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■LUNCH■ ☆Cheese Tortellini in tomato sauce ☆Bread ☆Grapes ☆Orange - ♡Hollie loved this once she'd finished the tortellini she then went on to dip rub the bread in the remaining sauce and then eat that too🤣♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Coco pops ☆Strawberry yoghurt with chia seeds ☆Banana ☆Blueberries - ♡Hollie really enjoyed breakfast, mammy on the other hand didn't, just sat minding my own business, and all of a sudden off pops my Naturebond, and I loose 3oz of milk all over myself and the sofa😭😭 Thank god it's leather...♡
■TEA■ ☆Cheese + Ham dino pizza ☆Carrots ☆Peas ☆Potato and carrot waffles - ♡Today was pizza day, and hollie certainly loves pizza♡
■LUNCH■ ☆Cheese and ham thin ☆Banana ☆Pear ☆Grapes - ♡Late dinner today because Hollie decided to have a 2hr 50m nap🤷🏻‍♀️♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Strawberries ☆Blueberries ☆Apricot yoghurt with chia seeds ☆Coco pops in BM - ♡Hollie ate all of this, then went and had the half ounce of milk id soaked the cereal in... 🤷🏻‍♀️♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆kiwi ☆Strawberries ☆Grapes ☆Multigrain pieces - ♡Hollie seems to be her usual self this morning, she had ibuprofen at 2 this morning as her temp rose to 38.8, but since then shes been her normal temp, so fingers crossed shes back to normal now😍 Daddy on the other hand is still poorly, but he's getting there!♡
■LAZY TEA■ ☆Fish Pie ☆Cheese ☆Strawberries ☆Blueberries ☆Orange ☆Squirty cream - ♡Yep that's right, tonight was a lovely frozen meal, literally 5mins in the microwave and we where ready to go. Hollie loved this meal, they do a few others for £1 in Iceland, so i definately think they're a good meal to have in the freezer for days like today🤷🏻‍♀️♡ #annabelkarmel #mummysfishpie
■BREASKFAST■ ☆strawberries ☆Banana ☆Blueberries ☆Chia seeds - ♡We had a pretty crap night with Hollie, she spiked a pretty nasty temperature, so as shes still got one this morning dispite alternating calpol and ibuprofen, (daddy is also poorly too which is usually the case) so we really weren't sure how she would eat, but in true Hollie fashion, she demolished it! Trip to the GP for this munchkin!♡
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■TEA■ ☆Turkey ☆Peas ☆Broccoli ☆Carrots ☆Roast Potatoes ☆Low Salt Gravy - ♡Hollie absolutely demolished this meal, she's a gravy lover like her daddy♡ #sundayroast #gravylover
■LUNCH■ ☆Pain au raisin ☆Thin with cheese ☆Skips ☆Blueberries ☆Strawberries - ♡Daddy made today's lunch, it went down really well♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Crumpet ☆Blueberries ☆Orange ☆Strawberries
■DINNER■ ☆Chicken, bacon + firey cheese ☆Broccoli ☆Cauliflower ☆Peas ☆Butternut squash ☆Sweet Potato - ♡Didn't manage to get a picture before giving it too her but lovely meal today! One of my faves! Not sure if it's a coincidence but everytime Hollie has Cauliflower she goes red around her mouth, so i think we'll be avoiding that for a while!♡
■DINNER■ ☆Spaghetti Bolognese ☆Apple purèe ☆Blueberries ☆Orange ☆Grapes - ♡♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Banana ☆Kiwi ☆Raspberry yoghurt ☆Apple purèe with chia seeds ☆Frosted flakes - ♡♡
■INDOOR PICNIC■ ☆Cheese Spread + Ham Sarnie ☆Mixed grapes ☆Granny Smith Apple (She loves these) ☆White Chocolate buttons x6 - ♡Helping out today, picked up hollies cousins from nursery all i can say on that matter is 3 kiddies on a double puschair is hard work we had dinner with them while their mummy and daddy where busy! As you can see theyre more interested in hollies food then their own🤷🏻‍♀️♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Multigrain pieces in BM ☆Apple purèe with chia seeds ☆Chopped banana - ♡♡
Just wanted to share these pictures because she melts my heart... after watching @thismorning i just wanted to say cluster feeding does not mean your supply is low, nor does pumping indicate your supply! We are 9.5 months into our feeding journey, and the past few days hollie has been non-stop feeding... yet I know for a fact I have plenty of milk! So to the silly women on this morning... please keep your very out dated and poor advice to yourself👍👍 PS; No tea picture today, but she demolished it, she had breaded chicken steak, mushy peas, butternut squash and potato wedges followed by two strawberry yoghurts. #thosechubbylegs #chubbybabylegs
