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Green oasis 🍃
Exploring pretty corners of Cape Town will always be one of my favourite things to do❤️| #LoveTheseColours #Inspiration #Blooms #RubyRhodolite #PeridotGreens
Stumbled upon two lovers having a moment, and it took my breath away. ❤️
Después de 3 años sin disfrutar de unas Fallas lo único que me faltó ayer por hacer fue vestirme de Fallera, comer paella (y beberme un gin-tonic) 🤭 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Valencia #Fallas #Fallas2019 #VisitSpain #unesco #sompatrimoni #valenciaturisme #valenciabonita #igersvalencia #valenciagram #ok_spain #spainiswonderful #seemycity #amazingdestinations #bestplacestogo #travelgram #lifewelltraveled #topeuropephoto #openmyworld #theprettycities #passionpassport #globalstorybook #roamtheplanet #galaxyexplorers
With each new bud and flower, the air seems bright with knowledge that change is coming. We can’t wait for Spring, what about you? 🔸 La primavera è pronta a tornare. Lo vediamo nelle giornate più lunghe e nei maglioni d’inverno che ormai non indossiamo più, dai grappoli dorati delle mimose e anche dalle violette che cominciano a fare capolino tra la terra scura. Noi siamo pronti per una nuova stagione, e voi? _____________________ #tuscanlife #tuscanyexperience #allwhatsbeautiful #searchwandercollect #comeandsee #italyiloveyou #italiandays #tuscany #postcardsfromtheworld #pursuepretty #globalstorybook #wekeepmoments #natureonthepage #daysofsmallthings #aseasonalshift #seasonspoetry #savourtheseasonalshift #caughtflowerhanded #underthefloralspell #myfloraldays #flowersgivemepower #darlingmoments #alittlebeautyeveryday
Has Spring arrived where you live?⁣ Timid daisies are beginning to appear in the fields here in Tuscany, a tiny reminder that t-shirt weather is on its way!⁣ _____________________⁣ #natureonthepage #daysofsmallthings#aseasonalshift #flowersgivemepower#daysofsmallthings #caughtflowerhanded ⁣ ⁣#athomeintheworld #globalstorybook#wekeepmoments #tuscany #italy 🇮🇹⁣ #italy_vacations
Oh, hi. I forgot to put blush on today.
Took full advantage of the swing at our villa. It was just begging to be played on! . I almost didn’t post this photo (I actually almost photoshopped it) because of the cellulite on my bootay. Here’s to more body positivity and not giving a damn what other people think about you - because it’s my body and I’m the only one that has to live with it 🥰 . Everyone has something on their body they’re not happy with. Instead of hating our bodies and wanting to change them, how about we start loving our bodies for what we are capable of 👊🏽
Stockholm‘s metro stations are full of beautiful public art • • • • ❤️ ❤️❤️ Follow my adventures of travel and life abroad at cherylhoward.com
After days exploring this magical place will never tire of this view🌿💛🙌🏻| @tobyflaux @babylonstoren #PicturePostcard #Heaven
Up in the air ground beneath my feet In the clouds my head and body shall meet Piles of sugar against a wispy cotton sky Like dry wood to my inner fire
Built in 1161, Hedalen Stavkirke has stood tall for nearly one thousand years, carefully guarding the mountain and its people. What a stunning sight to behold! 🇳🇴
Favourite 🖤
This was our view every day on Nusa Penida while we were staying at @semabuhillshotel . It seriously felt like heaven on earth 😍 . From this angle, you can’t see the two large burns I got on my legs from our scooter accident. The roads on Nusa Penida are bad. And when I say bad I mean BADD. Unless you’re an expert on a scooter I would personally recommend to hire a driver. It’s a little more expensive but you’ll see why when you get there. . Have you been to Nusa Penida?
