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As some of you know we travel with our besties! Our husbands are bestfriends and this girl is mine! We hope our babes become besties as well which I’m sure that will! Sadly this next assignment we couldn’t be in the same state so a lot of visiting each other as much as we can. We will be 5 hours apart on the west coast “ish” area! These babies are going so fast and we just don’t want to miss a thing! Winnie and I will miss our coffee/Target dates! Hopefully we are back together in December!! What’s a favorite thing to do with your bestie?
Not your typical RV Park. If ever RV’ing in Missoula you should check out Jim & Mary’s. They have flower beds EVERYWHERE and you get the Montana Big Sky Sunsets 🌅 😍 if you stay in the back of the park you won’t have much road noise. It’s a really sweet family run RV Park. . • Our top 5 campgrounds (with full hook ups) after traveling every 1-3 weeks for the past 15 months: 🚐 Holiday Park - Traverse City, MI 🚐 Emigrant Lake - Ashland, OR 🚐 Point of the Rocks - Prescott, AZ 🚐 Crown Villa - Bend, OR 🚐 Jim & Mary’s - Missoula, MT • They all have their own special character and reason why we picked them as our top places. What are some of your favorite campgrounds?
We made it.....our trip got off to a slow/crazy start. We got on the road late after truck problems, and had two tire blowouts the second day of the trip....one of them five minutes from the RV park, but we’re here now and happy.
Today we got a super cool pair of prescription sunglasses for a 3rd of what we paid in Canada for our last pair! We're really happy and honestly, a bit surprised with the good quality of the product we got for the money we paid for it. We keep finding products way better than the ones in stores for a fair price! In direct sales, everybody wins! It's simply the best!! Our life right now, working from home(wherever that is), parents of a bossy toddler💨, working with a growing team of hundreds of Business Partners, Zoom calls and training pretty much everyday and taking good care of our Loyal Customers... the most we can do online, the better! It's easier to buy or order anything from our phones(including our groceries), than spending time and gas going in person(and fighting with a threenager).That frees up more time to explore new places, do more activities or simply spending more family time👍🏼 E-commerce is not the way of the future, is booming NOW and believe me, in a few years, you'll wish you had started making money from your phone when you first thought about it! There are many, many options and companies to choose from and I can show you the one that gave us the FREEDOM we were looking for, simply because It Works! #MexiCanadianAdventure #freedomfighters #fulltimefamily #familiadetiempocompleto #ouritworkslifestyle #thanksitworks #graciasitworks #workremotely #workfromyourphone #fireyourboss #ownyourtime #despideatujefe #sedueñodetutiempo #sedueñodetusingresos #breakfree #viveentusterminos #vivelibre #itworksmexico #equipoitworksmexico #teamitworksmexico #wellnessisaddictive #elbienestaresadictivo
Someone was listening to my whining yesterday because today it was 93 degrees! Either way Lars is enjoying the beach.
We dropped off Duke Silver for some repairs this week. 🔧🔨 . It feels so vulnerable to just hand over your house with all your belongings! Also, I guess this means we’re homeless?🙈 . So we’ll be traveling by plane instead. ✈️ . Why is it that I’m so much more afraid of traveling with kids on a plane than I am of RVing with them full time? . Quick - what are your best suggestions for keeping a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old busy on a flight? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Also, if you’re on my flight and you hear our son screaming, he’s not mad or in pain; it’s just his new, uncontrollable jam. I swear he just likes hearing how high his voice can go. I mean, he is from Nashville. 🤣
Can’t wait to be full time again. Just a little over a month to go! I think we’re gonna start in Astoria and work our way down the coast hitting any and everything fall and Halloween related. Then spend the winter in and around Gold Beach. What’s your favorite spot in Oregon? 🌊🎃💕 #exploregon #fulltimervers #oregoncoast #readytoexplore #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamily #oregon #oregonexplored #rvfamily #lazydaze #lifeintheslowlane #forgettheamericandream #yougoimneverleavingthisplace #neverleavingoregon #unlessitsjapan
Our first tiny fire! 🔥 LOL but it’s nice. #campfire #rvlife #funwithfamily #fulltimefamily #lovemykiddos #noworktomorrow
My favorite thing about this picture, is that there’s a hidden swaddled three month old on our bed 😂😍❤️
This place is insane!!! About a year ago, when we first decided to go fulltime, we watched a video by @drivinandvibin about this place and dreamed of coming here. Well, we're here and... it. is. spectacular!!! #RV #RVLiving #RVLife #FamilyTime #FullTimeFamily #HomeIsWhereWeParkIt #TheRVIncident
RV park kitty comes looking for a warm body when it's raining outside #fulltimerv #fulltimefamily #cats
Thanks to @hippiehoopla_trailin for these great pics from our #mountainhighhangout Are you interested in attending an #ftfrally ? Check out our upcoming events in our profile link.
