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The Look You Give Bae When You He Ain't Leaving You 📸: @itsbae__ 📍: Miami #travellingskyangels 😍🥂🌍📸
Weekend plans: sipping cocktails and taking in the summer vibes at the best bars to be found in our cities 🍹 Swipe through to see a few of our favourites and find plenty more in our city guides – find it on our website 🙌🏼 #citizenM
This is my happy face. #librarylove
You want a peach of me? 🍑 Share your travels with us using #SUITCASEtravels and you might be featured in our feed 📷 @allieprovost
“Ti si moj heroj, moj pobednik Moj psiholog, moj sveštenik Ti si sve, što jedna žena poželeti sme ...” Zoran doesn’t have an IG, but today is his birthday, so here is a picture of us in New Zealand 👫
I’m so into library chic.
Getting lost in your own neighbourhood is a real possibility in the new metropolis of Lanzhou, China... 📷 @yuriandries #SUITCASE23
'Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.' Jack Keruac **** Hi folks, sorry I was away a bit longer as I planned before but now I'm back. 🙋I have beautiful photos from my recent trips: Venice, Cornwall and you can expect Hungarian content as well. Stay tuned for more Italian vibes in August. 🍕🍝 **** I just started a mini Q&A in my stories, let me know if you have any question. I'll answer and share them later on. I really missed you guys 🍊 📷 credit: Miss Lenke Dora P. . . . . . #hershotz #mik #tv_lifestyle #tv_living #rsa_vsco #tv_allwhite #vscohun #vscohungary #momentsinbudapest #hungary_gram #hungary #huffposttravel #thisisbudapest #ig_budapest #travelwomen #travelgirl #femmetours #wearetravelgirls #girlaroundworld #darlingescapes #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #sidewalkerdaily #globalstorybook #tellon l #explorerbabes #peopleoftravel #girlsborntotravel #travelfly
when you spent too much time together and in need of a nap. 🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️#terdampar _________________ 📷 @delonlim
The city I'll always be in love with💎 #kyiv
Just being copilot, flying above the ol' Grand Canyon 🚁
After seeing thousands of photos of Cape Town, I finally made it! It is even more breathtaking in person. I feel so lucky to live in a time where 10,275 miles is just a 24 hour journey from my home. @hike_the_globe_ #instagoodmyphoto 🌄
Когато не позираш, а просто вятърът те превръща в Мерилин Монро 😁 и си държиш шапката здраво, за да не отлети 👒 Вижте кратко видео от мястото в stories 🔝 @my_happy_pond _________ The strong wind on Korakonissi unwillingly and unintentionally turned me into a #brunette version of #marylinmonroe 💃 See more in my stories 🔝@my_happy_pond
Do you see me? Hummingbird without a care, by the sea. 🎶 _________________ 📷 @delonlim
Awkward 4ever 👽
Happy place.
You know what I believe? I believe that there are more good people than bad in this world. I believe that people want people to succeed. I believe in love, in genuine relationships. I believe in happiness. So find those in your life who truly believe in you, and keep them close. . . . #inspiration #quoteoftheday #vibes #motivation #beautifulviews #lasvegas #instagood #lovelife #travelgram #letsgosomewhere #sheisnotlost #torontoblogger #photography #thegreatoutdoors #bestoftheday #thehappynow #photooftheday #earthpix #traveldeeper #travelawesome #fashionblogger #artofvisuals #vibes #view #animals #igdaily #traveler #traveling #qotd #love
Тъкмо се материализирам от морската пяна 😆🧜🏼‍♀️🌊 _________ Rising from the #seafoam 🌊
На маса със слънцето. 🌅 Вижте видео с изгрева в stories, както и по-дългият му вариант в IGTV. 🔝@my_happy_pond _____________ Sitting next to the #sun and sipping our #morning #coffee with this #seaview 🌅
Summa time fire 🔥🔥🔥
A picture is worth a thousand words . • Well, i can tell you that phrase is true for this photo, followed by a set of swear words and tears. Big toe is healing properly now. It will be ready for more #whataretoes adventures soon! 🙃🙃 _________________ 📷 @delonlim
We were all happy in Portugal until we missed our flight to Italy because of KFC. I wish I was kidding. The gate closed earlier than expected as we finished our airport lunch. Thinking back to our fried chicken fiasco, Kat uttered, “This mistake makes me want to go vegan.” Now we have finally arrived to Italy nine hours later and my backpack is lost in transport and we have nowhere to stay because we are supposed to be in Florence, not Rome. These adventures are hilarious, unfortunate, and honestly exhilarating. Feels like we are on a reality TV show. Will the beloved backpack with all my clothes and gifts make it to Italy? Will we fall asleep in these bean bags tonight? Stay tuned, as Kat + Tat’s European Summer Quest continues to unfold...
Everybody knows the gas station is the best place to grab a snack.
Posting a series because we’ve been stranded in the airport for five hours :)!
Movement... across a Portuguese palace...across Europe...across the dance floor...across the street to the nearest restaurant.
Хоризонти и перспективи 〰️ 〰️ Horizons & Perspectives 〰️
Hola 🐱
👍 Спасибо за полезный пост @justlerochka о виллах на озере Комо: ⠀ "Если вы посетили озеро Комо и не побывали ни на одной из его вилл, считайте что Комо вы не видели😉 Вот топ-3 моих любимых виллы, которые обязательны к просмотру! ⠀ ✔️ Полезный пост — сохраняем в закладки 🙌 ⠀ 🏰 Вилла Балбьянелло (Villa del Balbianello) — пожалуй, самая красивая и самая "звездная" вилла озера Комо. В её саду снимали эпизоды Звёздных Войн и Джеймса Бонда. ⠀ 📍Местоположение: город Ленно. 🚗 Как добраться: поездом из Милана в город Комо. А оттуда паромом, автобусом или машиной до Ленно. 💶 Входной билет: 10 евро на человека за посещение сада. Ещё 10 евро — за вход во внутрь виллы. 📆 Открыта для посещений с середины марта до середины ноября. ⏰ Выходные дни: понедельник, среда и государственные праздники. ================================== ⠀ 🏰 Вилла Карлотта (Villa Carlotta) — самая "девочковая" вилла озера Комо. Особенно хороша весной (апрель- май) во время цветения азалий. ⠀ 📍Местоположение: город Тремеццо. 🚗 Как добраться: поездом из Милана в город Комо. А оттуда паромом или машиной до Тремеццо. 💶 Входной билет: 10 евро на человека. 📆 Открыта для посещений с 13 марта по 8 ноября. ⏰ Выходные дни: государственные праздники. ================================== ⠀ 🏰Вилла Мельци (Villa Melzi) - не такая разрекламированная как первые 2, но тоже поразительно красивая. А людей - в разы меньше. ⠀ 📍Местоположение: город Белладжио. 🚗 Как добраться: поездом из Милана в город Комо. А оттуда паромом или машиной до Белладжио. 💶 Входной билет: 6.5 евро на человека. 📆 Открыта для посещений с 24 марта по 31 октября. ⏰ Выходные дни: государственные праздники"
Спокоен и почти див. Идеален за неделен релакс. ______________________ Almost #wild 🐢 #Gerakas - one of the #beaches where the big #sea turtles lay their eggs.
In the valley 〰️ #plantgoals #slowliving
Gentle smooches for these beauties 😘🐴 . ________________________ 📷 @andri_nugroho73
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