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Absolutely thrilled that my book Glow15 was recently featured in the LA Times as one of "4 healthy summer reads!" . Tap the link in my bio to check out the full list! . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #latimes #autophagy #summerreading #booklist #books #science #nutrition #health #wellness #keto #biohack #womenshealth #goodfats #avocado #coconut #mct #autophatea #wellnessexplorer #summer #read #antiaging #skincare #selfcare
I've upgraded my #earlgrey tea habit after reading #Glow15 by @naomiwhittel. Her #autophatea recipe is supposed to help induce "autophagy," the body's cellular cleaning process. It’s made with polyphenol-rich whole citrus bergamot ☕️, green tea 🍵, a cinnamon stick, and 🥥 oil. I've been drinking Earl Grey tea for years, but a lot of it contains synthetic bergamot oil.⠀ .⠀ The plan is similar to #bulletproofdiet , which I’ve been following for a while, but it’s more for women. It’s based on "autophagy" research. Autophagy is activated when the body is mildy stressed. Studies indicate it can reduce inflammation, improve immune function, prevent disease, induce weight loss, and even slow down the aging process.😃 .⠀ Along with polyphenols, other things that activate #autophagy are:⠀ ✔️ketogenic diet⠀ ✔️intermittent fasting⠀ ✔️protein restriction⠀ ✔️exercise (not too much)⠀ ✔️sleep⠀ .⠀ Read more about my experience trying the Glow15 plan on my blog @KateSLyon ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #earlgreytea #biohacking #ketodiet #IF #antiaging #healthylifestyle
Intermittent fasting is all about turning on autophagy. Autophagy is like your cellular waste disposal, helping to clear damaged cells from the body, including senescent cells that serve no functional purpose but still linger inside tissues and organs causing damage by triggering inflammation. The result? Cleaner, younger, healthier cells. If you have been fasting why not try this tea to help activate autophagy. It’s the ultimate youth boost keeping you feeling satiated, focussed and energised💥 If you haven’t already check out our blog on all the ins and outs of intermittent fasting. Link in bio 👉🏻
I’m honored and humbled to be interviewed by the inspiring @drmercola. We recently sat down to discuss my book, Glow15, and the powerful science of autophagy. In our talk, we focus on the ways in which this natural biological process can be activated to improve your health. Watch the full interview under the link in my bio! . . . #naomiwhittel #drmercola #video #interview #autophagy #antiaging #weightloss #science #joemercola #glow15
Burger with roasted mushroom onions & tomatoes on a bed of alfalpha & radish micro greens. #ketomentality #ketosis #keto #ketogains #essentrics #glow15 #primal #bengreenfield #ketolife #ketostrong #keto #primal #ketotransformation #ketosis
Part 2 is out! Listen up it’s worth the time! Why? Well I know you’ll want to know this— it helps you lose weight. It also helps endurance ( run much?) thus it improves heart function ( our most important muscle ❤️) . If you have a chronic disease or know someone who does or want to prevent it.. listen in. 🙌🏽. One of these days I’ll write complete recaps of the podcasts I listen to - so much great info out there! But for now, tune in, you won’t regret it! 💃🏻🕺🏼#eatlivebereal #restanddigest #intermittentfasting #glow15 #circadianrhythm #livemore
A U T O P H A • T E A 🍵 we already know the myriad ways in which drinking tea is beneficial: mind enhancing, zen inducing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging... the list goes on and on • just when you thought that something this good couldn't get any better, think again • Autophatea is bulletproofed tea or tea 2.0 and we think everyone should try it. The brainchild of Naomi Whittel and her book Glow 15, it combines simple elements for the purpose of activating autophagy- renewal and repair at the cellular level- and who doesn't want more of that? The recipe combines citrus bergamot earl grey and green tea with a bit of coconut oil and cinnamon. It seems straightforward enough but broken down into its parts we can see why it is such a magical concoction • Bergamot 🍊is itself an autophagy activator (taken both internally and on the skin), earl grey and green teas are health powerhouses and contain catechins , coconut oil also stimulates autophagy especially when taken in the morning and cinnamon is a blood sugar stabilizer and antioxidant. Taken all together you have a powerful potion with health benefits that you would be hard pressed to get from any one supplement. Autophatea is paleo, keto, gluten free, vegan and -fair warning - is highly addictive • read about autophatea and our interview with Naomi Whittel now on thebeautyarcana.com. Link in bio.
