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Would you want to live to be 100 years old? Surprisingly many people answer no to this question. We tend envision 100 year olds as sick and bedbound, but this does not need to be the case. Many 100 year olds living today are completely healthy and even independent. Book number 39 of the year "The 100 year lifestyle", emphasizes the importance of actually planning to live to be 100, which none of today’s 100 year old ever did. The book's main message is that we should focus on ongoing preventative healthcare and maintenance care of our minds and bodies, so that we not only make it to 100, but when we do, we are in great shape to enjoy it. The key question we should be asking ourselves is "what would I do differently today if I knew I were going to reach 100 years of age?" With this thinking in mind, I decided I need to be more physically flexible, so I recently added “maintenance” chiropractic care to my health regimen. What would you do differently?
You all know I love fitness. I also love dance. I have taught dance for over 20 years. I stopped for a while after I had my kids. It’s like my whole world as I knew it, all my “freedom” was taken away, or lost. With a husband working his ass off, I gave up dance, singing, performing....to be home with my kids. If I didn’t do it, who was going to? I love my kids so so much but, somehow in the chaos of life, I lost myself. I became depressed. Very depressed. I suffered from postpartum depression with both of my kids, and it was debilitating. I developed anxiety that worsened as I had my second child. There were times I looked in the mirror thinking How’d I get here? . In the beginning, I had a wonderful community of neighbors and friends that we lived near that we saw every day. Then we bought our house, which is amazing in Southern California to be able to do, but I couldn’t appreciate it because all of a sudden I was isolated, alone, pregnant, with a toddler and I didn’t know any of our neighbors. I had never felt so alone in all of my life. . . I say all the time, that being a mom is so funny sometimes, because you feel so alone, yet you’re never actually alone. 😂 . Nine years later, I finally decided enough was enough. I have created a tribe of amazing women that I work with, that I love and adore and get to spend time, and just do life with, as we change the lives of other women on the journey along with us! . . In leading these women, I found a new strength and excitement in myself that I had lost for a long time. . . I finally feel like I’m coming back to myself. My confidence. My ability to laugh. Have fun. Feel joy. Is back. . . I couldn’t be more grateful. Post your favorite dance emoji below 💃 👯‍♂️And DM me to join my tribe and get your joy back again 😁
Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! . I’m thankful for so much - family, friends, Health, and abundant love from so many 💕 . What are you thankful for?
If it's better to give than to receive, then why do we spend so much of our time and money on ourselves rather than on others? After reading book 35 of the year, "29 Gifts" by Cami Walker, I've added giving to part of my daily routine. Interestingly, giving to others is actually beneficial to us for many reasons. First, it puts us in an abundance mindset, by showing us that we have what others might lack. Second, it shifts our attention from ourselves to others, which gets us away from worrying about our relatively trivial problems. Third, it increases our happiness as much as a doubling of our income would (proven by research). Fourth, it decreases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, thereby making us healthier. To gain the most from giving, the book recommends a three step process: each day think of what to give (it must be consciously thought about before actually giving something), give it, then at the end of the day, reflect on what you gave. I think this process is so effective because it makes us conscious about the giving process multiple times throughout the day. It doesn't matter what we give (a donation, a gift, our time, a compliment, a hug), but rather that we give regularly. What will you give today?
Happiness is the ultimate goal for almost all humans, but unfortunately, we rarely take the straight path to happiness. Instead we focus on other goals, in hopes that achieving them will make us happy. In book number 30 of the year "Solve For Happy", Mo Gawdat argues that we should focus directly on achieving happiness. My favorite part of the book is Gawdat's equation for happiness: "our level of happiness is greater than or equal to our perceptions of the events in our life minus our expectations of how life should behave." Interestingly, it's not the event that affects our happiness, but rather our own perception of the event. If something goes better than we expected, we tend to be happy. If it goes worse, we become unhappy. Therefore, the key to being happy is to carefully choose our expectations and ensure that our perceptions are not flawed, as they often are.
