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CUANDO LAS HERMANAS ESCAMEZ SE ABURREN 🎵🎵 @mariguita @virginia_escamez #gym #zumba #escamezsisters #baile
Come ogni estate lavoriamo per creare un box migliore e per offrirvi un servizio migliore, quest'anno nuovo desk... e magari sushi bar 😎 #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #crossfitlife #crossfitter #training #wod #workout #hardtraining #gym #gymlife #muscles #highintensity #strength #weightlifting #conditioning #endurance #fit #fitaddicted
Grab a bargain! £7.50 for 12 cookies. Instore @monumentalsupps #wigan B.B. 28.07.18
PHYSIQ 제품들이 상표권 분쟁으로 당분간 수입이 중단될 예정입니다. 좋은 모습으로 다시 찾아뵙겠습니다. 🤣 . #운동스타그램 #헬스타그램 #운동자극 #workout #gym #gymwear #fitness #motivation #fit #abs #muscle #running #복근 #LVFT #teamLVFT #followme  #follow  #f4f  #follow4follow  #L4L  #Like4Like
Gangsta pose Friday 👸🏻✌🏻
This is my traditional Argentine dress from the country My father brought two of these dresses from Argentina, one for my mother and also one for me. This dress was hand made there and for this pageant it was necessary to use both of the dresses to remake it so it'll fit me perfectly. I am very happy with the result and i am very proud to wear this dress. It has a wonderful memory from my childhood when i was dancing in it with my father, when he still was living here in The Netherlands.
Okay, this summer I have had HUGE mentalblock for r/off full. I was supposed to do basic round off whip. Then I started to twist & hurt my self SO bad. I though I am never ever doing fulls again. When I lost my full, I too lost my motivation and then I lost too many of my old skills. I felt bad bc I knew that a 1 year ago I was so much better than I am now. Then one day I went to the swimming hall and did my full there. One day after It I was on tha trampoline and I got my full. I still thought that I am never doing It on ground. I started to practise my trampoline skills back. It gave so much motivation for me. 15.8 I went jumping on my airtrack with my sister. I did my full there. A day after I was tumbling with Minea and got bhs full, chartwheel bhs full, and many other full connections. I said to my self that ”today I am going to do It”. We tumbled for many hours and last skill I did was my round off full on grass😭❤️ I need to say thanks to you all, you have given a lot inspiration & motivation for me. Thanks for @mineatumblesss for always supporting me here<3 I just wanna to say: When you are going to give up, don’t. Never give up💓 Thank you If you read the whole thing Ilysm
DIRECTO A LA GRANJA 🐷🐔🐤🐮 - Para qué sirve el ejercicio realizado en este video? - #fitness #chile #chilefit #funcionaltraining #gym #dumbells
Against All Odds. #RebeleticsApparel #RBLTCS
. . . . رسميا : البارسا يتوصل لاتفاق مع ساسولو الإيطالي يقضي بانتقال مارلون مقابل 6 ملايين . مدافع شاب وله مستقبل بس مأخذ فرصته مع برشلونة، أحسن له أنه يطلع علشان يشوف مستقبله بدال مايجلس في الدكة موسم كامل وتضيع مسيرته . . . .
. . . . مساء الخير على الجميع ❤ . . . .
Never to much light 📸: @kayefofficial
Good morning ! Smashed avocado on bagels and 2 fried eggs 💪
Our breakfast favourite ! Salmon, low fat cream cheese bagel !
last nights chicken thai green curry !! using aldi ‘create thai’ curry pasta, coconut milk, chicken, broccoli, green beans, yum!! 😍👌🏼
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