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Details of a surfboard painting 🤘🏾🎨
Painting at @kambaquaraboardshop thanks for invitation @henriquescaff
@lostsurfboardsbrasil 🤘🏾@lostsurfboards_europe 🤘🏾
~Those who lose dreaming are lost~ cit. Australian Aboriginal 🇦🇺 #australia #sydney #operahouse #harboubridge #worldtraveler #crewlife #australianwinter
One of our boxes available📦 get ordering💪🏼🐟
Art aborígene 🇦🇺 in process... Available soon at @bluethumbart
Art aborígene 🇦🇺 Available at @bluethumbart
Art aborígenes 🇦🇺 Available at @bluethumbart
💙 sweet home !
Artistic intervention in Brazil
Art in mural ❤️🎨
Art in canvas 🎨❤️
@georgetattoo1 ✌🏼
Aboriginal influence 🇦🇺🖤❤️💛 60x40cm - Acrilic and ink on canvas Available on: @bluethumbart @saatchiart
💜 Exposition @molduraminuto SP 🇧🇷
Jellyfish 🌵
Skatepark 🤘🏾
Illustration 💜
Illustration ❤️
Mural n’ crazy hair 🤣✌🏼
50x30 ✈️🇫🇷
90x45 cm - acrilic and ink on canvas. Available on: @bluethumbart @saatchiart
1,20x70 cm
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