My first crack at making and drinking #autophatea from @naomiwhittel #glow15 book. It’s actually very tasty and I didn’t add any sweetener. I fasted for 16 hrs. With the help of black coffee because I’m used to fasting for 13 hrs but I only do a 14-16 hr fast once a week and it’s usually very tough for me. Going to the store today to get food ingredients to start the glow15 plan. I spent this last week pretty much clearing out the fridge and pantry so most of the carbs are gone 😬😳. #glow15 #fasting #healthyfats #tea #autophagy #aging #sciencebased #nutrition
It is said that there are two types of aging that we are susceptible to: Inevitable aging and Accelerated aging. While they both sound terrible, it isn't all doom and gloom • First, the bad news. Inevitable aging are those outside forces outside of our control that cause cellular damage and speed up both the visible and invisible signs of ageing. There is nothing we can do about this one • Accelerated aging however are those epigenetic or environmental factors that cause damage (weight gain, skin aging, increased risk of disease) but that are within our control. According to Naomi Whittel, the most common accelerated agers are..... -foods with added sugar -environmental toxins such as pollution and cigarette smoke -sedentary lifestyle -lack of sleep -excessive alcohol Factors such as these set in motion a multitude of mechanisms that contribute to cellular deterioration and thus aging: inflammation, DNA damage, mitochondrial deterioration etc. • Read about how we can best address the issue of accelerated aging in our interview with Naomi Whittel, now on thebeautyarcana.com. Link in bio. #glow15
Happy Friday everyone! To celebrate the weekend, all orders placed through my online store will receive 15% off with discount code WKEND15 😎 . Now is the perfect time to stock up on AutophaTea, Resveratrol, Collagen Powder, Bone Broth Boost, and more. ✨ . This deal only lasts through Sunday night (June 17) at 11:59pm PST - head over to NaomiWhittel.com or tap the link in my bio to shop! . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #autophagy #autophatea #collagen #goodfats #coconut #shop #health #wellnessexplorer #womenshealth #supplements #vitamins #naturalhealth #beauty #antiaging #keto #biohack #selfcare #skincare
Recipe: Salmon Ceviche. I am loving @naomiwhittel Glow 15 program and I have even dropped a few pounds, but most of all my sugar cravings are almost gone. I have learned that adding more fat to my diet greatly decrease sugar cravings. This recipe is packed with the good fats we all need to be eating every day! >> Visit ReshapeLive.com for this delicious #recipe #reshape #knowbetterdobetter #glow15 #fats #fatfirst
Breakfast! 🥑 Magnesium rich, high protein, high healthy fats, good fiber, great source of zinc, amazing flavor — super satisfying ❤️. Avocado, hemp hearts, tomato, tiny drizzle of olive oil ( to add Mediterranean flavor) and (Jenn’s usual) coconut aminos - just a few drops!) 💃🏻. I’m cycling protein per #glow15 so this is a perfect breakfast on a high-er protein day. And since a whole avocado IS very much fat, tho the good kind, the rest of the day I’ll just have a bit of healthy oil here and there. Not gonna sweat it. But now I’ve got the energy I need to power thru this lovely day!!🙌🏽💚💛❤️
I’m collecting more frequent flyer miles as I head to Austin, Texas for #KetoCon this weekend! ✈️ . I always make sure to pack a stash of my Autophatea, some organic coconut oil, and a good read. (Right now it’s Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke.) 📖 . What are your self-care essentials that you never wander without? 💼 . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #wellnessexplorer #travel #lifestyle #health #wellness #womenshealth #wanderlust #austintx #autophagy #autophatea #coconutoil #goodfats #rilke #selfcare #beauty #antiaging #keto #biohack
N A O M I • Raised on a bio-dynamic farm in the pristine mountains of Switzerland and under the guidance of parents who were keen disciples of the teachings of wellness pioneer Rudolf Steiner is not your typical background story. Indeed to say that this environment may have predisposed her towards health and wellness is a slight understatement. Owner of her own juice bar by the time she was twenty, followed by creator and CEO of her own hugely successful supplement brand Reservage, to later CEO of Twinlab in the US, Naomi Whittel is a certified wellness crusader. Driven by her unique upbringing as well as her own struggles with auto-immune issues, Naomi has been tirelessly working as a wellness entrepreneur and researcher for over 