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The original Whirlybird, and our namesake. We're always trying to make our work days as much fun as this thing was.
GOOD NEWS! - Thanks to this piece of wizardry you'll soon be able to previz your shoot using a scale 3d scan of our stage! Bad news - our stage manager looked directly into it and disappeared in a poof of smoke. So... Send in those resumes folks!
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Philosophical question: Is it really a shoot day with dogs if noone says "Ruff day at the office"?
Super easy setup and easy to balance. I bought the C200 for the gimbal and my glidecam can retire. DJI ronin-s, Canon C200, 16-35 F2.8iii, Rode NTG4+, Zhiyun mini dual handle. #ronins #djironin #canonc200 #gimbal #filmmaking #getfilming
if anyone is interested, chef iggy will be doing a benefit dinner event at his new location in waialae. I will also be filming his new cooking/hunting/show in August. come support local business! come support and learn from him! #filmmaking #filmschool #ranch #videomaking #supportlocal #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #hawaiibusiness #videocreator #videography #videomarketing #spanishfood #cookingshow #farmtotable #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #food #hunter #adobelightroom #europeanfood #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #ranchhouse #entrepreneur #panasonicgh5
short clip of Smart living hi podcast I filmed at bento homes. we are going to be doing a series of these podcasts. check out smart living hawaii for valuable information about hawaii life and business. if anyone wants to be featured on the video podcast hit me up. not bad ah for a one mean film crew lol. I was skeptical about audio but it came out pretty decent. just need to put some acoustic foams on the wall. www.gcmediahawaii.com #filmmaking #filmschool #filmmaker #videomaking #adobeaftereffects #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #macbookpro #videocreator #videography #youtube #sonyalpha #adobepremierepro #adobeaftereffects #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #adobephotoshop #adobelightroom #adobe #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #podcast #entrepreneur #panasonicgh5
Minor IT hiccup in the studio the other day. Problem solved thanks to resident tech guru Mitchell Jones.
quick snippet of a video I'm doing for bento homes .recorded with my a6300 and 35mm prime lens. may have to redo audio because i was pressed for time. anyways you guys should check them out . pretty cool what you can do with these small units. air bnb , rental and more. located in kakaako. tell them gc media hawaii sent ya! . . . www.gcmediahawaii.com #filmmaking #filmschool #filmmaker #videomaking #adobeaftereffects #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #macbookpro #videocreator #videography #youtube #sonya6300 #adobepremierepro #adobeaftereffects #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #adobephotoshop #adobelightroom #adobe #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #videomarketing #entrepreneur #panasonicgh5
TAKE A BREAK! We often get so caught up in life that we forget to just relax. But trust me, you will burn out eventually! So finish work tomorrow with the goal of switching off for the weekend! Have fun and relax! 🎬🎬
Want your clients feeling so comfortable they won't even realize they're out of your way? Set them up in in our stylish, comfy, client loft space and hear the sound of brand notes replaced by the soft pitter-patter of WiFi connected laptop keys.
Jags Linebacker @telvinsmith50 making the trip back home to Valdosta to shop with some lucky kids from the YMCA. Getting these kids right for school! . . . . . #DSGB #Jaguars #ASJax #ActionSportsJax #ActionNewsJax #Football #Valdosta #Georgia #GA #IgersGA #TV #photographer  #videomaker  #videography  #getfilming  #TVProduction #AcademySports
Our dedicated Hair and Makeup room has two fully lit HMU stations, and a private dressing room. You supply the 80s outfit change montage.
HOW TO MAKE STAND OUT VIDEOS IN ONLY 7 DAYS! And the best part yet is that it’s FREE!! We are offering some of the best free training you will find online to learn everything you need to know about making STANDOUT VIDEOS for your business! Get it now using the link in our bio! See you there 🎬🎬
Event coverage from last friday. finally got done with the social media video ,2 more different edits to go.i recently had a bad case of videographers block cause I have so much different type of creative work I gotta do and turning off the switch to work on another type of work was giving me a headache. just another bump on the road. hoping to find someone who can do edits better then me so I can concentrate on managing clients. www.gcmediahawaii.com #filmmaking #filmschool #filmmaker #videomaking #adobeaftereffects #getfilming #hawaiilife #hawaii #videomicpro #hustler #macbookpro #videocreator #videography #youtube #djironinm #adobepremierepro #adobeaftereffects #cinematography #filmproduction #filmproducer #director #adobephotoshop #adobelightroom #adobe #videoeditor #zhiyuncrane #Sonya6500 #entrepreneur #panasonicgh5
Super excited to share this with the world!! A piece I have been working on with @joegibbsracing. Thankful for opportunities like this... A HUGE shoutout to @carlosthepoet @thedavitagalloway @shoot2edit and @berkonphoto for the help on this piece. Full video link is in bio.
