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Omgggg talk about a #TBT !!!! Back when my baby girl was just that, a BABY❤️😍 #2010 #throwbackthursday #novisabletattoos #happinessisyou #babygirl #myangel
Never let anyone say you can’t do something, they are only afraid of what you can achieve✨ We should all be lifting eachother up 👆🏽not bringing anyone down👇🏽 be happy in everyone’s success wether it’s with a job role or in the gym or even overcoming fears 🙏🏽
This picture of me was taken at Seminar in July. 📸 . Although it may look like a perfectly pleasing aesthetic photo to most, to me it was a reminder of my missed goals. No diamond ring on my finger💍, no bumble bee🐝, no sash🎽. I missed my goal by nearly $20,000. It's like being dressed up in the most beautiful gown and having nowhere to go. . The best thing about Mary Kay? 💕 Every July 1 we get to start over. Brand new. Fresh from the beginning. All of the numbers go back to 0 and we have a chance to set a new finish line. So, instead of letting my missed goal keep me down - I created a new plan. We are now halfway through the Seminar year and I am on target to finish MY. DIAMOND. RING.💍🙌🏼🎉 . The difference between last year and this year? Tracked numbers. Track numbers grow, people! Set your goals, visual them, write them down and most of all track them. A goal without a plan is just a wish ✨ _______________________________________ #happinessisyou #mymklife #photooftheday #fashionbloggers #fashioninspo #diamondsondiamonds #keepgoing #keepingitreal #happyhunter #happy2018 #marykayus #beautyblogger #beautyinspo #inspirationdaily #handinframe #nevergiveup #planyourworkworkyourplan #ballgown #seminar2018
Celebrating this special day in life with my best friend aka Papa. #gardensbythebay #daddyanddaughter #bestdayofmylife #happinessisyou
Now for a bit of coaching work before my driving lesson ☺️
I toooottaaallyy treated myself to some online shopping 🙊 I’m sure many of you girls will have had this feeling before: When all the clothes came it today I was like 🙌🙌👏👏💪💪💪🤭🤭🤭🤤🤤🤤😈😈😈😌😌😩😩🙃😇 hehe 😇. It’s really important to treat yourself to things that make you happy more than once in a while. Sometimes it’s hard to realise that everyday is a day you run out of time, so why not make the most of it as much as you can? Yes still go for your goals, yes go for your dreams, do what you feel like doing but don’t neglect yourself in the process of progress to success. #begoodtoyourself and you will 10X your happiness levels which will ALWAYS transfer to your daily motivation 💪 #makeyourselfhappy #grateful #thankful #appreciate #joyful #simpleasures #happy #happyvibes #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #goodvibes#goodvibe #happyvibe #happinessisyou #happinessishere #happinessquotes #simplethings #simpleliving #happylife #happylifestyle #positivity #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #positivemindset #philippinemodel #instafit #asiangirls #asianhairstyle
Are you interested in transitioning out of the corporate world? . If so, perhaps you would be interested to know more about ... . ✚ How I knew it was time to make the move out of corporate. ✚ How I transitioned from a full-time corporate in a Head of Strategy role, to working from home in coaching and marketing. ✚ The steps that led me to that big decision in September of last year. ✚ Why I'm not doing one-on-one coaching full-time (and why that is my preference!) ✚ What I've already learnt about working from home + my daily routine. . Join me on Facebook Live tomorrow morning at 8am AWST/ 11am AEDT as I chat through all these things (most of which I've never shared before!) Come on over via the link in my bio. . Can’t make it live but have a question that you want me to answer? Pop it below or send it to me privately and I’ll make sure I provide an answer on the live. . WILL YOU BE JOINING ME? 💜 . 📷 @tessakit . . . #lifecoaching #businesscoach #happinessisyou #thehappynow #lifecoach #successcoach #successmindset #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #tribe #mindbodyspirit #bethechange #changemakers #creativeliving #abundance #spiritjunkie #gratitude #beambitious #theperthcollective #perthbusiness #perthgirlboss #2018 #bycacademy #motivation #entrepreneur #bosslady #success #blogger #coach
