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#mondayinspiration - There are a lot of places in Asia that can be so inspiring, but we definitely have one that we frequently go to, time and time again. The #LongMuseum sits at the heart of modern #shanghai on the #bund and is home to local and international artists. They place exhibitions outside for public viewing and have paid exhibitions inside for the more philanthropic visitor. If anything, this place was made for instagram capture, but also, it's one of those places where you can find busy corners and quiet ones all at the same time. Let us know what your best place for inspiration is in the comments below! #getinspired #longmuseumonthebund #westbund #shanghaibund #zaishanghai
Never stop your goals. Keep moving! Double tap if you agree. Tag your friends who always support you #millionairemindset #millionaire #goals #success #support #friends #getinspired #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #getrich #millionairemindsetss
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Bedroom feels for a Monday, because I could go with a nap right about now! 😅🖤😴 #inspo
Asian trap motivation 💙 . . #chinesetrapbeat #chinesehiphop #rapofchina #freebeats #getinspired #chinesetemple #buddhism #raiseyourvibe #creativity #madefromscratch #highvibe #motivation #inspireothers #raiseyourspirits . . Music credit 👉🎼 @revivalmusicchina YouTube - Chinese type trap beat, chinese hip hop beat rap instrumentals 2018 [Rap of China] https://youtu.be/SuXRMR1Okwk Photo credit 👉📷 David Besh @ PEXELS
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‪Quote of the Day ‬by @freddywright23
Be Brave, Fight For What You Belive In💪 And Make Your Dreams A Reality.”✌ #GetInspired #BlessedWeekAhead #DistinctMusicProductions Outfit- @daverlonycouture 📷@actioncreationstudios1
Call For Your Appointment #loveyourhair #getinspired #thehairstudio Elizabeth, Andrea & Jess Look Forward To Seeing You. 517.417.4247❤️#balayage #balayaged #balayagehighlights
Flying high today. Over to Perth, Western Australia. It’s my first time to Perth. I get 2 hours to see the airport before I fly to a little place further north.
Wake your "Inner-self up" And you are unstoppable!! #Instagram #SMM Need help with your Instagram Management? Link in the Bio 👆. Or Shoot us an Email 📧.
Очень хитрая идея - и удобно, и чай всегда горячий! 😄 Доброе утро! 🍁 ⠀ #ВдохновениеWestwing #Westwing_Russia
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Just done ✅ Good Night my friends ... Via @peaceful_barb 👈🏻 A must follow! ・・・ There’s power in saying I’m done. • No anger, resentment, regret, or ill will. • You’re at the place when it’s time to let go and move on. • Be free my loves. Be done. ✔️ . . #befree #bebrave #letgo #loveyourself #beyou #befree #bebrave #lovewins #behappy #lovewarrior #wecandohardthings #bethechange #wisdom #peacefulmindpeacefullife #inspirationoftheday #outerpeacethroughinnerpeace #innerpeace #wordstoliveby #dailyreminder #getinspired #meditation #mindfulness #beautyeverywhere #calm #trusttheprocess #michellemaros #breathe
To be able to just sit, and not think or have your mind going 100 miles an hour is a luxury. But at the same time I’m addicted to the CHAOS. Hope everyone is enjoying a little peace and quiet before the holiday week. ✌🏼 . . . . #justathought #enjoyingthemoment #thathairtho . . . . #travelphotography #igdaily #bigcitylife #coasttocoast #jetsetter #travel #getinspired #learn #breathe #hustle #bossbabe #riseup #chaoslover #staymotivated #focus #positivevibes #positivemindset #businesswoman #bossup #businesscasual #motivated #businessowner #entrepreneurship #thinkingspace #driven #lifestyle
Life becomes more enjoyable when we have friends around us. But the best Friend is our own self which knows exactly what we are and how we act.. It would be lot easier to deal with or enjoy life, if we know exactly what we are and what we want. Only issue is, we don’t spend much time with our best friend and miss the opportunity of knowing our true self.... Pic Credit @cigarette_mind Using the picture again 😊 Thanks 🙏 @cigarette_mind
Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there! - Bo Jackson #MondayMotivation #Motivation #InspirationalQuotes #Getinspired #inspirational #quotestoliveby #quotes
"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." Henry Ward Beecher
