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Vietnamese kids - full with colour 🇻🇳
⠀ ⠀ 🍺 Do you want a beer? 🍻 ————————————————— ⠀ ⠀ Разбавлю свой девчачий инстаграм брутальным бокалом холодного пивка 🍺😂. Ну а что? Ну, он так круто выглядел в руке моего брата, что я позаимствовала бокал для фото ( а братишка сидел и бурчал на меня, что вкуснятина остынет и выдохнется 😅... не привык он с блогером общаться 🙈). ⠀ ⠀ Интересный факт: я не пью пиво уже 13 лет, уже три-над-цать, Карл 😲... вот, что значит взять меня на слабо 😅, я умею держать слово 💪. #alfiya_sochi #алькины_секретики 🤫
Was going to shoot today, buuuut it rained. So pretty much the perfect excuse for me to lay in bed all day. Also–I'd love it if you guys would go vote in the poll on my story! I'd really like to do another giveaway, but I want to do something that YOU want. Happy Sunday loves, hope your day is as relaxing as mine🦋
Sunset is my favorite colour 🌅 ▫️ #reynisfjara or the #blacksandbeach is known for its particular shaped rocks, however while everybody there was focused on rocks, I was mesmerised with the sunset ✨
Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen! ❤️🐕 😊🐶 😍
📍On a cruise 🚢, somewhere in Greece Happy Sunday 🎈 #sunday #sundayfunday
Going home tomorrow is going to be so bittersweet, but at least I’ll always have Paris...and Rome, London, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik, and so many other amazing cities etched into my heart. The last 3 months flew by and I feel so grateful to be leaving with a full heart (and stuffed backpack). Thank you to my friends & family back home for supporting my journey. Thank you to my new friends and international family I’ve met along my travels- none of this would’ve been the same without you, whether we briefly sat next to each other on the metro or traveled together for weeks. There are still so many people to meet, places to go, and lessons to learn. This is most definitely not the last of my travels. But for now, it’s time to go home, and as I type this, I’m realizing that I truly am the luckiest girl in the world. ❤️
Lost in paradise! Use #dscvrdbd to be featured Photo by @arifurrahman.alif
• Thoughts wander 🐾• #advancedselfie
sabores de españa en ICT 🇪🇸 croquetas, buñuelos de bacalao, jamón ibérico, chorizo, aceitunas, púlpito, pintxos, vino y vermut 🍸
Sunday checklist : Do nothing & Chill ✌🏽 Coffee ☕️ Brunch 🥓🥐🍞 Crepes 🥞🍫 Melrose flea Market 👝 Sunday stroll in my favorite city 🌃🌴 . . . What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday ? HAPOY SUNDAY BABES 😍❤️😘 ——— #ladieslovetravel #sheisnotlost #darlingsescape #passportlife #iamtraveler #dametravel #ladieslovetravel #tlpicks #gltlove #wheretofindme #sheexplores #mytinyatlas #beautifulmatters #girlsmeetglobe #girlsthatwander #femmetravel #americanstyle #blondesandcookies #globelletravels #prettylittleiiinspo #travelstoke #shetravels #lifewelltraveled #citizenfemme #wearetravelgirls #lablogger #thetravelwomen #girlyinspo #stylegoals
Lucky to have someone like you in my life 💫
💚💙 Let the unknown show you its mistery and you'll see there's so much beauty in everything! 💫 More than you could imagine! 🌎 E X P L O R E M O R E ••• Here we are at one of the most wild, yet very organised campings in #Ierissos #Greece @campingcomitsa I was so impressed by the beauty of this place, and even if we stayed only one night here, I wanted to share this with you. #moretocomesoon ••• . . . . . #igers_greece #halkidiki #traveladdict #perfectgreece #awesomedreamplaces #travelphotography #outdoorfolk #welltraveled #visualoflife #uniladadventure #tasteintravel #voyaged #flashesofdelight #mytinyatlas #theglobewanderer #thetravelwomen #girlsjustwanttotravel #sheisnotlost #dametraveler #traveldeeper #girlsmeetglobe #girlsgoneglobal #wearetravelladies #ExploreToCreate #neverstopexploring #globetrotters #travelgramcollective
A lot of you ask how I edit. I make my own presets or start from scratch every time. After I do retouching in Photoshop I can spend anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour in Lightroom per photo. This was a quick unplanned portrait yesterday that I was drooling over with the overcast light and @oamter breathtaking blue eyes. But I had to sacrifice them a little for the mood I wanted to convey in the tones. 🔆 Ask me anything or send some love below 👇🏼(I will add the real photo on stories since the video quality is 💩)
Where art, nature and technology intersect ✨ #Rainroom #artinstallation #YuzMuseum #Shanghailife
my kind of cafe 💜
