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The Milky Way floating over the Virgin River @zionnps ✨ Happy World Photography Day! 📸🌎
stylish! Today was the first day that felt like summer was giving way to change, for more reasons than one. The breezes blowing in through the canyon had that unmistakeable bite to them; blowing through the trees with more urgency than the lazy days filled with warmth. The moon had more time to pass through the clouds, bathing everything in its ambient glow. Everything around seems like it’s shaking off the old and preparing for a shift. I hope the nostalgia of summer, filled with sparkling sunshine on alpine lakes, nights under a blanket of stars, and endless adventure, has a permanent, vivid image in everyone’s mind - I know I’ll be holding on to those soft breezes just a little bit longer 🍃🌞💜 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #trailchat #bpmag #earthpix #ourplanetdaily #optoutside #wildernessculture #wanderlust #instagood #travel #bugaboos #cobaltlake #canada #earthpix #earthofficial #natgeo #natgeoadventure #natgeoyourshot #goatworthy #theoutbound #nakedplanet #neverstopexploring #mountains #forceofnature #vivalosfunhogs #liveauthentic #teamcanon Credited by : christinhealey
Adventures will never cease to exist for this dog.
Sleeping all day today, but snow up high makes me realize how I need to take advantage of the narrow window left before winter descends and the mountains have to wait a few more months. 📷 @taradactyl02
The good thing about getting up at ungodly hours to summit peaks is that you have the motivation of alpenglow to keep you going.
So sad to hear about all the wildfires everywhere. I’d much rather see fog shrouded mountains than smoke shrouded mountains any day. This is from one of the most magical days seeing Yosemite National Park for the first time, during a number of snow storms. Such a great trip with friends old and new. Can’t wait to go back to this dreamland. Where are you headed next? I think it’s going to be Utah or Colorado for me! • • • • #yosemitenp #visityosemite #elcapitan #visitcalifornia #yosemitevalley #instacalifornia #exploreyosemite #letskeepitwild #earthpix #yosemitenationalpark #moodybible #travelcalifornia #lensbible #goatworthy #staywild #getoutthere #paradise #travelstoke #natgeocreative #visualsofearth #traveldeeper #outdooradventurephotos #in2nature #getlost #roamtheplanet #letskeepitwild
Alphonse, barefoot. I was beyond impressed.
Marking transition Where Lake Labarge meets the shore Dragonfly alights #haiku #dragonfly I had a little visitor when we arrived at the beach on Lake Labarge. This ‘Mosaic Darner’ sat on my leg for over 5 minutes and then sat on the stick I put it on for an additional 5! These little mosquito eaters are such wonderful insects! Thanks for the visit my friend. #naturelover #exploreyukon
It’s back to school for Alabama and Auburn so stop in at our Tuscaloosa and Auburn locations to get all your #RollTide and #WarEagle gear for this semester! • • • We’ve got Pressbox vintage collegiate sweatshirts, @camelbak water bottles, @47 collegiate dad hats and @tele_ties to match!