■LUNCH■ ☆Spaghetti Hoops(lower sugar and salt) ☆Ham and Cheese pinwheel ☆Kiwi ☆Pear ☆Mixed grapes - ♡♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Apricot Yoghurt ☆Frosted flakes in BM ☆Blueberries ☆Raspberry+Apple soft oat bar - ♡We had a video call from grandma and Grandad on their cruise while we was having breakfast, which Hollie enjoyed, and she still demolished it all♡
■TEA■ ☆Battered fish fingers ☆Broccoli ☆Carrots ☆Peas ☆Sweet potato chunks ☆Carrot+Potato waffles - ♡Much more successful than dinner♡
■LUNCH■ ☆Lidl sandwich thins ☆Gala Apple ☆Blueberries ☆Celery ☆Skips - ♡Hollie refused her morning nap... so i was honestly expecting this to not go down well... and i was so right, she just played with it all apart from half of the sandwich and of course the crisps the rest was forcefully launched on the floor, and then when I picked it up she had a meltdown, she's been abit of a boob monster the past two days too... so maybe shes having a growth spurt?♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Chocolate Spread on toast ☆Grapes ☆Orange ☆Banana - ♡♡
■DINNER■ ☆Sausage(for the first time) ☆Carrot+Potato waffles ☆Carrots ☆Peas
■LUNCH■ ☆Dino Sarnies ☆Orange ☆Grapes ☆Kiwi
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Apricot Wheaties ☆Banana ☆Apple purèe with chia seeds - ♡Hollie loves the flavoured wheaties! It's lovely to see her enjoy eating her food! Banana is also a fave, and doesn't seem to be affecting her bowls in the same way it used to, so fingers crossed weve passed it♡
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■SUNDAY DINNER■ ☆Turkey ☆Roast potato ☆Carrots ☆Broccoli ☆Cauliflower ☆Peas ☆Yorkshire pudding ☆Low salt gravy - ♡Pretty proud of myself for cooking this, even though I did keep having to check on timings! It's pretty embarrassing that Hollie eats more veg than me and chris... but i guess that's how we roll♡
■LUNCH■ ☆Heinz sweet potato and lean beef hot pot with cheese ☆Raspberry and Blueberry yoghurt ☆White chocolate buttons - ♡This went down soo well, we did loaded spoons, as even though it was a 1yr+ meal, it was way too smooth for hollie😂, she demolished it though♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Pancake ☆Peach ☆Kiwi ☆Rice krispys in BM - ♡Successful brekky, Hollie seemed to rather enjoy dipping her pancake into the milk left over from her RC😍♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆scrambled egg ☆Toast ☆Waffle ☆Peanut Butter ☆Blueberries- ♡Top tip remind me not to ask daddy to take photos of food😂, breakfast was a success today though♡
■TEA■ ☆Breaded Chicken ☆Chips ☆Mushy peas ☆Butternut squash ☆Sweet potato ☆Corn on the cob ☆Yoghurt(not pictured) - ♡Tea was a success!♡
■LUNCH■ ☆Cheese Spread Sarnie ☆Apple purèe with chia seeds ☆Sweetcorn rings ☆Banana rice cakes ☆Gala Apple ☆Apricot+Raspberry yoghurt(Not pictured) - ♡Hollie had a good crack at the Apple, and demolished everything else on the plate! Think shes back to her normal self♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Orange ☆Blueberries ☆Raspberry+Apple oat bar ☆Rice krispies in BM - ♡Hollie has really refined her pincer grip... which lead to her picking up each rice crispy individually this morning🙄♡
It took 9 months, but I've mastered feeding on the move, throw back too our family trip Rand Farm Park last weekend🤱🏻❤ #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedinginpublic
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Apricot Wheaties soaked in BM ☆Banana+Peach purèe with chia seeds ☆Orange ☆Blueberries - ♡breakfast went down well, until she decided she was done and smushed a wheatie in her eye... so a bath followed🤷🏻‍♀️♡
■TEA @ Grannies■ ☆Chicken ☆Turkey ☆Peas ☆Carrots ☆Roast potatoes ☆Low salt gravy - ♡This went down an absolute treat, she loved it, especially the gravy, she coated all her food in it before eating😂♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Banana ☆Rice crispies in BM ☆Raspberry yoghurt with chia seeds - ♡Breakfast was a huge success today, she demolished it all! Lovely to see, even though shes still a little under the weather! Plus how cute are her pigtails on pic 2(excuse my very tired face)♡
■TEA■ ☆Chicken Tikka Masala ☆Tomatoes ☆Tiger Bread - Hollie actually demolished this, the first taste she was unsure but then she started shovelling it in! Apart from the meltdown when she rubbed some in her eye... it went down fairly well!