Assisi: a destination beyond history.⁣ Besides the famous Basilica, this UNESCO World Heritage Site also has two ancient castles. ⁣ Follow the footsteps of St. Francis, Cimabue and other prominent figures from the Middle Ages, all while savoring Sagrantino wines and regional delicacies, like the local white truffle, on one of our tours.⁣ _____________________⁣ 📌 To request more info, head to @togetherintuscany and send us an email ⁣ _____________________⁣ #beboundless #traveltheglobe #globalstorybook #createscenery #facadelovers #umbria #postcardsfromtheworld #theprettycities #traveltherenext #landscape_captures #triptoitaly #italytours #italyvacations #italianvillages ⁣ ⁣
Thinking deep thoughts in Italy ... JK, all I was thinking about was what I was going to eat next 🍝 🍕⁣ .⁣ Y'all, I'm so ready for spring! For warm weather and blooming flowers... although for some reason, confused flowers have been blooming here in California for months even though it's 45 degrees out. I'm ready for the cold rain we've had for months to finally stop. And most of all, I'm ready for warm-weather adventure! For the past few months, all of our travels have taken us to cold, snowy destinations, which is rad but also like ... my skin is so pale it's practically translucent. I've been like, popping Vitamin D pills (not actually sure they do much). Point being: I NEED some sun, y'all! ☀️⁣ .⁣ So to get help me simulate sunshine, I dug out a few photos from trips last year that I hadn't been able to share yet. This shot is from a stunning overlook in Taormina, Sicily from the trip to Italy last year that I took with my mom.⁣ .⁣ Taormina is a stunning medieval town perched on a hill (like so many villages in Southern Italy are) and has been a popular tourist destination for literally centuries due to the fact that it's absolutely freakin' gorgeous. The main attraction in the town is the ancient Greek theatre, built in the 3rd century BC in what was then called Tauromenion. On a semi-related note, during high school I used to play a really nerdy PC game called Caesar which was all about Roman history (because I only game when I'm also learning stuff🤓) and this entire trip had me itching to establish trade routes and build armies and stuff. You know, typical Roman things.⁣ .⁣ I've got a link in my bio to a post I wrote with 40 things nobody tells you about visiting Southern Italy, so you can find out things like when you order pasta in Sicily chances are it will come served with anchovies and topped with pistachios (turns out I do not enjoy that at all).⁣ .⁣ Do you have any warm-weather travels coming up? If not, where would you most like to go? Maybe talking about sunny places will help us make it through the end of winter 😅 Drop a comment below!⁣
When it finally decides to stop raining ☀️ #SF
Stockholm Old Town is a bit fairytale like • • • • ❤️ ❤️❤️ Follow my adventures of travel and life abroad at cherylhoward.com
Had such a blast with these girls. Danced so much I may or may not have injured my knee 😝
Stockholm Public Library • • • • ❤️ ❤️❤️ Follow my adventures of travel and life abroad at cherylhoward.com
A little bit in love with this magical view captured by @craighowes and so excited to be days away from heading back to this sunshine city!✨💘🙌🏻 @tobyflaux | #CapeTown #HolidayCountdown #WinterSun {📷via: @suitcase }
I got to spend the weekend with my best guy in Music City - we ate a lot of hot chicken, drank a bunch of drinks, listened to pretty great music, and watched some bucking bulls toss their cowboys. I’m so lucky to have this cute adventuring partner by my side, traveling through life one rodeo at a time. Thanks for a great weekend, babe! Until next time, Nashville! 🍻🎶🐴
Six months. Six months since I’ve seen my handsome boyfriend and only a few more days to go 😍 . If you’ve been following along on my stories you know I fly out to Bali today (I don’t get there for two more days though, thanks time difference!) I’ll be a little MIA until I get to our villa. See you in 37 hours, Bali! 💕
Hey Nashville, you’re not too bad. I dig ya! Who’s been? And what’s your favorite honky tonk on Broadway? 🍺🎶👢
Blue sky. White clouds. Guiding lights. A hope of life.
When @wanderstylust and I arrived at this church they were setting up for a wedding - imagine getting married in such a fun and unique venue! ~~~ On that note, I’m very on the fence with my thoughts on marriage. I see the pros and cons, but I guess until I cross that bridge it’s not something I need to worry about personally! I’m curious to know how many of you married folks were hesitant about marriage until you met the right person, or did you always know you wanted to get married?