People are on social media because they want to be found, they want to connect, they have a message to spread or they want to be heard. So use social media for what it was designed to do... all of the above. Reach out to people, say hello, leave a comment on the things you read that resonate with you - say why it did and share your story. Tag them. Build a community of like minded people . I had a love hate relationship with social media last year, not consistent in my message, thinking no one hears / reads what I say.. so what’s the point? In a world full of images and hashtags it’s easy to get lost . However, it’s a new year and after a few recent humbling comments coupled with people asking how to live healthier and happier I realised we are all making an impact! It doesn’t matter how big or small. One person or thousands. Sometimes people only see an image and are reluctant to do more than like your photo or like me at times are stuck in a scroll hole 😬 . When you can, be mindful with your social media.. stop and read the message behind the images - it might one you’ve been needing to hear
LIFE IS LIKE A ROLLERCOASTER 🎢 IT HAS IT’S UPS AND DOWNS, BUT IT’S YOUR CHOICE TO SCREAM OR ENJOY THE RIDE 💫✨💦 #lifequotes #enjoythejourney #rideofmylife #rollercoasterride #upsanddowns #happinessisyou
Exterior beauty, without the depth of kind soul is merely decoration - Vanessa Quintero. Sweet, happy vibesss for you😀🍀💛 #boundless #happinessisyou #sharekindness #kindnessismagic #whennothinggoesrightgoleft #happyqoutes #vanessaquintero #takeachance #wishyouluck #enjoylife ❤️ #dontworrybehappy 😊
Good Morning everyone! I hope you’re all kick starting your day off with some positive vibes ☀️ Today I’m grateful for 1) Fresh #Coffee (it makes me so happy) 2) Truffle chocolates that my bf got me as a surprise 🙈🙊 3) For my parents. So thankful that they’ve always got my back 💜. What are you grateful for this morning? ✨ #happylife #happylifestyle #positivity #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #positivemindset #grateful #thankful #appreciate #joyful #simpleasures #happy #happyvibes #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #goodvibes#goodvibe #happyvibe #happinessisyou #happinessishere #happinessquotes #simplethings #simpleliving #happylife #happylifestyle #positivity #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #positivemindset
“Hurt only heals as we give it attention, and become present to the pain. Just like an infection, if we don’t tend to it, it only gets worse. Wounds need TLC, time, and attention.⠀ ⠀ The more we resist our own growth, the more disconnected we become from ourselves and our reality, which can cause anxiety in the mind and trouble in the heart.⠀ ⠀ All of those self-critical thoughts and wounded feelings we carry around stress us out and wear us down. They make us feel less-than, unworthy, not able, or not good enough to have peace and happiness. We’ve convinced ourselves that something is wrong with us that cannot be corrected, as if anxiety and failure has set in and is eating away at our souls.⠀ ⠀ This is obviously not true, but the belief and fear of it keeps us from self-care and healing. If we can get past the mental judgement of constantly questioning whether we’re doing something right or wrong—or if we could be doing it better, we can break through the intimidation of meditation and just do it..." . . Read more, "Take the Mystery out of Meditation: Sit Down & Shut (the F) Up," on elephantjournal.com . . #selfcare #selfcaretips #hurt #healing #healyourheart #happiness #happinessisyou #soul #soulsearching #2018 #delhi #india ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
My daily non negotiable. These are NOT a multivitamin they are simply vegetables, fruit and berries that have been picked and juiced. The sugar and water is taken out and amazing nutrients left behind! They are power packed with goodness to bridge the gap between the f+v you should eat and what you actually eat! Since starting these capsules my hair has grown heaps, my once awful digestion is way better and I have so much energy! The most researched nutraceutical on the market!
