu
Faux Furrrr alert! 🦄⚡️🦄 #showu
Our neon sign it’s just too cute!! Nobody resist it! ⚡️💡💕 #showu (📸 @kaliane.pk )
Throwing shade errday!! 🕶😎 #showu
It is what? 💃🏻🎈🎉 #showu
When it’s too hot for winter clothes but you go for it anyway! 🙄🔥❄️💁 #showu
My Favorite place in the world.. 🌍The place where I make myself in peace, where I was happy as a kid, as a daughter and now as a mother. 🙏❤️ #thanksuniverse
This is how YOU SLAY with FAUX FUR!! 🦁💁⚡️ #showu
Our sunglasses!! Get’em while they’re hot!! 😎⚡️🔥
The only Bomb you need in your life is this cute bag 👛💣 #showu
“like a flower eventually grows out of you losing itself to the winter I’ve grown out of you” @rupikaur_ 💕🌸🌼
Lisbon is.. #history ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Santa Justa Lift is one of the best loved monument of the city for sure. The Neo-Gothic inspired lift was designed by a Porto-born French engineer Raul Mesnier de Ponsard (who, as rumors say, was a student of Gustav Eiffel, explaining the structure similarities to Eiffel Tower in Paris). In 1902, the 45 meters (147ft) elevator was, at first, powered by steam and was in fact, a way of transportation witch could connect the upper side to lower side of Lisboa. The iron ride take us to an amazing view over the city, and if you know all the details of the lift history it became even more special! Oh! And it can carry 20 people upwards, but only 15 down. 😉
We don’t need any caption when our t-shirt says it all! 🦄👧🏻 #showu
This sums up everything we are together. I love us! Até já Rute! ❤️✈️😍 #bffs #portugal #nyc
With this rainbow sweatshirt you don’t even need super powers!! 🌈🌈🦄🌈🌈 #showu
Bag so cute that could stop traffic! 🚦👛⚡️ #showu
Tip toeing like I just don’t care! #imaginaryheels #tiptoeing #tiptoes
We made an amazing selection just for you that is now on @itmarketpt - Colombo! Don’t miss out! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Hazy summer. #fromwhereis (h)it
Glorious Kari mee morning #Ipoh
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