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Ideal lunch situation nestled in the daisies. Roast veggies, fresh focaccia, stuffed tomatoes & raspberries. Sounds good right?! Every dog in the park thought so too. Oh and I bought new loafers :)
Marble x Sun rays.
And in this moment, I was pretty pleased With the person I was pretending to be
💫И мы знаем, что так было всегда, что Судьбою больше любим, Кто живет по законам другим и кому умирать молодым. Он не помнит слово "да" и слово "нет", он не помнит ни чинов, ни имен. И способен дотянуться до звезд, не считая, что это сон, И упасть, опаленным Звездой по имени Солнце...💫 💫And we know that it has always been so, that we love more by Fate, Who lives by the laws of others and who dies young. He does not remember the word "yes" and the word "no", he does not remember any rank or name. And is able to reach the stars, not counting that this is a dream, And fall, scorched by a Star named Sun ..💫
Обожаю как получается боке при весеннем цветении 😻 Фон просто бомбически красиво размыт и пестрит красками 🌺 Именно в этот период наступает пик вдохновения и получаются самые запоминающиеся кадры 😌 #spb #vscocam #vscospring #spring #vscogood #tangledinfilm #ftwotw #photomemoryy #brightfeaturess #featuremebest #theswaggingchicken #featuredbyfrauke #coolocean #seekingthestars #photographysouls #featurepalette #featuremelea #featuredlight #featuremeinstagood #breathemydarkness #featuremeval #ftmeval #expofilm #l0tsabraids #bleachfilm #ftwotww #instagood #instagram #photogram
Real queens fix each others crowns
I recently sat down and learned Frequency Separation 2.0 through @rggedu and I’m blown away what you can do with it. So I thought I’d revisit an image from a shoot I did with @maccieonline and @tlr_artistry The technique works really well for blending highlights and smoothing them out. More importantly, check out Maccie’s music and Tricia’s incredible make up skills! These two women are brilliant!
Eliminate what doesn't help you evolve. Model: @daskiimmy
Low cloud cover rolling across the shores of Capri.
they say an end can be a start | feels like I've been buried yet I'm still alive
Flowers and ravens.
Neo-Pop 💕 1 - American artist #Jeffkoons 2 - Tom Wesselmann
Coast to Coast. By @madeleinelumley
😍 🍁 Photo by ⇸ @terra.xoxo Sick 😍 In frame ⇸ @michnc Selected by ⇸ @featureacc Tag us to #cityports for a chance to be featured
vontade de amarrar os dois pra você cair e quebrar pelo menos um dente. 🙌🏽♥️
A vintage Fiat 500. The proper way to navigate Italy 🇮🇹
Somewhere in between who I used to be and who I'll be tomorrow
normalmente não curto muito as segundas feiras, ainda mais quando o dia em são paulo fica sem sol como foi hoje 😪 por isso to postando essa foto da @flavia.becker , pra ver se melhora. ps: acho que estou viciando nessa vibe de fotos com cores mais frias, help! ps2: to correndo pra chegar na faculdade então se tiver algum erro ortográfico depois eu corrijo haha
Special needs
Me in the abbey, taken by Maddie.
Пусть сердцу вечно снится май 😌🌸 Так хочется понимать что-то новое, красивое и стильное! Прямо чувствую наплыв вдохновения этой весной) Кстати, спасибо всем, кто ещё не отписался от моего профиля 😁 Понимаю, что публикации периодичностью раз в полгода не слишком увлекательны 😂 Постараюсь исправиться ☺️ #spb #vscocam #vscospring #spring #vscogood #tangledinfilm #ftwotw #photomemoryy #brightfeaturess #featuremebest #theswaggingchicken #featuredbyfrauke #coolocean #seekingthestars #photographysouls #featurepalette #featuremelea #featuredlight #featuremeinstagood #breathemydarkness #featuremeval #ftmeval #expofilm #l0tsabraids #bleachfilm #ftwotww #instagood #instagram #photogram
all the other kids with pumped up kicks | you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
🗡You tell me I'm wrong, Then you better prove you're right You're sellin' out souls but ya I care about mine🗡
Overcast days in Roma.
As long as you’re here with me✨🧜🏽‍♂️
😍 🍁 Photo by ⇸ @nathan.lobato Sick 😍 In frame ⇸ @heidiijane Selected by ⇸ @featureacc Tag us to #cityports for a chance to be featured
“Eu sei que ai dentro tá tudo bagunçado, mas isso é coisa de quem sente demais. Orgulhe-se de ser uma pessoa que transborda amor, e não ódio.”
It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you.
com certeza se eu fosse viciado em futebol tinha perdido essa foto, tava tendo mó jogão ali no fundo haha obs: corre pra ver o antes e depois dessa foto nos meus stories!
Built, destroyed, reconstructred, bombed, rebuilt. The Abbey of Monte Cassino has stood the test time.
Forever younger, growing older just the same
strung out, falling from the big time. welcome to the infinite black skies
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