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I look like shit every day at work because I'm exhausted and don't give a single fuck, hahaha. But sometimes I have new make up and borrow my sister's shirt and look nice! 😁 #bisexual #bipride #bisexualpride #queer #queercutie #fatbabe #fatbitch #fatty #fat #fatacceptance #fatpositive #fuckyourfatphobia #fatandhappy #fatandfree #pizzasisters4lyfe #effyourbeautystandards #torrid #honormycurves #thesecurves #bigandblunt #pretty #riotsnotdiets #borderlinebabe #borderline #bpd
Not because I feel I should be working out but because my mind needed it after being in pain all day #stupiduterus . If it wasn't midnight, I'd have gone for a nice easy walk. Had to come up with something else that wouldn't push my body too hard but would be enough to have the calming effect on my anxiety I was after. #clearmyhead #fuckyourfatphobia #movemybody #biggirlsexercisetoo #fatpeopleexercisetoo #fatfitness #plussizefitnessjourney #plussizeinstagram #plussizepoledancer #homeworkouts #plussizefitness #haes #imfatdealwithit
So last night I was painting my house (again) and I decided to do it naked because honestly, I’ve ruined so many clothes at this point it’s heartbreaking. I noticed that one of my blinds wasn’t all the way down and I had this sudden, sharp, painful thought...am I ugly naked guy? If you watched friends as religiously as I did growing up then you know its famous for its wall to wall fat shaming, Courtney Cox in a fat suit anyone? Let’s be honest, ugly naked guy was only ugly because he was fat and dared to be naked, shame free in the comfort of his own home and this made him a subject for ridicule, episode after episode and I’ve internalised it all. In the same month that @tessholliday graced the cover of one of the most mainstream fashion magazines and the internet flooded with fatphobic comments disguised as health concerns, I found myself feeling self conscious and awkward in my own home and that’s soul destroying. So fuck it! If I’m going to be ugly naked guy in the house, I’m going to be ugly naked guy on the internet...EAT IT! #uglynakedguy #saggyboobsmatter #effyourbeautystandards #fatisbeautiful #fuckyourfatphobia #nomoreshame
Fuck your fatphobia 🙃 #fuckyourfatphobia #fatgirl #bodylove #fatphobia
My current aspirations depicted so wonderfully by @full_of_freckles_illustrations ha!
So yeah, FUCK YALLS FAVE! I was saying all this over on fb and only a few people were hearing it, honestly, one of the reasons I deactivated fb is becasuse soooooo many SO CALLED decent peole were reposting THIS FATPHOBIC PERSONS video. It was disgusting and a reminder to me that people really hate us! Not that I need a reminder, I get plenty of them everyday from people! @dojacat is fatphobic. A thin woman calling herself a cow is fatphobic and problematic to begin with, cuz y’all aren’t dehumanized by being called a cow, and people don’t call you a cow because of eating habits but because of what your body looks like, period, WE ARE literally tortured in this society because of what our bodies look like so FUCK YOU! You don’t get to reclaim it, only we do! And now look, she went ahead and waved her fatphobic flag high and wide. But y’all will still repost her bs song and support her cuz you don’t gaf about fat people, and femmes y’all consider attractive get faaaaar more leeway to be problematic than ANYONE ELSE, let’s be reeeeeaaaaal! Plus many of you truly believe what she has posted (which only shows a deep level of ignorance involving anything health related so all I can do is laugh honestly, and it’s especially amusing comin from someone who people literally only know of because she went viral glorifying gouging herself on fast food, I mean the irony is PALPABLE) so please just be honest and say you hate fat people and stop pretending, believe me, NONE OF US want people around us who secretly hate us for anything but especially not for our bodies. I refuse to sit back and allow some ignorant thin inconsiderate person only concerned with promoting their brand to sit back and dehumanize so many people and not saying something. If you follow this person, you should stop following me, thanks. #fatpeoplearepeople #yourenotadoctor #soshutthefuckup #fatpeopledeserverespect #imacownotyoubitch #bodypositivity #fatacceptance #fuckyourfatphobia #thinprivilege
We really can't win😑. So just do what you enjoy doing and ignore the wankspangles that can't stand seeing a fat person (or anyone they deem "unattractive") enjoy life😊. #fuckyourfatphobia #fatfitness #fatpoledancer #fatpeopleworkouttoo #plussizefitnessjourney #plussizepolers #curvygirlspole #fitnessjourney #haes #thisgirlcan #movemybody #bodypositivefitness #intuitiveexercise