Leveling up!!! This weekend I WALKED ON FIRE 🔥 AND I DID NOT GET BURNED!!! Spirit of the Awakened Warrior was one of the most profound and life changing set of experiences I've had. I saw unbounded courage, strength, determination, unity consciousness, teamwork, complete support from my husband & teammates, and total TRUST in ourselves and SOURCE as we became one heart and one mind through the flames of transformation. None of us will ever be the same! Thank you Cam Mosher & Gary Acevedo for this extraordinary gift. 💖 www.Riseleadershipgroup.com www.IWalkedOnFire.com #RiseLeadershipGroup #GaryAcevedo #CamMosher #ONEHeart #ONEMind #Gratifuel #levelingup #Thegoodlife #TheImpossibleISPossible
A good friend of mine shared this today and I just had to share it too. ~ ~ Such a beautiful reminder. ~ ~ “Don’t close your eyes and hearts to the simple and elegant beauties of each day’s ordinary moments that make up a rich, well-lived life. ~ ~ “The happiest people I know are not those who find their golden ticket [think Willy Wonka]; they are those who, while in pursuit of worthy goals, discover and treasure the beauty and sweetness of the everyday moments. They are the ones who, thread by daily thread, weave a tapestry of gratitude and wonder throughout their lives. These are they who are truly happy." ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf - - . . #sundayinspiration #truegratitude #gratifuel #itsthesimplethings #findbeautyineverything #havefaith #faithfulingod #faithiseverything #iammormon #whenlifegetstoohardtostandkneel #prayandhavefaith #prophetsofgod #wethanktheeogodforaprophet
I haven’t posted much lately, but when @russellbrunson and #clickfunnels sends you a 2 Comma Club award for your funnel, you post about that!!! #2commaclub #funnelhacker #gratifuel #DFY #RedefineRetirement So thankful to be a small part of the amazing success we are creating for our AWESOME DFY clients!!
Have you ever noticed that certain views of your life just cause you to pause and overflow with joy and gratitude? It’s especially nice when you find those views embedded in the mundane, and the simple... like walking in to a room and seeing your sons reading together on the couch. When one of them is in the costume of the person in in the book he’s looking at, it compounds the giddiness 😆☺️❤️ #lovemyboys #readingisleading #gratifuel #familylifeisLIFE
Started my first re-read today and it’s interesting to consider the inward evolution since my first read years (which ironically just autocorrected to “wars”🤔) ago, and to consider the “nuggets” I’m picking up this time vs. the last. “Where we stand depends on where we sit.” I remember that from the first read but I don’t recall it having such weight behind it. I’m so glad I decided to revisit this book at this moment. #thejewsreviews #butyoudonthavetotakemywordforit #readingrainbow #levarburton #missthatguy #readingisfundamental #readeveryday #gratifuel
Thanks to the good people at @ignitespeakers for the shout out!! I TOTALLY stand by this quote by the way!!! 😃😉 #gratifuel #truegreatness
Little Miss road tripped with me yesterday to go speak to the Bear Lake High School girls volleyball teams in Idaho for their 2018-2019 kickoff! She got nachos, subway, Harry Potter, and 8 hours of uninterrupted Daddy Daughter time!! We had so much fun, she was even my photographer ☺️😉 #sofun #gratifuel #daddydaughterdate
Day 11/80 AAA Arms 💪🏼 Abs ♥️ Ass 🍑 LOVE this workout!!!! Today has already been a shit show, but I got my workout in! Today I choose to be grateful that I have hair to have a bad hair day, grateful I have a job to be running late to get to. Today I choose to focus on what I’m grateful for and not my shit show. #gratifuel #80dayobsession
My computer 🖥 monitor has the 3 things that guide almost every decision I make every single day!! #ILoveTheLord #ILoveMyFam #ILoveFLIP #ILoveYou #gratifuel
"Um dia nos disseram que pararíamos de crescer. Lembram? Eu particularmente não acredito nisso. Eu penso que dobramos de tamanho durante a vida. Lá no fim seremos nós mais todos aqueles que um dia nos tocaram profundamente a alma.” #brusque #goodvibesonly 💯 #gratifuel
My day is not even going remotely as planned, but hey! I have breath in my lungs and the sun on my face. It’s gonna be what I make it. #gratifuel #fliptheswitch
Look for what’s good even IN the frustrating moments of life. 💛 ~ ~ Don’t wait to be happy when you’re in your dream house, when you have enough money, WHEN things are better. Make it better NOW by being grateful in your circumstance. ~ ~ . . . #SundayInspiration #havefaith #faithinhistiming #dogratitude #gratefulinallthings #circumstancesdontdefineyou #gratifuel #believeobeyendure #ldsmama #faithfulingod #faithiseverything #iammormon #whenlifegetstoohardtostandkneel #prayandhavefaith #prophetsofgod #wethanktheeogodforaprophet
I know I need a little reminder sometimes. And a great read so far! #gratifuel
“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, and confusion into clarity.” “WITHOUT Gratitude it doesn’t matter whether you make $25,000 a year or $2,500,000 a year, it will never be enough.” Let the #gratifuel journey begin!
