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Whether if it’s starting your day by having a hearty meal or staying indoors for a slow morning, have a lovely Sunday everyone!
📷🖋 @IsabelleTanbel Black Sauce Wan Tan Noodle!
Pig trotter beehoon!
Weekend is about spending time with loved ones, best accompanied by hearty food! #curryassam #fishhead
Found myself at Fusionopolis the other day looking for a snack/ drink before dinner. I decided to try this new bubble tea brand, Winnie’s. 3 of us each ordered their specialties, and I had the Lychee Rose Nectar which came with aloe vera bits. When I saw that their pearls are handmade daily, I was tempted to give it a try too. It went really well with the nectar drink! Subtle rose taste and a pleasantness of sweet lychees all in one! Reminds me of the Ispahan cake I had recently! 😆 Definitely like the idea that pearls are freshly made. I saw on their menu that they have a good variety of other beverages too. Probably next time, when I’m around the area again!
Steamed Flower Crab💮🦀 #homemade #recipes •Flower Crab •Spring Onion •Sliced Ginger •Minced Garlic •Superior Soy Sauce* *Check out our video for the superior soy sauce video https://bit.ly/2zaVhnK There are also similar recipes that you can try http://bit.ly/steam_seabass & http://bit.ly/steam_prawn Be sure to check out our page for cooking video recipes every Friday.😉
Good Morning! Black Forest Mocha for that dreamy Christmas mood. 🌲
Happy food, happy tummy! Thank you @thegabrielgoh for coming down!
One of our legendary homegrown brands, Ng Ah Sio has been synonymous with serving the Singapore version of bak kut teh since 1955. Adored by a legion of fans both locally and overseas, this bowl of peppery Teochew-styled pork ribs soup is comforting and perfect during cooling weathers. • Since 12 November, their flagship Rangoon Road outlet has launched a Kung Fu Tea x Bak Kut Teh breakfast promotion where you get to pair their Xiao Ye Gan tea ($3.80 onwards), a blend that’s contains seven types of tea and herbs, with their signature dishes such as the Premium Bak Kut Teh with Spare Ribs ($10.50). This blend of tea is specially crafted to complement and accentuate the robust flavours of the pork broth. _________________ Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh Address: 208, Rangoon Road, Hong Building, Singapore 218453
Ready to go beyond #saltedeggyolk ? To infinity and beyond with our Emperor Cream Sauce then!
📷🖋 @Chlo3Ch0ng ・・・ Beautiful Hawker Wonton Noodle 😘
Dip it low, pick up slow. @snaptasterepeat showing us how to do the #handsinframe curry dipping shot, thank you!
Mom’s 67th Birthday feast tonight ! A seafood loving family and we found ourselves celebrating over Cajun style seafood instead of our usual local seafood fare. Interestingly, we still get to enjoy our favourite local black pepper crabs here too! 😆. Dancing crab did their black pepper crabs very well too! 😋 It was heartwarming and yet fun to be sitting together, eating with our hands on da messy table, no table manners required here, just finger licking good! 🤗
Claypot Curry Fish Head 砂煲咖哩鱼头 @ Chng Kee Cooked Food (莊記美食), Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre, 3 Yung Sheng Road 02-111. It just tastes so amazingly good, having curry fish head (that’s my mum and dad’s favourite!) served in a bubbling and piping hot claypot on this cold and persistent rainy weather. The meat of the red snapper is fresh and succulent accompanied by assorted vegetables such as ladyfingers, eggplants, tomatoes and pineapples. Its curry gravy is savoury, rich with flavours despite being rather spicy; and is such a hit with us! #burpple #burpplesg #stfoodtrending #sgfood #sgeats #foodsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg #sghawker #hawkersg
Looking for something different for your tribe's chill-after-work sessions? Or want to bring your kids and parents somewhere that is conducive for sharing loads of good food under 1 roof? We have it all here at Da Hai Shan on Porridge Days! WEDNESDAYS & SUNDAYS ONLY 😊 166 Jalan Besar - Berseh Food Centre (near the POSB ATM) ❤ #teochewporridge #chinesefoodsg #sgchinesefood #jalanbesar #hawkersg #supportlocalsg #supportyounghawkers #heritagefood #braisedduck #braisedbeefnoodles #braisedbeef #harcheonggai #centuryeggs #visitsingapore #foodporn #igsg #foodiesg #foodinsing #singaporetourismboard #passionmadepossible
As part of a big Hokkien family, we grew up celebrating occasions with Popiah, a traditional spring roll bought in by Fujian immigrants. I was elated to come across this set sold by Aunty Xiuzhen! At only $38, you get the generous portion of cucumbers, lettuce, sweet sauce, peanuts, radish and crispy bites. For vegans, she will omit the eggs for you! There are also kuay par tee options! Do note that it is not a pure vegetarian establishment but able to provide vegetarian options. 🍽 Blk 19, Ghim Moh Road, New Century Cafe, 270019 ☎️ 8304 8779
