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We’ve connected with Amsterdam based @goliajewelry , designers of great necklaces and bracelets. Find their 14K gold plated designs, all made in Italy, online and instore at Shelta. #goliajewelry #shelta
GOLIA JEWELRY PÅ SHELTA! Vi introducerar nu Amsterdam-baserade Golia Jewelry på Shelta. Golia designar tidlösa 14 karat guldpläterade unisex halsband och armband, alla med klingande Sopranos-namn 🇮🇹. På bilden halsbanden Tony (55 cm, 649 kr) och Pauli (50 cm, 699 kr). Du hittar dem nu både instore och online på Shelta.se. #goliajewelry #shelta
The perfect timeless piece. Our Christopher Chain. – Shop now with free shipping! ⚠️ #goliajewelry
Jaimy with our Tony (60cm) & Paulie (55cm) chain ⚡️ – Free shipping is still happening until Friday! (NL & EU only) #goliajewelry
Our second break deal is live! 🎰 – FREE SHIPPING IS HAPPENING ALL WEEK LONG! (orders shipped January 14) #goliajewelry
The Tony Chain, still a few left in stock!! + Only three days left to enjoy 15% off all items! Enter code: BREAK15.⚡️#goliajewelry
NEW: The Furio chain⚡️All Italy made, made to last. – Tap to shop in webstore. #goliajewelry
Let’s start 2019 with our first break deal!!!! 🍸 – ENJOY 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WITH CODE: BREAK15 (limited time only!) #goliajewelry
A classic combo we love: The Silvio and Classic Cross Chain – Just tap to shop! 🐊 PS. Check stories for our special deal details! #goliajewelry
Double up 💋 #goliajewelry
New Angel Heart Chain ❤️ Specially for the holidays. - Available in webstore. #goliajewelry
A true classic piece, The Saint Coin Chain 🌹- Tap to shop in webstore. 🏁 PS. Last 24hrs for free shipping online! #goliajewelry
Last 24hrs of free shipping! - ⚠️ www.goliajewelry.com ⚠️ #goliajewelry
A classic combo: Silvio & Paulie Chain. 100% made in Italy 🍝 - Tap to shop online #goliajewelry
Let’s start 2019 with our first break deal!!!! 🍸 – ENJOY 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WITH CODE: BREAK15 (valid until January 6!) #goliajewelry
The Paulie Chain, handcrafted in Italy 🇮🇹 - Tap to shop in webstore. #goliajewelry
Gift inspiration: New @goliajewelry for the holidays 🎁🎄 Shop the new unisex Classic Basic collection now at both Baskèts stores! #goliajewelry #basketsstores
For your holiday season: the Holy Ice Chain, inspired by our 90s feels. - Available in webstore 🌹 #goliajewelry
🎄IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!🎄- Make sure you order before DECEMBER 20 to receive your gifts on time. #goliajewelry
CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY -Dropping our new collection of classic basic chains today! #goliajewelry
Our retro classic: The Flat Cobra 🐍 (available in different lengths) - Tap to shop in webstore. #goliajewelry
90’s feels around with the Flipper chain 🐬 This one comes on a small 14K gold-filled Figaro chain - Available in webstore.💙 #goliajewelry
Split in two with our Classic Best Friends Hearts 💔 - Available in webstore and selected stores (sold per piece). #goliajewelry
The Initial Gold cable chain. Made from 14k gold plating pendant on a gold-filled cable chain - Tap to shop online ❄️ #goliajewelry
90's all over with this one - The Diamond Dagger - Available online and in selected stores 🌹 #goliajewelry
Some details of our iconic pieces: The Saint Coin, Diamond Dagger, Dainty Mary and the Holy Mary chain - Available in webstore 🐊 #goliajewelry
A favorite one: The Astro. This one comes on a gold-filled small Cable Chain - Available in different lengths ⚡️ #goliajewelry
Talissa wearing the Figaro in 45, the Classic Cross in 50 and the Sign Cable in 55 - Available in webstore 🍯 #goliajewelry
