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Actual photo of me & my brother thinking about how lucky we are to have found this amazing company!! You all have probably seen this beautiful collar of mine & wondered where it came from! I wanted to take a second to show my appreciation and love for @collaristpets ! Y’all I have never seen anything like it. Each collar is individually handmade by artisans, promoting their work. All the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. The leather backing is so soft & of the highest quality. For all other amazon prime lovers, you’ll love Collarist- I’ve literally received my orders within at most 3 days of purchasing!!! Not only are they supporting Mexican artisans, but they also donate a portion of their profits to various nonprofits. Each product and package is made with love & we love them right back ❤️🎄 Thank you for all that you do and for blessing us with your beautiful collars!
This is Diesel. Wishing it were sunny springtime and not a rainy wintery day. Wishing he were an only child again. My story explains why 😂
Gone for a couple days and I think my babies missed me #furmommy #love #socute
Well I'm stitching and he's been kneading and now dozing off!😻😂 I've been busy doing stuff in the house and now it's time to watch one of my fav movies and try to get this finished for my daughter for Christmas!🎄🎁🎅 and once he sees me sit down..it's all over but the nappin'😀😀😀Happy Sunday!❤ #catnap #catlife #furbabies #furmommy #sundayafternoon #crossstitch #christmas #fitgoals #staymotivatedmyfriends #workoutmotivation #behappy #befree #bekind #smile #loveyourself #loveyourpet
Week 5 Rest Day 3 🔥🍑 . It’s gonna be a crazy busy day so I’m beyond thankful for my twenty minute workout that I can squeeze in ANYTIME 👏🏼
Merry Christmas from the Christian family! Too bad @rjlatrell could be in it! Now I. Off to the nursing home to pass out cookies and punch and some Christmas cheer! #elfie #puppylove #christmas #dogmom #furbaby #furmommy #puppylove #puppybreath
On these rainy days in night nothing sounds better. Find this tee in our shop for $22 shipped from now until Christmas!
Happy 10 months Gunny boy!🎉✨
Happy Sunday y’all! 😽 . I’m enjoying a MUCH needed slow morning with my parents before we start the day. . How are you spending your Sunday? 💕
This sweet girl is hoping Santa Paws doesn't forget her!! I think judgement is still out if she made the #naughtylist or the #nicelist . #gsdofinstagram #gsdoftexas #puppylove #shelbygirl #doglife #furmommy
My current view💗🐶 Miss GracieLou has missed me this week! So snuggle time on the couch is a must. Still have lots to do, but work will have to wait till tonight so I can have a much needed family day❤️ How are you spending today?#gracieloudesignsco #familyday #rescuedogsrock #whywegiveback #furmomlife #furmommy
PLEASANT SURPRISE! It’s amazing how a simple gesture from a stranger can brighten up my day. Thank you to our flower supplier for filling my heart with so much bliss, humility and gratitude today. Merry Christmas, indeed! P.S. Nanay guessed it right. This is my favorite so you can only imagine my joy when she gave me this! #seasonofgiving
May harang sa hagdan 😐😐😐😐 eh paano ako bababa? #furmommy #furmomsproblem #furbabies #catlovers #catsofinstagram #persiancat #calicocat #persiansiamesemixed
You are my love story, and I write you into everything I do, everything I see, everything I touch and everything I dream, you are the words that fill my page. 💓💓💓💓💓
My sweet fur baby living life to the fullest, even after surgery. I’ve learned a thing or two from her.... Her spirt to love to the fullest each day, is never brought down. #pocketpit #hugeheart #fullheart #furmommy #pawz #fresnobullyrescue #bully #🐾
I may have gone to this photoshoot with black Mickey Mouse nail polish on. Oops! I take the “be yourself” motto very seriously. Which is why I’m always smiling in pictures! You’ll notice I never have “sexy, sultry, serious” photos. My face doesn’t know how to do that. I’m serious! But I’m smiling 😘. If I post my sultry photos I just look like I’m bored. Or mad lol Scroll to see my failed attempt at sultry. Be yourself. And stick to your strengths! My strength is my smile! I just want to spread joy. That’s who God made me to be! Don’t fight it, embrace who you are in God’s eyes.