Uprooting our family and relocating to a new city was a huge decision - shooting the sunrise this am I captured this bird flying by & it made my heart soar with gratitude - just the reminder I needed 😍 Sometimes you just have to spread your wings and fly. #blessedandgrateful #sunrise #bird #spreadyourwings #takechances #newcity #newlife #justthereminderineeded #takechances #believeinyourself #family #love #bayareanative #elkgrove #gratitude #gratifuel
FINALLY have some inventory again!!! #gratifuel #FLIPpinAwesome
What makes popular people so popular? Is it good looks, a sense of humor, intelligence, or confidence? Nope, it’s none of these things. What makes popular people popular is that they are interested in the greatest number of other people. In other words, if you want to be liked by others, what you need to focus on is genuinely being interested in others. Book number 25 for 2018 "Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People" shows you how to do just that. This book is the equivalent of "How To Win Friends and Influence People" on steroids. The methods are based on several decades of research about the science of human interaction. When you apply the techniques, you start to realize that every single person has something amazing and interesting to share with you, whether it’s about traveling the world, making the best vegetable smoothies, starting a new business, or crushing an amazing workout. Stop being boring, read the book, and up your social skills! 👊
✨My strength did not come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself up, time and time again when I was knocked down. ✨ Healing from pain is A choice. You have to consciously decide that you deserve to feel free, that you deserve to let go of the weight that has been holding you down for so long. ✨Don’t let what’s happened to you define you. Wear your broken pieces like A crown 👸🏽💁🏽‍♀️
I think I’ve been interviewed nearly 100 times about the book and how to fuel your happy now, and I’ve never had an interviewee push me as hard and get in to as many areas as Jimmy Rex did on this interview, so I LOVED IT!!! I’ll post the YouTube version of the link in the first comment!! I promise, if you listen to this interview in part or in whole... it’s gonna make a difference for you TODAY!!! #gratifuel
I'm a minimalist but there are two things I love to buy. The first is time. Time is our most limited asset in life. At the end of our lives, almost everyone will wish they had more time, but the problem is you can't buy time when your on your deathbed. However, you can buy time now! I love finding ways to pay someone else to do tasks for me which I don't enjoy doing and which don't contribute to my larger goals in life (washing dishes and doing laundry aren't exactly going to change the world lol 😝 ). My second favorite thing to purchase is knowledge. No matter what problem you are experiencing in life, chances are that someone else has already experienced it, solved it, and wrote a book on it. All you have to do is find and read the book and you can learn in a few hours what may have taken someone else ten years or more to figure out....talk about a good deal! What do you like to buy?
Gratitude! When times get tough or I start to feel like the world is closing in on me I try to think about the things that went right for the day. I try to think about the things that I am grateful for. It doesn't always make the thoughts stop. It doesn't always make the hardships go away. It doesn't always make everything better. But it helps. Even if only for a little while. It makes the days more bearable. It gets me through just one more day. Sometimes I can plan days, weeks, and even for holidays in the future. Sometimes I just make it through the day. Gratitude keeps me sane. My daughter's laughter. My children's smiles. My family. Naps. Hugs. Help that I receive. People who understand My friends (many of whom feel like family) My husband #livingforreal #gratifuel #onestepatatime
An important lesson I learned from being in the medical field is to constantly experiment with options and assess their impact on your life. We tend to be extremely resistant to change. We just do stuff because we’ve always done it that way (which basically means we will never improve) or because we enjoy doing it that way. Yet we hardly ever compare one option to another and see which one actually has the best outcome. Here are some common and lame beliefs I hear all the time. I love eating meat; I love taking warm showers; I love reading the news, it’s so informative! Really? Have you ever tried being vegetarian and compared your health to when you ate meat? Have you ever tried taking cold showers and assessed how you feel? Have you ever given up the news and seen how much time you save and how much less negative you feel? Years ago, I held these wimpy beliefs too, but once I compared the outcomes to being vegetarian, or taking cold showers, or ignoring the news, the quality of my life has improved at least ten-fold. Are you optimizing your life through experimentation or just doing the same things your grandparents did?