Glacier or the beach? Sunrise, sunset? Life’s not just black or white. But sometimes it’s for sure upside down. • • • I like those office days. #weareskiing #expandyourplayground #salzburgerland #GOATworthy #timetoplay 📸 @lm.erlbacher
Mountain poodles Bird and Wren = best weekend camping crew 😍🐩🌻 Except for the part when they walk through smelly swamps, eat cow turds, require constant grooming, and walk all over your climbing rope... #loveyouguys
Love seeing the different lighting at different times of day in the mountains. There are patches of yellow Aspen trees all along Vail Pass right now. Not long until those ski trails are covered in snow. Change is coming! This is one of my favorite spots in Summit. Happy Sunday 🚵🏻‍♀️
Finally back out climbing! 🎉🎉🎉
And that was his first mile of hiking 😂
Throwing it back to before Noah was born. I was standing/sliding down the side of the mountain about to drop my heavy camera to get this shot and I was more worried my husband was going to fall to his death sitting on the edge of that cliff. Not much has changed ... still sacrifice for a photo and still worry more than I should. | Canyon Rim, Flaming Gorge
A thru-hikers dinner with a view. I loved having an easy cold soak Roast Beef wrap while watching the last few moments of sunlight before I night hiked 3 more miles. @packitgourmet
| I’ve never quite found the words to express the inner peace these mountains have given me |
_______________________ Descending Liberty Bell at WA pass. _ Thanks @masters.of.the.pnw for the snap 🖖👁📷
Shooting Icons- let’s be honest, this is a very un-original shot. If you google Bryce Canyon, you’ll see maybe hundreds like it. I don’t know who shot this first, maybe Ebenezer Bryce himself, but as I stood on the overlook at sunrise I couldn’t help myself- many people were so excited to take in this moment- maybe this was their first and only time in their life they’d get to see this magnificent place. Of course I enjoy finding new places and new compositions, but this one just resonated today. Icons are icons for a reason and even though they’ve been done a million times over, it’s still fun to get one for yourself. #utahgram #neverstopexploring #utahdotcom #werutah #goatworthy #optoutside #briskoutdoors #wildernessculture @wildernessculture #artofvisuals @thisworldexists #igsouthwest #utahisrad #findyourpark #utah #nationalparks #usinterior #jaw_dropping_shots @natgeo #worldtravelscapes #pictureline #brycecanyon #leavenotrace #leaveitbetter #thorshammer #sunriseglow #icon #westbysouthwest
Sometimes I swear Baloo is smiling 😊
Last week I found out Richmond had a lot more than just beer 🍻
🕵️‍♀️ #goneexploring
So yesterday Mya and I went for a hike in Squamish with two of our friends who live in Vancouver. We would like to introduce you to Mieke and Tron from @Pet_Ventures . As difficult as it is going to be, tonight I will be flying back home to Australia for two weeks to see my family and friends. For such a short trip, I don't believe it would be worth the quarentine or other issues associated with flying Mya back to Australia. Fortunately for us, Mieke and Tron have offered to keep Mya company durring that time. They plan on going on lots of adventures together and you will be able to see what they get upto each day by checking out their instagram stories @pet_ventures. They have promised to send me lots of photos and I'm sure we will get the odd video chat in too. I'll be sure to post lots of updates on what we both get upto over the next two weeks and might even post a few throwback moments. It's going to be so tough being away from each other. This will be the longest we have been away from each other in the last five years. After having spent almost 24/7 with each other over the last 10 months, I feel like I'm leaving a piece of me behind. Still I know Mya will be in good hands and I'm making the right choice, as I haven't seen my mother, grandfather, brothers or sister since leaving Australia and I need to spend some time with them and will hopefully get to catch up with some friends too.
📸: @justschmodd
Huge thanks to @cycologybikeco for the hook up on the @ridecannondale ! If you’re in the East Texas area without a doubt the best bike shop around! #SubVert • • • • #texas #pineywoods #cycling #bicycle #bike #roadies #pedal #cannondale #cycle #cyclinglife
The water in this photo represents Monday
I was everything you wished you could be. But when you couldn’t change yourself you tried to change me.
Think about the complexities of life in regards to work: resume, auditions, E-mail, 401k, portfolios, taxes, etc, etc, etc. This woman simply sells modest lanterns for people to make a wish, pause, and watch it serenely float down the river. That seems like the simplest yet most loving profession of all - wish giver.
[...] i've always had a weakness for you, even if it's just your memory. - jmstorm
Summit, Mt Pugh. The choking smoke from the fires was thick, the views were awful, but the company was good and the route is always fun. 📸 @roseandrucksacks 👊🏻👊🏻 Fortuna fortes audivat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #pnw #PNWonderland #ourpnw #upperleftUSA #cascadiaexplored #mountainview #GOATworthy #washingtonexplored #wildernessculture #mountainlife #earthculture #keepitwild #vibes #instagood #moutaineer #mountaineering #optoutside
“All rising suns set.” ―David Mitchell
"They won't tell you fairytales of how girls are dangerous and still win. They will only tell you stories where girls are sweet and kind, and reject all sin. I guess to them it's a terrifying thought. A red riding hood who knew exactly what she was doing when she let the wild in." - Nikita Gill
Huge congratulations to @drtyrunner for finishing the @ltraceseries Leadville Trail 100 Run! Such an amazing accomplishment 🙌
Canoe please bring me some m’oar sunshine? ☀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: @clairebergh
Shhh...my coffee and I are having a moment ☺️☕️🏕 📷:@saibotsemaj
As Miley Cyrus once said... it’s all about the climb! . #womenwhorun #womenwhofly #runner #radrabbit #hokaoneone #stairs #goatworthy #dirtandvert
Mount Whitney before the storm
I don’t know who comes up with the dates for these random days, but apparently today is World Photography Day!