20 years, traveling the globe in search of the secrets to health and longevity • Naomi is now the author of GLOW 15, a book that outlines the important concept of autophagy. Literally defined as "self-eating" autophagy is the idea that our bodies are innately built for self repair and renewal. Unlike the car metaphor usually employed to describe us, our bodies are actually self-repairing and self-cleaning machines. In GLOW 15, Naomi tells us how we can activate or enhance autophagy through specific diet, exercise, sleep and supplement protocols. The result is greater energy, improved sleep, a stronger immune system and an undeniable GLOW of good health. We chat with Naomi about her life thus far and how autophagy just be the missing link in our anti-aging crusade. 🌟🌟🌟🌟Now on thebeautyarcana.com. Link in bio. #glow15
The most powerful way to activate autophagy is fasting. Period. It’s being utilized in programs like the fasting mimicking diet and ketogenic diet so you don’t have to actually be starving. . Glow15’s take on this is: . 1. IFPC: Intermittent Fasting Protein Cycling—3 nonconsecutive days out of the week=16hr overnight fast & lowering protein. The other 4 days are normal. . Intermittent fasting (IF): this is a muscle that should be trained- meaning start small (12 hrs) and gradually increase to 14, 16, 18, 20 hrs, whatever feels good to you. It should not be a painful, terrible experience. . Type A people especially can complete a 24 hr fast right off the bat, but their bodies show signs that this was too stressful. You want the benefits without putting your body into shock if it’s not used to it. . Protein cycling (PC) is what takes more planning, but heavily supported in science of mimicking fasting without having to fast all day. On your 3 fasting/low protein days you would eat around 25g protein total. This combined with the fast doubles up the inc of autophagy. . 2. Exercise 4 times a week on non-fasting/high days—2 days HIIT, 2 days resistance training. Doesn’t need to be anything crazy. . This might sound like a lot but you don’t have to do it all at once. Start with one of these 5 tips and when you’re ready to level up, add some more in! . Just know that performing this whole program in unison will give the best results, especially looking at the women who did this study for 60 days (see last post’s pics). Many of them wrote testimonials in Glow15 that it was difficult to plan everything at first but it did get EASY and the literally life changing benefits are worth it: . 100% of them lost fat mass and reduced wrinkles. . Over 90% inc muscle mass, body & skin satisfaction, sleep quality, blood pressure and softer, smoother skin. . I love this because it’s not about calories, it’s a lifestyle and it’s maintainable. Your favorite foods can still fit in there and you can always dial in deeper to get more results. . It’s all converging into the same thing: eat more fat, much less carbs, take breaks between meals, exercise, destress, heal your gut.😊
Many people do not realize just how fundamental sleep cycles are to our overall health and wellness. Sleep is the time when cells work to repair damage and eliminate toxins, as well as recharge our energy supply and strengthen the brain. 🧠💪 . The body’s circadian rhythms are synchronized with cortisol, the stress hormone which helps our body to wake up in the morning and get going with our day. Therefore, knowing your own sleep cycle is a crucial first step to getting the most out of the autophagy process. 💤✨ . I spoke with blogger Talya of “Motherhood: The Real Deal” to discuss chapter 8 of my book, Glow to Sleep, and 5 eye-opening things you need to know about sleep cycles, especially if you’re a woman. Tap the link in my bio to read the full post! ▫️ . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #guestblog #sleep #circadianrhythms #autophagy #womenshealth #health #wellness #zzz #goodfats #weightloss #antiaging #fatfirst #carbslast #wellnessexplorer #cortisol #stress #antistress #stressrelief #selfcare #beauty #skincare #detox #energy #vitality
