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The "Penguin" and California Juniper in Joshua Tree National Park. . . It was certainly busy at this location this past Saturday evening. Had a wedding couple show up with two photogs and proceeded to spend an hour posing in everyone's composition. As frustrating as it was, they have every right to photograph themselves next to this icon just as much as us landscape photogs want to have it all alone as well. I was able to get a few good exposures, and then left; hence, the composite of the MW. . . #milkywaychasers #joshuatree #joshuatreenationalpark #jtnp #milkyway #nightshooterz #bvsquad #fujifilm_northamerica #fujifilmx_us #fuji #ioptron #astrophotography #westbysouthwest #rokinon #abc7eyewitness #stars #astrophotography_ #astrolandscape #night #nationalpark
hanging on a moment @lifehouse model @amberlodeez camera @fujifilmx_us
A tasty morsel for a Green Heron
Glacial ice and the Chugach Mountains; dramatic shapes in muted tones often make an interesting image. #fujifilmx_us #exploretocreate #landscapephotography #lonelyplanet #fujifilm_xseries
I love Idaho. I’m a lucky girl.
Moody but not dark, 2018
We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light • Plato • Dimmers 2018
I love this lake. I’m so lucky that I grew up coming here. My dad used to let me drive his boat on this lake. We used to go fishing on this lake. I would camp here with my Girl Scout troop. Nothing but good memories here. Except for when I cut my foot open on some metal dock piece while swimming. That sucked.
Made a friend. Was admiring the landscape while “parked” in a shady marsh area on the lake, & I felt someone watching me and I looked over... hahaha. As my good friend Chad once said “I wish there was always a duck around” @chad_n_fokus 🦆
So I love kayaking & I love my kayak but putting it back on my car on this boat ramp by myself SUCKED 🤣
It felt so good to get back out on my kayak.
Mirror in the backyard✨🥀
Pieces of Florence ❤️❤️❤️
I miss it already and I’ve only been home less than a week
One of my best friends! @likeaburningflame
I ❤️ Paris
Paris details 🇫🇷❤️
Paris! I was born in this city. I hadn’t been back since I was very young, but it felt SO familiar and so much like home. I’ve always thought about moving back, & I think maybe I will one day. 🇫🇷
So, the Pantheon is mind blowing.
This photo doesn’t even come close to portraying how enormous this statue is.
Rome is incredible
Oh wow. It feels good to be back home. The wide open spaces of the west. Utah, I love you. I am going to dream about Florence forever. I can’t wait to go back again. I have many more photos to post of my trip, if you’re interested ❤️
We had to... 🖤
I will miss seeing art like this almost daily 💙
View from inside the bell tower. Walked each step allllll the way to the top.
Got to see one of my favorite pieces of art in real life. 💛
🎶So this is love...🍝🎶
A lovely day
Our Penthouse view during sunrise ... feeling very lucky 💛
🍨all day long 👅
Take me to the sea
It's amazing how much nonproductive anguish and suffering (abuse, mismatch, disdain, disinterest) women will endure in order to avoid the productive forms of anguish and suffering (inner knowledge, independence and challenging life for a personal dream)... No genuine, fulfilling love is possible without self love preceding it.
My mind is always blown when I visit southern Utah. Every single time 🏜
Found some Ancestral Pueblo ruins... used for ceremonies and praying we believe. There was old remains of pottery & corn scattered around. Such an amazing space to take a break from the sun in...
View from camp. Facing east.
After spending four days in the Idaho Sawtooths, I headed down to spend three days in the Utah desert wilds.
Perhaps one of the most healing mountain ranges in the United States.
Snow in September
One of my best friends Dani was able to tag along with me, in total perfect timing. She flew back from Hawaii, re-packed her bags with warm clothes and hoped in the car to head north with me. I needed her on this trip with me, she set my head back on straight and verbally slapped me in my face for being a mean girl to people who didn't really deserve it. She opened my eyes to the fact that when I'm sad, I act angry. When I'm hurt, I lash out. & when I'm sad, I push people away. I always knew that I did that, but I figured that's just who I am. Well this time around, I didn't like the outcome I unfortunately helped create with my attitude and behavior. & now I'm reaping the consequences & trying to deal with the repairs. She's a beam of light, guiding me to a better way of treating others & treating myself. She is open to everyone, she doesn’t bring the party she IS the party, she’s passionate about fun having & I couldn’t imagine a world with out her in it. Thank you endlessly for BEING. ❤️🤘🤙
Idaho is perfect. I am one lucky girl.
Can't wait to be back here so soon
Can't begin to explain how good it felt to be out on these waters again.
Ever wondered what perfect looked like?
Maybe the sunrise would refresh you more than sleep
Had myself the perfect morning
Tahoe ... all the beaches are gone because there's so much lake water.
bis repetita placent : The things that please are those that are asked for again and again
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