Real Talk @infinicorefitguide via @ZESTLIFEWEAR . "Inspired by @kimmi_joy 's superman post; I wanted to see if I could still do my fave pole conditioning exercise "superman pushups". It'd be close to a year since I tried and this is my first bit of pole in weeks thanks to being sick, so I was super surprised & happy to find I could do a few🎉😊 @lauralovingherself " . . #plussizepoledancers #imfatdealwithit #plussizefitnessjourney #pdsupermanpushups #plussizepoledancer #plussizepole #plussizepolers #plussizepoler #plussizepolejourney #curvygirlspole #biggirlspoledancetoo #poleisforeverybody #poledancenation #poledancersofig #poleathome #xpoleaustralia #siliconepole #fuckyourfatphobia #fatfitness #fatpoledancer #haes #bodypositivefitness #biggirlsworkouttoo #fatgirlfitness
Looking for a top to wear tonight and found this one I hadn't worn since before I had Squishy, so about 5 years. My first thought was "aw it used to look nice & flowy on me, I should leave it til it looks like that again". But then realised it feels quite comfortable as it is and I'm not letting one thought undo the years of work to get to this point in my #recoveryjourney . Especially when I've just been in an article that came about because of my #bodyconfidence ! ............................................................ Thanks @kirstlouise22 for the pic!📷 #bebodypositive #plussizeinstagram #gforcepoleandfitness #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bodylovejourney #fuckyourfatphobia #bopojourney #loveyourbody
Survived my 2nd BCL class without hurting anyone haha. Most unco person in the class but loving it💚. #gforcepoleandfitness #plussizefitnessjourney #plussizedancers #biggirlsexercisetoo #bodypositivefitness #haes #fuckyourfatphobia
@nonnormativebodyclub took this really adorable picture of me and @flexiblefitnesspdx. I am so grateful that I know these two awesome human beings and that they have shared their time and selves with me and helped me grow so much personally and professionally. My body is tired today, but my heart is soo full. . . . #imnotcryingyourecrying #portlandpersonaltrainers #pdxtrainer #bodypositivefitness #fatpostivefitness #fuckyourfatphobia #effyourfitspo #badasses #haes #queerfitness #whyiworkout #bodypositivetraining
My body is terrifying. . Today it has existed for 31 years. Today I made terrifying, booming noises with it by heaving it onto a box that is a third of my height. . Yesterday I cried to my therapist about. . Tomorrow it will still exist and I will still cry about it and it will still make deafening noises and tomorrow it will still be terrifying. . . . #birthdaypost #boxjumps #bodieslikeoceans #terrifyingbodies #fatfitness #fattrainer #haes #fuckyourfatphobia #bodydiversity #fuckyourfitnessstandards #bodypositivefitness #effyourfitspo #fatpower #depression #whyiworkout #exerciseformentalhealth #fatgirlinacroptop #plyometrics #portlandpersonaltrainer #pdxpersonaltrainer
I haven't attempted an invert in over a year. I knew I'm not strong enough yet to get into it but I thought I'd have a crack at it, purely out of curiosity. You can see my arms straighten out pretty much right away so it's not gonna happen any time soon but what really surprised me is my foot got close to the pole - on both sides!😮 Did not expect that at all!!! #plussizepoledancers #plussizepolejourney #plussizepoledancer #plussizepole #plussizepoler #plussizepolers #curvygirlspole #fatpoledancer #biggirlspoledancetoo #plussizepolejourney #poleathome #xpoleaustralia #siliconepole #fuckyourfatphobia #fatfitness #poleisforeverybody #movemybody #bodypositivefitness
Real Talk @ZESTLIFEWEAR . "Inspired by @kimmi_joy 's superman post; I wanted to see if I could still do my fave pole conditioning exercise "superman pushups". It'd be close to a year since I tried and this is my first bit of pole in weeks thanks to being sick, so I was super surprised & happy to find I could do a few🎉😊 @lauralovingherself " . . #plussizepoledancers #imfatdealwithit #plussizefitnessjourney #pdsupermanpushups #plussizepoledancer #plussizepole #plussizepolers #plussizepoler #plussizepolejourney #curvygirlspole #biggirlspoledancetoo #poleisforeverybody #poledancenation #poledancersofig #poleathome #xpoleaustralia #siliconepole #fuckyourfatphobia #fatfitness #fatpoledancer #haes #bodypositivefitness #biggirlsworkouttoo #fatgirlfitness
Loving my new top 🖤 Just doing little things to ease back into it, still not 100% upto a full blown workout but at least I can do things now!!!🎉🎉🎉 It's been so frustrating doing nothing, even though I understand bodies need rest when we're sick. #plussizepoledancers #plussizepolejourney #curvygirlspole #plussizepolers #plussizepole #biggirlspoledancetoo #fatpoledancer #poledancersofig #poleathome #xpoleaustralia #fuckyourfatphobia #fatfitness #boohooplus #boohoocurve #boohooaus