The whole reason I’m speaking about autophagy is thanks to @naomiwhittel. . This woman has done exactly what I would do if I had the connections and means to travel across the world. Passionate to find the best for her own health issues, she found all the leading experts in autophagy in every aspect: diet, exercise, protein, fasting etc. . She worked with these scientists to combine all this information into one program, for busy women like her (CEO, low sleep, high stress, high traveling, no time for gym), to keep your youth and agility instead of feeling warn down and older. Her and her inner circle tried it and had great results… . So they tested the program in a clinical study on women for 60 days. After only 15 days, 100% of participants had significant results. 100% is unheard of… much less in only 2 weeks! (see 2nd pic) . What I LOVE about this is that it is so science based. Each expert has a lifetime wealth of knowledge and to combine all of them, of course you will see results! . Part 1 of the program: 1. Fat first, fat most, carbs last—you don’t need to cut out carbs or be in ketosis. Just starting your day high fat, low carb, and saving carbs for later in the day activates autophagy. 2. Whole citrus bergamot earl grey tea—esp adding coconut oil & cinnamon (making it high fat, low carb, see #1 ) 3. Sleep on your personalized circadian rhythm. She has a great quiz to find out which you are. . This is absolutely the main reason I will always eat more fat and less carbs. Of course there’s the easy weight maintenance, more energy, less hunger… . But more importantly I want my body actively cleaning up waste every day, any mutations or mistakes, and have the most robust immune system. . Fun fact: sugar is a dirty-burning fuel source, creating oxidative stress and free radicals the body then has to clean up. Fat-burning is much cleaner and efficient. So on fat, you create less waste, plus activate autophagy on top of it. . I really think this is the future of all diets. And all successful diets are gravitating towards the same formula. Because it’s not about numbers that we THINK are right, this supports how the human body actually works. . Part 2 tomorrow!
Is it coincidence that to prevent wrinkles and keep skin elasticity, it’s the same exact recipe for your cells and systems to be functioning the most efficiently? And build the healthiest, happiest hormones? And get better sleep. And lose excess weight. Hm… . Autophagy - simply - is cells eating older/damaged/toxic cells. (This won the Nobel Prize in 2016, it’s legit and the future of health). . Why is this important to you? . It is a key process in metabolism, disease prevention and anti-aging. (3 v important things). . We know that if we can’t keep up autophagy needs, the occurrence of cancer, infections, and IBS increase. . Maybe most importantly, autophagy disposes of misfolded proteins. This is huge because misfolded proteins are what build up into amyloid deposits as seen in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetic arteries, cataracts, and a whole list of amyloid diseases. . So autophagy is a HUGE prevention mechanism, in assistance to your immune system, for every disease you’ve ever been worried about. . What causes misfolded proteins to accumulate you ask?? . Damage to mitochondria from high oxidative stress- usually from high insulin. Add that to the growing list of reasons to avoid chronically high insulin. (insulin series is coming to summarize it all, don’t worry!). . Finally, the beauty and grace of autophagy🧝🏽‍♀️✨: . If our cells have a misfolded protein or infectious bacteria, the cell is able to consume itself to acquire amino acids for clean energy elsewhere in the body. . So it takes a damaged, dangerous cell and turns it into something clean and healthy for the body to have energy wherever it needs it. As in: regrowing brain, nerve, heart cells etc. and repairing the immune system. . This is why I will always say the body is designed perfectly to get back to health. At all times, this is what it’s trying to do. . So how do you activate autophagy?! There’s many ways! My next 2 posts will cover this :) (or do some quick digging on google, there’s lots of info!) . #autophagy #activateautophagy #glow15 #antiaging #skincare #skinhealth #alzheimersprevention #parkinsonsprevention #brainhealth #neurologicalhealth #healthcoach #iingrad #iinhealthcoach
It’s been cold and rainy in Chicago, and I love it! Although I’m ready for that famed Chicago summer I’ve heard about. This has been my go to drink lately, adapted from the book #Glow15 by @naomiwhittel. It’s called AutophaTea, and you can find the recipe in Naomi’s book. (It’s worth a read.) My version of this tea, along with a review of Glow 15 will be on the blog Sunday night. #autophatea #autophagy #proteincycling #intermittentfasting #ketosis #antiaging #organic #dairyfree #grainfree #glutenfree #paleo #foodismedicine #lookyounger #makegoodfood