"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Are we ready after all ‘’ 😬😬 #just30 #happinessisyou #reflections
Хочу поділитись своїм спостереженням ) Ми в #тайланд прилетіли вперше і хотілося б щоб не востаннє 😉😁 Люди щирі,допомагають,бажають приємного відпочинку та перебування на їхній землі! Посміхаються і не заглядають, щоб за це їм щось дали (ви розумієте про що я) Так от )) до чого я ) поки #нашадашакрутишка 🌞 позувала і рибки посміхалися 😁 тільки відвернулася - вони поплили 😂 #щастя_в_середині_нас #сімейнаподорож #щасливіразом #тайланд2018 #дітки #tailand #smile #kids_of_our_world #beautifulworld #happinessisyou #travelwithfamily #travelwithkids
No need to ask anyone else for their opinion on your current situation as you have already been provided with very clear guidance. All you have to do is believe in the information that you have been provided with. Archangel Michael is letting you know that it is safe for you to trust in your own decisions. It is time for you to have confidence in yourself. If you are worried at any stage of this journey ask Archangel Michael to be with you to protect you and shield you from any abrasive situations or conversations. You have the gift. All you have to do is ask??? XxDinaxx #cardreading #archangelmichael #archangels #angels #guidance #confidence #brisbane #australia #loveourlife #loveourjob #happinessisyou
How is your year shaping up? . Are you feeling inspired and motivated? Or perhaps a little confused with where things are at? . Has that post-holiday work funk already set in? You are counting the minutes until your next holiday? . Are you crossing your fingers and hoping everything will pan out for the best? What is the best, really? . Every thought you think shapes your actions and therefore your reality. . If you are tired of hoping and dreaming for - That promotion. That intimate relationship. Owning your own house. Quitting that shitty job and doing something that you are PASSIONATE about. Radiant health and vibrant energy. . And ready to take the reins, get back in the drivers seat or purely just wanting to putt a plan in place then let's get cracking. . I'm running a beautiful workshop in Sydney this Sunday that will include goal setting, meditation, vision boards and connecting with FABULOUS ladies. . Grab you tickets now (link in bio), I have a couple of spots left and would love to see your pretty face. . BIG LOVE x x . 💜🙏💜💜
Often we focus on what is going wrong or what could be better. . To find happiness it is so important to train ourselves to also focus on what is good in our lives. . For that reason I recommend to have your gratitude journal and writing down at least five (better ten) things you are grateful for every night before you go to sleep. . Another thing you can add to your bed time routine is to pick one the most amazing thing out of those you’re grateful for and meditate on it. . Lay down in bed, relax, and think of that absolutely amazing experience you had writhing the last 24 hours. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. It can be simply walking out of your door and feeling the sunshine on your skin. Or the satisfaction from finishing your laundry and folding all your clothes neatly. Or having those 30 minutes just for yourself to enjoy a book and a cup of coffee. . Get back to that moment, replay it in your head as vividly as possible. Feel those emotions again, feel the happiness, or satisfaction. . Later you can start adding more events and make it as a slide show of everything good that happened to you during the day. (The secret is the more you focus on the good things, the more of them will come to your life 😉). . This exercise will help you to set an orientation towards what is good in your life, rather than everything that might be going wrong.
Feel confident in my natural skin, Glow from the inside - out, Blemishes be gone, Have no more break outs, Not have to carry makeup or panic about what I look if I forgot makeup, Be confident. . 8 years ago these where my skin health goals. I was living with #LeakyGut and had #PCOS (unbeknown to me at the time) and I was doing all the "healthy" things. When you hit rock bottom, have given up and decide to take health into your own hands it you're life can dramatically change. . This is my story around skin health, What will yours be? . Join me for a FREE FB live masterclass on Skin health, skin products and my 7 natural steps to glowing skin. 💞 Enquiry via link in bio and Join my Free FB community for free ongoing support. xx You deserve all this too beautiful 😘 . ps. live local on the GC - live event happening this Saturday.
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. – Dr. Seuss You are in charge of how you view and respond to things. I vote for the happier outcome; it takes less muscles. Plus, seeing a baby smile and laugh is impossible not to smile back.
“Be happy...not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything.” ✨ Happiness is truly a state of mind. . . . #virginiavophotography #happinessisyou #losangelesphotographer #naturallightphotography #socalphotographer #socalweddingblog
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