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Where the wifi is weak.
Golden hour.
Where to next? 🌴
Let it all go.
Smoothies make everything better.
Shine like a star, stay strong and believe in miracles ⭐️ #littlemiracles
🌻 ❤️💕 Find your tribe by doing what you love. 🙏🔮 . 🔝 Follow us for daily inspiration! 😱 Awesome shot Source: tyler.arnestad . The concrete jungle 🌆 @vanspiritual #hippie #hippy #hippiestyle #hippiechic #hippiespirits #hippievibes #hippielove #hippiesoul #hippychic #hippystyle #hippieawake #vanspiritual #bohospread #wisehippie #journeyboho #apparelhippie #gypsylife #gypsylifestyle #gypsylove #gypsysoul #gypsyspirit
It’s all in the curves.
Stunning xx
The boho babe sits on her throne.
Intuitive Reading🔥 •Fight for your what you believe in• Passion. When we feel passionate about something, about others notice how it brings that fiery drive and direction that you need in your life. This is about accessing areas in your life where you have given up, or felt defeated. Your life force may feel like it’s declining, but this is when you ask yourself - who have I been surrounding myself with, and what am I mentally feeding myself. You access your creativity when you stand up for what you believe instead of letting people overpower you. This isn’t a time to search for external validation if you need to shift your projects or work, your guides are saying this is a job you seek inside of you with spiritual guidance. This is when you use inner guide, your inner voice to move you the way you know you need to go. This is going to be the day of having to fight for your dreams, and this doesn’t have to be confrontational. Standing up for yourself can be subtle, when you allow your environment to happen and you observe. Your only reaction should be to remain rooted. Inspire yourself to create your world through the serpent energy/ kundalini. This is about focusing on the lower chakras, and allowing yourself to indulge in the things that feel good, all in moderation. If you have been too strict with your life, ease up find a natural flow to create more balance. You make room for artistic expression when you can take a step back from life with grace, and make changes coming from a place of love and compassion towards yourself 🔥
Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche | Kate Moss | 📸Helmut Newton | 1993
Amazing shot from @dkhebertphoto , making us want to disappear to explore sand dunes on this Monday!❤️💐
At some point during our trail ride today my girth came unbuckled! 😱 I remember being in the wash and hearing a sound like a buckle jingling but I didn't think twice about it. 😣 I got back home, dismounted, and started untacking and discovered the girth completely loose- you can see the gap between it and her belly. This is where I'm SO grateful for a quality, well-fitting saddle! We trotted partway home and didn't have any issue (at least, beyond the obvious issue of my not paying attention!). I'm super grateful. We could've been a lot worse off. The next time I start hearing a sound I shouldn't necessarily be hearing, I'll pay more attention to it! 😝 I seriously LOVE our saddle. #saddlefit #saddlefitgoals #ifthesaddlefits #cbarhsaddlery #gypsyvanner #gypsylove #gypsyheartandsoul #gypsycob #irishcob #featheredhorse #featheredcob #featheredheart #featheredsoul #rideanddrive #trailride #dreaminghorse #lifeofYES
#gypsywisdom ⚡️ we are about midpoint through Venus’s retrograde and approaching the Taurus full moon⚡️ both moons this month are in signs ruled by Venus making her retrograde more palpable remember that retrogrades are for introspective, inward-looking ⚡️Find your center, listen in to your inner guidance ⚡️Venus rules Beauty, abundance, finances, relationships, pleasure and love⚡️notice what is showing up for you in these areas what is in balance and what needs to be balanced ⚡️trust what is being opened, closed, revisited at this time⚡️pay special attention to any new beginnings⚡️trust that your relationships are not random encounters but a pathway to awakening self-love and unconditional love ⚡️clarify what you truly value at a soul level⚡️energize your creativity this week the full moon may have you feeling emotional or extra analytical find salvation in creation⚡️use this time to guide you to trust yourself and your inner truth⚡️ lean in ⚡️find pleasure in the details, let peace come first and take part in the alchemy of living well ⚡️#gypsylove #create #fullmoon #venusretrograde
Gypsy soul.
Keep her safe, but keep her wild.
Itching to travel lately...
This cutie.
Kayne 📸
The Queen.
Laughter is the best medicine.
Pure bliss.
So many beautiful Shirey Barber books available in our etsy shop! Link in profile ❤
Totally loving the gypsy vibes in this pic 🧡 Find gypsy belts like this in our etsy shop 📷 via Pinterest
✨Ladies let the light in✨ . Dear women it’s time to let the light in and fill your spirit once again with the divine light. The light that guides you to embrace and enjoy what brings you pleasure. Turn to your crystals and you’ll be instantly reminded of the power the Divine light has to hold and guide us each day. . Our Sacred journey with the Divine light is beginning November 13th for ALL women ready to shine as a High vibrational being, to heal, transform and ignite. Sacred ceremonies, energetic activations, plant consciousness, womb transmissions, healing, growth and more.
