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MAC VS PC 🖥 . An endless argument but here’s our thoughts... . In terms of making videos we are strong supporters on Macs! . After using both in my many years of the TV industry I can easily say Mac have been built with the user in mind and are seamless when it comes to editing! . What are your thoughts? PC or Mac and why? 🎬🎬
NOT GETTING RESULTS? . Your business is full of all different cogs and if one is not spinning it will effect the rest of your business... . So, you’ve tried the latest marketing craze that everyone told you about and it didn’t work? But why? . There was probably a gap in your marketing funnel... that is if you even had one. . Don’t worry, you are an expert in your field! You aren’t expected to know everything about business too!!! . Before you pay for ads or make videos for your business it is important do the following: 1️⃣know your gaps 2️⃣have a plan 3️⃣track your results! . If your cogs aren’t spinning and you don’t know why make sure you get in touch! . We don’t just teach video... we also look at all of you marketing and help you make funnels for all of your needs! . Book your FREE video planning session now using the link in our bio! 🎬🎬
YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL RIGHT? . Well stop feeling sorry for yourself and start taking action to achieve your bigger goals! . Do you know how many times a week I hear “but I’m not worth that much money”? KNOW YOUR SELF WORTH!!! You are worth so much more than you think you are and it’s time to change the way you look at 1️⃣YOUR SELF 2️⃣YOUR LIFE 3️⃣YOUR BUSINESS . Take the first step in achieving your goals and book in a free video planning session with us... we don’t just talk video and business but we look at your mindset as well! . Just go to the link in our bio! 🎬🎬
What underwater projects will you shoot with the MW? 📸: @srmedia.biz
FASHION AND FILM 👗 . Rule number one: no stripes on camera!!! This will cause major strobing when you look back at it! . Getting dressed for camera can sometimes be difficult. You will often think you look great in the mirror but when you see yourself on camera it just doesn’t look quite right... . Our first tip is to take photos of yourself before you film everything to make sure you are happy 💃🏽 . Our second tip is to visit a stylist and get your colours matched! Many people don’t know what colours suit their skin tone... this is the best thing to do and will save you so much money on clothes in the future! . If you have more styling questions let us know! We will be doing a Facebook Live on style and camera very soon! 🎬👠🕶
hahaha idk how to edit on the phone like some guys on IG. adding the a6500 for primary camera since it has IBS . I finally got the full alpha line up. a5000,a5100,a6000,a6300,and now a6500. idk why I use these more than my GH5. next camera will be a cinema camera. #filmmaking #filmschool #filmmaker #videomaking #mirrorlesscamera #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #beach #videocreator #videography #youtube #sonyalpha #adobepremierepro #shortfilm #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #djimavicpro #hometown #finalcutprox #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #videomarketing #entrepreneur #sonyalphagang
Dad & Daughter project. Agnes improviserar i ett övergivet stenbrott på Teneriffa utan musik😂 Alltid kul att göra film tillsammans med sin dotter👊 #artist #film
CELEBRATE YOU! . I love myself because... I am strong, confident and in control of my own life! . So many women that we meet don’t love themselves anymore and it makes me so sad to see! . Because in our eyes 👀 You are incredible! You are worthy! You are wise! You are passionate! You are strong! You can change the world! You are perfect just the way you are! . Now it’s your turn... in the comments tell us why you love yourself 💕 and then I want you to go to a mirror and tell yourself the same thing. . Show yourself some LOVE 💕🎬
I’ll be back in a flash 🖤 ✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) #motoyoyogicho
WHAT IS STOPPING YOU? . You are amazing! But I know you can do better in your business if you put yourself out there! . When we meet amazing women just like you there is usually at least one thing standing in their way! Does this sound familiar? . I want to know if any of these thoughts have crossed your mind before! . 1️⃣I’m too old and don’t look good enough on camera. I will get a staff member to do it... . 2️⃣I hate marketing! Everything I have tried just hasn’t worked!!! . 3️⃣I already spend too much time working and not enough with my family... they don’t understand my business and never help me! . How does that sound? I’m sure you have had these thoughts! And here is what you are going to do about it... . Book in a FREE VIDEO PLANNING SESSION with Girl Director. This is a free 30-45 minute conversation to clear up any of your worries about video and marketing! . Book now using the link in our bio because YOU ARE WORTHY OF MORE! 🎬🎬
GD LOVES YOU! . We love you just the way you are with all of your so called ‘imperfections’. I like to call these unique traits but that’s just me... . Are you always trying to change yourself to suit other people? If you are, you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask your self why... . Start everyday by looking yourself in the eyes and saying ‘I am perfect’ and anyone that tells you otherwise does not deserve your energy in their lives! . You are perfect. I am perfect. We are all perfect! 🎬🎬
probably gonna post some old work of mine over the next bit until I have some new work lined up.. I took this photo in 2011 during the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver and it always stood out to me in a particular way. Sometimes I used to think people here had it bad... then I remembered they were setting cars on fire because of a hockey game. Don’t forget where you came from.. #vancity