Since our health encompasses so much more than just our physical bodies, it’s important to think about the type of self-dialogue you engage with on a daily basis. If it’s positive and affirms your value in the world, it’s likely you find pleasure in your job, family, and/or community. On the contrary, self-talk that’s negative in nature often results in inherently limiting, self-defeating views. If you tell yourself you cannot do something or you’re incapable of achieving specific goals, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. (In other words: you are what you believe yourself to be.) 💆‍♀️ . Success starts with realizing that your thoughts have the power to define your life. As we go through our everyday experiences, we develop our own personal autopilot mode of thinking. If you tend towards optimism, a positive outlook is intuitive for you. However, if you don’t see yourself as the naturally cheery sort, no need to despair—you have the authority to direct the negative story playing on repeat in your mind into a more positive space. With a little reflection, awareness, and a lot of care, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do. 🗣🧠 . To help you along the way, I’ve written a blog post titled “3 Ways Positivity Can Change Your Health.” Tap the link in my bio to read them! . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #wellnessexplorer #positivity #affirmation #selfcare #positivevibes #positivethoughts #health #wellness #mentalhealth #bodyposi #mentalhealth #antiaging #womenshealth #balance #energy #weightloss #goals #journal #instamood #instagood #glow #energy #vitality #selftalk
Stolz auf mein Frühstück! 😎😃 Nachdem ich den bulletproof Podcast mit Naomi Whittel und Dave Asprey gehört habe über glow15, habe ich jetzt angefangen wesentlich mehr Fett in meinen Ernährungsalltag einzubauen. Vorteile: meine Haut wird so viel praller, glatter und heilt schneller, dieses Frühstück war wirklich mega lecker und hält mich vor allem kognitiv klar. Und das ist wirklich mein Fokus, vor allem vormittags. 👌🏻😄🤓 Frühstück bestehend aus Makrelenfilet mit Gewürzen und Senfsoße, bereits gegessen und dieses Soja joghurt Schätzchen hat heute morgen wirklich meinen süß Bedürfnis bedient (der beste Soja Joghurt ist der REWE Bio Natur, weil ohne Zuckerzusatz) +Bio Mandelmus +Xucker Schoko nibs +Kokosflocken +Süßstoff und Kakao stark entölt Tee = autophatea Grüner Tee mit Bergamotte, 2 Beutel Earl Grey Bio, marokkanische Zimtstangen zur Ankurbelung von Autophagie. 😂😀😁 I am literally owning the body hacking s*** 😀😉 #bodyhacking #naomiwhittel #daveasprey #bulletproof #glow15 #autophatea #podcast #feelingempowered #breakfast #healthyliving #clarity
It brings me great joy and fulfillment to share my favorite discoveries for how to maximize your health with less effort. Learning how to work with the wisdom of nature and unlock your body’s vitality creates invaluable advantages in how you feel, how you look, and the quality of your life. 💯 . Activating autophagy is one of the most important ways you can assist your body in improving overall wellness—from enhancing your immune function and cardiac health, to decreasing inflammation and promoting radiance at any age. ✨ . If more energy, enhanced cognitive function, and a lower risk of neurodegenerative illness sound like positive results to you, then you will love my AutophaTea. ☕️ . And if the prospect of stronger physical health isn’t exciting enough, I’m thrilled to share that AutophaTea is now available in my online store! 🛒 . AutophaTea is one of the easiest ways you can support the activation of autophagy in your cells. I love to drink it first thing in the morning—the goodfats I add with coconut oil help keep me satisfied, curb cravings, and support my metabolism throughout the day. The caffeine gives me an energy boost before exercise as well as helps me to burn fat during my workout. 👟 . You can enjoy this tea up to four times a day as part of my Glow15 program, or any nutrition plan you may implement to encourage glowing health. AutophaTea is paleo and keto friendly, as well as gluten-free and vegan. 🌱 . Tap the link in my bio to learn more about AutophaTea and to purchase online. 🛍 👉@naomiwhittel . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #wellnessexplorer #autophagy #autophatea #fatfirst #goodfats #bergamot #coconutoil #health #wellness #antiaging #vitality #weightloss #womenshealth #avocado #selfcare #skincare #tea #greentea #polyphenols #glutenfree #paleo #keto #vegan #energy #caffeine #antiinflammatory #nutrition #science
Today in Kuna Yala, off the coast of Panama, working closely with the amazing indigenous community to source the purest coconuts—full of MCTs, lauric acid, and goodfats. This will be the first time these beautiful coconuts are brought to the US market, and I’m excited to share them with you soon!