Anyone want to take a guess where I am? Yup, that’s right... Disney World! The happiest place on earth (actually second happiest for me, Burning Man is my #1 😝) . Anyone ever been over the holidays? My parents and I went a few weeks before Christmas and it was absolutely MADNESS. Florida was also going through a cold snap and by the time the sunset we were pretty miserable. . For those of you who have been, what park is your favorite? ✨🏰
It may look nice and sunny out, but don’t let that fool you, it was bone chilling on my layover in Zurich, Switzerland 🥶 . When I can, I try and book flights with longer layovers so I can get out of the airport and explore for a bit. Which is exactly what I did here! I had about 7 hours from when I landed from Dubai until my next flight left back to the states. . Since it was SUPER early in the morning ( SO not a morning person 😴) I fueled up on some - okay a lot of - coffee and took the train into town. The city was empty and I got to marvel in the beauty of Switzerland pretty much in uninterrupted silence.
Detoxification. A healthy personality comes from a healthy mind. A healthy mind comes from a healthy influence. A healthy influence comes from what you see and what you hear. Don’t let it ruin you.
A structure intended to unite the cultural diversity of the Islamic world with the historical and modern values of architecture and art....I would say goal attained 😍 . I had to pick my jaw up off the ground several times wandering around this mosque. The shear opulence and grandeur of this place is mesmerizing. . It was also my first time wearing an abaya. I prefer the black ones 🖤
The bridge will path you there. Walk through it and not looking back. The other side is waiting - the promised land where there is no sorrow.
I can't take it how cute are these classic cars. If you visit Cuba you will step back into automotive time. Mostly you can see old-school American brand vehicles like Chevrolet, Buick, Ford but there were many old Russian Volgas too. As I learned from the locals these vehicles are kept running through a hand-built parts. . . . Let me know what was the most interesting, unique or unusual transportation vehicle that you used while you were travelling? #hershotz #thisgirliswandering . . . . . . . . #thetravelwomen #travelgirl #femmetours #wearetravelgirls #girlaroundtheworld #darlingescapes #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #sidewalkerdaily #thewanderlustclub #globalstorybook #iamatraveler #tv_travel #tellon #intravelist #thediscoverer #fashionzine #traveldeeper #neverstopexploring #teamkaptainkenny #exploress #darlingmovement #explores #girlsborntotravel #girlslovetravel #gltlove #travelfly #girlgetters
"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." . Life is so short. We spend so much time sweating the small stuff; worrying, complaining, gossiping, comparing, wishing, wanting and waiting for something bigger and better instead of focusing on all of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. . Im grateful I was able to take a desert safari into the sand dunes of Dubai while in the UAE. After some wild - and a bit nauseating - dune bashing, we stopped to put some air back in the tires (Fun fact: they actually deflate the tires so you don't tip the cars! ), my boyfriend convinced me to run up this dune. There’s something so peaceful about seeing sand as far as the eye can see and hearing nothing by the wind whip over the top of the dunes. 🧡
Don’t be sad. We shall be fine. The light is coming to us. To the future earth.
Go walk with someone whose life is imperfect but wants to change to be better one. Go walk with someone whose life brings good influence to you. Go walk with someone whose life drives you to start when things are challenging. Go walk with someone whose life guides you to the finish line. Go walk with someone whose life refuses hypocrisy. Go walk with someone whose life strives for genuineness.
4 days and 14 chocolate croissants later 🥐
Growing old together, means forever supporting each other to be better in the school of life. Don’t change a person, that’s what people said. May agree or disagree, for me - for your circle that you care - it is attitude of ignorance and unloving if you see bad thing but keep it all the way until to a certain degree it is unchangable. Love the old wisdom said to accept someone as it is but not letting as it is. Growing old together.
Here for a good time, not a long time 🙌🏼
Paris with my person 🇫🇷
Hey there Friday 🙌🥂☀️ #Sydney #GirlsWeekend #ILoveMeriton
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