Inspired by @lauralovingherself 's superman post; I wanted to see if I could still do my fave pole conditioning exercise "superman pushups". It'd be close to a year since I tried and this is my first bit of pole in weeks thanks to being sick, so I was super surprised & happy to find I could do a few🎉😊 #plussizepoledancers #imfatdealwithit #plussizefitnessjourney #pdsupermanpushups #plussizepoledancer #plussizepole #plussizepolers #plussizepoler #plussizepolejourney #curvygirlspole #biggirlspoledancetoo #poleisforeverybody #poledancenation #poledancersofig #poleathome #xpoleaustralia #siliconepole #fuckyourfatphobia #fatfitness #fatpoledancer #haes #bodypositivefitness #biggirlsworkouttoo #fatgirlfitness
Or standing next to me complaining how you "feel" fat, "eww I look fat in that pic", "I need to get under x kgs to have a good body" or "I can't wear a bikini/crop til I have visible abs". Why are we even friends if my body is your worst fear🙄. #fuckingdietculture #fatphobia #osfedrecovery #edrecovery #ditchdietculture #fuckyourfatphobia
And just in case you thought fat phobia was just about emotional and verbal abuse (as if that could ever be a ‘just’ anyway) please understand that fat phobia gets far darker than that. Fat people are discriminated against at interviews. Interviewers decide they will be lazy, taking more sick days, unable to keep the pace. And in the healthcare system? Fat patients often go undiagnosed for serious conditions. Why? Because all too many doctors just say everything is down to weight. Go home and lose weight and you’ll get better. A personal example: I hurt my back on a rowing machine. The doctor told me it was because I’m fat. I didn’t get a chance to say I had hurt it using a rowing machine. This isn’t an isolated incident. Fat people are almost always told their medical conditions are because they are fat, with no investigation. I often put off going to the doctors because I know they will take one look at me and I will immediately be reduced to my weight. You stop being a person and become instead a statistic in the war on obesity.
Today has been rough. Like many days, I had to witness an avalanche of reminders that a lot of people in our society (and specifically, in my community) really fucking hate fat people. They say we're disgusting and need to change. They hold such seething rage at our very existence. They are bigoted as hell but believe themselves to be good people. It's so fucking exhausting to have to justify your right to exist on a daily basis. _______________________________ Now, to be clear, I realize I am lucky in a lot of ways. I'm white and therefore never have to deal with racism. I'm queer, but I'm straight-passing. I'm cis. I'm able bodied. I have so many privileges that mean my experiences with bigotry will never be as bad as those of many others. But my very visible fatness absolutely impacts my life, and solely because people genuinely think that hating fat people for being fat is 100% okay. That open hostility is something that negatively impacts my wellbeing every goddamn day. _______________________________ I'm trying to remind myself of something today. I already know that I am worthy. I know I am amazing. I know I have a right to exist and take up space. I know my weight and body are no one's business but my own. I know I'm fucking stunning. I know I have so much to offer the world. I know I deserve the absolute best in life. But I struggle with letting things go. Not responding. Not feeding the trolls. Remembering that I don't have to try to change everyone's mind, because many people don't want to change. _______________________________ So today, I am exhaling. I'm letting it go. I'm moving on and letting bigots drown in how much I won't waste my breath justifying my right to exist to them. Instead, I present my first #backfatsunday photo, which @fatgirlflow started last Sunday. Ignore the messy counter, don't ignore my powerful back fat refusing to be covered up. 🖕🖕🖕 ________________________________ P.S. I don't engage with IG trolls either -- I delete and block so fast it'll make your head spin. . . . . . . . . . . #fatgirlflowfam #bodypositive #nolosebopo #losehatenotweight #fuckyourfatphobia #fatpositive #bodyliberation #bodyjustice
I have no clever caption for this selfie. Really I just think y'all need to feast your eyes on my hair, lipstick and outfit. . . . #orangemohawk #orangehair #allblackeverything #redlips #deathstare #fatfemme #fuckyourfatphobia #trainersnotingymclothes #nofilter
