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I took this 83.4 pound ( vet says she has to lose a few pounds) doggy to the vet today. Almost had a mild heart attack when vet said her bill was $850!! I couldn’t understand how her rabies shot, and a couple of boosters came out to that total. BUT being the dog mom that I am, I said okay (while silently freaking out on the inside) I quickly called Kody to help pay for half. Long story short when Kody arrived I went to the front to check out. Turns out I misheard $850 when the total was $85 😂😂. Lesson of the day don’t go to the vet tired. #AlkinaBlue #Love #Happiness #VetVisits #Funnystory
When you are stupid
This is the so-called tacit understanding 🤣🤣 - Tag someone who loves 😍 dog - 🎥 by @barked - Follow @coolaf.co for daily cool stuff! ✨
Anon is a chipmunk
Hello this is a little introduction to a funny alien invasion story, that I have written. If you’ve watched Scary Movie, then you know the type of humour I’m going for. My version of Scary Movie-English style.Numerous celebs & situations get my sense of humour treatment, all for comedy😂 I wrote this a while ago, but at the moment have done nothing with it. Thought I’d put it on Instagram. Hope you enjoy! #funnystory #humor #writersofinstagram #storyteller #lol #story #rockywritesstuff #writer #stories #writerscommunity #creativity #writing #jokes #bookstagram #laugh #funnypost #booklovers #writerscorner #hilarious #writers_den_ #creative #comedy #writersworld #storytime #writinglife #books #instawriter #lmao #bookideas #funnystorytime
MY DOG ISN'T HAPPY THAT WEEK STARTED AGAIN 😂😂😂😂 @happydogpaw #tiredog #ilovemydog #funnystory #dogstagram #leostories #cantstoplaughing #puppygram #mensbestfriend
BUY 2, GET 1 FREE PROMOTION My next three children’s poetry books (TOILET TROUBLE, TAKE A HIKE!, and BEDTIME STORY) are being released on Nov 8 --- and I’d love you to buy all three of them! How much would I love that? Well, if you pre-order all three books now (LINK IN BIO) and email me a copy of your receipt to fbtpoetry@gmail.com , I’ll reimburse you for the cost of TOILET TROUBLE, my second beginner book! All payments will be made via PAYPAL or VENMO (your choice) within 24 hours of email receipt. Thank you so much for your continued support!😊📚
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Him: “We were virgins when we first got together and we were both almost in our 20s, so our first time happened pretty quick.” - Her: “It happened a week after we got together, and it wasn’t a successful attempt at all. It took us awhile.” - Her: “The first time we were successful, my grandma walked in on us.” - Him: “That was bad. That was really bad.” - Her: “After he left, we were really scared like, ‘Oh my god, our relationship is in jeopardy.” - Him: “I thought I was never allowed back there after that.” - Her: “I talked about it with my grandma very civilly after and she was like, ‘Just don’t do it again.’ But she laughs about it now. She’s like, ‘I felt so bad. He just ran out of the house.” - Him: “It was funny because I was running out and I was like, ‘I love you!’ and you were like, ‘I love you too!’ and we kissed and it was so dramatic. - Him: “Overall though, that is the fun of it - learning together. It was fun that we both didn’t know anything about sex. We liked exploring together.” - Her: “I don’t care if the sex is good or not. It’s really not the most important thing. It isn’t the reason we got together.” - Him: “It is to show affection. Because to us, it is more important that it is intimate than it is just sex. So we don’t have the most interesting sex, but it is very intimate.”
“OMG, Killer Sunburn Today!! Reminder: DO NOT tan your back unless you have someone to help with sunscreen. Luckily I have #HelloAloeVera to save me 😎🏖️”
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