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Val Saint Lambert in India : In Search of Lost Crystal During a year-long journey, I searched for VSL @valsaintlambert crystal chandeliers across India. The story was published in NationalGeographic/Holland-Belgium @robbertvermue Ask any Belgian about Val Saint Lambert and they will inevitably recall with nostalgia the vase, wine glasses, or other crystal objects that their parents and grandparents owned. Every Belgian home had, and likely still has, some « Val ». The Val Saint Lambert Crystal Works, established in 1826, remains the crowning jewel of Belgian heritage with crystal among the clearest in the world. The company, located in Seraing, the industrial region of Liège, employed up to 5000 workers by 1900. For centuries, goods primarily moved from east to west along the Silk and Spice routes. By the 19th century, Maharajahs, Nizams, Nawabs, and other members of Indian aristocracy bought Belgium’s Val Saint Lambert made-to-order crystal chandeliers and other objects which soon adorned palaces, homes, mosques, synagogues and shrines throughout India. India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Darga Sharif Hazrath Shah Mohammed Hasan Sahib Qibla Abulullai. The mausoleum was constructed about 130 years ago. Inside a storage room, a man is taking care of crystal spare parts of Belgian and Bohemian chandeliers as well as hanging lamps. . . . . #India #alainschroeder #everydayindia #valsaintlambert #crystal #chandeliers #documentaryphotography #everydayasia #gspc #hikaricreative #justgoshoot #lensculture #magnumphotos #moments #color #myfeatureshoot #natgeoyourshot #photographer #photography #photojournalist #photooftheday #picoftheday #reportage #reportagespotlight #SPiCollective #streetphotographer #streetphotography #travelphotography #travel
Duayen foto muhabiri Ara Güler Usta'yı 90 yaşında kaybettik. Başımız sağolsun! Çalışma odamdaki fotoğrafı: ’’Galata Rıhtımında ayrılık; 1955’’; İstanbul; 2018 / Legendary Turkish photojournalist Ara Güler, nicknamed the "Eye of Istanbul," passed away at the age of 90. His photograph ‘’Separation at the Galata Waterfront; 1955’’ in my study room; İstanbul; 2018.
my ears start ringing, my nose get bloody
Escape NYC
Before the cold came | October 2018
Waiting for clouds ☁️ to disappear... ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ XT-2 XF23mm f1.4 Classic Chrome Lightroom
A Horta medicinal de Dona Maria. Quilombo jamary dos pretos, Turiaçu, Maranhão, 2017. Foto selecionada para a exposição "Herança e futuro " do coletivo fotógrafxs negrxs, realizado durante o Festival Foto Rio Resiste de 2018, no Instituto de Pesquisa e Memoria pretos novos, Rio de Janeiro.. . . . . #everydaybrasil #foto #fotodocumentalphotography #everydaybrasil #photodocumentary #maranhão #turiaçu #spicollective #picwantmobilestories #photography #gspc #friendsinprofile
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Esse é o Coco. Me contou que já morou em tudo quanto é canto mas hoje mora em Boipeba. Ele é um artista de sorriso fácil, construiu a casa no melhor canto da ilha...casa eu disse? Na real ele chama de nave. Sorte a minha de ter cruzado com ele e sorte a nossa que exista alguém igual a ele. Pensando nos tempos difíceis que podem vir, precisamos resgatar os bons valores que sempre existiram. Perguntei a ele como era morar onde mora e ele respondeu que era bom, que o povo vive como antigamente. É, acho que esse é o segredo do sorriso fácil.
Big city life
Chronicles from the Streets. (2017, Paris)
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