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The boys are super excited of their nature crown. Clearly. 😂
We've all been in that moment when your child has looked you in the eye and done something to really annoy you. You feel anger surge through your system and you immediately feel 'I must put a stop to this!' And then they start shouting and you begin to feel like you MUST make them understand that this is not OK, right now. It delves into a battle, and all your feelings are that in order to make your child understand - you must win this battle.. Your child begins to look like the enemy... Now - I follow Gentle Parenting, I have done for a LONG time... BUT sometimes I STILL fall into this trap. I work on it though. One of my favourite things to do is to keep my voice low and level when speaking to them in these moments, almost a whisper... It's hard to escalate if someone sounds calm - even if they may not feel it inside! I also like to give them a hug - bring them in close and cuddle them... I Take a moment to feel how small they are, look at their beautiful eyes and feel their lovely warmth - it's hard to respond with anything but love after that... If they don't want to cuddle I do a similar thing without touching them. I take a moment to really see them. I try to remember a time when they were loving and caring, it helps me remember this is just a moment! - then I can respond with love! When they're at their worst is when they need our love the most! Xxx
Sharing a little poem/rap I made up for my boys. When I recited it for them we were all a bit emotional I have to admit!
Where do you sit on the Santa debate? Does it feel like ‘a lie’ in your home or have you found a way to keep it fun and light? On the blog I’m sharing how we keep our Santa tradition (mostly) in line with Montessori and how we have managed to do that. #montessori #montessoriathome #ipbig #montessoritoddler #santaiscoming #letthembelittle #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #pbloggers #ohheymama #nationaltrustni #theargory #waldorfinspired #reggiokids
❤️ B O O B N A P S ❤️ In three years, some things change, some things stay the same. :: Junip rarely ever naps these days, but she really seemed to need it today. :: :: #solomamalife #torontobabies #postpartum #hygge #hyggemama #boobnap #torontofamilies #torontoparents #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting #responsiveparenting #goslow
We ate our way round Waddesdon Manor Christmas Market! 😂🤭🎄☃️🎅🏻
Am I the only one already writing down goals for 2019?? #imadreamer #newyear #2019 #2019goals #vegan #sustainability #gentleparenting #bigplans
What happens when you mix glitter, vinegar and bicarbonate soda? FUN! SWIPE to find out and see the pure excitement of a first timer to this science fun! Another oldie but goodie spruced up with a bit of Christmas flair, totally inspired by @alphabetkidsfdc and @the_playful_way ! 🎄 Once again, I was so awwed by the naturally inquisitive nature of a budding mind. After each scoop, MJ would stop and wait to see what the reaction was, then decide whether to add more bicarb or vinegar. After using all our allocated bicarb and vinegar (ok I may have topped it up once or twice!), MJ went on to stir the colours in the tray, then mix the colours between jars using the scoop - excitedly naming the new colours he was making! I was feeding Lilly dinner while he experimented, and constantly heard him exclaiming “WOW!” “Wow! It’s amazing!” 🎄 I honestly thought this activity would be over super quickly! I was so surprised at how excitedly but calming it was, and that MJ didn’t want to stop his play even when all the bubbling and fizzing was over. 🎄 Note: glitter is never compulsory, but in our books, 100% magic! We don’t often play with glitter, but for the 12 weeks of December, we pretty much roll around in it ✨✨✨ 🎄 #smallBizAU #childhoodunplugged #aussiemum #worldoflittles #busytoddler #aussiekids #unitedmotherhood #kidsactivities #mumslife #gentleparenting #afterpay #magicofchildhood #mumandbub #playmatters #invitationtoplay #toddlerplay #earlylearning #melbourneteachers #shopsmallAU #mumsofinsta #learningthroughplay #playbasedlearning #invitationtolearn #nothingisordinary #letthembelittle #earlychildhood #getcreativewith #messyplay #letthekidsplay #familydaycare
For all the mummies (and daddies) at this busy time of year Just 💓 this Credit: Mommy's Online 💖❤️💞💜💓💕❣️💖 When you first have children they talk about the challenges of parenting....the struggles of a baby waking in the night, the toddler who won’t stay in their bed, the cost of childcare, injuries from sports... Having to take off work to pick them up from school when they don’t feel well, helping them with homework, a messy house, the never ending laundry, the cost to buy school clothes, packing their lunches.... You watch their eyes light up on Christmas morning....and try to soak in the magic of those moments. You coach them in sports, rushing to practices and ballgames...and tote them all over the country to let them play the game they love...no matter how exhausting or expensive it becomes. Life is just so busy that you rarely even stop to think what the end of those days look like. In fact, it’s not really even something you can wrap your mind around. You go into it thinking that 18-20 years sounds like a long time.... Then suddenly hours turn into days...days into months...and months into years. That little person that used to crawl up next to you in bed and cuddle up to watch cartoons...suddenly becomes this young adult who hugs you in the hallway as they come and go. And the chaos and laughter that used to echo throughout your home....gets filled with silence and solitude. You’ve learned how to parent a child who needs you to care for and protect them....but have no clue how the whole “letting go” thing is supposed to work. So you hold on as tight as you can...wondering how time passed so quickly...feeling guilty that you missed something.... Because even though you had 20 years.....it just somehow doesn’t seem like it was enough. You ask yourself so many questions... Did you teach them the right lessons? Did you read them enough books as a child? Spend enough time playing with them? How many school parties did you have to miss? Do they really know how much you love them? What could I have done better as a parent? .....When it’s time for them to go, it all hits you like a ton of bricks. And a
This is because when a child is Unplugging The Thumb, they have already decided to quit and are determined to make a positive change! Also, sucking the other thumb is reported to “not feel the same”.