To move forward we must bless ourselves for a new beginning with letting go. - I created a Sacred fire ceremony on the weekend. I went through the last 5 journals I’ve filled up and tore out anything that was just an old vibration. An old idea, thought, feeling, breakthrough. Old channeling that is now so embodied in me that I need not have it written down. - We are evolving constantly and we’ve got to remember to clean out the treasure chest to allow ourselves to be in our highest vibrational state. Living and leading from the freshness of life instead of fear. - Burn away what just doesn’t match you right now ladies. There’s always new to come, there’s no need to hang out. - Here I created a shamanic fire ceremony with prayer, Mapacho, Agua de florida and fire.
Womb on the earth 🌏 Take an inhale, Take an exhale. Let go. Breathe in receive, Breathe out surrender, Pray for the earth to hold you, Honour you And heal you . Give thanks for being the embodiment of you. Give thanks for the protection, love and nurturing offered for you to be you. You are a divine blessing, A divine woman, Creating for all of creation. - A womb anchoring session will take the journey into anchoring and connecting the womb to the great mother. Realigning the three mother relationships in a woman’s lives. A womb anchoring session is the pathway to reclaim your health. You will shine, You will glow, You will thrive. You will dance once again in fullness. 🌙✨🌿🌏 . 📸 unknown
So Thrilled To Be A Part Of Yesterday’s Festivities || The Fashion Edit ~ AFF18 x Gilles At The Grounds | Haus of Denim & Lace Gilded Cage Kimono | Bikini by ReSwim Club
Those who wander are not lost.
Fire red.
✨🍂🖤🍂✨ When life gives you Monday, dip it in ✨glitter ✨...and sparkle all day long. First time getting to wear this dreamy Oasis pearl kimono and gold Aggy shorts from @spell Totally LOVING these shorts, (Prob first pair of ‘gold’ shorts I have ever owned) they are so tastefully done and extremely comfy! Love at first sight! The kimono matches perfectly especially with the hint of gold lurex threading! Also been living in the Spell ID tank. Was just lucky enough to have a cozy Sunday at home. Back to the Monday grind tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend, wishing you all love🧡 and light✨and a beautiful new week. #ootd #spellandthegypsycollective #spellandthegypsy #gypsy #50 #gypsylove #spelldesigns #spellkimono #spelloasis #sundayvibes #spellaggyshorts #loveart #artandfashion #bohemian #bohemianstyle #gypsysoul #spellsisters #goproit #gypsysoul #happyinspell
The peace.
The funniest, most stylish girl on the gram.
Babe of all babes.
🔥Queen of Wands🔥 • Embrace your inner fire today. Dance, shine, unravel your deepest fears. The queen of wands doesn’t hide her magic, she is magic. Find your momentum through creativity, sensuality, and curiosity within all the things you love. Manifest what you want using this elemental force of fire, determination and enthusiasm gets you to the finish line🌙✨🎤⭐️
Amethyst necklace. Amethyst’s ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one’s creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success. #bohemiansisterscollective
Here I have my face covered in sunscreen. Even if I die of the heat, I should wear a long-sleeved shirt. It's the only thing I do not like about this job, although I have to leave because I'll go to live in Spain and there I'll work on other things. 🍂 🍂 🍂 I will greatly miss my lifestyle 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂🍂🍂@hippie_mazzuma_art 🍂🍂🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 #gypsy #bohostyle #gypsystyle #gypsysoul #bohemian #bohochic #boho #hippie #gypsylife #love #hippiestyle #bohemianstyle #gypsygirl #gypsycob #wanderlust #handmade #gypsychic #gypsyvanner #gypsyheart #bohofashion #gypsyjewelry #fashion #gypsyfashion #gypsylove #gypsyspirit #gypsys #bohojewelry #freespirit #gypsyjazz #gypsymoon
Moja malá láska. Pri nej som sa naučila, čo je prebalovať, kŕmiť, prezliekať, hrať sa, venovať sa, uspavať dieťa. 12 rokov rozdiel. ♥️ @tamara.racova #sisters #sis #twins #mylove #foreverinlove #littlesis #blackandwhite #blackgirls #gypsy #gypsylove #beauty #instaphoto #photography #kissing #kiss #smile #sestry #navzdy #gypsywomen #blackisblack #brunette #hairstyles #goodday #familytime
Deeply felt 🌘Hate is heavy..let it go
>>So Festival Worthy ✨👌🏼✨<<. . Look like a >>Festival 🍃🌻🍃 BABE << in these EXTRA long brown Faux suede feather beauties! It’s all about that DRAMATIC 👌🏼 length with this FIERCE feather earrings (12” to be exact)! Each ✨luxurious ✨feather plume is adorned with a marbled turquoise bead & beautiful etched bronze finishes. Only one pair available @hermosa_cosa By Angel on Etsy (Link in bio) enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all @hermosa_cosa jewelry 💋.(Domestic only). . . . . . . Happy Sunday loves ✨✌🏼✨. . . . . #featherjewelry #featherearrings #longearrings #festivaljewelry #festivalearrings #bohojewelry #gypsylove #gypsysoul #gypsyjewelry #countrymusicfestival #stagecoach #californiagirl #beautybloggers #socalgirl #nashvillehairstylist #dallasgirl #arizonagirls #nycfashion #westernwear #hippiegirl #festivalhair #festiebestie #festivaloutfit #festivalgirls #falltrends #artisanjewelry #musicfestivaloutfit #falloutfit #sweaterdress #sweaters
Beauty queen.
The goddess that is Tammy Hembrow.
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