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I need a forest fire
Darling Sister ✨
Finally got my new camera :) I’m feeling good
Better ask bout me.
It’s odd knowing a human so fully. I know your quirks (like your weird fear of vampires and having your neck touched). I know when you say one thing but your face tells me another. I know when you’re exhausted from the work week but trying so hard to get on my level of animated conversation. I know the things that excite you and make you pull me close 🔥 I know the things that piss you off to no end. I know you. HOWEVER in a lot of ways, I don’t know you. 4 years is an infancy in the vast expanse of human life. That’s all we’ve had together. But I look forward to new findings and discoveries about who you are as we grow older together. Maybe things will change (in fact I know they will) but I love the thought of knowing you more and more, cell by cell, thought by thought ❤️
to be a wanderer and to go home
Sophia 5/23/18
Una épica tarde con dos maestres👏 @lukirobotti (que no aparece 🙃) y @lukimadrid que se repita estooo🤟🌅🔥
This post is for all y’all who struggle with clinical anxiety, and those who love someone with clinical anxiety. As a small child I experienced a ton of instability, and would be overcome with extreme anxiety whenever I was put in situations where I didn’t know people, I didn’t know what was about to happen to me, and my adoptive parents did a wonderful job of seeing that and always providing me with the information I needed to feel secure. As I’ve grown up, that crippling anxiety has never fully left. For the longest time, I didn’t want to admit to others how often I would feel overwhelmed, at the brink of tears. I kept it a secret how my heart would pound out of my chest when I drove in the rain, or sat in a doctors office, or walked into a room full of people I didn’t know. How I’d sometimes, for absolutely no reason, be unable to breathe or move. It took years before I finally reached out to others and realized the vast difference between worrying and trauma induced clinical anxiety and panic attacks. I knew deep down that my faith in God was not faltering, in my moments of darkness I felt him closer than ever, but still a sense of shame would consume me. It wasn’t until I began to learn all the ways that trauma effects your mind did I understand this wasn’t a sin, but my bodies coping mechanism. Trauma can manifest itself in subtle unconscious ways, and its triggers often unknown to us: a certain smell, the octave of someone’s voice, driving down a certain street etc., and our bodies tend to remember things that our mind has blocked out, and without permission will revisit the moment in time it was traumatized. That is not my fault. It is not your fault. I’ve had so much healing in my life when I shed that shame and began to practically work through those things. God has been so faithful and continues to astound me with how well he knows my heart and loves my heart, and gives me the security I need to feel safe. / 📸 @rachellenicolephotos
Disney princess
Thankyou @l_m_fitzyy for choosing me for some portraits for your Portfolio 👌🏻
I have seen it, in this twilight, you're my silence
paradise with bb 🌴
My two faves - Cloudy & Philz 😭
Se acerca de a poco el calor o al menos esta dando señales de vida ☀️🙏
P L A N N I N G 🕯💐
Hello all. I’ve done a little switch-a-roo and have made this my photography account... If you aren’t interested make yourself over to the unfollow button! 😎 If you still want to follow my day to day Instagram >> @katelynscade ❤️
Check out for one pls ✅ 🎯🤗
Just another day in the neighborhood 🌞 Use promo code "NICOLE.DREY" for your discount w/ @gemandcompany for all your jewelry💎
Just another day in the neighborhood 🌞 Use my promo code "NICOLE.DREY" to get your discount w/ @gemandcompany for all your jewelry💎 necessities 💋
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