Would you spend $300 on a blender? I wouldn't. So why did I just buy a $300 blender? Because I WOULD INVEST $300 in a blender. What's the difference? A while back, I became consciously aware of one of the most important lessons I've learned recently. It's about the difference between spending and investing, both in regards to our time and money. See if I were to buy the blender without a specific purpose, it would be an expense. However, if that blender helped me reach my goal of living a healthier life through better nutrition (more specifically, by helping me take in 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day in a simple and efficient way), that $300 could increase my life span by 10, 20, or 30 years! That would be an unbeatable use of $300. We invest our time or money when we do activities or buy things that make us better, more productive, happier, or help us contribute to the world in a positive way. We spend these resources when we numb our brain with distractions such as endless TV, drugs, alcohol, or aimless shopping, hoping they will temporarily fill some void. The more of our money and time we invest, rather than spend, the more successful our lives will be. What percentage of your time and money are you investing versus spending?
FLIP the Gratitude Switch Find The Frustration Look For What’s Awesome Initiate Gratitude Power-up With #Gratifuel by Kevin Clayson at FLIP The Gratitude Switch powered by Gratifuel™ #SegoLilyMentoring  #Motivation #Inspiration #Love #Beautiful #Smile #Amazing #Healthy #Positive #Peace #Purpose #Joy #Gratitude #Strength #Beauty #Goals #Positivity #DevanBosch #SidUnrau #DrPaul #DrPaulJenkins #LiveOnPurpose #LiveOnPurposeTV #LiveOnPurposeRadio   #KevinClayson Music: "Relaxing" by www.bensound.com
What are you passionate or obsessed about? Is it sleep, video games, TV, shopping, cooking, investing, learning, or business? We all have some activity in our lives that we love doing or at least commit a significant amount of our time and energy to. In book 19 of the year, "Be Obsessed Or Be Average", Grant Cardone makes the point that we should consciously harness our energy, or "obsession" as he refers to it, to do something productive for ourselves and the world rather than waste it on our impulses. Not everyone will understand or agree with some of the crazy points Cardone makes, but then again, not everyone will be as successful in life as him either - you have to be a little crazy to change the world! My favorite point from the book was Cardone's explanation of why he bought a jet. It made no financial sense. None. Even if he factored in the amount of time it saved him compared to flying commercial. Still made no sense. Yet he says it was the best investment he ever made! I love that kind of reasoning because he understands something on a deeper level that can't be fully explained. By reading his book, you begin to understand the level of confidence you have to have in yourself to be a game changer. How will you use your obsession to change the world?
Prepping for, driving to, and executing outings with these little guys is an exhausting amount of work. Sometimes I lose sight of why I’m doing it all and I get frustrated at the setbacks and problems that inevitably arise. I get stuck in Grumpy-Vacation-Dad mode. I’m not having fun; they’re not having fun. #meandaddy When I stay mindful and focus on the purpose of my getting out and spending time together with them, IT CHANGES EVERYTHING. #nicedaddy #gratifuel Frustrations and misadventures are brought back into proportion with the bigger picture of why I’m a dad and what we’re here for. They have fun; I have fun. I’m dead tire by the time the weekend is over, but the reward for my efforts pays eternal dividends. #familyadventures PC: Maria Paspuel
Have you ever stopped and noticed the voice in your head, and wondered where it’s messages were coming from? Our programming began the day we were born. We’ve been inoculated with the beliefs of those around us, mostly our parents or any person or source we listened to. Unfortunately, at the time, we lacked the ability to choose which messages were programmed into us, and as a consequence we were stuck accepting any message we heard, regarding it as “the truth". Too bad most of these messages were not only useless, but harmful to our success. These wimpy messages became the core beliefs that shaped our actions and the course of our lives. They have been with us so long that we never stopped to question their validity or their value to our lives. Luckily, once we become aware of these worthless beliefs, we can literally rewrite our entire programming however we choose. It takes time and effort, but through positive self-talk it can be done. Our subconscious minds absorb whatever information we are exposed to and accept it as truth. So, all we need to do is repeatedly flood our minds with the messages we want to hear, thereby washing out our current useless beliefs. The author of book number 18 "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself", Shad Helmstetter, has made this extremely easy by offering pre-recorded self-talk audio programs. You can listen to them for free at selftalkplus.com. It seems weird to listen to "self-talk" but it's certainly not as lame as continuing to carry around the programming we have now. I listened to the recordings every morning for four weeks and found the new messages creeping into my daily thoughts, with direct positive impacts in my work and relationships. Will you stick with your "default" programming or start to create the best version of yourself?
