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Bella Hadid ⚡️ @bellahadid
Some time ago, we were shocked to learn that to get into a latex dress, Kim Kardashian had to wear Vaseline over his whole body, so the piece could slide down its curves. Soon other celebrities were parading around with latex and PVC dresses (or vinyl as some like to call). PVC and latex are the most controversial fabrics I know, mainly because they are not exactly woven, PVC is a type of plastic with a glossy aspect, malleable and very hot appearance, while latex is a material extracted from the rubber tree, the clothes normally are a mixture between the natural and the synthetic, very flexible, but also has a problem: it cannot be sewn, so you can use molds or glue the parts. Some more daring designers bet on PVC in the 60s, such as André Courrèges, Iris Van Herpen, although they were more discreet applying it in accessories, and Paco Rabbane who presented an experimental collection with plastic dresses. By the end of the decade, Betsy Johnson brought plastic to the "ready-to-wear" in dresses that could be customized, while Mary Quant applied the product in boots that were very successful, but in the following years, the material was being used less and less. Although latex was much older than PVC, the material eventually left fashion, Charles Macintosh tried to use latex to create waterproof coats, among other protective parts in factories, but were difficult to use because they were extremely hot, soon the material ended up leaving fashion to serve fetishism. Back in the 90s, PVC came back with everything and was almost a uniform for the singers (Hello, Spice Girls!), but despite being something nice visually, it was not really usable in real life. Well, the years go by, people evolve and we come to 2017, where several designers presented PVC pieces in their collections and the most amazing, the public loved it and the fast-fashion managed to bring these models to the public with pants, skirts, and tops. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kim K, Bella Hadid, among others, have decided to bet on tailor-made latex dresses, which they themselves admit: it's hard to get into, a bit hot, but they're very sexy and catchy!
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The Isabella Necklace ✨ Genuine diamond on 14k gold fill Hand of Fatima charm. Can you tell we are all about good energy for 2019?
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A perfect pair ✨ The Minka and Valentina Necklaces
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This Balenziaga windbreaker is so cool #regardsfromhellx
I don't understand why they have to prove their relationship!!! They just love each other, enjoy each other, and grow up together...😋 Just leave them alone!! 😡 let them live their love!!! 😧😦 • • • #gigihadid #new #gigihadidhd #bellahadid #streetstyle #pic #kendalljenner #hadidstyle #sister #gigihadidnews #giforce #edit #gigihadidfashion #backstage #gigihadidedit #newpic #hadids #gaintrain #gaintrick #gainposts #gainpost #cashfollowtrain #fashion #crush #hadidts #hadidnews #hadidsisters #voguefollow #outfits @gigihadid @zayn
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Viewing party 🎈 #regardsfromhellx
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GIGI HADID last week in a black satin Zac Posen dress The beautyfulest model was attending the launch the 2019 Pirelli Calendar in Milan. @gigihadid @yolanda.hadid *WERBUNGWEGENNAMENUNDMARKENNENNUNG*
Pantone announced the color of 2019: Living Coral! Described as "an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge", the color promises to dominate fashion and beauty scene! What did you think? Liked the Living Coral?
Celebrities wearing @lespecs sunglasses 🕶 #regardsfromhellx #coolestsunglasses #lespecs
What Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner have in common? Apart from the fame and the great purchasing power, the two are known to have a very thin waist. The two celebs are always looking for ways to accent their bodies and they have found the perfect accessory for that, the corset belt. The corset was heavily used during the Victorian period, women sought to reach a very thin waist, but this search for the "perfect silhouette" began to worry doctors because it was believed that the pressure of the piece could displace organs. Thinking about women's health, during the Belle Époque, Inès Gaches-Sarraute created an "S" shaped abdominal corset, with the help of a wooden shaft the front part was flattened, which left the silhouette longer. The piece began just below the bust and reached the hips, being combined with white blouses and allowing it to be decorated with laces and embroidery. Although it was created with women's health in mind, the plan did not work, the "S" version also deformed parts of the body and the search for the thin waist was still high, meaning women did not stop using the classic model. Over the years, the quest for the freedom of women's bodies has gained ground, and the corset, a symbol of the aesthetic pressure suffered by women, has lost strength. Although still used by people seeking to tune the waist, the corset has also become a complementary accessory in the current looks, being used to highlight the curves at that specific time, no longer as an obligation.
The Behati Pearl earrings, handmade in Vancouver, BC 🌊
Charlotte Casiraghi❤️ #regardsfromhellx #royals
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Hailey Bieber? #regardsfromhellx
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He’s so cool #regardsfromhellx
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