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Brew coffe works Tanıtım filmi Yönetmen 📣: @ugurahurcu @brewcoffeeworks hayırlı olsun...
WALK AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY What is the point of surrounding yourself with people and things that bring you down? Put yourself first and surround yourself with people that lift you up in life! You are in control and there is nothing wrong with just walking away! Trust me, you will so much better! It’s time to think about being your best self and lifting your vibrations in every way possible 💃 Do you agree? 🎬🎬
HOW DOES THIS MAKE YOU FEEL? In fact, can you even tell what it is? It’s a roller coaster of course! It’s the part of the ride that has you creeping up to the top and when you get there you go flying in a different direction! How does that make you feel? Scared 😧 Anxious 😥 Excited 😆 Free 💃 Does it make your stomach turn over? 🤢 I want you to tell me a story of your experience on a roller coaster 🎢 leave a comment below!! 👇👇
GIRL DIRECTOR TIPS! 👀 What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running? 📲 For us it was about creating an amazing brand and we are constantly looking for creative and fun ways to teach videos so that entrepreneurs can tap into a space that is very dimensional in so many ways for their learning and growth in their marketing. This is one of the questions we were asked in an interview with @iamlaurafrancis in the latest edition of @badasseryunleashedmagazine 😎 Go to the link in our bio to see #issue5 of Badassery Unleashed Magazine! Uncover the gold that we let loose in this one of a kind interview! 🎬🎬
GOLDEN HOUR ☀️ Have you heard of the golden hour? It’s the time at the beginning and end of the day when the sun has just come up or is just going down! This time of day is special because everyone looks amazing! The lighting is absolutely perfect for capturing videos! So, when you want to film but you don’t have any lights just head outside from about 4-6pm and have some fun with videos! Enjoy! 🎬🎬
Have you seen it? That video that had such an impact on you that brought tears to your eyes... Just this morning I was watching the ad ‘there’s an orangutan in my room’ - it was so touching that it made me want to take action straight away! These are the types of videos that you want to be making! What videos inspire you? 🎬🎬
FlashFilm Academy is an online learning platform with specialized business courses that are designed to help you monetize your passion. If you're into photography, graphic design, editing or video production, we have developed proven courses designed to help you take your passion and build it into a brand designed to land big clients. You’ve invested so much into being a great content creator, it’s time to understand how to get a return on your investment. Join our email list below and get Free instant access to 3 free advanced courses. (Link in bio) FlashFilmacAdemy.com. . . . . . . #marketing #socialmediamarketing #newface #potd #bw #modelagency #inspire #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss #photooftheday #businessmentor #girldirector #businesswomen #iphonevideo #beseen #beautiful #fashionpost #empoweringwomen #getfilming #womenempoweringwomen #growyourbusiness #supermodel #standout #photo #عکس #mindset #آموزش_عکاسی #photography #learning #تک_لنز
Used to take Allmax protein supps now I'm filming for them 🤟
Stand for something! Don't create videos just about your business. So much of the content I see today is from the head and not from the heart. Check in with yourself and have a good look at your video. Make content to move and inspire change. I talk all about the subject in a recent video. Comment below if you want the link! 🎬🎬
WOW! Always such an honour! . In this podcast, we talk about the controversy behind the GD brand as well as so many nuggets of gold for you to implement as you move into using video in your business. . Check out the amazing Laura's podcast @badasseryunleashedmagazine . In this episode we're talking about: . 📌 The controversy behind the GirlDirector brand 📌 How to use video to convert more sales & get more clients 📌 What is the OH Shit stage & what causes it 📌 The power of a compelling message 📌 What's the connection between mindset & creating kickass videos 📌 The belief systems that stop people from making videos 📌 What resistance looks like when it comes to being on video 📌 Is it time for you to outsource your video editing/production 📌 How to use video to convert more sales & get more clients . And so much more! 🎬🎬 LISTEN IN HERE: http://bit.ly/badasseryunleashedpodcast
GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR VIDEOS 🎬 . In a recent interview I was asked what Facebook and Instagram profiles I go to for inspiration and it made me stop and think... . I don’t often go to other people’s pages for inspiration but I would happily sit down for a day an watch music videos! . Think outside the box next time you are looking for creative ideas and let your imagination run wild! The angles, lighting and everything else about a music video get me so excited! But do you know what is even better? Every song tells a story and the video brings you into that story and make you feel something! . Try it out this weekend! Watch some music videos and write down some creative ideas of your own that you can use! 🎬🎬
new edits on the way soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here’s a cute pic of me instead to tie you over 👉🏻😎👉🏻 📸: @cariilee
This is something I ask Michael every morning when we wake up... What are you grateful for today? . And every morning he has something different to say which I love! . We have so much in life to be grateful for yet sometimes it can be so easy to get lost and overwhelmed in everything we do... . Change things up and start by asking other people in your life this question because the answers may shock you! . Answer the question or tag a friend below! Let us know what you are grateful for!! 🎬🎬
A cool ad I made a few weeks ago for @supplementkingsurrey ! The @themammothmug tree was the perfect backdrop 👌👌
ONE OF THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO! . If you are looking for a way to pay it forward or thank someone that you have been working with this is all you have to do! . Film yourself giving a testimonial for their business and send it through to them! . As a business owner it means the world when I receive a video testimonial from a client just because they wanted to do one! . Go ahead and make someone’s day while getting practice in front of the camera at the same time!