Moments straight out of a fairytale - at least that is how this entire day at the desert felt like. Fairytale. Definitely. ... ... Desert itself feels like something unreal and out of this world, but to ride a camel during the time when sky turns into a cotton candy - it was magical. Made me so happy. 💛 ... ... At first I was not sure if I wanted to do this. Something out of my comfort zone, because of the way the camel lets you get off of it. It is really scary, it feels like you are going to fall down - head first. 😄 But I really, really (from all of my heart) wanted to do this. And it was once again a proof that life is so much more better and worth it when you are stepping out of your own peaceful little frame. 💛🐪
👉🏽Have any of every done that task where by you write out your perfect day? Like literally sit down, use your imagination, dream and think hard about what an absolutely perfect day would look like for you? ✍🏽💫Where would you be? 🌎What would your house look like? 🏡What time would you wake up? ⌚️What would your morning routine look like? 🧘🏽‍♂️What time would you go to work? 👩🏽‍💻What would you ideally be doing? 🤔Who would you spend time with? 👭etc. :::::: ✍🏽I was engaging in a very similar task today and remembered this one I picked up a few years ago from @lewishowes book,“The School Of Greatness”so thought i’d share it with you guys. Its a powerful task to engage in and I thought it was really cool because how many people actually sit down, think about this clearly and get specific with it. 🤷🏽‍♀️I know at first I was like, damn…how am I finding this question so hard to answer? Anyone else feel like that? If you do, then you are probably someone who needs to do this the most! Yes you!🙌🏽 :::::: 🤓The point of this task is to elicit clarity and Lewis is basically saying that writing down your dreams is the first movement into bringing them to life. :::::: 🤨I actually found it mildly stressful at first because of how many possibilities there are. I think if you’re one of those people that falls into that category, just think of writing it down today and know that you can come back tomorrow and change things if you want. I challenge you guys to do it though. I think its important to at least be able to imagine, dream and visualize something like that no matter how out of reach it may seem! 🤩Remember you can always go back and change it tomorrow.😊 • • • • • #selfimprovement #lewishowes #wellnesstravel #travelandleisure #femmetravel #beautifulhotels #prettylittletrips #travelbloggers #shetravels #travelingpost #globelletravels #dametraveler #iamtb #girlsthatwander #travelinspo #vacationgoals #girlsmeetglobe #girlaroundworld #girlsborntotravel #hello_worldpics #travelingchicas #wellnesswarrior #livewell #wellnesstravel #healthyhappylife #inspireothers #inspiredaily #inspirehealthy
Who needs a drone when you can poke your arm off of ledges 😬
#throw 🔙
Strolling in the city solo. #takenwithiphone
As I walk into the unknown I know that He is with me. ▫️ I've realized a lot of things this past few days. Let me share you some.. ▫️ YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! That is one of the most used terms from the millenials nowadays but, most of the time it is done with a danger or sin or it hypes us to be free to the point that we no longer care if it's right or wrong. Now, my point here is You Only Live Once so why not use it with a purpose? Use it with every positivity that you can be of great change to others. You can be an instrument for someones life to be changed? #legacybearers ▫️ Let us echo the love of God for every human being. That's what my fav Pastor(ECV) always say. ▫️ This is just a week starter motivation from your wanderwoman 😉 Again, always remember You're only one swim away from good vibes So keep swimming and keep wandering! ▫️ God bless wanderers! XO Abbie
👸🏻 Queen of King’s Landing 👸🏻 If you go to Dubrovnik, I highly recommend staying somewhere in the old town if you want a chance to see it without the five million tourists. Because we were so close, we could wake up early and walk around and see the peaceful side before all the cruise folks and tour groups started pouring in. However, be prepared for stairs. Dubrovnik is not a place for those with mobility issues. We stayed in an Airbnb right here and went up and down these stairs every day. A good way to keep in shape, though! 😉 ———————————————————————— #visitdubrovnik #dubrovnikoldtown #dubrovnik #kingslanding #croatia #croatiafulloflife #croatia_photography #crostagram #croatia_instagram #timeoutcroatia #visitcroatia #lovecroatia #croatiaonmymind #unlimitedcroatia #ig_croatia #girlsmeetglobe #citizenfemme #sheisnotlost #girlsborntotravel #shetravels #femaletravelbloggers #globelletravels #girlsthatwander #travelgirls
This picture remembers me to the little mermaid, I always wanted to be her when I was a child and watched the movie a thousand times! My vision as a child wasn’t wrong, I still want to be a mermaid and live next to the ocean 🧜‍♀️ . What is your dream place to be? . Esta foto me recuerda a la sirenita, siempre quise ser ella cuando era niña y miré la película un montón de veces. Mi visión en la vida no estaba equivocada, aún quiero ser la sirenita y vivir aun lado del mar 🧜‍♀️ . Cuál es tu lugar ideal donde te gustaría vivir? . Side note, Jens was pushing so hard to get this shot @envy4lens 👏
