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This girl is my everything. Look out world—she’s a keeper. 🤩
It's been a wild journey, but Peru is THE toughest trip that I've gone on so far. Since the city of Cusco is 11,152 feet above sea level, it's really easy to get altitude sickness which I had to deal with a lot on the first day we arrived. Getting a pounding headache that lasted for hours, waking up in the middle of the night with your heart beating faster than usual, and throwing up 4 times in a span of 10 hours is not the bizness 😭 Sleeping also amplifies the altitude sickness a bit so you can imagine the struggle I was going through... On top of that your appetite tends to get weird where you're hungry at first and then once you eat a bite or two that hunger immediately goes away. I tried kokoa leaves and tea which is supposed to help with the sickness, but it didn't work for me. Luckily the local pharmacy stores sold Sorojchi pills which magically cured our nausea. Thank God for those pills or else I would of been dying throughout the whole trip. There were definitely other moments on this trip that were tough like hiking down these massive steps from Machu Picchu in the rain while getting my gear wet and hiking back down from Lake Humantay which made me hate life and feel like crap lmao. This trip definitely pushed me to my limits like no other . . . . .  @darkmornings @starlight.features @waitingontheworld @bleachfilm @filmpalette @quietthechaos #bravogreatphoto #ftwotw #seamyphotos #moodyports #folkfilm #ftmedd #featuredpalette #agameofportraits #portsinspired #bringtheartists #portraitfolk #creativeportraits #buildandbloom #pulsefilm #moodyfilm #visualsoflife #2instagood #l0tsabraids #gramkilla #earth_portraits5k #featuremebest #pursuitofportraits #featuremyshot #collectingportraits #funsizedaccount #globe_portraits #portrait_perfection #ig_mood #portraitmood #vscocam
I’m re-editing a few of my older favorites while I schedule some new portrait shoots. This is my favorite picture I’ve taken of @taylorramdas ! Can’t wait to get out and take some more portraits soon!
A heart without dreams is a bird without feathers. 💫
@marietavermella , Ser o no ser. 🎭
Hoje eu acordei no horário 🙏🏻 resolvi postar albinho pra comemorar hahahah mais fotos da coleção @all.wood com a @cassiamottalage to apaixonado por esses óculos de madeira! Muitos detalhes lindos! Vou ate levar o meu pra um lugar beeem diferente hahah vocês vão acompanhar! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #lifestyle #ftmedd #cooloceann #infectedfilms #daybreeze #exoticwings #vscocam #bokeh #bleachmyfilm #blog #featuremepf #visualauthority #bokehkillers #l0tsabraids #funsizedaccount #makeportraits #starlightfeatures #elixrmag #chasingemotions #thefilmdiaries #ftwotw #featuremebest #quietthechaos #bokehlicious #nikon #d750 #rsa_portraits #modernmoons #igpodium_portraits
hello! 🤩 I’d like to start out by saying a big THANK YOU, for stopping by my page! I want you to know you’re truly a special person and I’m so glad you exist in this world ❤️ _ Let’s get this page started!! I want this account to be different from other featuring accounts, a bit more personal 🤗 - To be featured: - DM me a photo you’d like me to post - with a caption about who you are as a person and what photography means to you. (it can be short but real) I feel like social media has been so fake lately we need some genuine content out about our fears as individuals
Had to post the full photo for #NationalPugDay :-) 🐾
this day was legendary🌛and slightly cold haha - 📍Ice Lakes (35 degrees)
Went up to Siesta Key a few weeks ago to shoot with my boy @_brandongomes. Alot more to come from this shoot!
⚠️ S O R T E O ⚠️ Queres ganar una sesión de fotos? . • Los pasos son: 1️⃣ Seguir mi cuenta @martoapardian . ⚠️ 2️⃣Darle like a la publicación ⚠️ 3️⃣Hacer screenshot de este post y subirlo a la historia etiquetando mi cuenta ( @martoapardian ) • ‼️Etiquetando amigos en la publicacion tenes mas chances🔥 •El sorteo terminará el 25 de Octubre
Guess who's a quarter of a century old now 🙈🎂 PC: @hint.of.tulips
You are going to be the most gorgeous baby mumma 😍
That monday mood.
#Repost Escape to the serene gardens of versailles! 🌳 📸 @lichipan
new work is on the way, folks & here’s the angel @belluhthomas
sunday afternoons in the ☀️
Kacy Hill - October 9th
@marietavermella at home🍀
Local Tourist.
On my own, @marietavermella 🍁
🦋 @hunnytheband 🦋
Do you feel it? A stir? An ache? A longing you can’t quite place? It happens when that song comes on that makes you drop everything and listen. It’s hidden in the sunset, the smile of the one you can’t forget, in the painting of a stranger with eyes that know your whole life, and in the cup of coffee that warms your bones. It’s your soul pulling you towards an ancient language, a deep magic, the unfading light that willed you to life. It’s God, the lover of your soul, telling you that your existence is of immeasurable value. . . . . . . . . . #peoplescreatives #visualsoflife #freezemytime #humaneffect #quietthechaos #tangledinfilm #funsizedaccount #awakethesoul #sharemystyle #bohostyle #humansofjoy #nothingisordinary #documentyourdays #ig_daily #writeyouonmyheart #creativesontherise #startersofig #featuremeseas #bleachmyfilm #featuremymind #postthepeople #featuremeinstagood
dreamin dreamin
all the beauty of lífe is made up of light and shadow 💥 @palashvphoto
@marietavermella y su mirada llena de fuerza y de luz. 💥
BANDS Looking to fill up some spaces in January 2019 with music videos. I’m available for hire nationwide so don’t hesitate to reach out! 🎥🌹📷
My first post since August. I’ve been consumed with other things but hopefully now I’m back to posting some of my work. Sitting on a bunch of great stuff from the past couple months. Excited to share!
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