It was an inspiration-filled Saturday morning spent with Maria Shriver in support of her Move for Minds project. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and Maria’s Move for Minds initiative promotes information and tools to encourage optimal brain health and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. . Acute, or “good,” stress is created through the exercises we practiced today (swipe to see them!) and as Maria shared with us, “When we stress our brain, it’s growing,” meaning we can strengthen our brain muscle through self-care practices like good stress (exercise and movement), meditation, and nutrition. . Activating autophagy, along with a diet rich in goodfats, is a major way I keep my brain performing optimally. MCT oil, one of my favorite natural ingredients, has been studied to combat and prevent the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s. The earlier we take steps to control our own health destiny, the higher the likelihood we will function well and feel our absolute best. . Visit moveforminds.org to learn more about Maria Shriver’s mission and her Alzheimer’s Foundation. I’m grateful to support such an inspiring cause. 💜 . . . #naomiwhittel #mariashriver #moveforminds #alzheimersawareness #alzheimers #brainhealth #goodfats #autophagy #glow15 #womenshealth #nutrition #diet #science #wellnessexplorer #health #wellness #exercise #movement #antiaging #selfcare #mctoil #mct #coconut #coconutoil #avocado #healthyfats #fatfirst #acutestress #goodstress
I didn’t expect this at all!!! Wow! I am leaping with joy! My heart is dancing! 💃🏻💃🏻 woohooo... What a pleasant surprise and a sure blessing, thank you @naomiwhittel for sending your beautiful book, I thought I only get it as an eBook!! Another recommended reading for every body especially GIRLS! 😉 Let’s bring back your youthfulness!! #glow15 #naomiwhittel #weightloss #autophagy
Sausage, kale, sweet potato, cabbage, bowl...🥗🥑🍏#keto #healthylifestyle #lowcarb #glow15
It’s possible to actually eat your way to longevity through a biological process called autophagy. The name comes from two Greek words—‘auto’ meaning "self" and ‘phagy’ meaning "to eat." Essentially, autophagy means self-eating. ✨ . While that might not sound very appealing, it is extremely beneficial. My simple explanation: Autophagy allows your cells to eat away damage, keeping you healthy. 🤝 . But as we get older, it becomes less efficient and damage accumulates. That buildup eventually slows down cell function and in turn can lead to a sluggish metabolism, decreased collagen and elastin production, and other diminished performance. 😐 . The good news—you can get your cells to self-cannibalize again! Yes, I know how odd that sounds, but it’s much easier and more enjoyable than you might think. All you have to do is eat! There are compounds in certain foods that aid in autophagy. And the best part: They are probably already in your kitchen! 🥑 . I wrote for #mindbodygreen about my top 10 foods for looking and feeling way younger – you can read the full list under the link in my bio! . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #autophagy #wellnessexplorer #autophatea #health #wellness #diet #nutrition #goodfats #avocado #coconut #healthyfood #womenshealth #weightloss #antiaging #skincare #selfcare #keto #mct #mctoil #fasting #ifpc #intermittentfasting #food #beauty #collagen
Managed to exceed my 24 hour fast today and I’m feeling super good 💥 . . I find it much easier having my last meal at lunch time and breaking my fast the following lunch time. . . I fill up on a high quality protein with lots of green vegetables and LOTS of healthy fats. . . I’ll then finish off with Keto shake or some #bulletproof ice cream and if I have room a #bulletproofcoffee ☕️ . . I’m then so full I don’t think about food until around 8 -9pm and as I’m in bed by 10 I manage to let the slight hunger pass. . . I wake up and consume herbal teas, sparking water or filtered water and if I feel hungry I’ll have a black #bulletproofcoffee . . Before I know it, it’s lunch time 🥗 and I’ll break my fast with another plate of goodness. . . This is my fifth consecutive week of doing a weekly 24 hour fast however today I didn’t feel hungry so I waited until my stomach spoke to me. . . 28 hour fast for me today 💪🏼 I’m super proud of myself 💕 . . . . #fasting #autophagy #keto #paleo #mitocondria #antiaging #glow15 #bulletproofcoffee #bulletproof