Usually at night she cuddles up to me and asks me to tell her about before she was born. How she grew in my belly. How she made me sick so her daddy did everything for our family for about nine months. How her brother used my swollen stomach as a hill for matchbox cars to race down. How her brother visited her in the hospital and purposeful left his favorite stuffed animal behind to comfort her. How our family wasn’t compete until she arrived. How she is loved, loved, loved. Last night I went the opposite direction. “Let’s talk about when you’re grown up. We can still be best friends, you know? We can do stuff together. We can visit new cities together and try their food and visit their museums! We can read grown-up books and talk about them. We can go to concerts together or take classes. And cook together. We can go on road trips and you can drive the car!” “Me drive we’s car?” She asked astonished. “Yeah, you can drive the car when you’re a grown-up.” “Me drive *WE’S* car?!” It was too much for her to handle. It’s almost physically painful to think of how two years ago she was a little baby. How fast she and Hadden are growing up. But I don’t want to just look back. I want to look ahead too. The future is gonna be good. Okay, I am not naive. I know that children need space from their parents. That families splinter and break. It’s not easy to be a young adult and it’s not easy to be their parent. I don’t think my family is immune to those growing pains. But I hope that by imagining our future it will prepare me to have our relationship shift and change as they age. And maybe even look forward to it instead of mourning the fact that they don’t need me anymore. No matter what happens I know this: they will be loved, loved, loved. ❤️
La pasamos bien. Rico fin de semana !! Music class on Friday and Dobbies on Sunday. It is lovely to spend time with them 😍also challenging! #mumslife #gentleparenting #naturalparenting #childled #weekends #kids #fun #love
Last year Matilda hated the idea of Santa, when we went past one in the shops she would stand 15-20 metres away and angrily look at him. She didn’t want to move away from him either, just needed time to stand and angrily stare. And fair enough, you can’t see their faces and she doesn’t like beards anyway. This year she’s been really into the idea of Christmas and Santa, asks about Santa a lot and is interested in them when we walk by so we attempted Santa photos on the weekend which she’d been so excited for all morning. Got there and she totally froze when she could see him from a distance, cried and didn’t want to do it. We sat for a long time to have cuddles and a chat, decided I would carry her so I could give Santa a high 5 and it was done. Later she told me she didn’t want to sit near Santa and I told her I knew, she said she likes Santa “I know honey” and she had a huge cry for about 5 minutes. They were such big feelings and she was so explicit in the fact that she was confused about them.