There are two types of pain in life: the pain of achievement/contribution and the pain of regret. We are certain to experience one of these pains but it’s up to us to choose which one. If we don’t consciously choose to “pay the price” now, we will be forced to pay with the regrets of an unfulfilled life. This lesson became apparent to me at work last week. It was one of those nights where the universe hands you more than you think you can chew. In the midst of the pain of getting stretched too thin, you ask yourself “why did I sign up for this when I could be at home sleeping, like a normal person?” But as always, you persevere and get through it (thanks to an awesome trauma team!). When the dust settles the next morning, and the patient says thanks for saving my life, you realize your pain was worth it. Wouldn’t it have been sad to sleep through the night with nothing to be proud of the following day, to feel that you did not harness your full potential and positively contribute to society? Which pain will you choose?
You guys. I mean, come on. 😍 . . One of the things I love about coaching is that I can do it from anywhere and my clients get to keep their accountability, motivation and support. . And I get sweet newborn snuggles from my new niece 💕 Whatever you do for work, make sure it doesn’t feel like a job, and you love it. Feeling super grateful for a career as a coach so I can help people, and have flexibility to fly across the country to help my little sis right now 💗 P.S. How cute is the little strawberry butt?! 💕💕
Let’s stop, breathe, & take a moment to feel grateful for something 🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏿 @gabbybernstein #gratifuel #grateful #attitudeofgratitude #momentoftheday #somuchlove #yogalifestyle #spiritjunkie
I'm by no means perfect in any area of my life, but I can't imagine a life where I wasn't striving for near perfection in every area. Our trajectory in life, or what we are aiming for, matters a lot more than where we are currently. I don't have six pack abs (and that's OK), but I can't imagine a life where I wasn't working to have them (I'll never throw in the towel and be OK with just being fat). I'm far from being the nicest person in the world, but I can't imagine not working to be nicer everyday (and as a result, I'm a much nicer person than I was five years ago). I don’t have a Lamborghini, but I can’t imagine driving a Honda for the rest of my life (although they are highly reliable cars lol). These goals may seem ridiculous or useless to some people; however, it’s not really about the goals themselves, but rather about who we have to become to reach these challenging or seemingly unobtainable goals. The crazier the goal, the more we have to grow to reach them, and the only person limiting how crazy your goals are is yourself. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. So what are you striving for?
We talk a lot about figuring out what we want in life, but we rarely ask “what does life want out of me?” If we pay attention, the universe frequently gives us clues of how we could apply our unique abilities to solve a current problem in the world. Simply doing what we want is like taking the easy way out and it's rarely the best thing for us or for the world. However, if we take up the role the universe wants us to fulfill, it doesn’t always fit so cleanly with our desires, and as a result, we’re pushed out of our comfort zone and forced to grow and adapt - which is exactly what we should be seeking. As always, I recently discovered this lesson at a key branch point in my life and I’m fortunate I did (thanks universe!). What is the universe asking from you?