Strategy In!? The hype of holistic medicine with the right supplements for your body! collagen is in the mix! Could Botox be starting to dwindle ? A specialist is needed! Well worth ! #beauty #healthylifestyle #bulletproofcoffee #goldcollagen #solgar #glow15
Navigating the overcrowded supermarket oil shelf can be a rather daunting task, with each variety claiming to have a different impact on health or imparting various quality factors, such as high smoke point and a particular taste. . But how do you know which oils are most beneficial to health AND made with high-quality ingredients? Or the best choices for promoting your body’s innate cellular detoxification process known as autophagy? 🤔 . Since many people ask me which oils are on my grocery list and which ones I avoid, my latest blog post explores the different options and all the factors involved. 📋 . Tap the link in my bio to read the full post! . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #wellnessexplorer #goodfats #autophagy #avocado #coconut #healthyfats #oil #vegetableoil #badfats #soybeanoil #canolaoil #health #wellness #ketodiet #fatfirst #coconutoil #mctoil #mct #womenshealth #diet #nutrition #weightloss #skincare #selfcare #antiaging #beauty #fat #autophatea
Happy hump day guys! Hands up who else wanted to stay in bed this morning... 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ well after hauling my ass outta bed I got on the scales & realised I’m down 3lb today 👏🏼💪🏼 so naturally I covered myself in @beatitudeproducts body oil & danced around like a crazy person 🤷🏻‍♀️ (after a year of battling trying to keep weight off after having my appendix out, this was a momentous moment for me...) celebrate the little breakthroughs eh? Have a fab Wednesday 💋 • • • • • • • • • #beatitude #ad #bodyoil #aromatherapyoil #aromatherapy #naturaloils #essentialoils #loveyourbody #loveyourskin #bodytransformation #bodycare #naturalbeauty #chattycaptioncommunity #chatty #reallife #weightloss #glow15 #beautytime #beautysecret #humpday 🐫 #humpdayvibes #jessicakgxxbeauty #jessicakgxx
Since I started #Glow15 this @lush chocolate lip scrub is about the closest I’m getting to anything remotely sweet & sugary so I am loving every second it’s on my lips.... it smells amazing & is just the trick for buffing away dry skin. Also fabulous for sneaky licks to take away the sugar cravings....of course *a friend told me that* 😜 • • • • • • • • • • #goodenoughtodrink #lush #lushuk #lushcosmetics #chocolate #chocolatelips #crueltyfree #againstanimaltesting #againstanimalcruelty #vegan #veganbeauty #natural #naturalbeauty #diethacks #lushlife #beauty #beautyblog #bbloggers #bbloggersuk #beautytalk #beautycommunity #beautysecret #jessicakgxxbeauty #jessicakgxx
Despite the changing scenery, I’ll always find where they keep the candy #sustenance #nutrition #glow15
There are so many salad dressings on the market today, but sadly not all of them are created equal. Turn over a bottle of salad dressing at your local store and you’re bound to see ingredients such as sugar, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, allergens, and my least favorite ingredient – bad fats. 🚫 . My Ultimate Salad Dressing Recipe is the perfect DIY condiment that’s fortified with #goodfats , like antioxidant-rich extra virgin olive oil, brain-fueling MCTs, and tahini, with its high levels of magnesium and calcium. 🥙 . Try this dressing on your favorite dishes, from salad to poached eggs to roasted vegetables—there’s no limit to the ways you can incorporate this topping into any kind of savory meal. The recipe is below, and I’ve shared more insights on the benefits of good fats on my blog – link is in bio. 🥑 . . Ultimate Salad Dressing . Ingredients: . 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil or macadamia nut oil 2 tablespoons MCT oil 2 tablespoons tahini paste or almond butter 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 2 cloves garlic, finely minced 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons fresh or 2 teaspoons dried herbs of choice (basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, tarragon, rosemary etc.) 1/2 teaspoon turmeric Himalayan salt to taste OPTIONAL: 1/4 cup avocado oil-based mayonnaise if you desire a creamier texture . Instructions: . Place all ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth. Store in a glass mason jar in the refrigerator for up to one week. . Nutrition Facts: (serving size: 2 tablespoons) Fat: 17g Protein: 1g Fiber: 0g Carb: 2g Net Carb: 2g . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #wellnessexplorer #recipe #easyrecipes #salad #saladdressing #avocado #olive #coconut #mct #mctoil #healthyfats #diet #nutrition #health #wellness #autophagy #science #antiaging #skincare #keto #beauty #womenshealth #weightloss #selfcare #fatfirst