Some BTS with a little bit of green screen play. Love seeing things come to together. a few months ago we were just talking about this project and planning it out. My team was so worried about having a perfect plan, there was no traction. those who know me ,I hate and cant stand when we are in a planning phase too long. Told my team fk it and let's jump in and build as we go. We are now 1 step ahead. "Perfection is the enemy of progress" #filmmaking #filmschool #filmmaker #videomaking #panasonicgh5 #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #macbookpro #videocreator #videography #youtube #sonyalpha #adobepremierepro #shortfilm #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #djimavicpro #greenscreen #finalcutprox #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #videomarketing #entrepreneur #sonyalphagang
SMASH THROUGH LIFE! . Are you feeling well rested after this weekend? . This week is going to be one of smashing through goals and completing tasks... I can see it now! . Want to know why? Because you are going to spend the first half hour of your Monday writing a big list of all the little tasks that you have been meaning to get done. Write it big and keep it where it can be seen! . Also write 5 BIG GOALS... one for each day. Delegate what you can and spend the week crossing everything off as it gets done ✅ . Keep your days intentional and keep yourself accountable 🎬🎬
scouting for film locations. didnt realize that kakaako has so many wall art. was gonna film all until my camera started over heating. I should have brought the Gh5. *inside joke* hashtag just for fun lol. #filmmaking #filmschool #filmmaker #videomaking #art #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #macbookpro #videocreator #videography #youtube #sonyalpha #adobepremierepro #shortfilm #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #djimavicpro #adobelightroom #finalcutprox #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #videomarketing #entrepreneur #sonyalphagang
👀. #levelup
NANO VLOG # 54: TIMELAPSE FUCKERY (This video was moreso me testing out different techniques using timelapse but I figured I’d use the footage for a small edit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) #vancouver #bc #videomaking #sfx #getfilming #nikon #røde #videomicpro #liveyourlife #inebritus #videographylife #travelgram #editing #videooftheday #videos #videogram #filming #filmmaker #dslr #cinema #instavideo #videoclip #camera #music #business #photoshoot #createexplore #travelblog Song: Ivory - Break It Down (Original Mix)
FEAR IS GOOD . That’s right! It means you are out of your comfort zone and that is where the magic happens! . How many of you are scared of the camera? 🙋‍♀️ that’s okay! A lot of people are petrified o getting in front of the camera. So much so that they can’t even get a sentence out! . Lucky for you we are running our FREE CAMERA CONFIDENCE TRAINING next week for 7 days! It takes 5 minutes a day and is proven to get results! . The link is in the comments! Make sure you get in before Monday to be part of this training 🎬🎬 . It is time for you to be the star of your business!
Always work on your craft ! my first ever short film. never did have the patience for it. no story board , no planning. just straight film whatever and turn it into something lol. idk why I call this "the angry video editor" . lol more short films coming soon! www.gcmediahawaii.com #filmmaking #filmschool #filmmaker #videomaking #fitnessmotivation #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #macbookpro #videocreator #videography #youtube #sonyalpha #adobepremierepro #shortfilm #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #djimavicpro #adobelightroom #finalcutprox #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #videomarketing #entrepreneur #sonyalphagang
aesthetic photo from 7 years ago when I had long black hair 😂 #tbt
HOW DO YOU SEE THE WORLD? . Have you ever thought about how other people see the world? Think about it... a child is always looking up at people while a tall person looks over the heads of other. . When it comes to video you need to think about how others see the world. Here are some challenges for you to complete this weekend: . 1️⃣Film something using reflections 2️⃣Film someone from an animals point of view 3️⃣Film as if you are a fly on the wall (Like in reality TV shows) . Do these challenges and send them to our inbox! Be as creative as you can be! 🎬🎬 Good Luck!
HOW MANY BLACK DOTS ARE THERE? . No matter what you think, there is always going to be someone that looks at this differently. . Just because they see something differently to you doesn’t mean you are wrong and they are right... it doesn’t mean you are both wrong... . Everyone is going to have a different perspective and that is okay! . The same concept applies to your advertising... everyone is going to have a different perspective on this and it may not come across how you want it too! Make sure your messaging is clear and concise to avoid confusion and wasting money. . So, let’s put it to the test... how many black dots do you count? 👀🎬🎬
HOW DO YOU STAY ON TASK? . Sometimes our mind can race and we jump from one thing to another. The new shiny thing looks so good doesn’t it? . But once you decide to do something you must stay on task! Otherwise you won’t achieve the goals you are setting out for... . The number one piece of advice that we have for you is to KEEP YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE! . Write down: 1️⃣ Your long term goal 2️⃣ How you plan to achieve this 3️⃣ Checkpoints to look at your progress . Now put this in a place that you will view it everyday... . Stay on task and achieve your goals! 🎬🎬
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