I've lied on the floor hysterically sobbing, feeling completely defeated, scared and alone…MORE THAN ONCE! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Upleveling is no joke. It can be so scary to let go and to release, yet when we do, we step into more power. We allow more light to shine through us. We become more conscious. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Motherhood has been more powerful in my awakening than anything else because I couldn't hide, run away or ignore the people who were demanding the best from me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “The world isn’t supposed to make you happy. The world is supposed to challenge you and provide you with incentives to access awakening.” - Eckhart Tolle . . . #lawofattraction #LOA #happiness #manifestation #manifest #grateful #gentlemom #gentleparenting #consciousmom #consciousparenting #veganmom #veganfamily #reallife #momlife #meditation #eckharttolle #veganmom #veganlife #veganfamily #motherhoodrising #momlife #mom #reallife #consicousparenting #happiness #familylife #mom #parent #plantbasedfamily #heal
Body Autonomy is one of the most important lessons we can help our children imbibe. ••• May we never use the holidays, family or gifts to guilt trip them. ••• May we never force them to cross their boundaries. ••• May we show the same kindness to ourselves. 💛 🌻 . . . 📸@introvertdoodles 💕 . . . #gentleparenting #peacefulparenting   #positiveparenting #consciousparenting #attachmentparenting #nonpunitiveparenting   #mumsofinsta #kiwimum #mummyblogger #mummybloggernz #mumblogger #mumbloggernz #momblogger #mombloggernz   #mommyblogger #mommybloggernz #thegentlemamma
Hellllo all 👋🏻 I thought I’d introduce myself I am aimee (@badluckbones ) and I wanted to make an account specifically focusing on my approach on gentle parenting, veganism and everything in between. I have a 1.5 year old (Nixon) who has been vegan since conception and is the silliest sweetest wild child. And a husband (@sharp.visual ) who works his ass off so I can be a stay at home mama 💞 I have learned more about myself about life about love and about respect in these last 19 months than my 24 previous years of life. Motherhood is one hell of a ride but I wouldn’t change one second✨✨
Both kiddos helping today make dinner. 4 year old peeling carrots 🥕 and 1 year old munching on them 😋 while watching and cleaning up. We made meatballs, roasted potatoes and carrots. Yum! Kids are more likely to eat well when they know what's in their food and have been involved in preparing it some way or another. It definitely isn't always this involved in our home. Today's Sunday and we've had a very relaxed morning. Most days I ask the kids to push the microwave button, get their plates or get the milk out of the fridge. Simple involvement can be just as effective. Cooking is also an essential life skill that most kids don't have these days but will need later. So little moments of exposure like this will help them understand food and make healthier food choices in the long term. . What were you having for dinner today and do your kiddos like to cook with you? . . . . . #positiveparenting #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #momlife #dadlife #positivediscipline #lifewithkids #munichmom #expatmom #earlyyearspositiveparentingtips #earlyyearspositiveparenting #parentingsupport #parenteducator #parentingstruggles #parentingbalance #discipline #parentingcoach #parentingchange #parenttransformation #motherhood #motivatedmama #attachmentparenting #sahm #sahd #healthyeatinghabits #cookingwithkids
Would YOU like to win an @ErgobabyUK Ergobaby 360 Carrier? This carrier can be used from newborn (with an infant insert) do forward facing, inward facing , hip and back carries and is one of the most well-known slings available! OK, so you are desperate to know how to win now, right? It's really easy! 1. Follow us on Instagram and LIKE our Facebook page. 2. Share a photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #itsaslingwin . Each post is an entry. You can enter as many times as you like. Make sure that the post is public (or that we follow you if your Instagram profile is restricted). 3. Get an extra entry by sharing this post. 4. You can also grab yourself an entry by signing up to our monthly email "The Sling Thing" #ergo #ergobaby #ergobabyuk #inmyergo #win #competition #competitiontime #itsaslingwin #winasling #babycompetition #photocomp #photocompetition #newmama #newborn #forwardfacing #babywearing #babyweareresofig #motherhoodthroughinstagram #positiveparenting #mumswithcameras #momswithcameras #uniteinmotherhood #dailyparenting #consciousparenting #peacefulparenting #gentleparenting #honestmotherhood #motheringhard #parentingtheshitoutoflife
Obsessed with @maiseltv and depressed that I have to wait an entire year for a new season. In the meantime, I shall play dress up and pretend that I live in the 1950’s! Sometimes it’s fun just to be girly 💕 #1950s #fashion #sunday #afternoon #dressup #our_everyday_moments #documentyourdays #havefun #liveauthentic #justbeyou #parenting #mom #momlife #unitedinmotherhood #mommyblogger #ig_motherhood #love #family #gentleparenting #hair #updo #positivevibes #womensupportingwomen
My Lil side kick
Today, we really needed some fresh air, so we drove the bike out to Utterslev Mose and walked around for a little while. It's very easy to feel lazy and not really prioritize getting out during these cold months, but it is really a shame. Once you're out there, you'll love it. Both sets of feet were warm and happy afterwards ❤️
My sweet Zion is now #5monthsold as of yesterday😭 Seriously, WHERE does the time go💁‍♀️!?! This little guy amazes me .everyday. His unique personality, range of emotion and expression shines more and more💫 His attention to detail is sharp and his curiosity grows and grows🌱 His favorite things to do right now are: feel all the textures, roll over aaand over and over😂, kick his toys with his feet, eat his toes, stick his tongue out while laughing and squealing😜 He's also enjoying sitting up on his own☺ Experiencing life through his eyes is truly the greatest #blessing 🙏👑💗✨ . . . #5months #fivemonthsold #babyboy #organicbaby #veganbaby #superfoodbaby #superbaby #warrior #ebf  #breastfed #babysignlanguage #consciousparenting #gentleparenting #attachmentparenting #veganfamily #ecbaby #eliminationcommunication #postpartum #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #childhoodunplugged #slowliving #wildmothering #joyfulmamas #fitmom #healthylifestyle #blessed
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Ahhh why does it feel like it takes 3 days to pack up 4 kids to get out the door for 3 seconds?! 🙈 . We managed to go out to see Santa at Wookey Hole today and met up with the lovely @rockhoppermum and family ❤️. The babies slept through most of it snuggled up in a wrap . When the boys were asked what they want for Christmas they answered... Joey - Lego and a Rubik’s cube Billy - A present Another year of making it easy for Santa! They already have what they’ve asked for. But first of all Joeys Birthday next week!