Sometimes a girl needs a pool 💦, her bestie 👯‍♀️, and a spa weekend 🧖🏻‍♀️. And that’s exactly what I got with @traveljeanieous at @hotelborgogiusto. We didn’t just get a duplex suite, we also got an entire Tuscan village to explore. Hiking trails through quaint towns and groves of olive trees, the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen in Italy and hospitality that extended to the general manager driving us at 4am to the train station an hour away in Florence ... #myborgogiustoexperience combines incredible customer service with this luxe pool and gorgeous landscape making for an enchanting getaway. Join me as show you the life as a resident at #borgogiusto with my new series: #GlobaliteXBorgoGiusto . You’ll want to save these pages. #unpaeseperalbergo _______________________________________________________ ✈️ Are you a citizen of the world? Take us on your journey and tag #globalite for a chance to be featured in my stories ✈️ _______________________________________________________ 📍: @hotelborgogiusto 📷: @traveljeanieous Robe + Swimsuit: @bresciabercane Earrings: @aurobelleibiza
What is it that makes us so calm when we watch the sunset?🌤 Is it the understanding that each day has to end? Is it the trust in life that the sun will be back tomorrow? Is it because it’s the one time where you feel you can be present watching it sink, sink, sink until it’s gone?💛 . Either way, give me a sunset and I’ll be happy.🙏🏼🇮🇳
“And if you have 5 seconds to spare then I’ll tell you the story of my life: sixteen, clumsy and shy I went to London and I...”
Last stop in Korea: Busan 🌊🐚🇰🇷 - Gamcheon Cultural Village is formed by colourful houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain. The many alleys cutting through this community are vibrantly decorated with murals and streetart 🤓 . . . . . . #korea #서울 #busan #gamcheonvillage #부산 감천문화마을 #gamcheon #감천문화마을 #seoul #southkorea #discoverkorea #travelkorea #iseoulu #seoullovers #girlsmeetglobe #girlswhotravel #welivetoexplore #travelandlife #welltravelled #traveltheworld #wearetravelgirls #aroundtheworld #travellikeagirl #travelgirls #femmetravel #thewanderlustclub #streetart #exploringtheglobe #girlslovetravel #girlsabroad #travelgirlsgo
"Hati-hati jangan sampai terbakar pandanganmu oleh tempias warna sore itu." Sapardi Djoko Damono . 📌 Candi Ijo, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta. 📷 Canon 5D Mark II. . @jogjaku @indotravellers.co @jogja_today @nomaden.id
Сдаю кровь. ⠀ Медсестра: - Вы занимаетесь серьезным спортом? - Занималась... А что? Вены?😁 - Да не только... Кожа плотнее...упругая... ⠀ О, как!😆 Всякое слышала, но такого мне еще не говорили. Чаще - о венах на кистях рук: ⠀ - Тяжести таскаешь? - Ага😁 ⠀ И для кого-то это «фу!», а для иных - «😍» А мне все равно, я люблю свои венки😄 ⠀ 📸 @irinka_s_kartinki Edited by me @lynxyly
Did you know that October is #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth ? I support and stand by all of the fighters, the survivors and those who are no longer here to share their story. Let’s be gentle with ourselves, let’s be aware and let’s make the smartest choices we can for our health, both physical and mental. Let’s also pay attention to the ingredients in the skincare that we use and the food that we ingest. Let’s read the labels and be more conscious as consumers of what is and isn’t good for our health. It is easier to prevent than to cure, always. Thank you to @wearthewalk for hosting this fantastic Bloggers’ Brunch yesterday in order to raise awareness of such an important issue.
At this time of year I’m usually grieving the end of summer, however as we’ve had so much sunshine I’m fully dosed up on vitamin D and rather excited for the weather to cool down so I can wrap up in oversized jumpers, feast on roast dinners and sip on mulled wine ✨
Soul in the wind must learn how to bend... #twindragonflies #loveismywings #freedomismysong
Mialam duzo szczescia tego dnia, od rana piekna pogode idealna na zwiedzanie laguny a od poludnia puste hustawki gdzie moglam ogladac nadchodzacy deszcz🌧 . Czy ktos z was tez lubi taki spektakl pogodowy? Daj mi znac w komentarzu ☔ . #bacalar #lagoon #bacalarlagoon #aluxes #bluelagoon #visitmexico #polishgirlinmexico #polishgirl #polskadziewczyna #liveyourdream #iamtb #girlswhotravel #travelblogger #polskieblogi #warsawgirl #wearetravelgirls #sidewalkerdaily #dametraveler #girlsmeetglobe #postcardplaces #youmustsee #travelawesome #globelletravelers #beautifuldestinations
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