Are any of you guys trying to #learn something new? Great! Now, follow up question, whether it’s that same skill or a different one, have you actually executed it?⁣ -⁣ Now Jessica what do you mean? Let’s say you took time out of your summer to learn Spanish 📚🖌but you never try to speak it. What if you read hours upon hours on how to negotiate your salary or maybe working with your existing company to fund that masters degree you’ve always wanted as you know it would be beneficial throughout your career with the company? -⁣⁣ This may be a hard question to some because I'm asking you to take a hard look at what you've failed to commit on, look at it head on and finally take into action anything that you've learned because bottom line... you need to determine: “What is the conversion rate on the commitment to yourself.’ Again, by determining this, you will have hard facts of what you’re truly executing on for you reach your overall goals and your next level of success.⁣ -⁣ If you don’t use what you learn, then it was pointless! ⁣⁣ -⁣⁣ How horrible to waste those hours you spent learning, and not turn it into action. Like throwing good food in the trash: it’s just plain wrong.⁣⁣ - ⁣⁣ Taking something from words and turning it into action is one of the greatest things that we can do as human beings.⁣⁣ -⁣⁣ So I ask you, have you learned something new recently and have you implemented it in your life. Whatever the answer let me know in the comments. I'm curious to see how you guys choose to spend your free time.⁣⁣ 🤓💻
Girls just wanna have sun... ❤️🌞
Tropical State of Mind 🇵🇷🌴❤️🐚🌞
We write because we feel so, not because we want. We write because sometimes there are no ears or eyes for our feelings which understand what we want to say or convey. Pic Credit @sparksflyidraw
Life might put us in to a situation where we won’t be happy or comfortable but at the same time it also offer us many reasons to smile. Usually we are so upset about the situations or events that we don’t see those numerous reasons to smile. Pic Credit @ltg.art
We don’t have control on what life is going to offer us but definitely we have control over what we do with those offerings. Life is the output of all our acts and thoughts. Pic Credit @ellehell
Change is the only constant thing. We are changed physically and mentally each moment. But the process of changing becomes faster and obvious when we are hurt.. Pic Credit @worthphotographers
Heart’s speaks through emotions, it doesn’t care about logic. Listening to our Heart might make our life uncomfortable but it would be more peaceful... Sometimes it might not be a logical call but Life becomes beautiful through emotions not logics. Pic Credit @ink.feb24
Something which we feel a miracle or a great achievement of anyone is the outcome of a single thought. Thoughts have the power to make ones life or break it. Give a right direction to the thoughts and you stand better chance of being happy. Pic Credit @shamesworth
Smiling people are not smiling because they are happy but they do it cause they want to be happy :) Life is nothing but the reflections of our mindsets and actions. Pic Credit @ellehell
We listen and immediately reacts either with arguments to quash the statement or will try to put it in a way we like. In either case we loose an opportunity to understand something which we don’t know. We never learn anything while talking.
Humans are social creatures and needs company in both the situations, may it be grief or joy. Joy is doubled if shared with someone and it feels more soothing when there is someone with us when we are hurt. Pic Credit @oh_long_leslie Via @britt_youri
‘Faith’ and ‘Fear’ Both are beliefs and can’t be seen. Choose one and it will decide your Fate.
Sometimes we find our world in to one or few individuals around us. Sometimes someone finds a world in us. We are a very tiny part of the world but each one of us are capable of creating a world of its own. Pic Credit @ink.feb24
Have you ever notice when you were most happy and why... Usually we find greater happiness in small things. A moment with someone we love, a helping hand from someone when we need help and our small act which makes someone happy are such happy moments which doesn’t require a fortune. Pic Credit @rama1392
Giving (may it be love or something else) is little difficult but always bring more joy to the giver than the recipient. Pic Credit @worthphotographers
In this whole world not a single lock is produced without the key. Similarly Life doesn’t puts us in any problem without providing a solution to it. Pic Credit @zako_presents
However we really are or try to look, people will see us according to their perspective. Each one of us has unique understanding of life and it influences how we see others. Pic Source @louijover
We are social animal and always feel comfortable when we have company. But we tend to missunderstand our true self when we are with someone. We either would be influenced by them or would behave in a manner which is not natural for us. When we are alone there are no one to influence us neither there is a scope to influence anyone. Pic Credit @rama1392
Yes we can change... Each one of us has a power to change anything. Any major change which already happened initiated by one single person... Pic Credit @lorenzoquinnartist
Any big success or achievement was started as a small idea. Nurture the ideas you come across and it can be a success story to talk about in future.
Life is unpredictable but for sure it has a limited time for each of us. That allocation doesn’t changes whether we use it or not.... better use it wisely.
Each one of us are provided different mindsets and skill. Be happy with whatever skills you posses and use them the most. No one else has the identical skill what you have. Pic Credit @rama1392
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