Thomas met Santa today! He didn't want to smile, but at least he didn't cry.
Our agreement, unspoken and spoken, is that I don’t own you and you don’t owe me. But you belong with me and I am here for you. #consciousparenting #gentleparenting #unschool #mindfulparenting #mindfulness #peacefulparenting #forestschool #outsideeveryday #wildandfreechildren
What a beautiful day to forage for making a nature crown - from our day 16 of advent calendar. Stay tuned!
The way she dances through life...when she has no idea anyone is watching. 😍 I’m obsessed with this little person and watching her be her perfect self. #gentleparenting #positiveparenting #peacefulparenting #loveyourlittlepeople #respectyourlittlehumans #everyoneisbeautiful #uniquelybeautiful #dancelikenooneiswatching
Fantastic day on the beach today. Perfect weather. Tide in. No wind. Perfect end to my book writing retreat "Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 minutes a day - regain your calm, enjoy your kids and get more done!" which turned into my surrender week. #gratitude #surrender #frazzled #frazzledmum #frazzledtofabulousin5 #thesurrenderexperiment #stressedmum #stressedmom #positiveparenting #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #mums
My magical little pixie. We’ve had a very lovely busy week seeing lots of friends and family, then got hit by a sickness bug 😂 luckily I got the worst of it, Delilah seemed completely fine other than vomiting a couple of times, and Ross avoided it completely, whereas I spent two days almost completely unable to move. Back to my regularly scheduled pregnancy nausea now 😂😩 Photo credit to @georginamariej 💕
⭐️In addition to the daily pages the journal has fun pages and doodling pages too! This one is all about lists of things we’d like to do, try, learn, read, watch etc all good to help develop a sense of self and record what’s important at a certain point in time ⭐️ Having a lovely journal to spend time with every day to reflect and have a mindful moment (and some screen free time) is a positive skill to teach our kids as young as possible ⭐️ My big motivation is helping introduce positive habits to young people that will help them in the long term and time spent with a journal is certainly one of them. It’s good for all ages!
🐈Rollenspiele🐈 Es kam irgendwie plötzlich und dann doch ziemlich schleichend. Das ausprobieren von anderen Identitäten. Ein Hund, eine Katze, ein Video nachtanzen. Die Wichtigkeit dieser, war mir vorher gar nicht so bewusst. Dennoch - unser neues Projekt wird eine Verkleidungstruhe sein, damit unsere Fee sich ausprobieren kann. Und wir gleich mit. Ich erinnere mich noch gut daran wie ich immer ein Gepard sein wollte. Andauernd hatte ich ein Kostüm an und war dementsprechend geschminkt. Es hat so Spaß gemacht. Was noch viel spannender ist, rückblickend, manchmal hatte ich mehr Mut, manchmal war ich einfühlsamer. Ich habe tiefe Emotionen nachgespielt, diese gefühlt. Auch deswegen ich bin so gespannt auf das was kommt. Und wer sie dann plötzlich ist 😁 Ps: "Katzen brauchen furchtbar viel Musik, Musik und Ein ganz kleines Stück, bin ganz großen Glück" #unerzogen #unerzogenleben #rollenspiel #toddlerlife #mamavibes #mamasein #liebe #spielen #mamaleben #freivonerziehung #bedingungsloseelternschaft #slowfamily #gentleparenting #consiousliving #elternsein #rostockmama #katze #happymommy #biggirl #tochter #lebenmitkind #vertrauen #verantwortung #motherhood #thinktwice #achtsamkeit
My little Judah just enjoying a bit of lavender 🌿
The mountain was closed today because of high winds so we took the kiddos sledding half way up the mountain and finished our journey with epic snacks in the back of our car. Now they are both resting peacefully as we drive home. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #healthykids #paleorecipes #yumm #paleo #healthysnacks #gentleparenting #outdooreducation #snowday #patagonia #patagoniakids #wornwear #siblings #adventure #pnw #pnwonderland