As we head down south to find a boondocking spot to spend a couple days at, we stop to explore Winchester Lake State Park. It’s a nice little park, perfect for a lunch break and a walk around the lake. We also added a new vlog to our YouTube channel. If you’d like to check it out, the link is in the profile 🙂
Greetings from Galveston!
All I've ever wanted to be is a good wife and mommy, specifically a stay at home mom! 💕 . When kk was growing up it was just impossible to be home. And I delt with all those emotions of being a working mom and for many years even going to school at night. I missed soo much in those years... 😭 . Ever since I was even prego with Lil I have been blessed to be a stay at home mommy. Nothing beats getting to be here for ALL her moments no matter how big or small. I'm here and fully present. It's literally my dream come true. 😍 . The best part is I'm also building a legacy and pursuing an amazing career right from my home, without missing a moment. 💕 . For many years my hubby worked his butt off to make ends meet for us so I could stay home. But now I've worked my booty off enough that he gets to be home with us too! 💏 . Being a fulltime family is more than I ever dreamed of! Waking up everyday and doing whatever WE want is soo freeing! Having him here to take turns with school routines and being there for the kids when I do need quiet time to work or go to events is such a relief! Getting to spend so much time laughing and enjoying time with him has been huge for our marriage and keeping it strong! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 . Dream bigger ya'll! Anything can happen! Create the life you LOVE! 💕 . . #dreamscomingtrue #livinghappyandhealthy #creatingalifewelove #together #fulltimefamily #stayathomemom #stayathomedad #momlife #bossbabe #youcanhaveboth #dreambigger #oilistas
These cutie patooties! 😍 #EthanTroy #OakleighRayne #FullTimeFamily
Let the next adventure BEGIN! Last night in our beloved Blueberry. And just like those unpredictable blueberries, this ending is bitter sweet. #lastnightinthecamper #homewardbound #cominghome #weboughtahouse #bittersweet #theunpredictableblueberry #rvlife #camperlife #fulltimefamily #fulltimerv #travelwithkids
So we have been back in South Carolina about a month now. We felt God was leading us back here for a couple of months . But now we feel it’s going to be permanent for now. Our full time chapter is coming to a close. We are sad and will miss living in Marilyn but to honest we are looking forward to more space too! We are renting an apartment for now in Greenville. We are excited about this next chapter! But we are so thankful for the time we have had exploring this beautiful country! #riveted #riveted #riveted #rvliving #airstream #airstream34 #fulltimervers #fulltimervers #fulltimefamily
Thermomix or Vitamix? Help me decide!! I'm looking at getting either one for our upcoming road trip. I keep going back and forth between the two, one reason is obviously, the Thermomix is more expensive and seems a hassle to get. We're focused on making a lot of delicious meals, smoothies and snacks from scratch, including our own nut milks. We're also pressed for time so efficiency and ease is key. We do have other kitchen equipment we'll be using such as a pressure cooker, slow cooker and a juicer. Is it easy to cook from any recipe in the thermomix or does it need to be thermomix adapted? I would love any of your input, experiences and suggestions. Thank you so much for being part of our #americaunplugged journey. You've been so supportive and helpful. We love all your tips and advice and support!! xxoo P.S. I also reaaaaallllyy want to get this dreamcatcher hanging up in the window! How divine is it? We found it at @magpiesnashville in Franklin, the most adorable boutique store for girls. Well this lady will take that dream catcher please! . . . . . . . #thermomix #thermomixaus #thermomixrecipes #bestofthermomix #thermielife #thermielove #thermofun #vitamix #myvitamix #vitamixbestlife #dreamcatcher #dreamcatchers #plantparadox #plantparadoxdiet #rvlife #fulltimerv #rvliving #rving #rvadventure #rvroadtrip #rvlifestyle #rvtravel #rvlife #traveltrailer #traveltrailerlife #fulltimefamily #fulltimefamilies #familytraveltribe #vanlife
I’ve hesitated to post this picture because I feel like in the tiny squares on Instagram, the true beauty of it is lost! 🤷🏻‍♀️ so would you do me a favor?! zoom in on this one...take a second to see those tiny little bodies in the middle of the frame 😍 four little humans, witnessing something they’ve NEVER seen before, holding hands and soaking it all in! ❤️ getting to experience this beautiful world with them, showing them with our actions that there are unlimited possibilities of where they can go and what they can do...that is one of my most precious gifts to them!