Together again. My little Marlene (on my shoulder) paid a visit to the rainbow bridge this morning. After having to say goodbye to her sister, Gidget, back in September, I like to believe they're finally together once more. Animals are the only truly good and pure beings that exist in this world. Every part of me is breaking right now. * Contrary to the belief that most people hold about these four legged, mischievous balls of fluff, they make amazing companions. Their loyalty and affection is right up there with dogs. Love and miss you, baby queens. 💔 Gidg - 9.24.18 Marlene - 12.15.18 *************************************** 📸 @thescottchurch 💄HMUA @la.la.lolita 👗Wardrobe @chelseasmarr *************************************** #ratsofinstagram #animalloversofinstagram #furbabies 🐾 #petportraits #portraiturephotography #ratties #dumborats #bekindtoanimals #rainbowbridge #petloss #blackandwhitephotograph #furmommy #editorialshoot #vintagewear #pinupmodel #savetheanimals
FLEX FRIDAY on a Saturday since we used yesterday as one of our rest days. We sure love the flexibility that #Liift4 offers 💕 . #flexemifyougotem #strongereveryday #strongisthenewsexy
Finally around + now it’s time to head to my cousin’s house for dinner 😻 . So excited to see everyone again before we head south! Just wish my hubby was gonna be there 💕
Week 5 Rest Day 2 👏🏼 . Basically be prepared for every rest day I have to be filled with Shaun T workouts 😻 . I am in LOVE with his new program that is releasing soon + could honestly do the preview workout every day! Can’t wait to do the whole program 👊🏼
Happy af because it’s Saturday, finals are OVER, and your girl got in an amazing workout today. I made up my own little booty workout but omg... literally after the first set my legs were shaking so bad it was embarrassing 😂 here’s what I put together: Split squats Pulsing sumo squat Single leg deadlift Cable pull through Bosu ball hip thrusts Squat jumps • I did everything for 12 reps 3 times through! I also warmed up on the stairs master for about 10 minutes and DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH!!!So def try it out and let me how shaky your legs get 😂😂😂
6 month checkup = 2 unimpressed kittycats 😂 At least the vet said I'm doing everything right. Did you read this Randy Nehlen? Everything. 😉 #furmamaliving #healthyfurbabies #funnyjokes . . . . . . . . . . . . #cats #catmom #catmama #catmommy #catmommyliving #furbabies #furmom #furmama #furmommy #furmommyliving #cats_of_instagram #catsoftheday #catsofinstagram #lifeisgood #lifebydesign #cutecats #love #catlady #catlover #livelovelaugh #lifebydesign
Diesel, my boy, doing the 🥴 when he first noticed rabbits on our walks 😂 the stareoff could go on for days if I didn't drag him away
Mommy and Me!❤😻 "It's a rainy and damp chill of a day. Mommy lazy, tired and relaxing with me while she reads. I looooove when we get to lay down cuz she lets me sleep on her and she doesn't mind my loud purring! Hope your Saturday is a cozy as mine!"😀 #saturdayafternoon #rainyday #relaxing #reading #furmommy #furbabies #catlife #catnap #fitgaols #staymotivatedmyfriends #workoutmotivation #behappy #befree #bekind #smile #loveyourself #loveyourpet
About me- I don’t own a single store bought beanie 😊 Everything I own is handmade by me 😍 It’s crazy to think that this time last year is when I started losing all interest in crafting. Something I’ve done for the last 20+ years! 🙈 I’m glad the fire in my soul is lit once again because I LOVE MAKING ALL THE THINGS! If I didn’t say yes to an opportunity that I was totally skeptical about then I wouldn’t be here today. Thanks to my fit friends and to the coach life for pushing me to work on being the best version of myself every single day ❤️ #thecoachlife #joinme #lovewhatyoudo
No alarm for this chick this morning + I damn well enjoyed it! . Woke up super slow + decided to give myself a little time to feel all my feelings about Noah possibly (most likely) not coming home this weekend. It was much needed since I’ve been pushing them to the back of my mind + trying to power through this week. . But now my pity party is over + I’ve got some amazing goals so it’s time to crush the freaking day y’all! . Always remember that it is OKAY for you to feel whatever feelings you have! Take the time to recognize + feel each of them. But make sure once you do that you get on with your day! Don’t let those feelings stop you from reaching your goals girl! 😽
My #furmommy gave me this #puppytoy and came back 5 minutes later to find the #puppydestruction I had created
I just love my fur baby #mymoo #mybabygirl #iloveyou #furmommy 🐾💕🥰🐾💓💖
Speculoos just sat like this while I got ready and it’s soooooo adorable my heart couldn’t deal ❤️ #catsofinstagram #cat #ilovecats #lovekittens #kitten #kitty #kittenplay #ginger #gingercat #furmommy #dutch #dutchcat #dutchcatsofinstagram
“Never trust your memory, write it down.” - me to self every freakin’ time. 😅 Yearly must-have of forgetful, Krizia. So 2019, lez get it on! #stickies #plannergirl
Thanks Hikari baby for keeping me company last night while I clean, sort, and pack my makeup gear for todays work. You will always be a part of the family no matter how many human babies we make. ❤️ #hikari #hikarithecat #scottishfold #instacat #furbaby #family #cute #meow #spiritanimal #furmom #furmommy #companion #love #kittie #babycat #cute #cutie #cutiepie #scottishfoldcat #happy #blessing #goodvibes #pet
When you’re trying to get a cute family picture, but your dog only looks at the camera when you’re not ready 😼
