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We distributed blankets and a couple of "living on the street" bags donated by Lori Carson of #HansenMechanical . The bags included a sleeping bag, hot chocolate, cups, hand wipes, hard candies, toothpaste, brushes, kleenex and the coolest flat bed wagon (remember Iyardra the old Boxer who is pulled around in an upside down kennel on wheels from PHC?) That we just happen to have a dog for! So the first bag went to a Caridad client who was living on the street without a tent. The 2nd bag you see below, went to a young, homeless,pregnant woman. She doesnt know her due date but if you ask me, it's close. Anyway, she is sleeping in a tent and asked for a blanket but we already gave out all the blankets, then I remembered I had one of your bags. She was VERY grateful. Thank you very much! . # Streetdogzlv #PopUpTuesday #ChristmasCelebration #pregnantandcold #Caridad #DTLV
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