When F was born all the midwives told us how alert he was. Which basically meant he didn’t sleep. Ever. When he did sleep he was only happy doing so on top of one of us, and during his best moments he would only sleep while being permanently latched on 🤦‍♀️ He “slept through the night” once at 12 weeks and then immediately started on one massive regression which involved waking hourly for weeks and months. The nights of 2018 have pretty much resembled this photo! Then suddenly, F decided he was happy not to feed to sleep every night and started settling himself in our bed. 1/2 hours have stretched to 4/5 hours and on Friday @632design and I were able to leave him with Grandma and we had our first night off together in 17 months! I’m expecting it to all change again at any given moment, especially as we aren’t through with teething, and isn’t there an 18 month and 2 year regression?! Also how do you recover from Mumsomnia when your child eventually starts sleeping better themselves?! Will 2019 be the year of more sleep 🙏😬 #toddlersleep #reallifeparenting #gentleparenting #attachmentparenting #mumsomnia #sleepisprecious #bedsharingfamily #safesleepseven
You teach me so much about myself, little girl. A lot about my present-me but even more about my past-me and if I look closely I can see a beautiful and better version of a future-me, thanks to you ❤ I didn't write about parenting aka raising a little human in a long time. Maybe because the past 6 months were veeery busy on another level with our baby turning into a fast & fun seeking toddler besides working, having a destination wedding and caring for myself 😉 Even if it was more stressful on some days than I would have ever imagined I am still 100% convinced that our positive, unconditional and respectful parenting style is the only way to go. Recently we were invited to an amazing kiddies birthday party and Juni was running and climbing everywhere where she shouldn't have. Well, explain this to a curious 18 months old explorer. The only solution I had was going with her wherever she wants to go and whenever the situation (or she) allowed it to carry her back to the centre of the event. And yes it did sometimes drive me nuts that I wasn't able to sit down for longer than 30 sec, have a conversation or something to drink. Why am I sharing this now? Because it made me start listening to the audiobook "Raising your spirited child", which is amazing so far and which made me realise that this is exactly what I was like as a child and that we intuitively chose a parenting style that fits for a personality and temperament of our little lady. Don't let anyone ever make you believe that your child is acting the way it is because you chose gentle parenting. It is because of gentle parenting that you will have a beautiful relationship with your (spirited) child one day instead of modeling negative feelings onto a child that doesn't fit into a stencil. I had a great childhood but only now fully understand what I would have needed to excel as a child and to cope better with certain situations with regards to my temperament and spirit. 🤸‍♀️ . . . . . #spiritedchild #respectfulparenting #momanddaughter #gentleparenting #unerzogen #unerzogenleben #bedürfnisorientiert #bo #attachementparenting #ap #motheranddaughter #love #messybun #twinning #mutterundtochter #mama #proudmom
In my role as a conscious parent, I’ve focused much of my attention on uncovering my subconscious beliefs and programs — so that I don’t *unconsciously* pass them onto my children.⁣ ⁣ Our children not only model our words and actions. They’re also highly tuned in to our consciousness. This is how ancestral patterns are carried from generation to generation, despite most efforts to change them.⁣ ⁣ For example, I was raised in a middle class suburban family and never had to worry about my needs being met. My parents gave us so much more than they received as children. And yet, I still received a scarcity / lack consciousness. It took me nearly two years of deep work around money and prosperity to *finally* feel the weight lift.⁣ ⁣ Now, I can rest easy knowing that I won’t pass that program onto my children.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸⁣ ⁣ There are only 7 spots left in our upcoming Conscious Motherhood Course. We’ll cover beliefs, subconscious reprogramming and reality creation in the first half of the course. 💖
• Are you in need of a ruck wrap? • Ankalia has just ONE Shoalhaven Maple size 4 left on the website! And its sitting there at a bargain price 😱 • I can easily carry my 3yr old in this wrap, it's so easy. It's not too thick and beastly but moldable with some cush 👌 • Click the link in my bio to head to the website and make your purchase! #ankaliatextiles #upwithankalia #size4 #ruck #shoalhavenmaple #babywearing #backcarry #toddlerwearing #babycarrier #wovenwrap #gentleparenting #parentingtool #parenting #madeinaustralia #australianmade #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocalau #christmasgift #multiplewaystopay #afterpay #zippay #layby #creditcard #freeshipping #express #sale #bargain