Happy #tacotuesday 🌮 We went with chicken tacos and air fried corn 🌽😋😋 It was soo good!
Hiking up Sheep Mountain near Cody WY was a lot of fun. 2.8miles in 2 hours with a total elevation gain of 905 feet. While we've been 9n the road for 6 months, we are still kinda new to hiking. Proud of all my girls, making it through the hike with no complaining.
Maybe the secret to doing BIG things for the kingdom is in making peace with this sentence: “I can’t do this!” I can’t. I need JESUS. Here’s the deal, as mom’s our body’s are AMAZING.. I mean, NO ONE else can drip liquid from as many places as our bodies can. TRUE STORY. If you’re a mom, You’re a ROCK STAR. BUT all the google searches, all your friends prayers, and all the blood, sweat, tears and liquid gold AREN’T going to save us. ONLY JESUS can and will fill in the gaps. ⭐️ . . . #fulltimerv #rvrenovation #rvlife #rvlivingwithkids #shereadstruth #fulltimefamily #rvremodel #alliswell
Lakefront end to a lovely day. #fulltimefamily #fulltimervers
Sneak Peak from the next episode which releases tonight, well internet permitting. #gonewiththemillers #acadianationalpark #thunderhole #maine #ocean
After two months on the road, we are circling back to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a couple weeks to be with friends and family. - Honestly, I have very mixed emotions about this. Part of me is like, “We just started this adventure, and we are already coming back?” And I’m not OK with it. I want to keep going, keep exploring, stay out of Dodge a little longer. - But the other part of me is so excited and ready to see our loved ones again. Part of the reason we decided to take this journey is so that we have the freedom to see our people more often, to have more time with them. It was the most difficult part of our departure to say goodbye to everyone in the first place, so having this mini-reunion will hopefully put the winds back in our sails when we head out again. - It’s a strange set of emotions that come with this lifestyle. We are free, with the open road ahead of us. But we are also restless — as in, we hardly have a chance to settle in somewhere before we move on. We meet new people everywhere we go but then say goodbye almost as soon as we greet them. We have each other, but sometimes we need our space and we don’t get it. - I’m learning to give myself, all of us, grace, though. I know we have only been at this a couple months, and these things take time. I’m not saying we regret this choice we made — quite the opposite, actually. We already know this is the best decision we could have made for our family. But with so much change comes a lot of adjustment, and we’re still wading through that. - So while I’m anxious to continue to wade through these changes so we can get to the other side, I’m also looking forward to some forced rest time back in our home states. So we’ll see you soon, MN and WI. ❤️ - #Badlands #badlandsnps #nationalparks #SouthDakotabadlands #Minnesota #Wisconsin #national_park_photography #landscape #landscapephotography #beautifuldestinations #naturelovers #getoutside #optoutside #familytravel #familyadventure #roadlife #RVlife #fulltimeRVers #fulltimefamily #fulltimefamilies #outofboundaries
Oh Pennsylvania, how we will miss you! This states beauty never disappoints. From Spring-Summer-Fall (luckily never winter haha) we have fallen in love with this state over the years. Check our our latest campground!