The carrot to my carrot cake 🥕
Regrann from @yeahapril - Instagram is such a funny place isn't it? This world that we created and the lives we portray. It's a strange time right now and I see the effects it has on people, relationships, friendships, self esteem, self worth, jealousy and envy. We post what we want people to see, highlights of our lives, but this isn't the whole story. Just remember when you see someone on your feed that appears to be "perfect" just remember this isn't real life. This is merely a snapshot a glance into their life. Everybody has good days and bad days, struggles just like you, suffers just like you. Nobody is perfect no matter what they show you on social media. So here I am, my normal dorky self making a pretty normal dorky face that I often times make, on a pretty normal day at the gym. This is one of my favorite photos of me. It always makes me laugh and it reminds me to not take myself so seriously. My life is not glamorous, and I live a very normal but fun life. And if you see me out please say hi! 👋 . - #coffeencampfires
Today @pjjoyce123 and I head out on the open road! I won’t return till September sometime?! End destination is Grand Tetons 🤙🏼 welcome to join on this journey! #whpcircles
I'm back! After almost 3 months hiking the Pacific Crest trail I'm finally back home in Alaska. The last few months have been intense, hot, interesting, fun and HOT to say the least. I have so many crazy stories it's hard to comprehend. This was never a trip about photograph or getting social media content but I did get a few cool shots along the way and I'll be trying to share parts of my trip with you on here. If you have any questions about my trip feel free to hit me up 😁 #bealpha #sonyalpha . . . . . #iflyalaska + #worldphotoday #earthpix #wildernessculture #goatworthy #vscocam #aov #bevisuallyinspired #earthofficial #master_shots #wildernessearth #roamtheplanet #aroundtheworld #hikingculture #pixel_ig #moodygrams #jaw_dropping_shots #exceptional_pictures #alphacollective
This last March marked 10 years since my accident where I was life flighted to @primarychildrens hospital. Reflecting back on that time in my life reminded me that it was during the long recovery process that I found my interest in photography. I am truly blessed and have a great life, I’m full of gratitude. So in hopes to give back and use photography as a tool to do so, I’m excited to be working on a new project regarding the homeless. Stay tuned for more soon • • • #saltflats #saltlake #bonnevillesaltflats #gratitude #utah #visitutah #neverstopexploring #goatworthy #natgeo #photography #sonyalpha #homeless #natgeoyourshot
People might fool you into believing that simple is uneventful, mediocre even. But the truth is that simplicity might just be the most exciting thing that could ever happen to you.... #getoutside #liveauthentic #myyogalife #keepitwild #livesimply #liveoutdoors #climbing #becreative
Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m dreaming of freezing my butt off on a clear winter day. Smoke smoke go away 👋🏼
I couldn’t help but ask For you to say it all again. I tried to write it down But I could never find a pen. I’d give anything to hear You say it one more time, That the universe was made Just to be seen by my eyes.
Views from an extinct volcano 🌋
That’s a wrap on my Himalayan trekking adventures... only for now! Goodbye to Nepal today, and hello to London ✈️ . 📷cred: @marty_splice
Three Passes + EBC Trek Day 13: Made it to Everest Base Camp!
Three Passes Trek Day 15: Another 10 hour day over pass #2 , Cho La! We scrambled over huge rocks and an icy glacier to reach 5420m. Celebrated with a Nepalese quesadilla (chapati with Yak cheese) at the top, pictured in my hand here 🤓
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