I met @rozthediva at a HER event this year. Watching this video really got to me, because honestly and truly yes I want to be healthy, but all I really want is a girl to think I’m beautiful and want to be with me for more than than just sex. People assume when you date women it’s less superficial than dating men, but it’s the opposite. People will tell me I’m beautiful this and that, but most of these people—none of their partners are or ever have been plus-size. Fat phobia is so ingrained in our conditioning we don’t even recognize how much it comes out in who we date. Usually I’m in very good shape and my vitals are always on point, even though I have been plus-size my entire adult life. I’m just tired of battling with the world to love myself and I hate that my sole desire to lose weight is just so someone will give me a chance and love me, smh. Anyway, Roz thank you for this video and for showing the world plus-size women can be fit and healthy. The journey to representation and self love continues. #fuckyourfatphobia #effyourbeautystandards #loveyourself #lovemyself #thestruggleisreal #plussize #plussizeathlete #athlete #poledancing #poledancer #fitness #fit #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodylove
I think about food a lot. I think a lot about food. . Today, for the first time in a long time, preparing a meal for myself felt like self-care. . My feelings and thoughts and opinions about food and eating have been difficult for me lately, particularly as food and eating relate to fat positivity, the fitness industry and a fatphobic society, physiologic/nutritional needs, mental health, and creativity and expression. . A year ago, when I started this account in fact, I spent hours daily cooking and preparing food and truly taking joy in it. I thought about it with joy for the beautiful things I could create. Today, I spent ten minutes making this scramble out of the few things I had in my fridge. . School has has a huge impact on my recent relationship with food. Yes, it's left less time for food creations, but its emotional impact on daily eating has been most awful. It's triggered a lot of shit and picked scabs off old wounds while slashing open new ones. Every time I think about making an intentional change to how I deal with food, I feel anxiety and dread and to be asked to do that classes, particularly at a point when my relationship with food was quite good, is maddening and painful and the habit of rebellion eating has reared its head. . I don't think today's scramble is some golden turning point necessarily, but when I saw it on the plate I felt a familiar joy. I don't know when I'll feel that again, but hopefully soon. #food #eating #selfcare #rebelliouseating #angry #hurt #hardshit #mentalhealth #disorderedeating #anxiety #complicated #fatpositivity #fatphobia #fitnessindustry #fuckyourfatphobia #fuckyourdiet #idgafaboutyourdiet #fuckyourfitnessstandards #fuckeduprelationshipwithfood
I just started following @leuryck_valentin . I love her confidence she is so beautiful. I may do another body positive photo shoot this summer.🤔 #bodypositive #body #bodypositivity #effyourbeautystandards #fuckyourfatphobia #love #loveyourself #selflove #loveyourselffirst #plussize #plussizelingerie #loveyourcurves #thickthighssavelives
139/260 • Wild Beast by Sarah May & Katie Ford • Guys this book was so offensive on so many level but the worst way might be by having this cover. This cover and the man on are beautiful. It’s great design and the dude is FINEEEE but the content wasn’t just bad it was offensive. So the heroine of this book, 21 year old Emma, was tricked into getting lost in the woods by a date gone wrong. While lost she stumbles upon a cabin in the woods and a giant bearded man chopping wood (basically the dream at this point. unfortunately the bliss only lasted for like a page 🙄). Enter our hero Damien a 45 year old man. FORTY FIVE! Ok she’s an adult, it might be skeevy but it’s probably fine. He begrudgingly invites her in and long story short they end up fucking and she’s a virgin. Like there was little to no consent AND THEN dude immediately kicks her out of his cabin. I just.... Anyway she keeps coming back (I’m not sure why tbh) and it comes out that Damien was friends with Emma’s dad back in the day (I’m sorry it’s creepy af). All this is bad but it gets WORSE! This book straddles the line between BBW fetishizing and fat shaming (based mostly in ignorance I would guess). All the heroine does is eat. THATS IT THATS HER PERSONALITY EATING!!!! She lets people walk all over herself but she does it to herself too. And by the end it never felt like she managed to redeem herself. Besides all these things the pacing was weird and things just happened or things were found out without any explanation on the page. Hard pass tbh, too bad to cause that cover is beautiful. • • • #wildbeast #sarahmay #katieford #instalove #currentlyreading #romance #romancenovel #pnwreaders #romancereads #romancereader #romancebook #romancereview #modernromance #contemporaryromance #bibliophile #bookreview #bookpic #fuckyourfatphobia #fuckyourfatfetish #books #bookworm #booklover #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #reading #romancebooks #book
