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THE “SHEEP-MENT” ISSUE #leader #supporter #destroyer #onebody #communityspirit #givergain #bettertogivethanreceive #life #mindset #better #grow #love The Wolves 🐺 Wolf pretending to be sheep. These are the hypocrites. The Shepherd 🙋🏼‍♂️ We have Shepherds acting like sheeps, running away from their responsibility to lead and refusing to step up in servant leadership. The Shepherd Dog 🐕 Then there are the Shepherd Dogs who act like sheeps. We need them to play their role, if not who is there to guard the flock against the wolves? Or identify the wolf in sheep skin and chase them off? The Sheep 🐑 The sheeps are loyal followers of the Shepherd. Wherever the Shepard goes, the sheep follows. The sheep gives the purpose to the Shepherd’s leadership. It produces the direct product of what is useful such as “wool”, etc. The point is we all have our own role and place in the world. But we need to find out exactly how we are created to be. Last thing we want, is a world filled with Shepards trying to be sheeps or the reverse for example. When we live out to our fullest potential and in the way we are created to be, we make the world a better place; and that we who live in this world would benefit from it too.
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