I don’t usually crave for curry fishhead, but when I do, I will head straight to Ocean Curry Fishhead to satisfy my craving. There’re many curry fishhead stalls in Singapore, selling either the Indian or Chinese version, but my favorite has got to be the latter which uses a tangy broth made with assam, turmeric and many other spices. What makes Ocean Curry Fishhead stands out is that the fish used is always fresh and cooked upon order, and the aroma that instantly hits you when the bubbling claypot is served to your table. The gravy is mildly spicy but very appetizing. I have also noticed a consistent pattern that most people will naturally pick up the ladle, scoop up some gravy and pour it over white rice. Inside the gravy, there’s okra, eggplants, tomatoes and a secret ingredient of cut pineapples (fresh not canned) cooked with the gravy to give it a nice balance of flavours. _________________ Ocean Curry Fishhead Address: 128, Bedok North Street 2, Singapore 460128
Even though I was feeling under the weather yesterday, I had a massive craving for this Mee Siam from “J and A Snacks Delight”. It’s been my go-to ever since I discovered it a few months ago. Unlike many others with their insipid gravies, this eatery’s is “pekat” (thick) and wonderfully potent in sourness and spiciness. I also like that besides a whole hard-boiled egg, they throw on both “tau kwa” and “tau pok” (most places omit one or the other). Other plus points include the fat, crunchy blanched bean sprouts and fresh “koo chye” (chives). The ironic thing is since this Mee Siam is so intense in taste, the lady boss had to cut back to serving it only on Sundays and Mondays. She explained that the older folks in the matured HDB estate of Jalan Batu found it too much to handle. #veronicaphuaeats #meesiam #JandAsnacksdelight #burpproved #burpple #burpplesg #foreverhungry #whati8today #noodles #spicyfood #jalanbatu #hawkerfood #hawkerfoodsg #hawkersg #sghawker #igfoodie #sgfoodies #instafood_sg #sgfood #foodspotting #foodporn #foodie #foodlover #foodstagram #igfood #onthetable #feedfeed #singaporefood #exploresingapore
Bak Chor Mee Kia Soup! Looking and tasting as good as homemade that you won’t believe this was from Kopitiam food court at a hospital. A great comfort food for the rainy day.
Everyone knows our local bak kut teh, which has the familiar peppery broth, but do you know that there is another version that’s brought to us by the Malaysians? This Malaysian bak kut teh is made with a herbal broth that has more than 10 spices blended into it. We were introduced to this version at Jia Bin Klang Bak Kut Teh, and as the name suggests, this comes all the way from Klang, Malaysia. You will be truly spoilt for choice as you can either get the Jia Bin Bak Kut Teh ($8.80/$15) that comes in the herbal broth or the dry version ($8.80). Similar to other more established pork ribs soup in Singapore, you can choose a variety of pork cuts from the ribs, stomach to intestines and pork belly in your broth. Their other signatures include the Jin Bin Spicy Pork Belly ($8.80) and Jia Bin Hua Diao Wine Chicken ($8.80). You can also order some vegetables, youtiao to go with your bak kut teh and finally wash down all the heaviness of the meal with some Chinese tea. _________________ Jia Bin Klang Bak Kut Teh Address: 62, Rangoon Road, Singapore 218350
Singapore 🇸🇬. - Hidden Gem!! 🦀 🦀 Two crabs for S$28 only!! Valid for: Chili Crab Sauce, Black pepper Sauce, White Pepper Sauce, and Butter Sauce). - 📍 Alexandra Central Mall 321 Alexandra Road, Alexandra Central, #01 -04, Singapore 159971
Sunday means breaking all that calories rules. 😆 Laksa and Otah combo!
It always warms our hearts when we see multi-generation families dine together. #family #qualitytime
Chendol. This is one of my favorite places to go for Malay-Indo food, and it's conveniently located on Tangs Level 4, after taking over the space by Dulukala Restaurant, which was formerly Island Cafe. They have the same modern interior with marble tables and lots of natural light perfect for food and ootd photos. 🔸 We ended our meal with a chendol dessert, after having cumi cumi bakar, bebek goreng, chicken satay, and their signature dancing fish. Food were all good, but if you've only space for a couple of dishes, I'll recommend the chicken satay, bebek goreng, and of course their dancing fish. 🔸 [Tasting] #dancingfish #foodphotography #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #uncagestreetfood #instafood #hawkersg #sghawker #instafood_sg #jiaklocal #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #tilapia #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #singaporefood #sgig #indofood #cafehoppingsg #sglocalfood #singapore #whywhiteworks #handsinframe
Finally here for their roast paradise~ the char siew was melty, juicy and nicely caramelised and charred on the outside!! The roast pork skin is crackling and crispy but meat itself does not have much taste. The roast duck has a slight hint of herbal element inside, but tasted very average, like how you can get from Hawkers outside. I would highly recommend the char siew (if u don’t mind 50:50 fat to meat ratio) I ordered the trio meat bowl with noodles to try out all the meats available. Might be back to tapao home their fantastic char siew 🐖 🐖🐖 ✨ratings: 8.5/10 💰price: $42.20 for the 2 bowl. + ala carte (small portion about 7 slices )charsiew + 1 beer
Got carried away by the heavenly dessert, that I almost forgot the delicious dinner I had earlier too! 😆 Always ordering the chicken pho as it was so good, that I keep asking for that same whenever I’m there. But today I decided to have the Mrs Pho’s Special Beef Pho; with a mixed of slice beef, brisket and beef balls. This is really good! 😍 Not sure why it came with a bowl of poached egg in beef broth. At $11.90, I think this is a really good value, hearty meal !