I just want a queer party full of women/people who think I’m a goddess as well as the bodies of all plus size women/BBW are sculpted from heaven. Tired of this fat phobia nonsense. I will create my own world in my liking😂😂😂 ▪️ #effyourbeautystandards #fuckyourfatphobia #fatphobiaisbullshit #fat #plussize #beautiful #beauty #love #bodylove #bodypositive #bodypositivity #positivity #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #speedating #lgbt #lgbtq #queer #gay #lesbian #bisexual #sexuallyfluid #girlswhokissgirls #girlswholikegirls
This was on my story but idc lol 🍒 I have saggy boobs, a big stomach and chunky legs but ur mistaken if you think i'm not gonna show them off at every chance i get. I refuse to hide my fat, i don't owe anybody an explanation for how i look. Let me eat, damn it. #bopo #bodypositive #fat #newlook #feminism #fuckyourfatphobia 10/10 quality thx android
So today I want to talk about fat shaming and fatphobia and health service professionals. The poster that motivated to me to talk about this today photographed by my absolute babe @kirstie_wood , is absolutely disgusting. This photo was taken in a doctors waiting room. So let's debunk what this poster tells us: 🌸You can be fat and have a fulfilling and active sex life. Trust me and my multiple orgasms 😘 🌸Contrary to common belief, fat people are not propelled from room to room by the power of their farts. But everyone does fart, being fat does not turn you into a sentient ball of methane. 🌸fatness, anxiety and depression don't correlate these are MENTAL illnesses, they do not live in your cellulite people.🌸 You could have a diet of only kale and still be fat contrastingly you could be thin and only eat lard. 🌸fat does NOT equal unhappy nor does it equal happy your BMI (bullshit measurement index) doesn't dictate overall happiness. 🌸fat people can have fertility problems but so can anyone saying it's down to fatness can be DANGEROUS and lead to not diagnosing other underlying causes 🌸some fat people might have digestion issues, I do. But other fat people don't. But it sure as shit ain't because I'm fat, fat has no influence on bread and other foods making me ill. 🌸 fat people can't sleep, well no we can't when we go to bed our heads swimming with fatphobic bullshit that's been prescribed to us by medical professionals.🌸fat people are very prone to mood swings when this crap is forced down our throats.🌸 That's not even beginning to scratch the surface on all the issues here. This alienates people with disabilities, mental health issues, people with eating disorders, people with chronic pain, people who are fat, people who are slim and still ill, this alienates everyone. Medical professionals, please take the time to investigate the concerns of your patients without resorting to blaming everything on fatness, it's reductive, dangerous, lazy and exhausting. #healthyatanysize #fatphobia #bodypositive #fuckyourdietculture #fuckyourfatphobia
This happens way too often. Like taking my groceries to my car in the Walmart parking lot and a truck following behind me playing cows mooing over a loud speaker. This hate is real. I deserve, just as much as anyone else, to love myself and exist. #fuckyourfatphobia #RepostSave @plussizebarbiiee with @repostsaveapp ・・・ And this is what it’s like being a fat woman on the internet. Receiving messages like this telling you that you’re going to die because your fat. People rooting for your death. People hoping that your mother sees you die. Just because I allow myself to enjoy my life and share it with others; I receive this kind of stuff. This is why I get so FUCKING mad when thin or “average” size people call themselves fat. Because you will never know the hatred an ACTUAL fat person faces. Between having my photo taken at a restaurant tonight and then airdropped to me to this message, I’m really ready to just give up and cry. But I fucking won’t. Because I deserve to exist and I deserve to feel beautiful and FUCK anyone who ever thinks they can come for this confidence. Because I am FUCKING UNBREAKABLE.