I spy with my little eye... 🙂💐💕
So far, so wonderful. We have been staying in our trailer for almost two weeks now. There’s been lots of family time, beach days, and much needed relaxation (when the girls aren’t grumpy 😂). . This week we are doing one last thing to determine if we will live tiny again. We will be spending a few days at the RV park we’re planning to live at. If all goes well and we can do real life there, we’ll say goodbye to our apartment and go back to #fulltimervlife ! Our end goal is to buy land, park our RV there and build a house. Living tiny again would help us save up for that dream ❤️ . I’ll be sharing our final decision soon...Can’t wait to see what God does!
I know I didn’t fully realize it with my first born how quickly these days go by. That the lasts of everything come and go without warning. That someday Miss Winnie James won’t put her pink rain boots on the wrong feet or ask to dress up in her unicorn cape. She won’t sit on her knees at the table because she can’t quite reach her snack when she sits flat. She won’t ask me to lay with her when she falls asleep or to carry her across the parking lot. I know those days are coming because they’ve already come for my older three girls and it’s heart-wrenching and beautiful as I watch them slip away like they did with Sophie and Ainsley and Magnolia. • But something ✨magical✨happens in parenthood when we realize just how special a small moment is IN the moment and not after it’s gone. And that’s where I am right now-in that magical moment of realizing just how much I love toddlerhood. ♥️#sweetwinniejames • • • • • #tinyhouseliving #livesimple #letthembelittle #homeiswhereyouparkit #rvrenovation #howwehome #howwedwell #tinyhousemovement #rv #rvlife #rvremodel #tinyhome #rvfulltime #tinyhouses #livesimply #tinyhomeonwheels #tinyhomes #campingcollective #fulltimefamily #glamping #letscamp #camperstyle #moderncamper #currenthomeview #habitatandhome #apartmenttherapy #dwellmagazine
... and then I realized that adventures are the best way to learn...♥️
When you still have a couple of hours of work to do on those crazy hot and humid late summer afternoons in the Deep South when everyone else is lounging on the couch watching tv...easy... crank up the diffuser with these two bottles of awesomeness!!! Yep!! That’ll do it!!! #yleo
Devil's Tower: it is hard to get perspective on how massive this tower is. Mother nature is an awsome force!! #fulltimerv #fulltimefamily #livesimple #workingontheroad #etsyseller #etsyshop
I’m not the only one in the family obsessed with chocolate greens 🍫🌿This kid loves his “cocoa milk” and with school starting this mama is happy to boost his little immune system in any way we can! #greensforthwwin #kidlunch #kidfood #backtoschool
We made a ⬅️ DETOUR on our #LewisandClarkTrail adventure 🚌to visit the #Badlands of #SouthDakota !! Along the way we had the pleasure of stopping 🛑 at a prairie dog town!! 🤔Did you know that prairie dogs were an unknown species to the white man prior to Lewis & Clark?? Even today you can read their descriptions of prairie dogs in their journal entries!! . . Watch the latest episode of our ☀️summer #fulltimeRV 🚌 adventure to hear what necessitated the pit stop. Click the link in our IG bio (or here: https://youtu.be/xR7JwLmEkNg ) to watch the latest video). . . . #doinglifedeliberately #roadschool #homeschool #homeiswhereyouparkit #fulltimefamily #tinyliving #glamping #roamtheplanet #instatravel #ilovetravel #lonelyplanet #openmyworld #traveldeeper #rvliving #rvfamily #adventure #adventurefamily #dreamitanddoit #adventuretogether #makemoments #roadtrip #lifeontheroad #seeyououtthere #gorving #homeonwheels
Two hour hike up the mountain and we eat & read books for an hour then it’s back down the mountain. I love seeing my boys up here reading books and soaking up this life! #readbooks #mountainlife #ruthardt4adventure #wyoming #adventures #fulltimefamily #roadschooling #loveit #hike #lovethislife
We are headed to the library. Yesterday we were there for 3 hours, and this kiddo did not want to leave. I love that he loves to learn. Homeschooling will be super fun this year with the boys. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and excited by the whole thing. Any homeschooling tips from the homeschooling vets? . #sproutingwild #homeschoolmom
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 YES!!!!! Not everyone will be happy for you, not even your best friends or family. But you cannot worry about them, they probably aren’t happy with themselves either. 💣 Some of my very dearest friends do not support me or acknowledge what I’ve accomplished. Guess what? Their opinions aren’t paying my bills. Don’t take advice from those who aren’t where you want to be! If you want to succeed bad enough, you WILL! 💥 #Freedom #Future #Faith #FullTimeFamily #FinancialFreedom #FromBrokenToBlessed #DreamLife #DebtFree #Success #TopEarner #Entrepreneur #ItsUpToYou
Public service announcement: Lily's is a freaking rockstar brand!!! 🍫 It's vegan and sugar free! They have several different options, but my favorite is the extra dark with sea salt. 🍫 Consider this the permission you were waiting for to eat chocolate.... It's high in antioxidants, serotonin, and a source of healthy fats. @lilys_sweets_chocolate
You guys, the kids are sleeping in separate rooms and I still have me space. 80 Sq ft and a more livable layout makes a world of difference. Our little castle is perfect for us. I'll be posting pictures of our new home soon. We've been busy moving in and just enjoying the space.