How do you remain grateful in the midst of frustration? Here is something simple enough to remember and do inside of life’s most difficult moments. Uplevel your mindset with #Gratifuel 🔥🔥🔥 ➡ https://buff.ly/2Im1T5n⠀ ⠀ #MoneyAdvantage #Gratitude
#energy #vampires we all have them in our lives! Figuring out how to #manage them is the key. Now is the #time to evaluate your #circle Are you getting the #positive #reinforcement needed to #flourish or are you being #drained by others ideas of what is #realistic or #ideal for you. Remember what you #visualize #dream of is a 100% yours. #ownit live it #loveit Don’t allow others to drain your #positivity #mindset #happiness #faith #gratifuel #portland #oregon #washington
Do you #live your #life glass #halffull or #halfempty it is really all about #perspective the #choice is #yours Each day you are going g to be faced with choices. You can choose to #fliptheswitch live your life #grateful #bossmom #sparkle #gratifuel #mindset #happiness #gratitude
“Nobody turns down an invitation to the White House, but I’ve seen plenty of people turn down an invitation to fully live”. This is my favorite quote from book number 7 of the year “Love Does” by Bob Goff, who shares his key insights on how to live a remarkable life. My main take away is to say “yes!” to the opportunities and challenges life presents you with, regardless of how difficult or intimidating they might seem. It’s much better to try something crazy and fail rather than try something wimpy and succeed. Have you done anything crazy lately? 👊
We all can choose the glasses we look at our #lives through. I choose those of #gratitude I will look at each day with a new #perspective and #appreciate all my #blessings Are you willing to #change your glasses and focus on being #grateful and #gratifuel Your #joyful #energy will #draw others to you! Go out and spread #joy friends!! @kevinclayson
My Check Engine light is on. But it's ok because my car runs on #gratifuel @kevinclayson
#gratitude there is a #dictionary definition, there is a #feeling associated with it, each day we each #feel it. Here is my question how can you #change it from a noun to a #verb give it #action I want you to REALLY #think about this one. Today is day two of my FLIP the switch journey and #gratifuel Reminder... Every coin has to sides. Here is the #reality which side of the coin we see and the action we take based on it is ALL on us!!! Today I pick the shiny side @kevinclayson and I will find the #awesomeness in each one!!!! #mindset #mindsetshift
Not five minutes after reading the formula of #FLIP I had the #opportunity to #engage it. I could have let the walk out the door without a peep bother me or the bread crumbs left on the counter piss me off. Instead I turned #gratitude from a #noun to a #verb Want to know how you do that. Follow @kevinclayson and purchase his book. It’s #time we all work on #flippingtheswitch Today is day one of #gratifuel verb/noun I’m in #control #mindset #mindsetshift #happylife
Gratitude Challenge Day 6 How is it that a person who is born into total poverty, starts out with nothing, has very little college education goes on to be the president or a celebrity, or builds an empire and becomes one of the wealthiest people in the world. How is it that two people start out in the same career, and yet one person's career goes from success, while the other person works himself or herself into the ground with little to no success, no matter how hard they try? The missing link to success gratitude, because according to the law of attraction you have to be grateful for what you have in order to attract success to you. So without gratitude its impossible to have permanent success. When you are grateful for you job, you will automatically give more to your work, and when you give more to your work, you will increase the money and success that is returned to you. If you are not grateful for your job, you will automatically give less. The amount you give in gratitude is exactly proportional to the amount you receive in return. You control the amount you receive, by the amount of gratitude you give. ACTION ITEM: Today imagine that you have an invisible manager with you all day at work. His only job is to keep a record of your thoughts and feelings around your job. Imagine your manager will follow you wherever you go today, poised with a pen and paper. Every time you find something about your job to be grateful for, your manager will take note of it. Your job is to find as many things as you can to be grateful for so at the end of the day your manager has a long list of gratitudes. The longer the list, the more magic you will bring to your money, work, success, opportunities, enjoyment and fulfillment. The more deeply your manager can see you're feeling gratitude, the sooner your manager can start to make magic happen in your work, and the more magic will be created. It is possible that you could generate so much gratitude for your work in one day that you would see circumstances instantly improve. Lucky breaks don't happen by accident. They are simply gratitude's magical power at work!
What are you most thankful for??