Singapore 🇸🇬. - Flaming Beef Cubes | S$10.90 - 📍Hao Yan Shai Zi Niu Ion Orchard #B4 -63 238801, Singapore
Get ready for the #festive season with this simple yet essential #homemade recipe this week - Steamed Seabass! 🐟 Be sure to check out the full video on our Facebook page 😉
Found a gem within Chinatown Point today! Super price friendly too.
How many types of curry can you think of? At Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, there's sotong curry, prawn curry, chicken curry, vegetable curry and plain curry — with sotong curry being the spiciest! Which would you pick for your curry rice zhup? This video is part of our Flavours series. Follow us for more overlooked stories around Singapore!
Finally done with preparations for #HITACHI CSR Day. Their employees entertained and accompanied the less fortunate to give a little joy to each of them. May the volunteers be blessed in this festive season. Eat to Believe!! #nasilemakayamtaliwang #nasilemak #nasilemaksg #yishunparkhawkercentre #hawkerfood #hawker #hawkersg #singapore #singaporefood #foodie #foodies #halalfood #halalsgfood #halalsg #halal #yishun #malayfood #indofood #indonesia #halalhawkersg #halalfoodie
Salted Egg Chicken Chop with Garlic Rice Visited the newly-revamped Makansutra Gluttons Bay; the slab of chicken Chop is well-portioned at the price of $9 — juicy, tender and succulent with a smoky char apart from the savoury flavours from the skin, whilst drenched in a smooth, salted egg sauce and topped with crisp curry leaves. The garlic rice was fluffy and light; doesn’t feel overly carb-y whilst topped with shallots for more flavour and a crisp texture. Overall, a pretty decent item, though I wished the salted egg sauce could have come a little more gritty with bits of salted egg that could enhance the flavours of the dish a little more. Appreciate how they had provided pickles on the side though; cuts through all the heaviness of the dish and refreshes the tastebuds altogether.
More than halfway through the week! Can you smell the weekends and our Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken? Many thanks to @mightyfoodie and @whatjeaneats for the yummy shot!
Show us the #bigeater side of you at our #FXFoodChallenge - 2kg worth of Chicken Biscuit, Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken, rice and curry sauce! Check out our Facebook page for the details and prizes 😉
Love at first bite, a familiar taste just like what I’ve eaten at grandma’s house! It’s hard to cook duck but Soh’s rendition was full of flavors, moist and fork-tender after hours of low heat cooking. And the salted vegetable and duck soup (I didn’t take a photo) was comforting to drink as well. . This duck platter will be a great dish to add to your upcoming Christmas party or CNY reunion dinner. Pre-order at 8198 9368. Thank you @kenpgl for inviting me and @soh_food for the delicious meal. . . . 蘇食 Soh Food Empress Place Food Center 7 Empress Road #01 -06 S260007
Come try out Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang and the premium and high quality takoyaki from @jpkitchen2016 Kitchen at Ngee Ann City from 6th to 26th Dec. 100% Muslim Owned and #halal . Outdoor and indoor seating available. Eat to Believe!! #nasilemakayamtaliwang #nasilemak #nasilemaksg #yishunparkhawkercentre #hawkerfood #hawker #hawkersg #singapore #singaporefood #foodie #foodies #halalfood #halalsgfood #halalsg #halal #yishun #malayfood #indofood #indonesia #halalhawkersg #halalfoodie
@paradisegrpsg new concept - Le Shrimp Ramen having their opening 1 for 1 special from 7-9 Dec! Imagine thick ramen broth (in this case prawn broth) paired with Chinese La Mian. Loved the soup, definitely good for the rainy weather. The noodles was on the softer side but the portion was huge! Pictured would be the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen ($19.90). Personally love the shrimp wanton which you can find an entire shrimp wrapped within that wanton wrapper. I think my life would be complete with dumpling with their broth 😌
When I'm real super hungry... 😅😅
Happy Midweek all! Starting my day after 🏃🏻‍♂️🏊🏻‍♂️ with a bowl of Local Michelin 1 star noddles 😋😋 🔹 Food: Singapore Teochew-style Bak Chor Mee 🔹 Award: 1 Star 💮 🔹 Cuisine Type: Chinese 🔹 Price: SGD$10 4/5 💰( one of the cheapest Michelin Star food ) 🔹 Taste: 4/5 👍🏻 ( 古早味[old school taste] of Bak Chor Mee with savoury vinegary sauce and also fried sole fish which I hardly see in now days Bak Chor Mee. ) 🔹 Store: Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles 🔹 Location: 466 Crawford Lane, Tai Hwa Eating House 01-12 Singapore 190465 🔹 Opening hours: 9:30am – 9:00pm (Closed on 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month)
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