🤱🏼 I absolutely love breastfeeding ✨ I’m so thankful to have breastfed Analiegh for 2 years (When I was only 17) I’m proud of that 😌 And now again for Theo 💕 I love the bond + special connection 💫 I love how my body not only grew this baby But grew a whole organ (placenta) to nourish her How my body knew exactly what to do every moment 🤰 I love how baby + body work together 🧬 To bring baby into the world And then my body can nourish & sustain my baby 💛 HOW AMAZING IS THE WOMBMANS BODY?! I will always be in awe of what my body can do ✨
Merry & Happy from our family to yours❤️❤️❤️ this is your Christmas card 😉
Loving having family close by these days. Gotta take advantage of it. New adventure coming shortly. This is Anavi and his Omi. (My grandma) How lucky is he to have great grandparents? . . . . . . . . . . . #grandparents #familyiseverything #nomadfamily #travelingcouple #veganfamily #naturalliving #donoharm #environmentalist #noplanetb #vegansofistagram #vegetarian #familygoals #grandmagoals #momgoals #motherhood #naplesfl #babiesofinstagram #instababies #3monthsold #gentleparenting #attachmentparenting #respectfulparenting #positiveparenting #postpartum
s u n d a z e 💛 #evie #babyspam #EJB
I've been sick for a couple of days now and this morning I also lost my voice. Every mom knows you don't get "sick days": everything goes on as usual, except you have less energy and a shorter fuse. However, losing my voice forced me to find a new approach, which actually helped me parent with more patience. Do you ever feel you need a "reset" in your parenting? Like you got stuck in (re)acting a certain way? ⠀ *⠀ #momlife #mamadingen #opvoeding #parenting #christmas #kerstmis #kerst #twinning #christmassweater #kersttrui #meisjesmama #girlmom #momoftwo #sunday #gentleparenting #sisters #zusjes #alleenmaarliefde
We can expect overwhelming emotions and childlike behavior from children. Emotions are involuntary and behavior is communication. Children are learning from the adults around them. Let's aim to model kind empathetic behavior and healthy expression of those big human feelings. Adults can learn a lot from children too. 😊 💗 @lelia.schott #gentleparenting #parentingpatterns #childrenshearts #childrenslife #behavior #believingyourchild #empathypower #emotionsaremanageable #behaviouriscommunication
Hated bananas now loves them 🤷🏽‍♀️🍌 it takes some babies a while to become familiar with certain tastes and texture. If your baby seems to pull faces and spits out when you're first trying fruits and vegetables, please don't just stop giving them 🙏🏼 it's so important as parents to keep offering a variety of foods, we are there to guide our babies towards healthy eating habits. Babies first year of life they are just learning the sensory aspect of foods, so don't be disheartened if they aren't loving certain foods at first. Keep trying 🌱💕
Votes for children ✨ I loved listening to David Runciman talk about why we should lower the voting age to six (if you haven’t listened yet, he discusses it on a recent episode of Talking Politics called “Democracy for Young People” and again towards the end of “The Fate of Theresa May” where he addresses some listener comments). He makes some hugely important points, including: • There is an inbuilt bias against young people in our political system due to ageing population & the fact that there’s no “maximum voting age”. • This leads to government not being incentivised to plan for the future (just look at current toothless climate change policies...) • Despite not being represented in Parliament, and having little chance of election, young people are supposed to be the ones fighting for the future. • Lowering the voting age to 16 is not enough. If you can read - hence suggestion of age 6 - you can vote. • We rightly allow people to vote who are eg. suffering from dementia, but yet children are punished just for being children. Although I share Runciman’s pessimism that this could actually happen - we live in a society where children are seen as inferior to adults and the establishment parties have little to gain from this - I’m so glad that this has opened up some conversations. Children are the last group to be given the franchise, and I hope that we can start making some headway in at least lowering the voting age, if not doing away with a voting age altogether. Did you listen to the episode? What did you think?