I was tagged by these lovely ladies @graymatterstrong @sweet_fit_life @eastern.shore.fierce for #5thingsaboutme or #5factsaboutme 1️⃣ I consider myself adventurous and some of my favorite experiences/ activities have been scuba diving with sharks, skiing, climbing waterfalls, and horseback riding. 2️⃣ I am scared of heights but have been rock climbing- both times i had panic attacks. I dislike driving over bridges, especially alone. 3️⃣ I consider myself very blessed to have a close knit family. My siblings and most of my first cousins on my moms side all live within an hour of each other. After our grandmother passed away two years ago we decided to have an annual camping (well glamping trip) at a cabin resort in honor of her memory, as family meant everything to her. Last summer was the first vacation together and it was so incredible! 4️⃣ I spent 3 months of my first pregnancy in the hospital on bedrest. Somehow I remained positive the entire time even though I was told my son would most likely be delivered within 24 hours of my arrival and may not live. 5️⃣ I listen to audiobooks everyday on my commute to and from work. Currently listening to Flip the Gratitude Switch by Kevin Clayson which has truly been helping me find things to be thankful for , even during difficult situations and circumstances. I am prone to depression and anxiety but have been able to manage for the past several years without medication. I believe fitness has helped immensely with my mental health. Well I didn’t think I could think of 5 things and i really hesitated to do this, so thanks to all who read this far! #100strong #queenteam #gratifuel #gratitude #100strongsquad #alexiaclark #fitmom
If Gratitude is a HUGE part of your every day life and you are experiencing it daily. I want to hear from you. Like, comment and share. Let's brighten the world ❤️❤️Send me comment or a PM ⬇️⬇️ #GratenessThroughGratitude #changinglives #gratifuel #TheMagic #BeTheChange #Blessed
Sometimes a #quote is sent to you and can have such a huge impact on you. The word #love has so many meanings and interpretations. What is your thoughts on the #word love. How do you #show it? What is your #lovelanguage #feelings #giving #faith #grateful #gratifuel
Started a new read today. I stated my #gratifuel #journey today. We all have so many things to be #grateful for. #health #family #mindset #home #wellness #friends #ourjourney #animals #nutrition #spouses
The Magic by @rhonda_byrne absolutely changed my life. Now, as I share the power of being grateful, I follow those leaders in front of me. Living in a state of gratitude will absolutely change the trajectory of your life. This book is amazing. Thank you @kevinclayson #startingamovement #Greatnessthroughgratitude #flipthegratitudeswitch #gratifuel #kevinclayson #TheMagic #rhondabyrne #Myturn
Such an amazing group of students!! Thanks for having me @gvhigh It was truly an honor!!! #GVHighMeetsFLIP #gratifuel
What you track improves, and whatever you want to improve, you should track. I've tracked many things in the past (my daily routines, caloric intake, books read, number of trips taken, number of friends met - to name a few), but this year I'm stepping up the tracking game. I'm tracking the number of workouts per week (goal 5), the number of fruits and vegetables I eat daily (goal 5), and the number of hours I sleep (goal 7 per day). This is consistent with my overarching goal to be "healthier" this year than last year. Thanks largely to tracking, I've already seen a big improvement in how I feel, mostly because I'm less sleep deprived (I don't even need coffee or tea in the morning anymore). What are you tracking this year?
Three years ago, I made the goal to read one book a week. I finally reached that goal in 2017; I read 53 books! (I read 40 in 2015 and 36 in 2016). Interestingly when I took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), I scored in the 10th percentile for reading comprehension, meaning 90% of the people taking the test could read better than me. I almost didn’t get into medical school because of that score! Now I read more than 99.9% of people on the planet. Why do I spend so much time and energy on reading? Because books, and more specifically applying what I’ve read, has single handedly changed my life more than any other activity I’ve done. A single book can change the course of your entire life and it certainly has for me. I just finished reviewing my book lessons from 2017 and my top 3 books from the year were: “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero, “Life’s Operating Manual” by Tom Shadyac, and “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne. What were your favorite books from 2017?
How will 2018 be different than 2017, or any other year you have lived? To make this year more memorable, I’ve decided to give the year a theme - like the name of a chapter in the book of your life. My theme for 2018 is “Seal Mindset”. I’m not saying I’m a Navy Seal or even close (no one is trying to kill me when I’m at work!), but I’ve always admired the mindset required to become a seal. I was inspired by two books I read last year, “Living with a Seal” and “Make Your Bed”. This year is all about taking on extreme challenges that push the limits of the mind - 1,000 push ups in a day, 24 hour fasting, and silent retreats to name a few (stay tuned for updates). What’s your theme for the year?
This will ALWAYS be my favorite President Monson quote. I remember as clear as a bell the day he said it... it struck me like a bolt of lightning, and paved a path that led me to writing the book that has completely changed my life!! We love you President Monson... thank you for teaching me how to touch heaven while still on earth!! #gratifuel
As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to think about who is in control of your life. We make many goals but we also make many excuses. We sometimes blame other people and external factors for our problems, but everything in our life is ultimately our responsibility. Now maybe it’s not your FAULT that you have bad genes, that your parents beat you, that your significant other isn’t perfect, that you got sick, that your boss sucks, etc. However it is your RESPONSIBILITY to do everything you can to succeed despite the cards you were dealt. In 2018, choose to be the leader of your life and not a victim of it!