So much excitement in the office today. Well the ‘guard’ didn’t agree but we are having a blast. #jokperks #blessed #OpaLife #workingfromhome #workvibes #helpingothers #health #wellness #timefreedom #fulltimefamily #workfromhomemom #workfromhomedad
Working on this families early morning lake side session today!
Do you ever feel stuck? . Ever feel like you just need to stop because your heart isn’t in it in the moment? . The best advice I ever got from a little periscope broadcast was when I was first starting my dōTERRA biz. I was on the bus heading out to school at @nestinggypsy was in my ears. I’m not sure what else she talked about that day but one thing Sara said was “if you don’t want to quit dōTERRA at least once a week, you’re doing it wrong!” . People - we are here to show up, serve people and love people. To help them rise up. To be better! . These oils, if I had not been given them, I don’t know where i would be. They make me a better person. A healthier person. And I get the chance to help people do the same (I’m really good at it too!) . On our trip to Wisconsin this month i took this leadership magazine. Filled with inspiration with women from all different places who created the life they love by loving and serving others. . If that’s not the best job, I don’t know what is! . End of the rant by my heart really needed to speak this today. . What lights your soul up? Are you creating the life you have always dreamt of?
RV Wanderlust meetup in Rapid City, SD this Friday! We’d love to see you and talk about fulltime travel. 🚍 Please RSVP on Facebook with your party size as soon as you can. We want to try to have everyone sitting together at dinner. We’ll be posting more details on the Facebook event soon. ↪️Link in profile. #rvwanderlust #westmtnloop #rapidcity #fulltimefamily #rvcommunity #rvfriends #rvingwithkids #gorving #rving #makemoments #rvlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #rvliving #rvadventure #rvroadtrip #rvlifestyle #homeonwheels #fulltimerv #fulltimetravel #rvtravel #lifeontheroad #seeyououtthere
Mac's Creek Vineyard and Winery. Flight of Nebraska wines. Did a self-guided tour, sampled and picked grapes off the vine. Such an awesome, down-to-earth, family owned place. The wine maker even came and talked to the kid about crushing grapes. Highly recommend! #fulltimefamily #fulltimerv #homeiswhereyouparkit #exploreyourworld #themoorewegrow #escapees #oilyfamily #wanderlust #camping #localwine #lexington #nebraska #grapes #wine #winery #vineyard #travelblogger #tblogger #familyadventures #dontquityourdaydream #travelmore #fulltimewithkids #roamtheplanet #instatravel
Who else remembers this game from elementary school?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ When purging our belongings in preparation for our RV life, I was pretty particular about what toys/games we kept. This one was a no brainer, as it's all about imagination, teamwork and that perfect moment when you get to sit under it with your besties! . . . . . . . . . #elementaryschool #fieldtrip #northdakota #familytraveltribe #takeyourkidseverywhere #goadventuretogether #familytravelblogger #showthemtheworld #adventureparenting #littleadventurer #raisethemwild #adventurefamily #rvfamily #fulltimervers #gorving #minimalistliving #minimalize #minimalistics #tblogger #ldsblogger #fulltimerv #campingfamily #homeschoolfamily #fulltimefamily #travelfamily #adventuremamas #wanderlusting #unschool #fulltimefamilies #digitalnomads
My helper and I rockin’ our vendor event last weekend! (Couldn’t have done it without my hubby too! He was amazing!!) It was so fun to share our ōils with so many people! Looking forward to our next adventure down the road! #doterralife #wanderlustlifestyle #fulltimetravelers