For everyone in the back who still doesn’t get it! 👏🏻👏🏻 #nobodyshaming #everybodyisperfect #fuckyourfatphobia #nowrongway #nowrongwaytohaveabody #bodypositive #bodypositivity
Today I woke up early to do some reading for an exercise perscription class. I opened the book and encountered a case study: a woman was ashamed of her body at her highschool reunion and wanted to lose 25 pounds for her son's wedding. There were other stipulations, but the gist was that fatness is a failure and a mark of bad health and a source of shame. Everyday I walk into classrooms and try to make space for myself in an industry filled with people who hold these assumptions. They may not verbalizie them explicitly, but they are there, underlying everything. And it fills me with rage. I don't know what is going to happen when I walk into class in an hour, but I fucking know I'm walking in there with my head held high, sneering and I'm not pulling up my pants. #fatbodiesaregoodbodies #fatpositive #fatpride #fuckyourfatphobia #fuckfatphobia #fuckthinprivilege #haes #healthyateverysize #fattrainer #effyourfitspo #effyourbeautystandards #fatfemme #fatqueer #militantfatfuck
This is a topic rly close to my fat heart. Fatphobia kills. #fatphobiakills #fuckyourfatphobia #fatandhappy #loveyourself
Being fat in this culture is SUCH a mindfuck. I just googled “fat is beautiful” in image search and mostly came back with memes that said, “fat isn’t beautiful because it’s unhealthy” or some variation of that. Wow. So, fat doesn’t equal unhealthy any more than thin equals healthy, and even if someone is fat and unhealthy, does that automatically mean they are subject to shame, harassment, and abuse? No one does that to thin unhealthy people. I’m so tired of always having to defend my existence even when I’m just going about my business living my best life. It’s enough to drive a person mad. When I got done with my laps and got into the hot tub, this middle aged huite lady in the tub exclaimed, “wow, you’re so tall for a woman!” I am not that damn tall, I used to be 5’10” but spinal problems have caused me to shrink and im now 5’8.75” which ain’t that tall. If I was 6’ or over, maaaaaybe she wouldn’t be an asshole for saying that, maybe. What she wanted to say was big, fat, huge, whatever. I have experiences like that at the gym almost daily, i try my best to ignore most of them but somedays it’s really hard not to just snap at someone. But of course if I do, im the big, scary, mean black girl. Whatever. It’s already enough that I am surrounded by fatphobic healthcare providers in my field and natural medicine in general, listening to that shit from randoms gets old af. Also, im so sick and tired of seeing thin women refer to themselves as fat or fatty cuz they like to eat a lot or eat like crap. That shit is fatphobic garbage, and if you do it you’re a grade A asshole who doesn’t gaf about being a decent person and creating a world that’s safe for everyone. Today everyone can catch these hands cuz im sick and tired...fat women, eat what you want and do you and Fuck what anyone says. #fuckyourfatphobia #fatpeoplearepeople #fatpeoplearehealthytoo #fatpeopleworkout #fatpeopleproblems #fatpeoplearentyourpunchingbags #stopcallingyourselffat if you ain’t! I own my fatness, but you skinny chicks do not get to call yourselves fat then go out in the world then with all the privileges that come with that. Gtfoh, ugh.
The thumbnail is a pretty accurate depiction of my soul for the past couple of days. Sometimes I forget why I love exercise. But today I remembered. I remembered how it channels my anger into a piece of metal and cleanses me of sorrow as sweat pours instead of tears; how each lift forces me to be present in my body when my brains are trying to run a marathon at sprinter speed; how no matter how much it hurts and burns in the moment, how ugly and scary it is as I struggle through that rep, and how sore I am for days after, the hurt goes away and I am still good and good enough even when I struggle, even though I cannot be perfect, even though I cannot be everything I wish I could be. I hope it never stops making me feel this way. So, here's some KB work: 35lbs floor clean to push press (I forgot leg drive on the second rep😅) and slo-mo 25lbs swing snatches. I hadn't done cleans at that weight in a long time and it felt so good. I tried for 35 with the snatch, but my arms were done by that point in the workout, but that's ok bc they still made me feel better even at a lower weight than I wanted. I hope you get a good workout in soon y'all 😊🖤 #whyiworkout #effyourfitspo #haes #depression #workingoutmydemons #biggirlbarbell #biggirlkettlebell #fuckyourfatphobia #exercisetoexorcise #kettlebells #pinkmohawk
Thank you @bodyposipanda for this post 💜🌈💜 Khloe Kardashian is full of fat shaming nonsense. #fuckyourfatphobia
I woke up to a bunch of rude and uneducated comments on my last "before and after" picture. Part of me wants to write back and defend myself and part of me wants to scream DONT YOU KNOW at them, part of me wants to try and educate them. But the best thing to do is let it go, delete the comments so my followers don't have to see that negativity on my page.✌ #enddietculture #FUCKYOURFATPHOBIA
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