As many of you know, I love #goodfats , and I spoke with @TheChalkboardMag about one of my favorites: Tea Seed Oil. 🌱 . Cold-pressed oils, from olive to coconut, are a key part of any healthy diet, but each one has restrictions and best-use cases. Certain oils are healthy to fry with, while others contain omega fat ratios that aren’t ideal for everyday. 🥗 . Also known as camellia oil, an ingredient you might recognize from a luxe beauty label or two, tea seed oil is actually an edible ingredient too. ✨ . Tap the link in my bio to read the rest of the article on thechalkboardmag.com! 👉 . And be sure to use these healthy fats in your Memorial Day recipes this weekend! . . .  #naomiwhittel #glow15 #thechalkboardmag #teaseedoil #healthyfats #coconutoil #mct #mctoil #avocado #oliveoil #recipe #fatfirst #autophagy #wellnessexplorer #avocado #womenshealth #fasting #diet #nutrition #science #keto #teaseed #camelliaoil #skincare #selfcare #beauty #antiaging #coconut #memorialday
Doesn't this look delicious? Well...it was! And it was absolutely enough to share. We had an off site meeting yesterday and found ourselves @rdkitchendallas for lunch. Ahhhhhmazing! We are totally going to hack this recipe and make it our ourselves for lunch next week since we can't crash R&D too often. Check our story in a bit for our version. We promise, you'll love it too!!
Autophagy tea anyone??? This tea is SOOO dang GOOD!! @numiorganictea aged earl grey, @rishitea fermented green tea, Ceylon cinnamon, coconut oil and a whole lot of presence and love mixed into this concoction. #glow15 #autophagy #cellcleanupcrew #antioxidants #phytochemicals #greentea #egcg #love #grateful #mindset #miraclemindset
Attention South Florida! Save the date! 📅 . On Wednesday June 6, I will be meeting with readers and signing copies of my New York Times Bestselling book Glow15 at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Boca Raton, Florida. . Come by and say hello! I would love to meet you. 📖 . Date & Time: Wednesday 6/6/18 at 7:00pm EST . Location: Barnes & Noble University Commons Shopping Center 1400 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33431 . Further details can be found under the link in my bio. I hope to see you there! . . . #naomiwhittel #glow15 #barnesandnoble #booksigning #autophagy #diet #nutrition #science #health #wellness #fasting #womenshealth #fatfirst #goodfats #healthyfats #coconutoil #avocado #coconut #mct #mctoil #antiaging #autophatea #skincare #beauty #selfcare #glow15book #bocaraton #newyorktimesbestseller #nytbestseller
Hi 👋🏻 I’m still here. Promise. Just doing life. This time of year is crazy busy for us. Work picks up. We have consecutive weekends of birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and just trying to stay on top of adulting. But I’m still here. Watching and cheering you all on. I’ve also tried really hard to cut electronics off an hour before bed...which use to be my IG time. So there’s that too . . But I wanted to tell you all about the book I’ve been reading. It is fascinating. It’s all about autophagy and the power it has on cell renewal for our health and youthfulness. One new thing I’m implementing is protein restriction 3 days a week. Basically being vegetarian those days. Which is also something I’ve been super interested in. This allows me to have the best of both worlds. So far I am loving it. She also has all natural DIY skin care treatments in the book that I am so excited to start Incorporating into my routine. The book is #glow15 and her IG is @naomiwhittel. Check it out!!
#highday #keto friendly breakfast with #autophotea Really, really entirely splendid 💜 #LCHF #LowCarbHighFat #weightloss #transformation #glow15 #intermittentfasting #IF
My go to lunch salad!!!!!! #fatfirst @briannas_salad #glow15 #healthyfats
This post was reposted using @the.instasave.app #theinstasaveapp ・・・ "Making out of this world keto-friendly goodfat ice cream with my son Christian today! 😍 We have dairy and nondairy versions too! Recipe and video coming soon, stay tuned 😋 . . . #naomiwhittel #recipe #glow15 #goodfats #healthyfats #keto #ketogenicdiet #ketorecipe #fasting #goodfat #coconutoil #mct #mctoil #butter #monkfruit #coconut #acv #easyrecipes #sundayfunday #nondairyrecipe #icecream "
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