One of the many perks of traveling full time... you can see your favorite band at a small festival and stand right next to the stage!! We saw @thecadillac3 last weekend at the National Lentil Festival in Pullman, WA, and it was AMAZING!! Can’t wait to catch up with these guys again! #fulltimervers #thisrocks #travelfulltime
Ronan had his first trip to Florida! We swam in the Rainbow River and the Gulf of Mexico. Our little water baby! . . . #waterbaby #florida #familyvacation #rainbowriver #gulfofmexico #clearwaterbeach #ronanwesleypowell #fulltimefamily #wildandambitious #tolivewouldbeanawfullybigadventure @tarzan_fitdad
Tyler is SO excited to learn cursive this year!! And big brother Eli is more than eager to help!! ❤📚 #homeschool #teambarnesacademy #fulltimefamily
Hi again IG!! We’ve been gone but are back with some news! After selling most of our things and moving in with family we finally did it! We bought a Truck and moved to Omaha! Yup. Omaha lol. We got ourselves a Silverado 2500 (which can pull our dream travel trailer that we haven’t bought YET 😜). We’ve been in Omaha just a little over a week and we can confidently say.... WE LOVE IT!! We took a week long road trip from Miami to Omaha which solidified our need to full time. We loved being on the road and exploring new things. More pics to come..... #fulltime #fulltimerv #fulltimervers #fulltimervfamily #fulltimefamily
First day of school was a success!! My T-K and my 3rd grader!! Being able to park and walk them to their class is one of the best feelings! I'm am so thankful for the job that I have that allows me to be there for all of these special moments in my little life! Love my life! How did your first day of school go? ___________________________ #klmetzger #backtoschool #happylife #happykidshappymom #blessed #fulltimemom #fulltimefamily #workingmom #entrepreneurmom #momof4 #lovewhatyoudo #lovemylife #kidsfirst #lovemyfamily #❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
When your sweet girl is a grump, but looks so cute that you still need to take a pic of her. 💕 She requested this angle so she wouldn’t have to smile. 😶 I think it turned out perfect.
Don’t ever let the Devil convince you, as a believer, that you are alone! Don’t ever let him convince you that you are bearing all the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have a loving Father who daily bears your burdens. It’s not all on you!!!! Rest in that good news!! 💖💖 #bearmountainbridge #bearmountain
They might not remember all their memories we are making, but they surely have a ton of pictures to look back on 🤣🙌🏻
Scouts philosophy of life... NEVER let good cantaloupe go to waste... get as close to the green as caninely possible!!!! What is your favorite type of melon?
"They" tell you that during this time you should try to relax as much as possible and de-stress. 💆🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️Seriously???? How the hell are you supposed to relax when all you can think about is whether or not this is the month your family will grow bigger?? 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♂️👧🏼👶🏼⁉️ 🙌🏼 I feel like these last few weeks have actually been some of the most stressful ones in a while. 💕🦄🐝Between working on all the to-do list items for the ✨Dream Bigger Project✨, signing up for my nutrition program certification✌🏼🥑, the fires 🔥🌫causing my allergies to get really bad, and just everyday life stuff, I'm a HOT MESS MAMA🌋💫 🙌🏼 So, if you need me, I'll be practicing meditation and yoga, 🧘🏻‍♀️writing in my journals, 📖defusing essential oils, 💧listening to calming music, 🎶eating the best that I can, 🥑going to the chiropractor, 👨🏻‍⚕️and doing other woo-woo calming crap🧙🏻‍♀️ (<--- seriously, it really does work though) and trying to keep calm!💕✌🏼 🙌🏼 P.S. New prenatal workouts are available in our fitness membership library! I did the 1st trimester one today, and loved it!! 💕🙋🏻‍♀️
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