As 2018 comes to a close, I want to thank you all for a great year and let you in on my plans for this blog in 2019. First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, liking, and sharing my posts. Every time you interact with my posts, you help with my visibility. With every interaction, you're making my goals and dreams come true. So cheesy! But true. It's personal for me, and it means a lot. I also want to thank you for your bravery. A lot of the things I share are controversial and go against the herd...vaccine truth, childism, gentle/respectful parenting, energy and faith. I appreciate your willingness to step out and help spread truth and freedom. You're making a difference--worldwide! From my little space in this world, thank you to my readers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, and South Africa. I hope I didn't miss anyone--I got those places from my blog stats, so it's possible there's a different Insta following than on the blog. (If I missed you, let me know!) Thank you, thank you, thank you all! Special shoutout to the members of the closed Her Arms Are Strong FB group for being a warm, uplifting, safe community of moms. You're rockstars. Now onto plans for 2019. I'll be writing unschooling posts on the blog! It's a huge passion of mine. I've also been working on some guided meditations to release in the upcoming year! These are meditations that came to me in my personal times of worship and meditation. There will be two types: spiritual meditation, and mantra/affirmation meditations. I can't even wait!! So excited. Thank you for sticking with me. Please keep interacting, sharing with your friends, sharing in your mommy groups, and communicating with me on what kind of content you want to see. I hope the rest of 2018 is full of peace and joy for each of you and your families! And may 2019 be your best yet. All my love, Jessie, Her Arms Are Strong #mommyblogger #gentleparenting #unschooling #faith #naturalliving #vaccinetruth #vaccines #radicalunschooling #crunchymomma #meditation #energy
Wir als Familie kaufen und schmücken unseren Baum seit wir zu dritt sind am 3. Adventswochenende gemeinsam. 🎄 Das ist unsere Tradition. Dahin mussten wir uns aber auch erstmal einigen: Denn ich kannte es aus meiner Kindheit so, dass der Baum am 1. Adventwochenende gekauft und geschmückt wurde - bei meinem Mann war es ganz klassisch, dass der Baum am 24. heimlich „vom Christkind“ aufgeputzt wurde. . Also, was „muss“ jetzt fortgeführt werden, weil es ja „schon immer so war“? Wer von uns hat „recht“? Wessen Tradition war „mehr“ wert? Richtig: nichts und keiner und beides ist gut. Dazu haben wir beide wunderschöne Erinnerungen an Weihnachten. ❤️ Also haben wir gesprochen, überlegt, unsere Gedanken zum „Christkind“ generell geteilt usw. ... und haben dann eine neue, gemeinsame Tradition für unsere eigene Familie geschaffen. . Denn Tradition bedeutet nicht: „das war schon immer so und muss auch so bleiben, keine Diskussion“. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tradition ist kein Zwang. Tradition ist auch kein Gesetz, an das ich mich halten muss, sonst droht eine Strafe. Ich hab es gestern schon geschrieben: Tradition lebt und Tradition wird gelebt. Und jedes Familienmitglied sollte gleichwertig mitwirken dürfen - denn die Ansichten unserer Tochter sind genauso wenig falsch wie die meines Mannes oder meine 🥰 . (Darüberhinaus erachte ich es als sehr gesund, seine eigenen Vorstellung ab und an einer kleinen Reflexion zu unterziehen. Einfach nur, weil es ja sein könnte(!), dass man einem alten Glaubenssatz nachhängt, der einen daran hindert zu wachsen.... als Person und als Familie. 🕊) #weihnachten #weihnachtsbaum #verantwortung #vertrauen #verbindung #motherhoodsimplified #thinktwice #gentleparenting #slowparenting #attachmentparenting #meinmädchen #mamablogger #mamablogger_at #blogger_at #igersvienna #echteliebe #elternschaft #eltern #lebenmitkind #bindungsorientiert #bedürfnisorientiert #unerzogen #teamliebe #tochter #conciousliving #achtsamkeit #wir #lovedoinglifewithher
✨ . Just casually watching some dogs take a bath in the pond ❤️ we’ve had the perfect chilled weekend and it was so needed. Inevitably the next few weeks are going to be kind of hectic. We had a brief idea of going shopping this morning, straight away I imagined us running after Arthur through the crowds until he kicks off, trying to shovel lunch into our gobs (taking turns), eventually leaving Kingston empty handed and paying shit loads for parking. . So instead we agreed any shopping that needs doing is getting done online. Avoid the crowds and madness and go breath some fresh air ❤️ don’t be afraid of managing Christmas pressures your own way. Christmas is an assault on the senses and emotions from all angles at times so if you’ve gotta take it slow - take it slow ❤️ . We were pretty stoked to find @the_littleginger at the food market on the way home which also got me off of cooking duties which is actually quite impossible anyways with Arthur needing me constantly 🤪❤️ . See the green orb in the pic 👀🌿 . #mybabyarthurbear #fatherandson #simplify