This is the view from my office... I’m so thankful for this remarkable view! I look up, and past my monitors and this is what I see!! I will never get tired of this view... I remember first visiting Utah when I was 8 years old and I was even blown away back then. I never thought I’d live here, and never thought I’d have this view from my office AND from my front yard... Utah really has become home!! #LifeElevated #gratifuel
By the way... just for the record... I think my wife is ADORABLE!! #loveher #TopGolf #DFYHolidayParty #LuckyMan #gratifuel
Thank you @ignitespeakers for posting!!! #gratifuel
What will you look like at the age of 70? Will you be weak and fragile? Probably, unless you start preparing now. After the age of 30, our bodies begin to decay at roughly the rate of 1% per year (that includes the function of all of our organs, brain, and muscles), unless you do something to counteract this decline. My prescription is weight lifting (as opposed to "cardio") for everyone. The benefits of resistance training are numerous, including increased bone density and muscle mass (which burns fat 24x7), improved agility and hand eye coordination (decreased chance of falling and breaking a hip), better cardiovascular function, and a toned physique. To reap the maximal benefits, it's best to start early, preferably in the late teens and early twenties when bone and muscle growth are at there maximum - although it's better to start late than never. I've seen some 70 year olds in the gym that can outlift most 30 year olds! If you don't know where to start, check out book number 44 of the year - Body Weight Workouts for Men; 75 Anytime, Anywhere Exercises to Build a Better Body. Despite the title, anyone (including women) can benefit from these exercises since the book describes modifications to decrease or increase the difficulty of any exercise. These exercises can be done at home, for free, and with minimal time commitment. There's no excuse for being weak!
#Repost @ladyfinstalker with @instatoolsapp ・・・ #risefilter for a reason! The story behind this makes me laugh and cry tears of joy. This may seem such a simple pose to some, #wheelpose , however for me it had always proven to be a challenge. I didn’t believe I could. Didn’t think I had the strength or flexibility. But because I have some kickass teachers @katemiddletonyoga who taught me, encouraged me, believed in me, I was able to get my head off the ground. I’ve done this pose since without assistance and it made me laugh that I once thought I couldn’t do it. Theres so much power in surrounding yourself with people that believe in you. That support you. That you can trust to have your back. I stood much taller that day because of this baby step achievement. @bianca_sun_young_kim #thankful #gratifuel #inspiringteachers #giliyoga #gilitrawangan #balibaby #yogaprogress #yogajourney #soulsister #powerteam
#Repost @kevinclayson (@get_repost ) ・・・ Met a SUPERSTAR at lunch today!! From winning the Mirror Ball Trophy on DWTS to a yummy lunch at Mama Chu’s, THANK YOU @lindsarnold for being an amazing example of talent, humility and values!!! #GoMormons #DWTS #gratifuel
Met a SUPERSTAR at lunch today!! From winning the Mirror Ball Trophy on DWTS to a yummy lunch at Mama Chu’s, THANK YOU @lindsarnold for being an amazing example of talent, humility and values!!! #GoMormons #DWTS #gratifuel
Most people reflexively hate Mondays, but I have learned to love Mondays. No matter how much we love the weekend, it's unlikely that what we do on the weekend is going to change the world. Monday's represent a new week of opportunities, a fresh start. No matter how bad the prior week was, Monday offers a chance to be better this week. To make sure I start the week off right, I've developed four rules I follow every Monday. First rule: Don't hit snooze. The very first decision we have to make is to wake up...resist the temptation to snooze. Second rule: Hit 100% on our daily routines. By now, you've hopefully developed a morning and evening routine of key activities that will lead you to your long term goals. My daily routines include meditation, yoga, reading for self-improvement, and reading for my career, to name a few. Third rule: Exercise. We all know about the physical benefits of exercise, but evidence shows that exercise has significant mental benefits as well. If you exercise regularly, you know how crappy you feel when you skip a few days, so make sure never to miss a workout on Monday, even if its a super short one. Fourth rule: Optimal nutrition. No matter what your current nutrition goals are, make sure to stick to them on Monday. My current daily goals are 2600 calories (vegetarian), 150 grams of protein, and 5 fresh fruits and vegetables. That's it. If I can hit those major tasks, I usually build up enough momentum to make the week a successful one. What do you do to dominate on Monday?
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