Torn between watching a hockey game with Daddy or wanting Mommy! A dog’s dilemma! 😂🐶😂🐶 #funlovingrv #fulltimerv #fulltimervers #morkie #morkielife #hockey #sanjosesharks #mommyslove #furmommy #furdaddy #dogsarefamily #rvpets #rvdogs #rvdogslife #dogsdilemma #mylove
Living dangerously today 🚧, I decided to go to the dark side 😉 🔸 Thank you @kellywren00 for making me jump outside of my comfort zone! I'm absolutely in LOVE with my new hair color 💕. 🔸 I feel like a completely new woman, who is ready to take on the world 🌎 🔸 Anyone else, feel completely empowered with a new hairdo?? 🔸 #livingdangerously #iwenttothedarkside #feelingempowered #jumpingoutsideofmycomfortzone
This sweet girl loves her mommy! #MommysGirl #BaileeJade #furmommy #lovemyfurbabies
When people say take care of yourself, they don't just mean physically. They mean mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That's exactly what I'm doing. While I can't be going crazy with my workouts right now, I'm still moving. I'm still getting a sweat on everyday. I'm still sticking to my meal plan and I'm reading some positive shit. We all have choices. I could choose to do nothing all day. Psshh, some days that's exactly what I think I'm going to do, but then I wake the F up and go. I don't want to dwell in my sadness. That's not me. I'm choosing to be the best me I can be right now and to be the best me, I have to take care of me, so that's what I'm going to do. Now I'm going to go color some mandalas. Judge me, I dare ya!! 😂🤣😋😎😘
FINALLY done cleaning carpets now my ass is grinding to fit some work in 👊🏼 . First off is a training video from an amazing leader then it’s time to crush the rest of my vital behaviors 😻 . I LOVE that I get to make my own hours every damn day! 👏🏼
I’m so lucky to call you mine 🙏.⁣ ⁣ Howard is the best good morning and the most cuddly at night. He obeys every command and aims to please. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion to love me unconditionally. He may have four paws and wet kisses, but he is and will always be my baby. Tell me about your fur child below 😍!! . . . . #furmomma #furmommy #dogmomaf #prouddogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomproblems #dogmoments #howardphillip
Came for the party, stayed for the baby snuggles 😍 #chickennugget
•Baby Gray had surgery yesterday. She was spayed & also had a cyst removed. I’ve been home all day with her giving her all the mommy love in the world. She is the sweetest sassiest little baby. & I love her with my whole 🖤• • • • #grungeaesthetic #gothgirls #goth #gothic #gothfashion #alternative #alternativemodel #alt #punk #piercings #tats #kawaii #gothgirls #goth #wicca #wiccan #witch #hippie #furmommy #catsofinstagram #cats #catmom #wiccafamiliar #witchfamiliar #graycat #cooncats #babykitty #kitten #kittenmommy #babykittens
Accountability check in! With so much going on this time of year it’s easy to skip or push out our promise to workout. As i’m encouraging my group to stay as consistent as they can during the holiday season, you better believe I’m going to lead by example! That and I’ve come so far this year with my consisteny, I can’t stop now!! 25min lower body. Have you taken a barre class where it feels like your muscles are burning & ripping? Yup, that’s what this workout felt like...and it felt goooooood!! So excited for what I’ve accomplished this year and more excited for what’s ahead, and to be able to share this with you guys!! Whoop whoop 🙌🏼 Who’s thinking of joining me next year??
HOW BAD do YOU WANT IT⁉️ Seriously, I’m asking? WHAT if I could guarantee that in 30 days you would lose 5 to 15 pounds, or your money back! Would you be open to learning more?😳 - We’re always looking for a guarantee! Right!? I know, I get it… A year and a half ago I wanted a guarantee too! And this was it! It was risk free‼️ - So..That’s what I did! I made one choice for me, to try! I opened myself up to learn more, and then made another choice for me… To commit to 30 days! To go all in! What did I have to lose? 5 to 15 pounds that’s what! And I did🙌🏻 - Now, I want to pay it forward! I’m looking for 10 ladies, who want to start their fitness and health journey off right in the New year! Who are tired of feeling unhappy in their own skin! Who don’t want to be exhausted anymore but instead feel motivated & energized! Who are fed up with struggling and ready to take action💪🏻 - Will it be easy? That will depend on how willing you are to try...to make some changes! But what I can tell you is that it will be worth it♥️😊 - I’ve been stuck before! Unsure how or where to start! Just flip through the photos above! 👆🏻 I was 75 pounds overweight, exhausted, cranky, anxiety ridden whenever I had to go out in public, Unfit and very unhappy! And then, I fell and broke my ankle! Then I kept asking myself… Why the hell did I not prioritize me, and work on my health and fitness when I had the chance? - After a very long recovery, I decided I needed to stop making excuses for why I couldn’t! And Start finding reasons, and ways that I could! And I did! 🔥 If I can...then I know you can! So isn’t it time that you do too?? 👉🏻We’re going to set up healthy habitats that will last a lifetime 👉🏻 We’re going to encourage you, cheer you on and hold you accountability 👉🏻We’re going to set up strategies for success....Why?? Because I believe you are worth it and you deserve to feel amazing❣️ AND Remember, it’s risk-free, 30 days, 5 to 15 pounds, or you get your money back! How much more of a guarantee can you get than that? So let’s do this TOGETHER‼️ #youarenotaloneinthis #youdeservehappiness #whatifyousaidyes #thetimeisalwaysnow #nothingtoloose
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