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Flash From The Past Model & Styling || @jo.quintela 📸 || @remydanger
Don't lie, I know you've been thinking it/And two times, you let it slip from your lips/gryffin
Good energy is contagious 🌀
6|14|18 • Caitlin • Part 3
6|14|18 • Caitlin • Part 2
6|14|18 • Caitlin • Part 1
Smiles in the garden 🌸
Sunshine. ☀️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Portraits of my Heart - NYC Series (11/12)
Don’t Worry, Be Happy 😊
so much film !!
Voy a ser el hombre que siempre soñaste...
Ainda sobre o ensaio de @sara_barcelllos .......
My girl
This is a bit of a ramble, so bear with me.... There’s been a lot on my mind lately, as always. A lot that I’m grateful and feel lucky for, but also a lot that I can’t be grateful for. In the end, regardless of where my mind takes me, I just keep reminding myself I worked for everything in my life good and bad. They were choices I’ve made. I’ve always felt lucky, but I’ve never wanted to be. It’s a give and take, as with everything in life. My Dad would always tell me that I create my own luck. By working hard, and being a good person. I have to agree that is a great formula for creating luck, but you can’t forget the terrible things in your life that make you... you. Would you prefer to live in naiveté? Or use the experiences of life to make the hard choices that bring you a longer deeper joy? I think that’s one of the questions I had been asking myself for the last few years that needed clarity. I chose what worked for me, and it’s paid off. I’m lucky that it did. Regardless of my rambling, I just mean to say that I’m thankful, good and bad for what I’m making in my life. And I hope you too can find your paths... and if you need a hand, there will always be people around your life to show the way.
Cheesin’ because it’s Friday! 🧀
Weekend ready 😎
how do y’all feel about these?
shine for you are light and wonder. for there are galaxies within you and sturdust dance in your soul. stars live in your eyes, and glory and grace live in your bones. you are beautiful. you are light and wonder. you shine. #g .c🌼🌿✨💫 📸@rusticbones #youshine #beautiful #light #wonder #wonderfolk #explore #uoonyou #freepeople #fpme
God it’s nice to have friends
Com o pezinho no findi! Flavinha sempre linda 💕 @flamourar
Gun City
Uncle Roy Winterbottom, gone but never forgotten, R.I.P.
Grand Ma Trips with @kara_dioguardi on lead vocals, circa 1993.
Brain Delay with Stanley Man
John Corbett, 1988
The Whoridas-High Times
Tragic Hero
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