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Hertitage photo walk. The weather is always unpredictable especailly when you book trips in advanced. Planned a trip down to norwich typically it rainly quiete heavy. Still did the long exposures with tripods and umbrellas to protect my camera. What a night 😂😂😂@wendys_art_of_the_lens @smileyhuseyin @kirky_captures . . #longexposure_shots @uk.shooters #photosofengland @ukpod #norwich #heritageday #travellingthroughtheworld @passionpassport @earthfocus #theimaged @lensminds @lensbible #placestovisit #ongooglemaps @moodygrams #longexposureoftheday #instagram @loves_longexposure @loves_united_england @trappingtones @igersuk @map_of_unitedkingdom @map_of_unitedkingdom @topukphoto @topeuropephoto @natgeotravel @googlemaps
Kid’s zip-up hoodies are now available in the Etsy shop for $45. It also makes an easy night sky or outer space costume for your little one. 🌌Available in the colors of your choice, visit the Etsy shop for more info . . . . . #nightsky #ig_nightphotography #astrophotography #universetoday #nightscape #fs_longexpo #longexpoelite #rsa_night #starrynight #milkywaygalaxy #stargazing #skymasters #longexposure_shots #astrophoto #nightimages #milkywaychasers #nightshooters #natgeospace #night_shooterz #ig_astrophotography #hoodie #kids #children #sweaterweather #kidshoodies #etsy #etsyusa #galaxyhoodie #costume #halloween
Colorful water fountain+long exposure.
I get a lot of requests regarding how to shoot star trails with light painted objects so here’s a visual to help! This is a fun story actually and a great way to improvise when you don’t have the right equipment! If you’ve ever been to the Palouse, you know this barn is VERY FAR from the road. Way too far for my 5K lumen flashlight even. I wasn’t going to leave there without the light painted shot I wanted so I set up my70-200 lens, set for the stars to trail (which is no longer than 20-25 seconds to prevent star movement) and improvised the lighting. The road was humped slightly so I put the vehicle perpendicular to the road and drove back and forward (making the headlights go up and down) to spread the light up, down over and around the barn and field. As my friends looked at me like I was crazy, I got enough shots for the trail and enough light painted pieces to pick and choose which was better and not too blown out. Let me explain why I shoot light painted trails like this: With film, we could leave the shutter open and get great trails due to the film’s reciprocity. Digital sensors really crap out when left open for a lengthy trail and are basically useless to my clientele. Shooting this way 20-25 seconds or less gives me (or my client) 3 products in one : 1. Points of light image with stars that aren’t moving and it’s a great still shot! 2. A stop motion video of the moving stars to either make just move or additive motion. 3. My favorite: a star trail shot! The photoshop portion isn’t that fancy- as long as your tripod did’t move, you’re ok! Layer them altogether, change layer to lighten and BAM! magic. Find the light painted barn you like, add to the layer and hide the layer with a mask. Using your white brush, paint the parts in the you like, adjust colors and you have a masterpiece. I normally wait until the very end of the star shooting to paint the building however I was dodging traffic and nervous companion @linda.ianson so I had to paint whenever I had the chance. There is nothing “created” in photoshop, the elements are all there so using your digital artistry to pick and choose parts of your scene is commercially acceptable.
Sparks flyin • • • Nikon d3300
“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” ... Follow @insane_click for more new and amazing photography .. 🤗🤗
Night vibes... [A7III + Helios 44-2]
TGIF.. *still from klcc
#tbt a una de mis noches favoritas en casa mientras decifro como poner un dron gigante en el aire 🙃
Curtains down Milky Way spin, in this part of the world. The last window also made conditions extremely tight to get the core in frame with an unrelenting astronomical twilight casting a bright spell around the horizon, not to mention the crippling feeling of having to live with an 18mm focal range 🤔 Happy to take that challenge in return for some cool bioluminescence underwater. Time to hibernate 🌬 #night_exposures
Animation from a large Solar filaprom that I captured on 10-16-18—————————————————————— This is a animation that I created with software to mimic the movements of the solar features IE prominence, filaments etc.It is not a true time lapse and does not represent actual movement that you would see with a true time lapse that would take hours to create, although I try my best to make it as accurate as possible. It is created merely for entertainment purposes only. —————————-Explore scientific AR152MM with 2”ERF. Daystar Chromosphere Quark, asi174mm. Software used Photoshop cc, Lightroom cc, iMovie, Pixaloop, #opteam
Now we are going for the blend version of the last post ! The milkyway shot was taken during the Lunar eclipse in Kelibia, While the foreground was taken in nabeul.. Both nights were so great and the reault image is good.. i expected better results.. but you know.. shit happens 😂 Anyway leave your comment and feedback below or send me a DM and i'll reply asap. Have a great night y'all. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #astrophotography #universetoday #milkyway  #astrophoto  #astrography  #nightsky  #nightscaper  #starphotography  #starscape  #longexpo_additction ;#udog_sky #landscape_captures #awesomeearth #milkywaychasers  #natgeospace #starrynight  #longexposure #astro_photography_ #ic_longexpo #fs_longexpo #getlost  #explorer #optoutside  #worldshotz #theworldshotz #createexplore #exploretocreate  #discoverearth #travelphoto #travelworld
Rooftop battle 🦇
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