HOW TO BE YOUR OWN GIRL DIRECTOR Are you sick and tired of getting videos made and they aren’t what you want? It is so frustrating when you pay all of this money to get a video made for and it comes back looking terrible! Why does it look so bad when these people are meant to be professionals? Well the answer is that even though they are trained at what they are doing... they aren’t mind readers. You need to be able to clearly state what you want in a way that they will understand. And that is exactly what we teach our clients to do! We teach people how to make their own videos to grow their business AS WELL AS how to be a Girl Director. This is a crucial part of growing your business and being able to outsource when you just don’t have the time. If you are sick of paying money for bad videos get in contact NOW! Be a GIRL DIRECTOR 🎬🎬
DO YOU GET SCARED? I know I do! Fear can either get in your way or EMPOWER you! There have been times that I have been so scared of getting into something new or making a big change. But I go through with it if my instincts tell me it’s the right thing to do! And of course I always come out the other side as a better person! So if you have fear around something at the moment I want you to really think about what it is and why you are scared. Now, imagine the person you will be if you persevere. You look pretty good right? Let us know what the future you looks like in the comments below! 🎬🎬
Whatever you need done we can do it @guerrillavizionz
Making Your Vizion Come To Life One Step At A Time.
WHERE AM I GOING WRONG? A lot of people come to Girl Director because they are at a standstill with their business. After a bit of a conversation with them it often becomes clear why... they aren’t invested in their bigger goals! If you are at this point here are the 3 main areas you need to think about: 1. SET YOUR GOALS. Where do you want this business to be? Make sure you are really clear with what you want and how you are going to get there! 2.DON’T SIT ON THE FENCE! Your business will not be successful if it is a hobby or just something you do on the side. You are either all in or all out! 3. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! Just because people don’t understand your ideas or look at you strangely when you explain yourself doesn’t mean you are crazy. It means you are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE and that is what is going to make you successful. So, believe in yourself! BONUS: Get some help! You are an expert in your field but that doesn’t mean you have to know everything about running a business! Get in touch with us... we offer one on one coaching in video and marketing with our online program. We will help you in all areas of growing your business and taking you to the next level! For more information and to book a FREE VIDEO PLANNING SESSION just head to the link in our bio! 🎬🎬
MYTH: MY STORY ISN’T INTERESTING BUSTED: All stories are interesting - they just have to be told in the right way! Telling stories in your marketing is one of the best ways to attract and engage your ideal client. As humans we naturally associate with others through experiences. And I can guarantee that any experience you have had or the story behind your business decisions will resonate with more than one person in your business community. Your job this weekend is to choose a story and write it out… But write it as if you are chatting to someone. Start here and when you are ready you can message us for the next step in this exercise! So you are probably thinking “What story should I tell? How do I tell it so it is interesting? Where am I meant to use this in my marketing?” If you have had any thought like this and want to fast track your story telling success make sure you book a FREE Video Planning Session with us! It is a half hour FREE phone call that will help you in so many ways! BOOK NOW using the link in our bio!
we still out here 📸: @martianmoonmusic
WHICH WAY DO I HOLD MY PHONE? I’ll let you in on a little secret... I hate vertical videos! But unlucky for me there are social media platforms that only use vertical videos! So, of course, I have to adapt... and I know it can get so confusing and hard to remember which way to hold your phone when you are wanting to post the video on one of your social media sites. So, I’ve put together the following list for you! VERTICAL: Instagram & Facebook stories, Facebook Live, IGTV. HORIZONTAL: Facebook posts & ads, YouTube, Facebook Live. SQUARE: Instagram & Facebook posts. These are the best formats to use on each platform. And while you can use different ones on each these are what will look the best! If you need more help getting into video you should check out one of our workshops! We are heading around the country again in August so make sure you visit the LINK IN OUR BIO to find out if we are coming your way!