Lighting is 🗝
🎥🎬📱 E arrivata la versione 1.7, giovedì otto il video con le principali novità, In attesa aggiornate cliccando qui LumaFusion di Luma Touch LLC https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/lumafusion/id1062022008?mt=8 #LumaFusion #VideoEditing#Videographer #Director #ShortFilm #Cinematography #Filmmakers #Videography #Cinematographer #Filmmaking #FilmSchool #Filmmaker #VideoMaking #GetFilming #iOS #ShotOniPhone #InstaVideoo #aggiornamento
You said it perfectly @brenebrown 👌 . Tell me this... how often does it feel like you’re failing? Or not going anywhere? . Well my biggest piece of advice for you is to just SHOW UP. Especially when you are growing your online presence! . If you aren’t there people can’t see you! So, get online and be present in your community! Even if it is one 15 minute video a week at least you are showing up... . You can’t tell me you don’t have 15 minutes in a whole week right?! . Have a topic. Have a time. Press live. And go! . Tag us in your videos this week! (Facebook and Instagram) We want to see you be you! 🎬🎬
CHALLENGE TIME! . This week we opened up a challenge to our Ripple Effect Mastermind Clients to film and edit a video on their phone... . The results have been amazing! So now it is time for you to do the same!!! . This weekend you have the opportunity to go out and film your own video, edit on your phone and send it to us by Monday! . The best way to learn is to get out there and do it! Once you start you will find the parts you struggle with and you will have the opportunity to learn from them! . And it doesn’t have to be perfect! Keep creating content and you will get better over time! You need to get out there and you need to be seen so START NOW! . We can’t wait to see your videos! 🎬🎬
Part 2 of @kodie.laughlin 's Athlete Video.
THINK DIFFERENTLY . Do you want to stand out and be seen? If you aren’t willing to do this you won’t attract new clients! . The market is saturated with content at the moment so the only way to stand out is to do something new and creative! . This is what digital marketing agencies are paid to do but you know what? You don’t have to pay someone to do this for you... start doing it yourself because nobody can sell what you do like you can! . We teach you how to STAND OUT, BE SEEN & GET NEW CLIENTS in a saturated market using video! . Don’t wait! Get in touch now! 🎬🎬
Hey guys this is a preview for a personal documentary I’m making about my life growing up in a bad neighborhood and how it affected me and other young men like me who want to choose success but have nothing else around them to believe in. I also talk about how it inspired me to become a film maker. So let me know what you guys think! 👍🏾
I knew who I want to become in my early twenties, then years passed by and I mastered putting layers on that dream of mine - to the point where I almost lost sight of it. Working on this project with @kristijanvolchev made me wonder - why the real step forward happens after something in your life breaks... #malta #videographer #videos #video #filmmaker #getfilming #videocreator #creative #streets #life #reflection #editing #short #cinematographer #music #musician #promo #instavid #people
WHAT DO YOU NEED TO MAKE GREAT VIDEOS? . You can actually make great videos for your business and marketing funnel with your phone! . Isn’t it crazy how far technology has come?! . The camera on our smart phones is the best it has ever been! And not to mention quick editing apps like iMovie and Rush! . There is no excuses anymore... the technology is in your pocket! Now it is time to learn the process and start making engaging videos... . Don’t wait! Get in touch now!! 🎬🎬
CHANGE . If you are doing something and it isn’t getting results it is time to do something! 1️⃣Stop 2️⃣Evaluate 3️⃣Change . Your end goal should be your first priority but getting there is a journey in itself! If you think you are stuck and not getting the result you should be shake it up! . If you aren’t sure what to do then get in touch! Book in a free video planning session through the link in our bio! 🎬🎬
My very first real estate video with @red_construction , video inspired by @vincethebuilder !
The design for the photo booth backdrop #launchparty #november25
ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? . Get video ready in just 7 Days with our FREE 7 DAY CHALLENGE! . In only 7 days you will learn about #confidence , #presenting , #style and #appearance ! And we will be with you for every step of the way! . This is the best way to jump straight into making #videos for your business in a fun and guided way. So, join us now by going to the LINK IN OUR BIO! Find the 7 Day Challenge and have some fun with us! . We can’t wait to see you there! 🎬🎬
#Throwback of working on the Path Of The Beast movie set.
MORE LEADS AND BETTER CLIENTS! . But how? By adding video into your marketing funnels of course! . So, you are reading this and probably wondering one of three things... . 1️⃣ How do I make quality videos without spending thousands of $$$ 2️⃣What in the world is a marketing funnel?? 3️⃣Funnels? Videos? HELP?! . Well, we have just spent a whole weekend teaching clients how to make awesome videos AND how to use them to grow their business. . And we can help you too! Whether you need VIDEO, MARKETING or both... get in touch today by booking a FREE Video Planning Session! #linkinbio
SPECIAL OFFER!!!! . This weekend we are holding our Mastermind Event on the Gold Coast and as a special offer to you we would love to answer any of your video marketing questions! . TOMORROW ONLY you can ask any question you want in our inbox and we will answer it in our stories!!! . So, get inquisitive and ask away! 🎬🎬
Perfectin’ the craft.
This drone shot from yesterday's project with Harpreet looks like something out of a video game! Model: @harpreet_pandher
The path is narrow but the vision is clear. Stay Focused.
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