■DINNER■ ☆Pain au raisin ☆Peach ☆Kiwi ☆Cheese ☆Blueberries - After her meltdown at breakfast I was fairly dubious that she would even remotely entertain the idea of dinner, but she actually did quite well!
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Creamy Porridge with Apple's, strawberries and raspberries ♡Hollie completely refused breakfast today, and had a really big meltdown... not sure if it's her teeth or shes coming down with something, little monster then went on to steal half of my croissant on our way home from the shop🤷🏻‍♀️
Some of the meals over this weekend, all prepared by Daddy, Pic 1 - ☆Wheatabix in ebm ☆Blueberries ☆Pancakes. Pic 2 - ☆Banana+Chocolate Pinwheel ☆Blueberries ☆Orange ☆Kiwi ☆Strawberry yoghurt with strawberry pureé and chia seeds ☆Cheese. Pic 3 - ☆Waffle ☆Peanut Butter ☆Orange marmalaide ☆Blueberries ☆Kiwi. Pic 4 - ☆Battered chicken dippers ☆Waffle ☆Tiger bread ☆Butternut squash chunks ☆Sweet potato chunks.
We're back after a lovely weekend celebrating Hollies daddys 30th Birthday!We had lots of lovely meals over weekend! Now for today ■BREAKFAST■ ☆Blueberries wheaties in ebm ☆Banana ☆Apple&Strawberry pureé with chia seeds ■DINNER■ ☆Cheese spread+Ham sarnies ☆Orange ☆Gala Apple ☆Oreo soaked in ebm ■TEA■ ☆Cheese pasty ☆Low sugar, Low salt Beans ☆Maris piper wedges
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How is your weekend going? We just returned from visiting friends upstate and plan to have a little stay-cation this weekend and enjoy some chill family time together and I’m loving it ❤️. . If you’re still looking for some new lunchbox ideas, I got you! NO BAKE Chocolate Chip Date Balls! 🍪These bite-sized treats are loved by everyone in my household (especially my 3-year old) and are my personal fav go-to snacks that give me a much needed energy burst with a healthy dose of fat, protein and carbs! They also make a great addition to lunch boxes-adding that sweet element kids love without a ton of refined sugar. My typical energy ball recipe is consists mainly of honey, unsweetened coconut, oats and ground flaxseed but with this recipe, I swapped out the honey for medjool dates and I'm hooked! Medjool dates have a soft, sticky, chewy texture and caramel-like taste, making them the perfect binding agent and naturally sweet addition to homemade granola bars or balls. Recipe is on my blog! (Link in Bio) and I can't wait to hear what you think! . . . . #healthykids #funfood #funfoodsforkids #backtoschool #lunchbox #firstgrade #students #lunchtime #schoollunch #lunchboxidea #packedlunch #cutefood #cutelunchbox #dietitian #lunchboxgoals #momwin #kidfood #momstomoms #parentlife #schoolkids #toddlerfood #energyballs #chocolatechips #dietitiansofig #candidmotherhood #mommymoments #labordayweekend #glutenfreerecipes #veganrecipes #familytimes
■TEA■ ☆Beef lasagna ☆Mushy peas ☆Tiger baguette ☆Raspberry Ripple ice cream(treat day) ♡She ate this sooo well!! She wasn't a fan of the texture of the sheets at first but then she got used to it, she ate just over half of the lasagna as it was a massive portion♡
■DINNER■ ☆Cheese ☆Banana ☆Strawberries ☆Raspberry yoghurt ☆Blueberries ☆Apple and banana puree ♡Another successful meal, we wont be posting this weekend because it's the husbands big 30!♡
■BREAKFAST■ ☆Blueberry wheaties in ebm ☆Banana and Apple puree with chia seeds ☆Red Grapes ♡Very successful breakfast, apart from the grapes, she likes the insides but not the skins🤷🏻‍♀️♡
■TEA■ ☆Chicken Kiev ☆Potato and carrot waffle ☆Baby corn ☆Carrots ■DESSERT■ ☆Strawberries ☆Blueberries ☆Orange ☆Cream ♡Absolute success today♡
Our extra freezer has arrived!! We've been surviving with our American style fridge freezer, and the freezer side is tiny, especially for how we do one huge shop monthly, so we decided that now our little human is eating so much, we'd invest in another freezer, so we can batch cook a few bits, and just generally expand what we cook without wasting it!❤
■DINNER■ ☆Homemade Ham and Cheese pinwheel ☆Cherry Tomatoes ☆Kiwi ☆Strawberries ☆Cheese
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