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After a few intense days, I needed to get out and see #Chicago . After a couple hours on one of its famed architectural boat tours, I disembarked and noticed the sky still shimmered a bit, a few minutes of dusk left before darkness took over. I hotfooted it over to Millennium Park and smiled at the familiar sight of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate installation, affectionately known as The Bean. On prior visits to the Windy City, I only had time to see this reflective icon in daylight, wandering beneath its elegantly arched underbelly as it playfully distorted the likenesses of all below. This time, it took on an entirely distinct appearance, glinting and glowing as the surrounding city lights grew ever brighter. I kneeled on the ground, Macgyvering a ‘tripod’ setup, using my bag as a prop and sprawling myself over the pavement. A few guards nearby chuckled as they realized what I was doing, surely amused at my relative inelegance compared with my shiny, sleek subject. As they bantered with each other about how this was needed for a nighttime image, I secured my shot then packed up, winking at my audience as I headed off in search of dinner. #travel #cityscape #skyline #night #WHPawaywego @passionpassport #PPnight #YourShotPhotographer #TLPicks #instatravel #travelgram #worldnomads #savoteur #livetravelchannel #worldtourists @frommers #bbctravel #trulylocal #iamatraveler #traveldeeper #gothere #lifewelltravelled #5secondvacay #thediscoverer #culturetrip #lonelyplanet #greatesttravels #globalcapture #forbestravelguide #klm @chicago #igerschicago
(escute ao som de Dindí na voz da Bethânia)
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Mamaa! 💙🌴 × 📽️@samoylens
Vale no café da manhã?! 🍺😍 🇩🇪 . . . Can I take for breakfast?!🍺😍🇩🇪
Enjoy your weekend and try to capture some sun. ☀️📸
Our day trip to Suzhou from Shanghai was a day well spent. 😍
☘️😀“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.” – John Hope Franklin 😄 Don’t you adore going on vacations? Tag your partner in crime that you want to travel with ! ☘️✈️🍡
Missing sunny weather! I can’t wait for spring and summer to finally arrive in London ☀️
I'm finally happy, no longer shackled to the impossible dreams of youth and worldly expectations.
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