Our fairtrade gift bags. Made from organic cotton - Get ready for the holiday season ❄️ #goliajewelry
Alex and our Figaro + Holy Rose Chain 🕷️ both all-time classic pieces to wear solo or together - Available in webstore #goliajewelry
Our iconic Best Friends Hearts on a gold-filled Figaro Chain - only for you and your loved ones 💔 #goliajewelry
Our golden Initials. The Diamond Initial ones are now online available for the holiday season ❤️ #goliajewelry
Another one of @glamournl 's story together with our Best Friends Chain 💙 #goliajewelry
Our new webstore is live - Go browse and shop your favorite golden items now 🏁 #goliajewelry
MIX OUR ITEMS: the Figaro Chain and the Holy Rose Chain - Available online and selected stores 🐊 #goliajewelry
Our Dainty Mary styles - Visit the online webstore for more golden classics 🚀 #goliajewelry
The Rose Flower. On a gold-filled small Figaro Chain - Tap to shop online 🌹 #goliajewelry
Our favorite golden combo on favorite girl 💎 now online at www.goliajewelry.com 💙 #goliajewelry
The gold filled Vintage Rose Coin from our new drop 🌹 tap to shop online #goliajewelry
Our Black Initial pendants 🍯 - tap to shop online #goliajewelry
Alex with our Figaro in 50cm and our Holy Rose Chain in 55cm - tap to shop online 🐊 #goliajewelry
Some details of our Initial golden Cable Chain - Go and pick your own initial and chain length 📀 #goliajewelry
GOLIA / Nouvelle collection ✝️♉️♋️♌️♍️ Lequel tu veux ?! Lesquels plutôt ?!!! . . #hhammerer #hh #golia #goliajewelry #gold #astrologie #cross #keepthemforme
Captured @talissabenamou on film 🌹🎞 wearing our Initial Black Coin & Cable Chain #goliajewelry
Brrr.. our Holy Ice Chain ❄️ Tap to shop this 90s inspired piece in different lengths 💎 #goliajewelry
Sunday goals - including our Initial and Virgin Mary Coin Chain 🌹 Tap to shop online #goliajewelry
Small selection of our new collection 🏉 Go and shop your golden classics now on www.goliajewelry.com #goliajewelry
Friday night favorites 🔥 Have a good one! #goliajewelry
Our Vintage Rose Coin 🌹This one comes with a gold-filled box chain - swipe for more details #goliajewelry
To layer or to wear it solo ♠️ Our Figaro Chain, go get this classic one in different lenghts! ♣️ Ps. More basics are coming soon to you! #goliajewelry
Two pieces of our latest drop: the Sign Cable + the Diamond Dagger Chain 🍯 tap to shop both #goliajewelry
Two of our latest collection 🌹 The Initial Black Coin and the Virgin Mary Coin - tap to shop online #goliajewelry
The gold filled Cable Chain🌹To layer or to wear it solo - Tap to shop this one in different lengths #goliajewelry
New Cable & Initial Coin Chain in black 🌹 available online and in selected stores! #goliajewelry
The Twisted Chain [45cm] + The Holy Ice Chain [50cm] + The Diamond Dagger Chain [55cm]🌹Available online and in selected stores! #goliajewelry
The ultimate 90’s musthave: The gold filled Flipper Chain 🐬 Shop this online exclusive at www.goliajewelry.com #goliajewelry
Boxes full of gold 🌼 Shop your favorite golden basic and not so basic chains now on www.goliajewelry.com 🌼 #goliajewelry
The new Holy Rose Chain 🌹 Tap to shop this one in different sizes #goliajewelry
Our new drop of gold is available online and at select retailers🥁 #goliajewelry
Golden combo 🍯 The Initial Coin Black in 50 cm + The Sign Cable Chain in 55cm #goliajewelry
A few of our basic chains. Perfect for layering or to wear solo 🕊 www.goliajewelry.com #goliajewelry
The golden Astro one 🌖 from our new collection 🌘 #goliajewelry
The new Cable and Initial Golden Box Chain 💯💯 Tap to shop #goliajewelry
Golia designed golden initials. Pick your own initial(s) now on the Cable or Box Chain 🎩 Ps. from today also available at @maisonnl #goliajewelry
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