We've all heard this one from "well meaning" grandparents/in-laws/friends haven't we? 😬⠀ ⠀ What are your tips for coping with those helpful bits of parenting "advice" that family and friends like to offer up over Christmas?!⠀ ⠀ And go on, tell me the funniest tip you've ever been on the receiving end of! Might help us all to stay sane this December!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #MumLife #DadLife #Instamums #Parenting #ParentCoach #MindfulParenting #GentleParenting #ParentingTips #ParentingAdvice #SleepConsultant
#esschneitesschneit ❄️👧🏼❄️ Kommt alle aus dem Haus! - oder bleibt einfach drinnen und genießt den 3. Advent gefälligst in eurem kuscheligwarmen Zuhause :D So wie wir. Wir waren heute nämlich superfleißig und haben den lieben langen Tag unsere Koffer gepackt. Deeenn am 25.12. geht es für uns ganz früh morgens nach Oberstdorf. In den allerersten #skiurlaub / #winterurlaub für uns drei zusammen, mit Oma & Opa. Und da wir mit dem Zug dorthin fahren, werden unsere Koffer schon diese Woche von Hermes abgeholt, in unser Hotel gebracht und anschließend auch wieder zurück nachhause. Das bedeutet: Viel weniger Schlepperei für uns und definitiv eine entspanntere Hin- und Rückfahrt. Ihr Lieben, trotzdem meine Frage an euch: Wer ist schon mal mit seinem Baby / Kleinkind über eine längere Strecke mit dem Zug gefahren? Tipps & Tricks? Worauf sollten wir achten? Was sind eure absoluten Must-Haves für die Fahrt? Halleluja, ab morgen beginnt auch ganz offiziell die letzte Schulwoche in diesem Jahr: Nur noch 4x pendeln!!! Und: Nur noch 8x schlafen, dann ist Weihnachten. Ach Kinder, ich bin froh :) Froh darüber, wie gut wir das alles meistern und dass wir bald 10 Tage mal nur für uns haben werden. Das haben wir uns so verdient. • • #1yearold #teamrosa #novembermama #novemberbaby #winterbaby #itsagirl #kleinkind #staywildchild #youmademeamom #magicofchildhood #motherhoodrising #rememberingthesedays #dailyparenting #motherhoodunplugged #tinybigadventure #myhappycapture #honestlymothering #unseralltagistihrekindheit #bedürfnisorientiert #gentleparenting #attachementparenting #momlife #motherhood #firsttimemom #geborgenwachsen #beziehungstatterziehung #langzeitstillen
S U N D A Y What? Where the kids at? They were at grandma and grandpa’s, and that means we got to sleep in 🙌🏻 and then we made a mad dash to church just the two of us. And that was lovely. Now we are all home and cozy and in our “full grown onesie” as Oak calls them. #bethlehemsdochurch
“Helping your older child adjust to a new baby 101” 👫 ................. Actually. Just kidding. If you guys figure out a perfect formula, share with me too. The truth is that no matter how much you prepare in advance, they will still feel a little sting of neglect and their emotions may totally be valid. The truth is that amidst that incessant cycle of diaper changes a newly born needs, round the clock feeds they require to support the cherry sized tummies, incomprehensible wailing, hospital visits, rocking and swinging, you do end up draining most of your physical, emotional and mental energies, exhausting most of the time at hand. The truth is that you will feel you are rushing your older one towards the daily routine. Everything like school, dressing up, bath, meals and sleeps is topped up by a crazy hurry-scurry. Even their favourite story time has been sabotaged bcz of the new one’s needs. Those doses of yelling and scoldings may or may not have increased, courtesy the emotional, sleepless, fatigued-to-the-bones, cranky wreck of a person you become. Here’s what I am TRYING to do in between all the above. * NOT dismissing the older one’s feelings. * Communicating and listening to her one on one wherever and whenever I can. * Let her be involved in the baby in the process and help in little things like deciding on baby’s clothes, bringing diapers etc * Be a little flexible with her where I can, this IS a big change, acknowledge that. * Hugging, cuddling and reinforcing. Rest assured, despite feeling a little sad I feel she’s doing a good job as a new sister. SHE LOVES HER BABY BRO and hasn’t been mean even once. She does get sad though that she doesn’t get to hold him as much as she would have liked since he instantly starts crying 😋 I am totally content that she has the confidence of communicating her feelings to me💕💕 I received a lot of msgs after last night’s story from moms telling me how they were or had been in the same boat. Would love to hear your experiences and the tactics you used in the comments below 💜💜 #bigsis #bigsister #littlebrother #siblings #newbaby #honestmotherhood #gentleparenting #parentingtips #pakistanibloggers
Sunday morning✨There’s meal prep to make and laundry to fold, but I think I’ll lay here for awhile instead. . . . . . . . . #fatherdaughter #sundaymorning #houseworkcanwait #myeverything #mommybloggers #gentleparenting #teammotherly #momswithcameras #momlife #girlmom #motherhoodunplugged #lovelysquares #momologypic #instamom #momsofinsta
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