TOP 3 TIPS TO STOP CREATING BORING VIDEOS! These days if you have people even clicking on your videos you know you’ve at least done one thing correctly. But to keep them watching is a whole different story! So, how do you make videos that keep people interested in what you have to say? 1. PRESENTATION is so important in videos! So many people rush through their content or speak with a monotone. Plan what you have to say and put emphasis on the right parts! 2. GRAPHICS bring movement to the screen and keep people more interested. These don’t have to be too complicated- start with some text to emphasise what you are saying. Or a banner with your name and brand when you first introduce yourself. Keep it nice and simple! 3. B-ROLL FOOTAGE will help you tell a story. This is a great way to break up your video and use imagery to keep the viewers engaged! Start implementing these techniques and you will already have better videos! But if you want some more help we are always here... use the link in our bio for a FREE video planning session OR to find a workshop near you! 🎬🎬
WANT TO LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR INSTINCTS TO MAKE VIDEOS TO CHANGE THE WORLD? . WOW, isn’t it amazing what a story can do! Have you ever been watching TV or listening to someone tell a story and had goosebumps all over? . There are so many stories in the world that are this powerful and NOT being heard! . This month I had the pleasure of writing an article for @mybelievemag about following my intuition and making videos that change the world! Take a look and read all about the ups and downs I had while on this special journey. . The link is in our bio! I can’t wait to hear what you think 🎬🎬
HOW TO AVOID UNIVERSITY! Uni is the standard thoughts that people have when they want to learn after school but there are other options that you might not know about! Here are the top three Girl Director Tips to avoid University and still come out on top in the video industry! 1. SHORT COURSES that specialise in the area you want to excel at are great! They are specialised and only require your attention for a short amount of time so you are less likely to get discouraged! 2. FIND A MENTOR that is successful in that industry. You can learn so much if you just watch and listen! This person knows what works and what is current in the real world which most universities lack! 3. START! Just start making films... if you come across something that you’re not sure about just write it down. Soon enough you will know what you don’t know and there will probably be a short course out there for you!! There it is... 3 very easy ways to avoid Uni altogether! It really isn’t for everyone and there are plenty of very successful people that have never set foot on a University campus! Who agrees with me? 🎬🎬
WHY DON’T I LOOK GOOD ON CAMERA? The short answer is... you do! You are beautiful 😍 The longer answer is... the mirror effect! The only time we usually see ourselves is in the mirror, right? So, we see a version of ourselves that is flipped. But video shows you as others see you everyday! So it’s not that you look bad it’s just that you look different to what you normally see! Go and have a look for yourself... see yourself in the mirror and then take a short video of you talking. You will notice the mirror effect straight away! Let us know how it went and always remember that GD loves you! 🎬🎬
Let’s create together.
START YOUR WEEK OFF RIGHT!⠀ ⠀ This activity is the perfect way to get your left and right side of the brain working at the same time!⠀ ⠀ We would love to hear what you come up with!!⠀ ⠀ Leave a comment below! 🎬🎬⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #girldirector #businessmentor #standout #beseen #learnvideo #empoweringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #femaleentrepreneur #iphonevideo #growyourbusiness #girlboss #businesswomen #marketing #socialmediamarketing #getfilming #seetheworlddifferently #bedifferent #capturelife #handsonlearning #disruptivemarketing #thinkdifferent #dare #takechances #makeyourmark #explorelife #inspire #create #education #graphicdesign #design
Quickie edit with @topkekalbin skating 🤸‍♂️🤙
ARE YOU STUCK? It’s time to get out of that job you hate and put your energy into the ideas that make you light up when you talk about them! I bet some people call you crazy! Or look at you with sympathy while they wonder how to tell you you’re making a mistake... Well let me tell you, people have been looking at me that way my whole life! They still do... and it started when I lived in a small town and said to someone ‘When I grow up I’m going to be a Music Video Director!’ I was told by so many people that I couldn’t do it but I proved them wrong! I had a dream and I followed my passion. I didn’t let anyone hold me back and I still don’t! So, now it’s your turn! Get out there and follow your passion! Act on those ideas that others think are crazy because that is what will make you STAND OUT! YOU CAN DO IT!! GIRL DIRECTOR BELIEVES IN YOU!!! 🎬🎬
HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH VIDEOS . Here are 3 ways that video helps grow your business! . 1. Have videos on your website! It will help keep your visitors engaged and increase the stickiness of your site . 2. Use videos on social media to increase engagement! This will attract new people as well as keep your current followers interested . 3. Use videos on your Facebook ads! They are eye catching and increase the reach of your advertising . These are just some of the ways that video can grow your business and learning how to make them yourself is the biggest asset you can have!!! . To learn more about how to use video in your business book in a FREE video planning session now! 🎬🎬 link in bio!
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